Wilde Edge by Susan Hayes

Heat Level 3
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Wilde Brothers, 2

Two bullets. That’s all it took to change Taggart Wilde’s life. His wounds have healed, but his career as a police officer is over. Struggling to move on, Tag searches for new purpose, and ends up finding it in the most unlikely of places. 

Jolena Miller’s passion is fixing up classic cars. As the owner of her own garage, she has convinced herself she’s happy just being one of the guys, unnoticed and unremarkable…until she meets Tag. 

One look at the curvy little mechanic has Tag’s engine revving, and he is determined to make her his. But just as Jo starts to believe they might have a future together, her ex-husband reappears in her life, stirring up old pains and new problems. When pushed to the edge, can two lonely hearts fight for a future together, or will the past be too much to overcome?



“Don’t even think about it. I’m walking you home like a gentleman should, and that includes opening the car door.” He was out of the car before she could protest, walking through the drizzling rain. He took her hand and helped her out, making sure that both flowers and the newly signed paperwork came with her as he folded her hand into his much larger one and walked her back to the house.

As they walked up the stairs, Jo felt a pang of regret that their night was ending already. When he released her hand, she turned to thank him for a wonderful evening and found herself pinned against her front door. Tag’s mouth crashed down on hers, his big body holding her firmly in place. The bouquet of roses fell from her hand, followed by the tenancy papers as she dropped everything to hold onto him.

Her hands slid over damp leather as his lips slanted over hers, stealing her breath and making it impossible to think about anything else but him. She wanted to feel the warm strength of his body, so she slipped her hands under his jacket. Her fingers curled into the crisp fabric of his shirt, sensing the play of muscles beneath her palms. He groaned and pushed her more firmly against the door, letting her feel the thick rod of his cock pressing into her stomach as he took their kiss deeper still.

When he reached between their bodies to palm one of her breasts she moaned, then gasped as he tweaked her nipple between his fingers. Her pussy creamed as a bolt of raw, sexual heat flowed through her. Tag nipped at her lower lip and she opened her mouth to his. His tongue swept in to tangle with hers, and she arched her hips away from the wall to rub up against him like a cat in heat.

They might have been like that for a minute or an hour. Jo lost all sense of time. All she knew was by the time their lips parted, both of them were panting, their breath mingling in the chilly night air as they held onto each other.

“See? I was a gentleman. I walked you to the door before I ravished you. My mom would be so proud.” He laughed, and she joined him, her hands still under his jacket, enjoying their closeness.

“Good night, angel,” Tag finally murmured in a husky voice as he brushed one last kiss against her swollen lips. He let go of her then, smoothing her blouse back into place with a smug grin before crouching down and gathering up everything she’d let fall when he’d kissed her.

“Good night, Tag. It was an incredible night. Thank you.” Incredible was one word for it. Jo was sure there were others, but right now she was amazed she could manage to speak in full sentences at all.

He stood, handed her everything and then stepped back with a sigh. “I did say I was going to be a gentleman, so I’m going to go home now. But I think you should know, I’m going to be thinking about you for the rest of the night.”

She didn’t know what to say to that, so she just smiled at him and lifted her hand to wave as he turned and headed back down the stairs, when he reached the sidewalk he looked up again and grinned. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Get some sleep. You’re going to need it for our second date.”

A dozen possible ways to take what he’d just said tumbled through her mind as he walked away from her, each one of them more breathtaking than the last. She stayed on the porch until he reached the car, then managed to find her keys and let herself in without dropping anything.


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Reviews @TRS
Written by Bec on 19th Jul 2015

After being shot on the job, Taggart Wilde is finding it hard to move forward with his life now that his career as a police officer is over. Looking for a new apartment hasn’t been easy, so when his brother suggests he meet Jo, a person looking for a tenant, he can’t possibly pass up the opportunity. But when certain assumptions are made by Taggart that Jo would likely be a man, he comes off looking like a fool when clearly Jo is all woman. Jolena Miller is accustomed to being just another one of the guys. And as a mechanic, she’s used to it. But on meeting Taggart, a friend’s brother, things change. Finally, she doesn’t feel like the ugly duckling but a beautiful swan. Only there’s one problem – her ex won’t stop harassing her and it’s up to Jolena to finally fight back. This was a very enjoyable story from the beginning because Taggart is very close with all his brothers, yet especially Nate. I loved that Nate tricked Tagg into thinking that Jo was a man because it made the surprise that she was a woman all the more better. The dialogue was absorbing and it wasn’t surprising that I was finished the book in a relatively short time. The sex scenes were well placed in the story and illustrated the amazing chemistry these two had. What I liked so much about Jolena was that she was willing to let someone else into her life after everything that went on with her ex. While with Taggart, I liked that he made Jolena feel special when she’d never felt that sort of feeling before in her life. Overall, this was a great book and I can’t wait to go and read the first one in this series because I’m sure it would be just as great.

