Twin Haven by Erika Reed

Heat Level 4
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Rylee Dawson never imagined that everything she ever loved would be taken away from her in the blink of an eye, but after waking up in the hospital from being in a serious car accident with her husband, she learns how fragile life is. After coming to terms with the loss of her husband, she is finally ready to move forward with her life. That’s when Rylee’s best friend suggests she takes a vacation to her brothers’ retreat in Montana. Rylee has never envisioned herself falling in love ever again, that is, until she met the McGuire twins.

 Cade and Carter McGuire are twin brothers who own Twin Haven Lodge. Trust has always been an issue with Cade, especially after a bad sexual experience with a past lover, so he has never had a problem living the single life—until he and Carter meet Rylee. 

For years Carter had been patient with his brother, but after meeting Rylee he realizes the time has come for him and his brother to finally settle down. He isn’t about to let the woman of his dreams slip away because of his brother’s emotional baggage.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM)


“I’m sorry if I’ve been a jerk to you. I don’t mean to be.”

Rylee’s shifted her body on the couch to face him. “Do I really make you that uncomfortable? I see the way you look at me, Cade. I know you aren’t much of a talker like Carter is. But I feel like I’m pulling teeth for you to open up and talk to me. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your feelings, happy or sad. I say that because you always appeared to be annoyed about something.” She smirked, playfully.

Little minx. He liked how she made him feel inside when he talked to her. Rylee was special. Her husband was a lucky man to have scooped her up before anyone else did. She was smart, sexy, and compassionate to everyone else’s needs. It was apparent to Cade that she couldn’t hurt a fly if she tried.

“That’s why Carter is the charmer. Even though we are twins, we are very different. He likes to be fun and flirty with women when he meets them, joking and teasing them, making them fall for his boyish manner.”

Rylee’s eyes searched his. “And you? How are you around the women you meet?”

“I am straightforward with them all. Blunt to be exact. My intentions are clear from the beginning. I’m not much for small talk. I like to get to know a woman’s body, intimately, before I send her over the edge and fuck her senseless. The women I take to bed know up front my true intentions. I’m not looking for a relationship, just a good, hard fuck, and then we say our good-byes at the end of the night. Everyone gets what they want, and no one is left with any other expectations.” He moved closer to her on the couch, almost in her personal space. “But that’s not the way I feel when I’m around you, Rylee. You make me feel alive. Like I want to see where things go with us. I want the chance to see you naked and beneath my sweaty body as I fuck you over and over. And then watch as my brother has his way with you. Have you ever been with two men before? At the same time?”

Cade watched as her eyes flared with intensity and passion. Oh yeah, she was more than open to the thought. He knew one night of sex with Rylee wouldn’t be enough. She was the one that was going to unleash the demons that held him back for so long. He needed her, needed to know if she was going to make the nightmares finally go away.

“I … no, I’ve never been with two men before. Is that a fantasy you and Carter have, and you want to experiment with me?”

“It is a fantasy, but one that we have done more than once in our lifetime with women.” He looked up to see Carter standing beside them.

Carter smoothed his hands along the back of her head.

Rylee looked up to him.

“Cade and I don’t want to frighten you. We just want to be perfectly honest with you. Cade and I like to share women. We found that we like to work together pleasuring a woman. Wouldn’t you like to know what it feels like to have four hands, touching and fondling every inch of your skin and two mouths kissing and licking every inch of your body?” He then bent down and sat between her knees on the floor before her. His hands roamed her thighs, coming closer to her sex. “Licking and sucking the wetness between your legs, driving you insane with desire.”

Cade heard her whimper beside him. He brushed her hair to the opposite side of her neck and leaned in for a kiss. Rylee’s head tilted to the side allowing him better access. Cade feathered soft, wet kisses along her collarbone.

“Tell me you want this to happen between us tonight, Rylee. Now that I have had a taste of you and your sweet essence filling my head, I don’t think I could stop.”

Rylee grabbed Cade by the back of the head and pulled him into a frantic kiss. Her hands tugged at his hair, pulling his mouth closer to hers. Cade’s hands slid beneath her blouse, touching her soft skin, pulling her flush to his body. Rylee’s little moans and whimpers vibrated though his mouth, causing his dick to painfully thicken against his tight jeans. She was his new addiction, and he needed more.

Cade pulled free from the kiss. She was as winded from the kiss as he was.

“I want the both of you. Please don’t stop,” she uttered in a whisper.

Carter grabbed her hand. “Sweetheart, we have only just begun to play with you. Now, stand up and help me take your clothes off. You’re wearing way too many.”

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Bookfreak on 4th Feb 2016

I thought that this was such a cute little book. The three main characters, Rylee, Carter, and Cade, were very well written and it was amazing to see the three of them come together. There was so much emotion put into this story line, and you really feel for all of the characters and wheat they’re going through. Rylee definitely struggles with her emotions but she’s is a very strong woman, and character, which I liked. Carter and Cade are opposites but the brotherly love between them was sweet to see. When you finally understand the devastation of what happened to Rylee and the dark secret that Cade just can’t let go of, it is hard to not fall in love with both of them. The opening and ending were really great. The opening definitely draws the reader’s attention in and makes them wonder what was happening. Although I will say that the vagueness of the beginning was not such a great part of the story. You don’t really understand what happened at the beginning until you are half way through the book. I think the author could have really made the beginning dramatic if she would have added more clues as to what was happening. The pacing was very good. It didn’t seem too rushed at the beginning or the end which is nice. There’s nothing worse than an ending coming out of the blue and leaving the reader heartbroken! Overall I was not disappointed! I almost never am when it comes to Evernight Publishing’s authors. I recommend this for anyone who likes ménages, but also for anyone who wants a sweet story with a little bit of spice thrown in!

4 Stars
Written by Amy on 1st Dec 2015

I liked this story. Great characters and interesting story!