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Windy City Nights—the Italian connection

Born in Rome, Italy and settled in the Chicagoland area, I’m a computer nerd by day and an author by night…Write what you know. That’s the advice given to aspiring writers when they embark on the journey of writing their first novel. As a computer nerd by profession and both terrified and excited to write my first novel, I embraced that advice when I created the Windy City Nights series. It takes…

Learn more about author Laura M. Baird

From Army sergeant to dental hygienist to romance author, not to mention wife of over twenty-eight years and mother of two wonderful young men, my journey in life continues to be amazing.When faced with indecision after high school, I was naïve yet optimistic and decided serving in the Armed Forces would give me a direction. It certainly did, and I’ll never regret it –after all, that’s where…