Kory Steed

Kory Steed is a new M/M romance novelist who writes about real men in real relationships. Into his thirties, he realized he was attracted to men, but he has also loved women. With a naturally strong sense of empathy for all living things, he has been an astute observer of interpersonal relationship dynamics, the relationships between humans and animals, and the ensuing bonds that have developed between them.

He has extensive experience in trauma and emergency care and has worked as a medic for over twenty years while supporting his country, its citizens, and the military men and women in the armed forces in various capacities. Over the course of his career, he has seen more than his share of pain and suffering, not only from injuries and illness, but also from ignorance, discrimination, and prejudice. Now retired, his fictional writing draws on his life experiences to share the stories, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses of so many he has known and met along the way.

He hopes he does them justice.