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(schedule subject to change)    


All I Desire (The Lazarus Society) by Heather Hambel Curley

Fourth Fight (Heaven Sent) by Mary Abshire

Fifth Regret (Heaven Sent) by Mary Abshire 

Sixth Surprise (Heaven Sent) by Mary Abshire

Seventh Heaven (Heaven Sent) by Mary Abshire

A Perfect Beginning by Casper Graham

His Killing Princess (Family First) by April Zyon

For Our Love by Sam Crescent

Alpha Knows Best by Jenika Snow

Sub for the Lion by Angelique Voisen

Wanting You by Sam Crescent

Love and Other Perils by Ainsley Davidson

Three is Best by Sam Crescent

Something Wicked by Jenika Snow

To Save His Mate by Sam Crescent

From Lightning to Love by Kory Steed

Victory Conditions (Conditional Love) by Alex D Opal

Mine for the Weekend by Sam Crescent

Rescued by Love (Triple R) by Jules Dixon

You Belong to Me by Sam Crescent

Relentless (Tortured Love) by Ravenna Tate

Owned by the Hitman (Ivanov Crime Family) by Winter Sloane

Seamus' Mate (Alpha Protectors) by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Easy (Trojans MC) by Sam Crescent

Wolf Rising (Divergent Species) by Elizabeth Monvey

I Want More by Sam Crescent

The Dick Defender (Sons of Outlaws) by James Cox

Betrayal and Deception (Slade, Inc.) by Mackenzie Williams

Taking it off for the Coyote by Serenity Snow

Losing It Two at a Time (Losing It) by Michelle Graham

The Night Gardener by E.D. Parr

Loving Liam by Nikka Michaels