Wicked Hot Kill by Karly Germain

Heat Level 3
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The Umbra Shifters, 3

Cheetah shifter, Killian “Kill” McNamee is the deadliest of shadow hunters—an Ender. If anyone in the Umbra world stepped out of line, got in his way, or became a problem, Kill lived up to his name. Hardened and soulless, Kill didn’t expect a brief encounter in an alley with a strange man to turn into something more serious. And thanks to a run-in with a pack of Werewolves, Kill finds himself in the kind of trouble he’d never before experienced.

Torin Stone, Dhampir, has lived many lives and experienced multiple heartbreaks through his long life and is not looking for any kind of involvement, especially with a wild, sexy, out of control cheetah shifter who is his complete opposite. After an attack by the Weres, Torin is the only one who can help Kill survive.

The more time they spend together, the stronger the bond between them. Torin will do anything to convince Kill they are mates. How can Torin resist rubbing against some—wicked, hot Kill?

Be Warned: m/m sex



The conversation stumbled along to the end of dinner. Kill stood, eager to escape. “I should be going. You all stay and enjoy dessert. Thanks for dinner.”

Daric stood and embraced him tight. “I love you, Killian.”

“Love you too, my brother,” Kill whispered in Daric’s ear.

As they parted, Torin also got to his feet. “I should make my exit. It’s been a long day.”

More good-byes and thank yous, and Kill and Torin found themselves standing on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

“Need a lift?” Kill offered half-heartedly.

“I can walk. It’s not far.”

“My car’s in the parking lot across the way. Take the ride, it’s fucking cold,” Kill said, the command sounded a little too brusque, but who cares?

Torin exhaled in exasperation. “Fine.”

The parking lot was dark and deserted. Kill fished in his coat pocket for his car keys.

Suddenly, Torin grabbed his arm and pushed him back against a truck. “I’ve wanted to do this all night. I wanted to do this that night in the alley….” Torin’s lips crashed against his as he cupped Kill’s face while taking the kiss deep. He plunged his tongue in, licking and tasting.

After the moment of shock passed, Kill groaned and returned the kiss. Passionate, hot, and wild. They grinded their hips together, and Kill felt the blood rush to his cock, thickening and lengthening it. Torin clasped Kill’s hand and thrust it down to lie on Torin’s erection. Now they both moaned. This was nuts. They were in a public place. Anyone could see. Fantastic.

“Come back to my hotel,” Torin murmured between kisses.

Oh shit, yeah. Kill had no idea what brought this on, but he’d take it. The fact that he had rattled Mr. In-Control not only stoked his desire, but touched him deep in unknown, dark places.

“Isn’t this cozy? And look, Joe, they’re both here together.”

Kill and Torin sprang apart. At first Kill thought the idiots were just a couple of drunks who got off beating on gay guys, but Kill sensed much more. His inner alarm rang loud and long.

The one called Joe stepped out of the shadows. Fuck me, a Werewolf.

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4.5 STARS! From MM GoodBook Reviews
Written by undefined on 15th Jan 2015

This is book three in this series and they should be read in order. It keeps you from getting confused but gives you an insight into their amazing world. It is a world that you will fall in love with. It would be a bit confusing at first if you don’t read the first two books. Killian was the deadliest shadow hunter, an Ender. He was sent out to kill those that needed to be killed. If anyone in the Umbra world stepped out of line, got into his way or became a problem, they sent in Killian. However he is considered hardened and soulless but when he saw what those three werewolves were doing to the child he ended all their lives. This got him put into confinement, that is until Umbra decided his fate. He had a fantastic one nightstand eleven months prior to the Umbra’s decision that seemed to stick in his mind. Talk about surprise, when that one nightstand turned out to be the one to give him either his death sentence or prison sentence. Torin was half vampire and half human. When he had met and had sex with Killian, it was just a couple of months after his mates death. A mate that had ended their mating because she had not wanted to grow old and watching him stay young. What he had not expected was to give sentence to the man he had sex with. A man who was his mate. Now all he had to do was get his mate to agree. When the werewolves from the same group that he had killed start coming after them Torin had to choose let his mate die or change him. Knowing that Kill would be half cheetah and half vampire was one thing but also that Kill might never forgive him for doing it. Even though it would save his life. Kill knew that the reason he didn’t want a mate was that he really thought he wasn’t worth loving and that Torin would leave him. However when the last attack almost cost him his mates life, he knew then that he was in love with this feisty, frustrating and very sexy man. I love this series. It gives you everything you could ask for in a story. Sexy men, the paranormal world, vampires, shape-shifters, excitement, and dangerous situations. I would recommend reading it, because you will not be disappointed. I can’t wait to check out the rest of this authors work.