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(schedule subject to change)     


Fated Hearts (Ink Addicted) by Andi Bremner

Imperial Demons (Blood Canticles) by Naomi Clark

Beast Untamed (Beasts of Bodmin Moor) by Faye Avalon

Their Starlett (Heroes of Olympus) by April Zyon

Claiming an Assassin (Assassins Trilogy) by Serenity Snow

The Forest of Dark Delights (A Cox Fairy Tale) by James Cox

Sugar Daddy by Sam Crescent

Rapture by Jessica Marting

Trouble Tied Up by Maxine Marsh

Ghosts of Midsummer Theatre (Revenant Investigations) by Libby Bishop

Dirty (Elemental Series) by Rose Wulf

Worth the Prize by Angelique Voisen

Venture's Gain by J.J. Lore

Hope by C. Tyler

Second Time Love by Laura M. Baird

The Fashionista and Her Lumberjack by Larissa Vine

Stone (Silver Devils MC) by April Zyon

Captive Princess by Winter Sloane

One Last Hit by Maia Dylan

The Nullifier (The Criminals) by Erin M. Leaf

Chaldor by Thayer King

Bred by the Billionaire (Breeding Season) by Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino

His Forbidden Mate (The Deliverance Pack) by Matilda Janes

Crimson Sunsets (Beautiful People) by Lacee Hightower

Hidden Magic by E.D. Parr

Second Go-Round (Elite Escorts) by Lynn Burke

Crazy Bastard by Angelique Voisen

All That Glistens by Pelaam

When Lightning Strikes Twice (Lightning Series) by Kory Steed

The Dreamboat by E.D. Parr