Throb by Olivia R. Burton

Heat Level 2
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SKU 978-1-77233-807-2

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 A Preternatural PNW Novel, 2 

There’s nothing Finn wouldn’t do for his true love, even if she does have to spend February 14th in stuffy meetings analyzing charts and graphs. While she tends to her empire, antics abound at home, where Finn’s cutting out paper hearts, setting the table for a fancy dinner, and risking his fingers lighting candles. He’s determined to do everything he can to ensure they share a steamy evening, even if it does mean getting paper cuts in some very delicate places.  

Check in on what Finn and Veruca have been up to since Rattle, and get in the mood for Valentine’s Day!



“Oh, Finn,” Veruca said, besieged with pure and overwhelming love once again. She repeated his name softly against his ear, moving to unbutton his pants, before pushing against him so she could roll him over and pin him beneath her.

“You’re my everything,” he whispered, one hand holding her against him, the other wrapped in her hair beneath the knot of her hair. “My whole world.”

Te amo,” Veruca murmured. “Eres tan hermosa.”Grinding against him, she gasped at the feeling of him hard beneath her. Lust had built up along her skin, electrifying her nerves and making every touch of his hands tingle. She felt as if her senses couldn’t breathe, as if she would suffocate if she didn’t get as much of him touching as much of her as possible. Slipping a hand down into his trousers, she rubbed him roughly, shoving at his pants with her other hand, before sliding down his body so she could suck him into her mouth.

“Jesus,” he said, breathless, surprised and overwhelmed as she slid a hand down to massage him, to drive him wild. She fought off a smile as he let out a long string of expletives, and resisted when he reached for her, trying to tug her back upward. Giving in when she was sure she’d driven him near the edge of ecstasy, she pushed up, getting to her feet to admire him sprawled out on the bed. His pale face was flushed, his bow tie still somehow centered and perky beneath his chin. Right down to his midsection, he looked fancy and presentable, but from there he looked ready to be ravaged and ridden rough.