The Warlord Claims His Bride by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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Bronson Lyon, Scottish leader and warlord of  Clan Lyon, has seen enough death to last a lifetime. He has battle scars that would have killed a lesser man. After fighting for years to reclaim his territory, he is ready to settle down and create a family. But Bronson does not court or woo women. He takes what he wants, when he wants it, and makes no apologies for the carnage left behind in his wake.

When a buxom and untouched redhead is brought to him as a potential bride, he instantly wants to claim her. Genevieve's body was meant to bear him strong, fearsome sons, and he will show her what it means to be owned by a warlord.

But there is still an enemy that wants to hurt what Bronson holds most dear, and that is Genevieve, and the future Lyon clan leader she carries.

Be Warned: spanking, anal sex



She let her head fall back against the wall Bronson had her pressed up against, and sighed out as the fire in her body became a raging inferno. They were in one of the back hallways where anyone could see them if they came down this way, but that was an aphrodisiac all its own.


He pulled away, as if maybe he realized where they were as well.


“No, Bronson, donna stop.” She grabbed onto his arms and pulled him closer. He groaned against her neck and ran his tongue up the length of her throat until a shiver worked its way through her. “I need you to put out the fire inside of me.”


She grabbed his head, tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled his head back until she could look into his eyes. He flared his nostrils, and his eyes glazed over with lust. She glanced down at his mouth, and for the first time in her life she was the one that took the lead. Genevieve took control of the kiss and gave back just as forcefully. He groaned against her mouth and grabbed a chunk of her hair behind her head.


He broke the kiss, pulled her head back, and growled out, “I’m the one that takes control, lass.” He bared his teeth. “I’m the one that will dominate ye, that will have ye under me, in my bed, and with my cock deep inside of ye, love.”


She gasped out when he ran his tongue along her pulse and ground his hardness into her belly. He smoothed his hands over her bottom, down the back of her thighs, and gripped her behind the knees. Before she knew what was happening he had the layers of her gown pushed up, and had his hand between her thighs.


“Bared and slick just for me.”


A squeak left her when he lifted her easily off the ground. She wrapped her thighs around his waist, but he had his hand between their bodies, lifted his kilt, and freed his cock. The hot, hard length of him rubbed along her inner thigh, and she felt this gush of moisture left her. He claimed her mouth once more, and speared his tongue between her lips. He ran his hand up her rib cage, skimmed the sides of her breasts, and in one swift movement tore the material in two. Her breasts sprang free and shook back and forth, chilled from the air when it touched her nipples. He immediately took possession of one of the mounds with his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the already stiff peak, sucked it between his teeth, and gave it a little tug. She moaned and grabbed Bronson’s wide shoulders for support. His hot breath skimmed over her breasts, causing her to suck in a deep breath of air. He moved from her nipple and licked a path between her breasts and back up the column of her neck, lightly sucking and scraping his teeth over the skin below her ear. He whispered endearments and also a string of filthy things he was going to do to her in Gaelic.


“Ye’re so ready for me, lass, so primed tae take me into yer body.” He reached between them again and placed the tip of his shaft at the entrance of her pussy. 

She shivered at the harsh deepness of his voice and looked at him from under her lashes. She took in the expanse of his wide, nude shoulders, of the scars that littered of his golden, hard flesh, and the air of power and dominance he emitted. She slowly gazed down at the length of his rippled abdomen. Every inch of him was smooth, golden skin. Her eyes drifted farther south, leading to what she wanted most at the moment. He was long and thick, and when he slowly started to push into her, parting her folds, she opened her mouth on a silent cry. She pulled her focus away from his shaft and looked into his face. He watched her with heavy-lidded eyes. He was pushing his way into her body, and the sensation of her being stretched was so powerful she curled her nails into his flesh. 