Romancing the Book
Written by Victoria on 18th Oct 2014

Wilde Edge is the second book in the Wilde Brothers series by Susan Hayes. While this book can be read as part of the series, it may also be read as a standalone novel with ease. I chose this book because I have not read this book this author before. Taggart Wilde’s life is at a crossroads. The career he thought he would have changed with two bullets and now he is looking for a new career. Taggart has to move to a new apartment and that’s how he meets Jolena. Taggart is a great combination of sweet and alpha. Jolena Miller loves working on cars in the garage that she owns. While her first marriage ended in disaster she is not over men. She is wary because her ex keeps popping up even when he is to stay away. The chemistry between Taggart and Jolena is scorching. The fast pace of their relationship was believable due to how many common interests they both shared. They have many common interests it makes me wonder why they did not meet sooner. This book was very well written with an interesting plot. While the ending was somewhat predictable, the journey to the end was wonderful. I loved the mix of suspense and romance. The main character and the secondary characters were charming. I will be picking up the rest of the books in the series. Overall, this was a fascinating book.

Night Owl Review
Written by Junebug on 4th Oct 2014

Taggart Wilde’s wounds have healed, but his career as a police officer is over after being shot by two bullets. His family is worried about him but all he wants is to be left alone. Jolena Miller’s passion is fixing up classic cars. As the owner of her own garage, she has convinced herself she’s happy just being one of the guys, unnoticed and unremarkable…until she meets Tag. Then her lying ex-husband comes back into her life and brings all of his crap with him. This was an interesting story and I like that Jo is a mechanic. You don't see many female mechanics, especially in books. I'm glad they had each other to depend on.

The TBR Pile
Written by Victoria on 5th Aug 2014

I have no problem with people working in roles unusual for their gender. However, frequently I don’t feel like the author really adequately conveys a true sense of the job and how the unusual gendered character deals with it. That, however, I am happy to report, is not the case with Wilde Edge. I loved Jo and her love of classic cars. Tag’s recovering from a bullet wound and looking for a new purpose in life. When he takes over the second apartment in Jo’s place, he finds that new direction. These two made for a great pair and I enjoyed seeing the conflict brought on by Jo’s jerk of an ex be resolved. It wasn’t an easy resolution, but it was complete. I was okay with the first book in this series, but this second one jumped to new heights and reminded me why I enjoyed Ms. Hayes’ work.

The TBR Pile
Written by undefined on 4th Aug 2014

These two made for a great pair and I enjoyed seeing the conflict brought on by Jo’s jerk of an ex be resolved. It wasn’t an easy resolution, but it was complete. I was okay with the first book in this series, but this second one jumped to new heights and reminded me why I enjoyed Ms. Hayes’ work.

Sizzling Hot Books
Written by Jo Harris on 4th Jul 2014

One of five gorgeous brothers, ex-cop Tag is trying not to be broken despite the scars on his body. In an attempt to pull his life together after being shot in the line of duty, he asks his tattoo artist brother to ink a phoenix on his chest to hide the bullet hole that ended his career. When Tag’s brother suggests his landlady may have an apartment for rent for him, he doesn’t realise his life is about to change even more as she turns out to be the woman of his dreams. Wilde edge is the second book in the Wilde Brothers series. I have not read the first book but this one can certainly stand alone. Well written with likeable characters, steamy sex scenes and a fast paced plot, Ms Hayes packs a lot into 110 pages! Tag is a sexy alpha male with a heroic and chivalrous side. He’d definitely hold the door open for you before he saved your life and then singed your eyebrows with a scorching kiss! He’s not afraid to show his vulnerable side or to fight for what he wants. Jolena has been hurt and is still recovering from an abusive marriage that decimated her self-esteem. She’s not a pushover though, running her own successful garage business. Together, they discover they have what it takes to heal the other. Explosive chemistry, classic cars and a dangerous plot twist make this a great read. I will definitely look out for the other books in this series.

This Book Has Heart!
Written by Tracy A. Dimatteo on 1st Jul 2014

I genuinely enjoyed this book! The story of Tag and Jolena is a heartwarming one. Jolena, two years beyond a divorce from a conniving ex-husband who is still attempting to use her to further himself, meets the sexy former cop that was injured in the line of duty. Chemistry and a love of classic cars draws them together but true love is what cements the deal! I love the stories of the Wilde Brothers and can't wait for future releases. I would have given this 5 starts however, some editing issues cause some confusion when they involve getting the characters mixed up. I highly recommend this book and the first in the series!!