Unbound by Danielle E. Gauwain

Heat Level 2
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The Bound Tetralogy, 3

Unbound, in love, and betrothed, Isaac Ainsley and Liz Triest could not be happier to start the next chapter of their lives together. But trouble lies ahead for the engaged couple.

Without the binding, Liz is exposed to an onslaught of demons, as she is a source of great power.  Isaac has his job cut out for him as he wards off masses of cambions, all vying for Liz’s affection.  Will he meet his match when one of the cambions is his half-brother?

Be Warned: light bondage


The upstairs hallway was lined in candles. The sweet nectar scent from downstairs became more intense as she followed the trail of petals to her bedroom. She noticed that a faint glow trickled from where the door to her room was left slightly ajar.  Liz extended her arm and ran her hand over the middle of the door to push it open further.  She looked in to find that the curtains had been drawn, and a sea of white candles decorated her room.  Rose petals crushed under her stocking feet as she stepped into her bedroom.  Suddenly, she caught movement out of the corner of her eye.  She gasped and turned her head to find Isaac standing in a dark corner of the room, his eyes glowing like blue flames.  As he emerged from the shadows, Liz saw that he wore black pants and a black button down shirt.  She gazed at him in awe, and his eyes seem to intensify as he came closer. His hair was wild and blond, mirroring the flickering flames all around them.

“Good evening, Elizabeth.”   His deep accented voice vibrated the hardwood floor beneath her feet.  When he parted his perfectly carved lips the sweet, intoxicating aroma she had been following flooded Liz’s nostrils.

    Liz found it funny that after all this time he could still render her speechless.  Isaac tilted his head as if to listen to her thoughts and grinned.  

She froze in reverence as he towered over her and continued to bore his eyes into her soul.  Slowly, he began to circle her like a ravenous animal does its prey. Even though she could not see his face, she could feel his eyes traveling the length of her body as he continued to walk around her. Her pulse quickened and her breath became shallow.  As he came to rest in front of her again, she saw a menacing look in his eyes that she had seen many times before.  He bent down and kissed her hard, taking her breath away.  He bit down on her lower lip, sending waves of pleasure to her thighs.  Isaac pulled her blouse over her head. Not taking his eyes off hers, he unzipped the back of her skirt, letting it fall to her feet. She wore nothing but a white lace demi cup bra, laced thong panties, and thigh high stockings.  After a few moments of gazing at her, Isaac stepped toward her. Liz moved backwards until the edge of the bed brushed the back of her knees.  He continued to move forward, until finally she stumbled and bounced softly onto the bed.

Isaac flicked his head to the left as if to tell her to lie down.  Liz knew that he could move her through the air with a blink of an eye if he wished, but he was making her follow his commands, as if to demonstrate his total control over her.  She swung her legs up and inched back toward the head of the bed.  Once her head rested on the pillows, he nodded in approval and reached into his left pocket.  His hand resurfaced with two long, black velvet ropes.  He held them draped between his fingers as if to present her with her fate. 

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Written by undefined on 27th Nov 2012

Liz and Isaac’s journey has been tremendously hazardous, physically and emotionally. After becoming bound to a cambion, Liz thought life couldn’t be much stranger than it had become, but being unbound has proven her wrong. Rival cambions are crawling out of the woodwork to claim the power in her bloodlines, but Isaac is determined to keep her by his side as his alone. Unbound is the third in the Bound Tetralogy. It is highly imaginative with an engrossing plot, sinfully sexy characters and an eclectic mix of settings. I can’t wait to read the final book in this series and hopefully get to a happy ever after.