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MC Romance Series

Get hooked on an MC series... Here are just a few to get you started: HELL'S BASTARDS MC by Sam Crescent bit.ly/3JiYG7z GYPSY BASTARDS MC by Jade Marshall bit.ly/43XGfi1 DEATH SEEKERS MC by Winter Sloane bit.ly/47UDq1S DIRTY BIKERS by Lily Harlem bit.ly/4aCEmu0 VIPER'S CREW MC by Lila Fox bit.ly/3TPtSQC STRAIGHT TO HELL MC by Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino…

The Blood Coven Series/World

THE BLOOD COVEN SERIEST.M. SmithThe Blood Coven Series is best read in order. This series is an epic paranormal romance escape with alpha males, spicy action, and intricate world building.The FirebrandThe Demon's FireThe Satyr's GuiltThe Vampire's ThirstThe PhoenixNow we're introducing The Blood Coven World. These are all stand-alone novellas that can be read in any order. They are still within th…