Tied Up in Wonderland by London Saint James

Heat Level 4
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Naughty Fairy Tales

Once upon a time there was a snoopy reporter, one Master Dom who wanted her for his own, and an underground bondage club that could mean the story of the year…

When Allison McCray decided to go undercover and pose as a submissive college girl named Alice Smith, she may have found herself in over her head. Especially when she becomes the new pet of someone they call Master Hatter.

Having Alice in his club may have been what Master Hatter always dreamed of, only he wished she were there as the woman he knew as Allison, not Alice. No matter. He’d play any game she wanted, and perhaps somewhere along the way he would show his “little Alice” what she’d been missing, one well-placed swat at a time.

But does Alice truly have what it takes to be a submissive, find the answers she seeks, learn the identity of the Master, and break the story that could make Allison McCray a household name? Or will she forever be tied up in Wonderland?

Be Warned: BDSM, sex toys, public exhibition, anal sex.



      The sound of the motorcycle revved. Stopped. Boots hit the pavement, the footfalls echoing my way.
    “Turn around,” he said. It was the voice of Master Hatter. God, I wanted to see him. Rip the mask off and look at him, but I did as he commanded. I turned. “You are not allowed to remove the mask, or speak. You will do as I instruct without question. Nod your head if you understand.” I nodded. A warm hand grabbed my hand. “Come with me.” He walked me a few steps forward. “Stop, and lean your back against this wall.” I felt in front of me. It had to be the block wall of the building behind the pool hall. “Do it, Alice.” My fingers skimmed down the rough surface. I flipped around. Leaned against the wall. This would probably put more than a smudge on my champagne colored shirt, but if I got into to Wonderland, so be it. One ruined blouse was worth it. “Unbutton your shirt.”
    I know my hands were shaking, but I unbuttoned my shirt. I knew when Master Hatter moved the material aside. The night air caressed my exposed flesh. He tugged at the chain, stretching my nipples, and elongating my clit. A sensation that I can only describe as hot, flashed across every inch of me. He tugged once more. Burning flames consumed my sex. I wanted to cum. No other thought but that lingered in my mind.
    “Hike your skirt,” he said. That low grumble of stern mastery outlined each of his words. “Slowly.”  I grabbed the material of my skirt, gathering it up, doing as he wanted, slow. “Stop, and give me your foot, Alice.” I lifted my right foot. Hands caressed my calf. He lifted my leg, placed my foot on something. Perhaps the seat of his bike. “Lift your skirt, higher.”
    I did, and somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I was in a dark alley, with someone I didn’t know, my shirt open and flapping in the breeze, my leg hiked up, wearing nothing beneath my partially clothed body with tweezer clamps attached to not so secret parts. I had my skirt lifted up past my hips. Totally exposed.

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Good Read
Written by Cariad Books on 9th Jan 2018

This book is all things hotness I was so into it Alice is looking for Wonderland club it's a BDSM club and she wants to write a piece on said club except to get there she has to do some wild little quest for the Mad Hatter. I really enjoyed this book it kept me guessing on the identity of The Mad Hatter and it was hot.

Nocturne Romance Reads Reviews
Written by undefined on 27th Oct 2012

There is a bondage club called Wonderland and several of the participating clients go by character names from “Alice in Wonderland.” This is definitely a steamy read with lots of yummy tidbits. Allison is a strong female character, and I do like who the mystery Master turns out to be. I wish there would have been more focus on the actual story Allison was investigating, but I am sure not complaining about all the “personal discovery” Alice/Allison was taking part in. The mystery of her master was a good twist that made the book hard to put down. Good Job LSJ!

You Gotta Read Reviews
Written by undefined on 18th Oct 2012

Allison, a.k.a. Alice, has been searching for a BDSM club named Wonderland. What she finds when she gets there is beyond all her expectations. But the journey to get there is quite littered with seduction and suspense, leaving her aching for more of the same. Wow, I can’t mention the hero’s name without giving away the surprise at the end, so I’ll just call him Master Hatter. And a master, he definitely is! Hot. Sexy. Hero. Delicious and devious in equal portions, but enough alpha male pheromones to light up the night sky and heat up little Alice’s blood. Tied Up In Wonderland is a sexy surprise. The characters are addictive, the plot is engrossing, and the setting is inventive. I didn’t want to put it down and was very disappointed when I got to “the end”. I would love to read Nina and Zaden’s story. The only reason I didn’t give the story a 5 is that there were quite a few typos in the book. It did not deter from the story, but I did have to do a double take a few times to make sure I understood what I was supposed to be reading. I still loved it!

Written by MA on 14th Sep 2012

Super naughty rendition of Alice finding her way to Wonderland. Ms. St. James knows how to tell a tale!

Written by undefined on 23rd Aug 2012

One hot BDSM fairy tale.