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(schedule subject to change)    


Fifth Regret (Heaven Sent) by Mary Abshire 

Sixth Surprise (Heaven Sent) by Mary Abshire

Seventh Heaven (Heaven Sent) by Mary Abshire

Make Me Yours by Sam Crescent

Victory Conditions (Conditional Love) by Alex D Opal

Mine for the Weekend by Sam Crescent

Rescued by Love (Triple R) by Jules Dixon

The Power of Mates by Sam Crescent

Wolf Rising (Divergent Species) by Elizabeth Monvey

The Dick Defender (Sons of Outlaws) by James Cox

Betrayal and Deception (Slade, Inc.) by Mackenzie Williams

Losing It Two at a Time (Losing It) by Michelle Graham

Bullied by the Boss by Sam Crescent

Rako's Treasure by J.J. Lore

Tempting Flame (The Jendari) by DJ Michaels

Epic Love (Masterclass) by JJ King

Her Dangerous Mistake by Erin M. Leaf

Unnatural Allies (Shifting Alliances) by Shari Elder

The Furnace Man (Death Isle) by Kera Faire

Love My Pain (Cape Falls) by Sam Crescent

Kiss of Death (Blood Brothers) by Annie Harland Creek

Trouble Clef by Kara Lowndes

Call Me Gideon by Remmy Duchene

Survivors by Jessie Pinkham

All that Shatters (Sons of Outlaws) by James Cox

Boy Toy by Lexie Davis

A Midnight Spell (Treasure Hunters) by A.J. Márquez

Coywolf by Gale Stanley

Rising from the Ashes (Flame Kissed) by Charity West

Dragon Law by Lilliana Rose

Space Dog by Melissa Hosack

Sinner's Possession (Chaos Bleeds) by Sam Crescent

Blood of Angels by Amber Morgan

Undeniable (Tortured Love) by Ravenna Tate