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Fantasize (Dark Storm) by Maggie Mundy 

Murmur (The Preternatural PNW) by Olivia R. Burton

Beast Denied (Beasts of Bodmin Moor) by Faye Avalon 

Fated Hearts (Ink Addicted) by Andi Bremner

In His Arms by Lexie Davis

Speed Dating by J.J. Collins

Last Resort by Amber Malloy

Imperial Demons (Blood Canticles) by Naomi Clark

Alpha's Alpha (Moon Point) by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Beast Untamed (Beasts of Bodmin Moor) by Faye Avalon

The House of Fear (The Sons of Gomorrah) by Katerina Ross

Hard to Get (Killer of Kings) by Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino

Blond by E.D. Parr

The Devil's Cum in His Eye (A Cox Club Story) by James Cox

The Chef, the Inspector, and the Ghost of Bartholomew Addison Jenkins by Aletta Thorne

The Not So Little Merman by Matilda Janes

Their Starlett (Heroes of Olympus) by April Zyon

The Nanny and the Playboy (The Nannies) by Sam Crescent

Claiming an Assassin (Assassins Trilogy) by Serenity Snow

The Forest of Dark Delights (A Cox Fairy Tale) by James Cox

Gina's Fantasy by Cooper McKenzie

Still Waters Run Deep by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

A Fighter's Love (London Menage) by Lily Harlem

Rapture by Jessica Marting

Always Was (A Matter of Time) by Amabel Daniels

Trouble Tied Up by Maxine Marsh

Ghosts of Midsummer Theatre (Revenant Investigations) by Libby Bishop

Dirty (Elemental Series) by Rose Wulf

Cajun Thunder (Team Paladin) by Keely Jakes

Assassin's Return (Valladora Tales) by Marie Medina

Daniil (Kings of Sydney) by Khloe Wren

Worth the Prize by Angelique Voisen

Beauty and the Gargoyle (Gargoyles of New York) by Tamsin Baker

Behind Closed Doors (Roaming Devils MC) by Lexie Davis

Venture's Gain by J.J. Lore

Hope by C. Tyler

Second Time Love by Laura M. Baird

The Fashionista and Her Lumberjack by Larissa Vine