January Rayne

I'm January Rayne. ​ IF YOU'RE THINKING if it is a pseudonym, you'd be correct. I like it more than my given name. I’m a lover of all romance, and I write in the genres I love THE most because why limit myself? I want to write anything and everything. From badass men and women, To characters who want to rip each other’s clothes off. I plan to ‘take it all’ like the good little girl I am. ​ Fun facts you may or may not be interested IN KNOWING about me: I’m married to a ginger, have a son, have two dogs named Dobby (HP) and Clara (Dr. Who), two geckos named Izzy and Albinus Dumbledore, and crowd-surfing is my stress reliever. I love hot sauce on everything, along with jalapenos. My stomach is calloused at this point in my life. Oh well. ​ I STARTED THIS JOURNEY MANY YEARS AGO, BUT FINALLY I AM PUTTING MY DREAM INTO ACTION. I HOPE YOU COME WITH ME ON THIS ADVENTURE.