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Night Owl Erotica
Written by Chris on 15th Apr 2015

A dirty talking Warlord. What’s not to like? This story takes place in a harsh time when I certainly wouldn’t want to be a woman. Or a man, for that matter. Bronson is victorious in reclaiming his family’s holdings and it’s time to take a bride. And he wants farm girl Genevieve. Genevieve has admired Bronson from afar because she was secure in the knowledge he would never want a girl like her; poor and voluptuous. But he takes one look and it’s off to the altar and all the fun that goes with it. Genevieve was a good daughter and a better person. A little naïve but well aware of the hardships that make up life. She was hesitant to be Bronson’s bride but craved it as well, and being a sensible woman went into it with her eyes open. And he just kept on opening them for her as he showed her what she meant to him and what she did to him both emotionally and physically. Very erotic. Hot, steamy and a little dirty this was a very enjoyable read. I figured out the bad guy early on and wasn’t surprised at the way that background story went, but Bronson was a revelation. I wish they still made guys like him in modern times but the alpha is slowly dying in today’s world. Too bad. Fortunately the author writes characters that I crave and romances that are risky and raw. A winning combination.

The TBR Pile
Written by Bella Star on 10th Sep 2014

How can you resist that cover?! Bronson is a badass warlord and he wants Genevieve. But she does not give in just because a man has a whim. He must show her what’s its like to be a Warlord’s bride but also protect her from his enemies. Two word review: Freaking fabulous! Everything in this book screamed talent, screamed romance and I wanted to jump into this world the author created. I love the little details that really painted beautiful, intense images. Genevieve was tough but soft when I came to Bronson and the warlord pulled at my heart strings from the very beginning. This is a wonderful romantic read and seriously hot! The Warlord Claims his Bride is a 5 star read that should not be missed!

loved it
Written by Francie on 4th Sep 2014

I loved this book!!! I was so very happy with it!! I can not wait for the next one!!!

Written by Jean Martindale on 27th Aug 2014

As to be expected from this author, another wonderful romance full of action, romance and well developed characters. The epilogue is really special as it gives you insight into the HEA following the HEA.

Enjoyable fantasy romance
Written by Deborah on 27th Aug 2014

Bronson Lyon is the warlord of Clan Lyon and seems to have spent most of his life fighting to reclaim his territory, now it's time to find a wife and have some sons. Genevieve is twenty and lives with her father in a small cottage on their farm, word has spread that Lord Lyon is looking for a wife, surprisingly he's looking for a peasant bride, he wants strong children and figures a woman used to hard work and hardship will give him what he needs. I enjoyed this book, as with all Jenika's books I would have liked more but it worked for me as a fantasy romance, personally I would have liked a little more just Bronson and Genevieve but the epilogue was wonderful. I have to admit that every time Bronson said 'fook' or 'fooking' I had to smile.

I really liked this book
Written by Mii Sarah on 27th Aug 2014

I really liked this book!! I am a sucker for historical Scottish alpha males!! It was a great read and I loved the characters and their chemistry! I hope she does more books like these because I really enjoyed it.

Sweet Read
Written by Mama DuBose on 23rd Aug 2014

This story of course had Jenika Snow' s steamy sex scenes and dangerous back story but it also had a very sweet love story between Bronson and Genevieve. They didn't play games or push each other away. The story was short but worth the read, perfect soul mates!

Very good book! Alpha Warlord? Yum
Written by Avid E-fan on 23rd Aug 2014

This was a quick hot read and kept my interest throughout. Haven't read a historical in years but knew Snow wouldn't disappoint and she didn't! Snow warns of the lack of historical correctness and while true, didn't distract too least not enough for me to stop reading! Had a decent plot as well...worth the read!

My favorite!
Written by Romantic Bookaholic on 21st Aug 2014

I have to say this is my favorite book by Jenika Snow! I am absolutely in love with this book!!! I literally just finished it and already I want to reread it. I hope that she continues with the series as I cannot wait for the next one already. It's very different from most of the author's other books and for that I'm very grateful. She has ability to submerge you completely into a different world where you feel like you are one of the characters. You will absolutely love this book

Fantastic Reading
Written by Amazon Customer on 20th Aug 2014

Something a little different to read however still great as always. Loved reading this story of Bronson and Genevieve and there journey together. Loved it!

Written by Amanda on 20th Aug 2014

I was so happy when I found out one of my favorite authors was writing an historical Scottish book. It was a huge hit with me. I loved that she took a chance on this genre. What makes it even better is that she made it her own. Words may have been used that weren't from that period, actions happened that could have been wrong for then and she turned it into a fabulous story. Which I hope anyone who reads this story remembers that it's just that, a made up story to make people like me happy.