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(schedule subject to change)     


His to Cherish (Tea and Empathy) by Jessie Pinkham

Shifting Gears (Blackwater Falls) by Maia Dylan

The Great Cock Hunt (A Cox Fairytale) by James Cox

Reaching for Emeralds (Beautiful People) by Lacee Hightower 

Love on the Line by Laura M. Baird

Unexpected Adventures by Laura M. Baird

Lawless Hearts by Beth D. Carter

Beat of His Heart (His Biggest Fan) by Victoria Vallo

Rock Hard (Curvy Women Wanted) by Sam Crescent

Spice and Vanilla by Katherine Wyvern

A Thorned Rose in the Sand by Lea Bronsen

Under Siege (Pirate's Bounty) by Sandra Bunino 

Capital Offense (Bound) by J.R. Gray

Butler's Woman (Chaos Bleeds) by Sam Crescent

Diamond Rough (Fairy Mafia) by Serenity Snow

Return to Me (Aphrodite Chronicles) by LM Spangler

Slater's Claim (Wild Blood MC) by Amber Morgan

Strangers No More by Angelique Voisen

The Falls (The Searchers) by Jessica Marting

Nothing in My Heart by Peri Elizabeth Scott

Scarred Monster by Winter Sloane

The Best Man by Scarlett J. Rose

My Teacher by Sam Crescent

The Breath of Life by Pelaam

Enchanted by Him (Helldorado Mongrels MC) by Jacey Holbrand

A Very MC Picnic by Sam Crescent