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(schedule subject to change)    


Cursed (Warriors of Light) by April Zyon

Ready for Love (Triple R) by Jules Dixon

Heir by Rebecca Brochu

First Kill (Heaven Sent) by Mary Abshire

Ribbons of Love (Triple R) by Jules Dixon

An American in Venice (Wandelust) by Vicki Savage

The Dom of Peculiar Places (Sons of Earth) by James Cox

Road to Love (Triple R) by Jules Dixon

Still in Love With You by Lexie Davis

Explosive Desire (Love With a Price) by N.J. Young

Mirror of Wrath (The Guardians) by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Belonging to a Highlander by Kerri M. Patterson

Even Honey Expires (Sin Pointe) by Carlene Love

Bound by Destiny (Blue Star Shifters) by Allyson Young

Second Demon (Heaven Sent) by Mary Abshire

Blood Ties by Jessica Marting

Into the Woods (Lust in the Woods) by Alexa Sinclaire

Grinding for the Coyote by Serenity Snow

An Assassin's Kiss (Assassins Trilogy) by Serenity Snow

Finding the Right Words by JJ King

Naughty by Sam Crescent

Weapons of War by Melissa Hosack

Dragon King's Prize by Angelique Voisen

The Tattered Bride by Peri Elizabeth Scott

Enspelled by Roberta Winchester

Third Love (Heaven Sent) by Mary Abshire

Race to Redemption (Green Rising) by Shari Elder

Cover Me by Kacey Hammell

Dancing with Fire by Maia Dylan

Rock My World (A Mondez Novel) by Lee Piper

Everything I've Dreamed Of (Love in Lakes Crossing) by Norah Bennett

Random Meeting by Maggie Mundy

Thrown to the Wolves by Naomi Clark

Fourth Fight (Heaven Sent) by Mary Abshire

Owned by the Club by Sam Crescent

No One Until Her (Risso Family) by Lynn Burke

All I Desire (The Lazarus Society) by Heather Hambel Curley


2016 Holiday Releases 

Dasher's Bargain (Reindeer Games) by Danica Avet