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The Unveiling by Shyla Colt


Product Description

The D'Shar Men, 2

Born under the weight of a prophecy, Bastien D’Shar is chosen to save his people from great peril. Having undergone The Purge at a young age, his emotions are frozen. When the Star Maiden enters his life, the internal time-bomb explodes and The Purge fails. The pressure of long dormant emotions threaten to bring The General to his knees. 

Rivka T’Shar is the oldest Star Maiden in history.  She’s all but given up on finding her mate when a visit to the royal family sends her life into a tail spin.  The passion between her and Bastien is white hot, but she can’t forgive him for robbing her of happiness that was rightfully hers.  As she assuages her body's need for release, she hides away her heart.

Differences are set aside when rogue alien, Tavel resurfaces, threatening aliens and humans alike.

Be Warned: sex toys, bondage, public exhibition



She leaned in across the table. Her sweater slid farther down her left arm, and his gaze ate up the expanse of fresh skin exposed.

"Are you telling me you don't want to fuck me, Bastien?"

His cock twitched, and he shook his head to pull away from the spell she'd cast. "No."

"Then I don't see the problem."

"I want more than that, Rivka."

"Funny, your actions say differently." Her words were like a slap to his face as The Purge reared its head once more.

Bastien reached across the table to cup her right hand in his. "I'm sorry, Rivka. I never thought about my mate when I did that. I made the decision when I was seventeen, young, ignorant, and trying to live up to large expectations." She opened her mouth to protest, and he shook his head. "I'm not saying that excuses anything. I'm just telling my side of the story. I'm not a malicious person, and none of this was intentional."

"No, but it doesn’t change the end result, does it?"


"Enough of the maudlin, I've got an itch to scratch and you're just the Shar to do it. I wonder if you can take orders as well as you give them. I know you want to make amends and go on to live happily ever after, but right now I don't have the answer to the questions I see burning in those brown eyes of yours. So let's stick to the short term. If you want to make me happy now you'll indulge me and take away this pain threatening to claw me from the inside out."

Her lips formed into a line, and he saw the strain behind the bravado.  Bastien gave a nod. He'd do things her way—for now. It was fun sitting back and allowing her to drive, gave him a chance to figure out who she was.

"Give me five minutes and then follow."  He waited until the clock ticked down to the exact second, stood from the table and made his way to the back of the dimly lit hallway. Rivka's fragrant scent was like a homing beacon, becoming stronger the closer he got. His cock was painfully swollen, and his emotions were balanced on a razor's edge. Was this some ploy to play with his emotions?  A way to get a little payback in on the man who'd wrought so much pain without a second thought? What would she do when he got there? The not knowing was an unexpected instrument of seduction. By the time he reached the bathroom door he'd placed all the cameras in the hall on loop with his powers and scanned the area for signs of other people.  The coast was clear.

Bastien opened the door and a ball of warm, wanton woman pressed against him. He hit the door with a thud. Rivka clutched his collar and pulled his head down. "This first time I want it rough." Her lips were fire. He moaned as she plundered his mouth with her tongue like a pirate ransacking a ship. Instinct kicked in. Bastien slid his hands under her skirt, cupping her high, firm ass.  No panties, fuck. Is she trying to kill me? He lifted her up, and she wrapped her boot-clad legs around him. The pert nipples straining against her shirt teased him. A growl rumbled in his chest. Her skin was silky smooth, and the juices flowing from her pussy soaked the crotch of his pants.

"You're exquisite—and so wet and hot."

"Come inside me and see how much better it can feel."  The husky purr of her voice was the only goading he needed.  

"Whatever Rivka wants—"

She patted him on his cheek. "Smart man, we might just get through this yet." A ghost of a smile flitted across her lips, and for a moment he forgot to breathe. How had he been linked to this beautiful creature? Even wrapped around him and using language that would make a lesser man blush she was regal. Rivka reached down to grasp the swell of his jeans.

"I think someone wants to say hello."

He lifted her higher and fumbled with the zipper, and together they shoved his pants down enough to let his shaft spring free. He rubbed along the path of her moist lips, and they both shook.

"Don’t tease, that's my job."  

His chuckle died in his throat at the feel of her warm hand wrapped around him, guiding him inside her. Tight, slick walls molded around him like a glove. An animalistic snarl was ripped from his belly. He gripped her hips and  spun her to change their positions. Mine. Claim, mark. Thuds filled the room as he thrust inside her balls deep over and over, penetrating her womb with roughstrokes. Rivka dug her nails into the skin of his back. A stinging pain signaled the breaking of skin.

"Yes, mark me!" he said.

"Harder, Bastien."

The sound of his name on her lips incensed him. He tilted her hips, found a spot that made her body jerk.

"Shit yes!" The sound of their skin meeting was music to his ears. The low lidded, out of control look on her face made him feel a million feet tall. If the only thing he could have was her body he'd ruin her for anyone else.

"Only I will ever make you feel like this, Rivka. Do you understand that?" Bastien wound a hand in her hair and tugged. She hissed. A wicked smile appeared on her face.

"Ditto, General."  She leaned in quicker than a human eye would've tracked and bit down on his pulse point. The possessive gesture drove rational thought out the window. The bloodthirsty spirit of his ancestors took over as he pinned her to door.


He placed a hand over her mouth, cutting off her high-pitched squeal as her pussy put his dick in a strangle hold.

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Product Reviews

  1. Long and Short of it Reviews 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Apr 2013

    Rivka T’Shar is a Star Priestess whose mate had gone through The Purge leaving her unmated and angry at him because the Purge removed all emotion for an indefinite length of time. For this she could not forgive him, that was until she saw him again and her feelings came back.

    Bastien D’Shar went through the Purge at age 17 blocking his emotions which would allow him to excel in his role as the protector of his people. He chose to do so because he knew it was his destiny as a D’Shar to protect even if it meant not having a mate. Now many years later, General D’Shar watches Rivka realizing that she is his mate and that The Purge is fading.

    This is the second book in the D’Shar Men series. The first book, The Wanting, dealt with Bastien’s older brother Phelan D’Shar and his mate Zasha. The Unveiling can be read as a standalone, but not having read the first book I had to piece together some of the references made. I finally did read The Wanting and everything made sense, so I would suggest that before reading The Unveiling you read The Wanting.

    That being said, The Unveiling is a good story, one where the author Shyla Colt created a world of supernatural beings learning to live among humans on earth after their world was destroyed. The characters were richly developed and the romance and love between them was intense. Of course like in all good fantasy adventures there is a bad guy Tavel who wants to conquer and control all that the D’Shar men are trying to protect. Even with this character you could see some moments of humanity mixed in with the madness.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Bastien and Rivka together, their chemistry both In and out of the bedroom was enchanting. Shyla Colt made sure to weave in the relationships between the four D’Shar brothers giving you insight into what makes them tick so that the reader could look forward to the next books in this series. I would definitely recommend this series, my only complaint would be that at times it got a little wordy but this reader’s interest never waned. Hopefully you will pick up both books and enjoy the series and this reader looks forward to the next book.

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