Uncle Dominic's Touch by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 4
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Wickedly Taboo Series

Where do we draw the line between love and desire?

Chloe has always loved to spend time at Aunt Clara and her husband's cottage during the summer. The problem is she loves Uncle Dominic more than a niece should.

With Aunt Clara now out of the picture, Chloe needs to show her uncle just how hot she burns for him, and prove that what they feel for each other is not wrong, no matter what he or anyone else thinks.

Maybe not a conventional relationship, but no one can help who they fall in love with.  Even if it is...wickedly taboo.

Be Warned: anal sex, incest (not blood related)



Chloe followed him into the house and stopped when she saw Dominic braced against the counter. Back to her, forearms on the tile, he looked like a defeated man. She took those few steps toward him and stopped when she could have touched his back with her fingertips. That’s what she wanted to do, to reach out and stroke her fingers along the chiseled, defined expanse of his back. Would he turn away from her, push her away? She moved closer to him until she could have done just that, but she clenched her hands into fists.
He turned around in the next moment. They stared at each other for a heartbeat, and he reached up to caress her cheek. Leaning into his touch, Chloe closed her eyes and let all the sensations wash through her.
“This isn’t wrong. How can something that feels so good, so right, be wrong?” His hand was still on her cheek and she opened her eyes.
“It’s just wrong, Chloe.” His words were no more than a whisper but he didn’t drop his hand. She moved that last inch that separated them. Her thighs brushed against his. Every part of her body tingled in a way that made her weak and breathless. She lifted her hand and ran her thumb along his full bottom lip. His mouth opened slightly, maybe on its own accord, maybe because he liked the way it felt. Either way, his gaze was transfixed on her and that was all that mattered.
Chloe.” Her name, a strangled groan from his lips was the last thing she was aware of before he gripped her waist and spun her around. Pressed between him and the counter, Chloe could feel ever muscle in his rock hard body. Her pussy was saturated, and all she wanted to do was tell him, to let him know that she was so ready for him. She couldn’t bring herself to do it though, couldn’t force the words past her lips. She was too afraid.
Her back was to his chest and she could feel the defined length of his stiff erection along the crease of her ass. Licking her lips, she looked over her shoulder.
“We really shouldn’t, Chloe.” Although the words were almost a hoarse whisper from his lips, she could hear the raw desire nonetheless.
“Maybe you’re right, but I want to, so bad.” He ran his hand along the sides of her breasts and over her hips. He gripped her tightly and pulled her more fully back against him. As if her ass against his shaft was too much for him, he turned her around and lifted her easily onto the counter.
Her skirt rode up her thighs and the chill of the tile beneath her ass was a shock to her overheated body. They kissed again.  His lips slammed down on hers with all the built up passion and desire they both felt.
Chloe spread her legs wider to accommodate his big frame and felt her panties rub along her too swollen pussy lips. Slowly, he ground his cock into her folds, teasing her until the words for him to fuck her was right on the tip of her tongue. He was a skilled kisser, his tongue moving along her lips with such talent she knew fucking him would be intense and powerful.
“Please, please let me feel you inside of me.” She hadn’t meant to say it, to seem so needy, but the words had just come. She didn’t care if she begged for it, didn’t care at this point if she sounded pathetic. Chloe was on the verge of climaxing just from the feel of that jean clad cock pulsing against her body.
Dominic growled against her mouth and quickly went for the button of his jeans. The sound of the button popping free and of the zipper sliding down sent shivers throughout her body. She leaned back, braced her weight on her hands and rested her feet on the counter. Her thighs were spread obscenely wide and the air from the ceiling fan brushed along her sensitive skin.
Dominic took a step back, his gaze between her legs, his fingers still on the zipper of his jeans. She could tell he was having second thoughts, could tell he was trying to talk himself out of it. She wouldn’t have any of that, couldn’t breathe if she didn’t feel his cock buried inside of her. She may be a virgin, but she knew what she wanted.


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A good book
Written by Deanna on 5th Jan 2018

This book could be very uncomfortable for some readers since the hero, Dominic, has been married to Chloe's aunt since Chloe was a young child. Chloe also spent a lot of time with her aunt and uncle while growing up. I was expecting a quick HEA once they both realized how they felt about each other. That was not what I got (in a good way). I was happy with the plot twists that I did not expect. While I understand that Chloe was only 18 at the beginning, I did not empathize with her at all. It was only after several years and a lot of growing up for her that I began to like her. Dominic was an interesting character in how he dealt with his changing feelings for Chloe and his struggle to come to terms with viewing his "niece" as a woman. I enjoyed the story and characters because they showed real emotions and learned from their mistakes. The internal struggles for each character were not the "woe is me" type that I have trouble with - these characters were realistic in what was happening to them and the consequences of their actions - which I thought was remarkable.

a pleasant surprise
Written by undefined on 8th Apr 2015

at first I wasn't so sure about this book, but it was written in such a way that it focused more on the love between the characters. it also helped that there was no blood relation here. it was a nice read.

