Valkyrie's Kiss by Kristi Jones

Heat Level 2
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Rise of the Valkyrie, 2

Valkyries have one simple duty—to find heroes and mark them for Valhalla with a deadly kiss. But when Sabrina stumbles upon courageous Sergeant Jesse Moran on a dusty street in Kandahar, she breaks all the rules of her kind and saves his life.

After more than a century of service on the battlefield, Sabrina has lost her enthusiasm for sending heroes to the court of Valhalla, with its petty squabbles and corruption, and wants Jesse to have the chance to lead a full life. But with each tender touch, with each lingering gaze, she grows less sure that she can resist his tempting lips.

Racing against the clock of her own desire, Sabrina seeks help from the most dangerous immortals, risking her own sanity to save him. But the touch of his hungry hands and his insistent, sumptuous mouth are driving her into unknown realms of desire. Even if she can battle the immortal forces and find a way to save his life, will Sabrina be able to sacrifice the feel of his mortal body against hers and let him go?



Sometime in the night, while I was tracking a satellite gliding across the night sky, he nestled against me. His hands found my waist, and his breath caressed my neck.

The warmth of his breath drove me mad with wanting.

For the second time that day, I did something without thinking. I pressed my body against his, an unwitting smile curling my lips. He snuggled closer, and I wrapped my arms around him. I could feel his manhood pressing against my thigh.

Stop. Stop this.

But his arms were tightening around me, and the heat of him sent my thoughts into a tumble, silencing all rational thought. I knew he was only semi-awake and most likely unaware of what his body was doing. He was in that sweet spot between dream and reality, and his body was responding only to my warmthbut I didn't care. I wanted him. I'd wanted him from the moment I saw him kneeling in the dirt, his gun at his feet, his sad eyes on the girl. That moment of total surrender had touched my withered heart like nothing else in my vast experience.

He shifted, getting into a more comfortable position, giving his hardness a place to rest just inside my thigh. I pulled his arms close and kissed his forehead. It was too much. He woke and started to pull away.

"God..." he mumbled, looking at me with bleary eyes.

"No," I whispered, "just me." Before he could leap to his feet, before he could shame me with his disgust and fear of my kind, I reached for him. My left hand rubbed against his incontrovertible need.

A sound emanated from his throat, a soft, surrendering growl. Unleashed, I rose to my knees, straddling him. I threw back my head, arched my back, and rubbed against the thick rod pushing against the restraining fabric of his fatigues. His hips rose to meet mine and we fell into a synchronized rhythm. When the muscles in my thighs began to burn, I collapsed against his chest. His lips brushed against my neck. Oh, how I wanted to look down and kiss those soft, giving lips.

Instead I moved away from his impending kiss. I freed him from the restrictions of button and zipper with one quick motion and grasped the pulsing heat of him.

Jess groaned again, louder this time.

He began kissing my neck in earnest, and the desire to meet his lips raged through me, a rising crescendo beating out a frantic rhythm inside me. He ran his hands under my shirt, but I couldn't have that either. I had to have him, and if he found my wings, he might run. Run screaming into the blackened desert. So I reached for his hands and moved them to my own zipper. "Take them off."

We traded places. Jess pulled at my fatigues and panties. He ripped off his t-shirt. He was on his knees, facing me, his cut chest and chiseled biceps silhouetted against the starlit night. I unlaced my boots with quick, determined hands and watched him shed the last of his clothes.

I gasped. "You're magnificent."

He smiled down at me, his even, white teeth winking at me.

He yanked at my fatigues, exposing my pale skin to the moonlight. He paused for a moment and drew back. The lust in his eyes was a familiar sight, but my body's reaction to it was not.

I reached for him again, straddling him and pressing his face against my breasts. "Envelope me, Jess. Cover me."

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Valkyrie Love and Norse mythology
Written by kmontemayor on 23rd Sep 2014

This is the story of a Valkyrie named Sabrina who falls in love with one of her courageous heroes, Jess. Instead of taking him to Valhalla, she tries to keep him alive on Earth.It is easy to see why Sabrina falls for Jess. He is a brave but cautious book boyfriend, who tries to protect her even though she's Immortal. I really liked The Corpse Goddess, but romance between Meg and Armando was only hinted at. In Valkyrie's Kiss it is on full display. I liked how the author presented the Scandinavian mythology, a mythology that I knew little about. Although immortal, Valkyrie's must follow certain rules and guidelines. This creates conflict between Sabrina and other immortal beings. Sabrina goes to great lengths to protect her mortal from Death, her sister, and a witch named Skuld. As with The Corpse Goddess, the ending has a twist. Hopefully, Jess and Sabrina's story will continue in another book. For me, Valkyrie's Kiss was a great romance, and learning about the Norse legends was icing on the cake.