The Wolf Witch by Naomi Clark

Heat Level 3
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The Brides of Darkness, 2

Gypsy girl Elisa has never fit in with her clan and has always longed for a wilder life. When she finds an injured wolf in the woods, she discovers a magical talent beyond her dreams, a man beyond her fantasies, and a new life that promises all the wildness and danger she could want.

Dark is a wulfen, both man and wolf, and his passion will sweep Elisa off her feet and force her to choose between her people and her freedom. If Elisa stays with the gypsies, she has nothing but an unwanted marriage to look forward to. With Dark she has rapture and excitement—but can a human girl truly survive amongst the wolves?


Night fell and the moon rose. Aarnberg fell into shadow once more, and Elisa watched the wulfen gather in her glade. Dark was there, of course, proud and resplendent, and she recognized Scar and the young wolf she'd hurt, too. There were perhaps half a dozen more of varying color and size. Together they made a fearsome sight, true predators, unearthly creatures. Elisa tried to picture them all as humans, but her mind returned to Dark each time, the glow in his eyes when he kissed her, the way his fingers tightened in her hair. And, oddly, his gift of rabbits and wood. She smiled.

    Dark circled his pack, greeting them with little licks and nudges, and the occasional friendly nip. At least, she hoped it was friendly. Once he seemed satisfied with them all, he threw his head back to the full moon and howled. The others joined in, their rich chorus lifting the hairs on Elisa's arms and sending a frisson of energy through her. She felt awakened, her body afire and filled with moonlight and wolf music. She wanted to join them, run with them. She wanted to bury her fingers in Dark's thick fur and connect with him. She felt primal and powerful, summoned by the moonlight.
    Unthinking, she opened the door and left the cabin. Moonlight bathed her, sending a cold rush through her. She closed her eyes, tipping her head to the sky and soaking up the moonbeams. She heard rustling around her, felt cold noses press against her and warm bodies wind around her. She opened her eyes to see the pack gathering about her. Scar brushed against her before making way for the male she'd healed last night. Elisa dropped her hand to rest on the wolf's head, sinking her palm into his soft fur. The wolf whined and nuzzled her briefly, until Dark growled and muscled him aside.
    Elisa wasn't sure if she heard the word or simply imagined it, but when she gazed down into Dark's burning eyes, she felt it. He prowled round her, snarling at the other wulfen, moving them away from her. When Scar whined at him, he barked and lunged at her, driving her off. She snapped her disapproval, then plunged into the woods with a wild howl. The other wulfen followed. But not Dark. He remained at Elisa's side, a pulsing torrent of vitality. Elisa trembled at his closeness. Even in wolf form, he held that magnetic power over her.
    She knelt in the grass, putting herself face-to-face with him. She curled her fingers carefully in his ruff, loving the softness of his fur against her skin. She wanted to touch him like this in human form, run her hands through his hair and down his chest, explore every part of him.
    “Dark,” she whispered, “don't hunt tonight. Please.”
    He huffed, his breath hot on her face, and suddenly she was touching not the wolf, but the man, her hands gripping his shoulders. She pushed his furs off, watching them slide down his broad back to hit the earth. Dark stared at her, so close, so intense it was almost too much. Elisa wet her lips. He growled.
    “The moon makes me hungry,” he said quietly.
    Elisa's body quickened, moisture pooling between her legs, her nipples hardening at his rough tone. “Hungry for what?” she asked.
    “Flesh.” He nipped her lip, quick and hard. “You.”
    She kissed him, gliding her hands down his strong arms to cover his hands with her own, pressing them to the ground as if she could hold him in place. He growled again, deep in his throat, the sound rumbling through Elisa as they kissed. He tugged his hands free and gripped her, rolling her suddenly so she was on her back and Dark was above her, holding her down now. “You,” he said again. “Bluebells and blood.” He lifted a lock of her hair and twirled it round his fingers. “Beautiful.” He kissed her throat, her jaw, her lips.
    Elisa raised her hips to meet his, gasping at the hardness she felt there. Through the scant barrier of her worn breeches, his shaft felt huge. Excitement fluttered through her. She wanted him inside her, needed it. “Dark,” she said as he continued exploring her with his lips, working his way down her throat again. “Dark, I want you.”
    He snarled, nipping his way along her collarbone. His fingers toyed with her shirt, brushing over her aching breasts. “Ask. Beg.”
    She inhaled sharply as he pinched her nipple through her shirt. She twisted and writhed beneath him as he increased the pressure, pleasure and pain melding together until she was breathless. “Dark, please. Please.” She dug her nails into his shoulders, thrusting her breasts up, demanding his touch.
    He released her nipple and fumbled at her shirt, clumsy and slow, and it occurred to Elisa he probably wasn't used to undressing women. The idea made her laugh, until he silenced her with a kiss, plundering her mouth. She responded fiercely, nipping and tugging at his lips. He finally loosened her shirt, exposing her breasts to the moonlight.  He laved her nipple with his tongue, soothing some of the sting he'd created. His hands roamed eagerly down her body, stripping her shirt away and exploring every part of her he could touch.




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Highly recommend this
Written by Geeky Girl Reviews on 12th Jul 2012

This eBook is short (at just 60 pages) but for such a short book it sure is very good. I read this book last night before going to sleep and I was hooked from the very beginning. Very well written. Now I think I will look for book #1 .

Night Owl Romance Reviews
Written by undefined on 21st May 2012

Elisa is a gypsy girl with problems. She knows, deep down in her heart, that she does not belong to the clan of gypsies where she is a member, and the leader wishes her to marry his insipid, dull son. Elisa, on the other hand, dreams of adventure and belonging to someone where she will be valued for who and what she is. Little does she know that she is, in fact, a Wolf-Witch, often talked of in old Gypsy lore but none have been found for decades. So when, on an adventure in the forest she runs into a wolf, who then turns into a man, her destiny begins to unfold. The novel is a charming story full of heartwarming adventure and passion. The characters are all vivid in their creation, each bearing his or her own flavor of love, loyalty and bravery. Romance fans everywhere will love this beautiful story as much as I have.