Happily Ever After Reviews
Written by Dodie on 28th Nov 2011

Dodie's Review Chloe has always felt drawn to Dominic. He seems to be the one person who really loves her for who she is. When he and her Aunt Clara get divorced, Chloe finds herself alone with Dominic. A strong, romantic love develops between the two of them. There is a lot that happens emotionally between the characters for a shorter book. They both have to adjust to the new physical aspect of their relationship, but the sex scenes between Chloe and Dominic sizzle on the page. The taboo aspect of their relationship causes some strife between them that I, for one, find completely appropriate and not contrived at all. If the characters and their families didn't have difficulty adjusting to their relationship, it wouldn't have been taboo. If the fact that Chloe and Dominic's relationship is considered incestuous by many is going to bother you, don't read this book. You are definitely forewarned between the series and the description. If you want to read a sweet romance between two people with a lot of hot sex scenes, and, of course, a happily ever after, then read this book.

The Romance Reviews
Written by Ebony Dreams on 16th Nov 2011

A sexy and tempting read. Let me warn you, right now before you read this book. If you cannot handle a love as powerful and sexy as the one between an Uncle (not blood) and his of-age niece, then you do not need to read this. It is not for the faint of heart. Coming from a family who believes "once a family, always a family", I can understand why many think this is taboo. But understanding it and believing it to be true are two different things. The heart wants what it wants. Chloe has always loved her Uncle but it isn't until she is eighteen that she realizes she loves him as a woman loves a man. It is confusing to her to find that she needs her Uncle in a way she never thought she would or could. The affection of child turns and becomes the love of a young woman. Chloe never felt she fit in with her family, feeling as if she has to fit a mold that they have set for her. A mold that she is dying to break free from. The thing I find that is interesting in the dynamic between the two is that Chloe immediately embraces the idea and it is her Uncle Dominic who fights it hard. I liked that. Because for me it, didn't make him seem like a dirty old man. It made him real to me. Someone who wasn't a freak and had been lusting for his niece. Dominic is dumbfounded, to say the least, that he feels what he feels for his niece. He struggles with his feelings for Chloe as valiantly as he can because he feels that he is taking advantage of her innocence. The battle is lost and he can no longer deny what he feels. When he finally does touch Chloe as he has wanted to and as she has needed him to, the heat burns up the pages. Hot, hot...oh and yeah did I say hot? Then all hell seriously breaks loose and the lovers part. Years pass and finally they meet again. Loved it. It was heated and it was filled with pain, need and love. This book pushes the conservative boundaries of society. I like that. We need more of this. Evernight Publishing has another gem of an author, but then I am sure they know that. I absolutely adored Jenika Snow's approach and answer to this age old conflict. This book is a surefire page turner for me and I will be reading it again and again. What a wonderful keeper. Author Jenika Snow is an author I will continue to look for. Five stars for sexy Taboo.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Yadkny on 22nd Aug 2011

As an observant young girl, Chloe only ever wanted one thing from her parents – to be loved. All she ever got though was pushed into thinking they cared when she excelled at anything. With their attention always diverted, Chloe found herself drawn more and more to her Uncle Dominic. His early attention and courteousness toward Chloe as a person and friend made a lasting impression. The summers spent at Uncle Dominic and Aunt Clara’s cottage strengthened that bond as they found an easy rhythm to their uncle/niece relationship. Without the pressures of expectation from family, they would sit quietly on the deck and watch the sunrise. Unfortunately, those moments quickly became fond memories as the years past and Chloe’s attention was redirected toward her studies. If only for a moment, Chloe is finally able to break free from the path her parents have set her on and go back to the one place that always felt more like home. However, Chloe has changed in more than just a physical way. What started out as adoration for an uncle who took the time to care eventually turns into deep affection and possibly love for a man who appealed to the young woman Chloe became. Will her feelings be returned? I am mightily impressed with the depth in this story. Ms. Snow captured and kept my attention until the very last page with a surprisingly suspenseful storyline. She wonderfully illustrates how easily something innocent can turn into something considered taboo. For the most part, the pacing flowed nicely from one scene to the next, but there were a few moments when I was caught off guard by an acceleration in timeline. What I found most intriguing were the character dynamics. Chloe and Dominic both suffer a form of neglect. From that, they are magnetically drawn towards one another in search of understanding and acceptance during different times in their lives. The chemistry explodes with the threat of anything including family coming between them. The slightly explored dominant side to Dominic was definitely a treat and Chloe's sweet submissive side made for the perfect counterbalance. The ending was indeed my favorite scene as it came with a bit of a twist that immediately had me wanting more of this unconventional story. I enjoyed this first story in Ms. Snow's Wickedly Taboo Series, and I will definitely be coming back for more. Note to readers: There is no blood-related incest involved in the story and all intimate encounters are between consenting adults with the exception of one attempted rape scene.

Seriously Reviewed
Written by undefined on 4th Aug 2011

Totally naughty...totally HOT! Pushing the boundaries is something that most erotic authors like to do...and Ms Snow has done a good job at it :) While there are a few bumps along the way in the form of some editing and formating issues, overall this tale was good and the sex.......SMOKIN!!!!!!!!!! No doubt that Jenica has shown what a good author she is in this tale. It flowed in a way that really moved along and the emotions were dripping off the pages...er screen :) I look forward to reading more from her in the future :)