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(schedule subject to change)     


Dark Moon (The Searchers) by Jessica Marting 

In His Hands by Raven McAllan 

Their Weapons Maker (Heroes of Olympus) by April Zyon 

On a Dark Tide by Naomi Clark 

Zhara's Fire (Midnight's Jewels) by Serenity Snow 

First Beast (Beasts of Bodmin Moor) by Faye Avalon 

Soul Reckoning by Nancy E. Polin 

Conquer by Angelique Voisen 

Keeping What He Wants (Roaming Devils MC) by Lexie Davis 

Anywhere But Here by Remmy Duchene 

Transcending Fire (New World Bikers) by Casey Moss 

A Second Chance on Love by Larissa Vine 

Lightning's Hidden Menace (The Lightning Series) by Kory Steed 

Fantasize (Dark Storm) by Maggie Mundy 

Mask of Desire by P.L. Harris 

Beast Denied (Beasts of Bodmin Moor) by Faye Avalon 

Confession by Lily Harlem 

Dark Journey by Elizabeth Monvey 

Rush by C.E. Vescio 

Theoretical Love (Masterclass) by JJ King 

Run So Far by Elizabeth Monvey 

Abel's Obsession by Lynn Burke 

Stirring Up Glory by Kacey Hammell

Beast Untamed (Beasts of Bodmin Moor) by Faye Avalon

Scarred Mate by Maggie Mundy

Tropical Heat by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

Taken by the Wind (Windswept) by Serenity Snow

Steven (The Skulls) by Sam Crescent

The Cleaner (Death Isle) by Kera Faire

Heat in the Air (Windswept) by Serenity Snow

Winning His Man (Determined Mates) by Angelique Voisen

The Dragon Keeper by Jessie Pinkham

Murmur (The Preternatural PNW) by Olivia R. Burton