Theirs by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 4
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Lilly has been friends with Riley, Christian, and Tallin since grade school. They were her protectors, the three most important people in her life. With Christian being the strong silent type, Riley being the brains and having compassion, and Tallin being the all-around bad boy, they all gave her something in their friendship that the others didn’t. 

But then she moved away to start her life, and it was the hardest thing she’d ever done. When an unexpected tragedy brings Lilly back to the small town of Burkett, she turns to the men she loves the most. What she doesn’t expect is for her feelings to change to something more carnal and consuming. Crossing the line with Riley and Tallin seems wrong, but she can’t help herself, and it seems they can’t either. 

She must decide if she’ll stay in Burkett and be with Riley and Tallin, or if running from them and her feelings is what she can handle. Riley and Tallin have made it known they want her as theirs in all ways, but can she give herself to both men? 

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), spanking, anal sex, double penetration

This is a previously published work. It has been expanded and edited for Evernight Publishing.



Heart beating fast and palms sweating, she knew she should have backed away, let him have his privacy. She was being a voyeur, and she had done the same thing with Riley as he’d worked out. But she couldn’t move, not when she heard a deep moan.


Pushing the door open a little more, the room was dark, shadows playing off the furniture. But a sliver of light came through the window, and it was then that everything in her stilled.


Lilly saw Tallin’s big form in the center of his bed, the sheets covering him. Feeling her eyes widening, all she could do was stand there and watch him. He rolled onto his back, the moonlight making the room bright enough that she could clearly see what he was doing. And it was then that she saw the movement under the covers, the up and down motion that told her he was jerking off.


She drew her gaze to his face. His eyes were closed, and his jaw clenched tight. The muscles flexed under his stubble-covered flesh, and the tendons in his neck stood out as he strained. The sheet was pooled at his waist, and his chiseled, hard chest was bare and rippled as his muscles contracted and relaxed.


This is so wrong. Leave. Give him privacy.


I can’t go, not when watching him has me so wet.


She couldn’t get her feet moving to leave, not when she was glued to the sight of him stroking himself.


He’s jerking off, and you’re watching like a creep.


Her mouth parted as she sucked in air.


If only the sheet went down a little more.


If only she could see his hand moving over his cock, actually see him stroking it as he found his release.


Her pussy was wet, her nipples hard. Adrenaline pumped through her body, and her clit throbbed in time with her pulse. His breathing picked up, and she could tell he was close to coming. Sweat was glistening on him, highlighting the definition in his chest and biceps.


Oh. God.


Andthe movements under the sheet became quicker, harder. She could hear the sound of flesh slapping together, the noise so erotic it made her lightheaded.


“Lilly.” Tallin groaned out her name, and she would have thought he’d seen her, but she noticed his eyes were closed.


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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Missyb0103 on 27th Jul 2016

WOW, this book is one those that takes you on an emotional roller coaster that has you all over the place. If you like Menage Romance then this is going to be one that you won’t want to miss. All the characters are memorable and the storyline engaging. It’s time for a second chance romance between old grade school friends. Lilly, Riley, Christian, and Tallin have best friends since grade school. As always, life happened and they grew apart. But when something tragic happens, Lilly travels back home. Thrust back with the gang Lily has some decisions to make. When she realizes that she loves not one but two men close to her, can she choose between Riley and Tallin or does she have to?

Written by Beverly on 26th Jan 2016

Riley, Christian and Tallin have been Lilly’s best friends since elementary school. From boys to men, the friendship has sustained the test of time. Now an unexpected tragedy has changed the dynamics of their little group. Lily, having moved away, returns to the small town where all the memories overwhelm her. It’s an internal battle between the heavy sadness and confusing feelings for the men in her life. Tallin and Riley on the other hand are not confused at all about their feelings for Lily. She’s always been theirs, even more now. Lily must now come to terms with how quickly life changes and hopefully accept the love offered so freely to her. A love that’s been there forever. Will she stay with her men or leave town for good? A nice heartwarming friends-to-lovers story with a unique twist. I liked this one and the pacing is gently balanced considering the moments of sadness. The main characters are very likeable with good chemistry since they’ve enjoyed an unusual enduring strong friendship. A friendship that evolves into a much different type of love. It’s all nicely written to evoke the right emotional response as Lily’s journey leads to the inevitable end. The men are truly devoted to her in and out of the bedroom. On the whole the story is a charming romantic read with some very sensual sex scenes adding some heat. I was happy the author included a good epilogue. I think you will enjoy it too.

Written by Jeanne A Kotsios on 7th Jan 2016

Sad loving heart warming story characters were great storyline was fantastic I loved it very much great writing couldn't put it down

This book floored me.
Written by Linda A. Wager on 6th Jan 2016

I haven't cried so much over the first 20% of a book, ever. The heartbreak in the beginning of this book crushed me. Lilly has so much regret when she's told about the death of her friend, Christian. They were part of a quad of friends who grew up together in Colorado. Life took them down different roads, Lilly's took her away from home to Denver. The call that sent her back home brought sorrow and pain because she hadn't been home in 3years. Now it was too late. Riley and Tallin are thrilled Lilly is home. They've been in love with her for years and going to do whatever they can to keep her home. Lucky for them Lilly loves them too. She's finding it harder and harder to leave after a week with them so close. Riley and Tallin want a life with Lilly but have no idea how she feels. They have to be careful lest they scare her away. I absolutely loved this book. It's so emotional and hit me so hard. This is a different kind of book from Jenika. She wrote of true and heartfelt feelings that hit me hard. I'd love to read more of this genre from her.

Hot hot hot
Written by J. L. Johnston on 6th Jan 2016

Lilly is one lucky girl. She grew up with great friends who protected her and cherished her. Eventually she moved away for her career. Tragedy strikes so she returns home. Once she's home she realizes that 2 of her best friends Riley and Tallin maybe more that friends now that they are all grown up. Can they have a unconventional relationship? Will it ruin thier friendship or be the start to something amazing? Jenika Snow writes hot sexy short stories and this one is crazy hot. 1 woman and 2 hot guys who are madly in love with her and willing to share. Yes please sign me up. Lots of hot alpha goodness, plenty of panty drenching scenes, and a great love story. I absolutely loved this story.

Something new & awesome this way comes...
Written by Confessions or a Serial Reader on 5th Jan 2016

We all have those moments when we lose someone and wish we could go back and change how w handled the past. It could be something we did or didn't say. Its could have been growing up and moving on. Regret is a huge harbinger of grief. But sometimes that grief and those moments usher in beautiful things. Thats where we find Lilly, Tallin and Riley. The loss of their dear friend Christian tears them apart and brings them together. Lilly realizes that her platonic love for both men in her life has grown into something more. She never in once believed that they could love her in the same way. This is my Confession: THEIRS is a new and refreshing story from the lovely Jenika Snow that will leave you feeling like there is always light at thet end of the tunnel...of love,

Written by Rhonda on 5th Jan 2016

I was given an ARC for an honest review of this book!!! I would have bought it anyway because Jenika is an automatic buy for me, no matter what. Her books are hot, sexy and guaranteed to make your heart race. I loved it!! Having to go back home for the funeral of one of her best friends was hard enough but seeing her other two best friends, Riley and Tallin, was going to be hard also. The story was good, the writing made it all believable. I love how Jenika draws you into the story she is telling. If you want a hot and sexy read, that's not long, grab this book!!