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Freefall by Joanne Efendi


Product Description

Santa Cruz Skydivers, 1

Twenty-five year old professional skydiver Levi James has a troubled past that he just can't seem to leave behind. The main cause of his problems—his father. The billionaire Australian publishing magnate, who after being MIA for most of Levi's life, has decided Levi needs to start playing a role in the family business, whether Levi wants to or not. 

Andi LaRosa, a twenty-one year old Costco cashier, comes from a loving, if somewhat suffocating, traditional Italian American family. With no direction and in a deep depression, she often seeks solace in Valium and the bottom of a Vodka bottle. That is until see meets Levi and instantly falls for his Aussie charm. 

The daredevil skydiver makes her feel alive and gives her a sense of direction that she so desperately craves. But can their fledging relationship survive Andi’s personal demons and Levi’s meddling father, who refuses to let his son go? 



Turned out that perfect ingredient was another bottle of tequila. This one tasted smooth and was no doubt very expensive, unlike the cheap stuff at the bar. Levi certainly enjoyed the perks of being a billionaire’s son. We drank until the sun came up and I could no longer form coherent sentences. I didn’t remember at what stage I passed out, but I woke up in his bed in only my panties, tucked up against his shirtless chest with his arms wrapped around me. I was horrified, yet thrilled at the same time. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I lay there searching through my memory for any clue as to how I ended up almost naked in his bed.

After we came back to his apartment, bits and pieces of the night seemed to have been wiped clean from my brain. My last clear memory was of him cleaning up the grazes on my elbows and shoulder with iodine and putting a plaster on them before we started playing some drinking games, which may or may not have included body shots. There was zero recollection of me taking my clothes off and getting into bed with him. Closing my eyes again, I almost groaned out loud. As much as I wanted it to happen, I prayed that we hadn’t had sex. That would be a very, very bad move. Especially since I couldn’t remember it.

I had to get some clothes on and get out of here. I couldn’t face him like this. Sober and almost naked. But I didn’t want to move in case I woke him up. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place, and believe me, in bed with him right now, I could definitely feel the hard place pressing into my thigh.

Slowly, I lifted his dead arm draped over me and attempted to roll away from him, when his arm stiffened and he pulled me back into his chest.

“Where do you think you are going, party girl?” he murmured in my ear, sending shivers up my spine.

I looked up at him, but he still had his eyes closed.

“I’m awake, in case that’s what you’re thinking. I just can’t open my eyes. I think they’re glued shut.” He exhaled and laughed at the same time. “What a night!” he exclaimed, his eyes still firmly shut. “Man, do you know how to party. I thought only Aussies could drink like that. By the way, I won. I was last man standing. Literally.”

I cleared my throat. “Um… how did we end up in your bed?” My voice was rough from copious amounts of alcohol consumption. “And how did I end up practically naked?” I was hyper aware of the fact my breasts were currently pressed up against his flesh.

He gave a booming laugh that made me jump, which only made him laugh even more. He lifted his arm, rubbed his eyes with his fingers, careful to not hit the cut on his cheek, and ran his hand through his hair. I didn’t dare move in case I exposed anymore of myself to him. Slivers of sunlight shone through gaps in the drawn drapes, giving the room a substantial amount of natural light, just enough to see my almost naked body.

This was new territory for me. I had never awoken next to a guy, let alone shown parts of bare anatomy to anyone. My one and only experience hadn’t been exactly the kind where we took all our clothes off. In fact, my pants had remained around my ankles and my top hadn’t even come off. Why I was thinking about that awful experience right now, I had no idea.

Quickly, I pulled the bed sheet up high above my breasts and moved away from him slightly so we were no longer touching. After he finished rubbing his eyes, he propped himself on his side and faced me, his eyes slightly bloodshot and the skin around the cut under his eye starting to come out in a light shade of purple. My God, the man was hot, even with an obvious hangover and black eye. I was even partial to his unshaven morning look, extremely partial. Naked, unshaven, bruised, and disheveled. He looked like he should be at a photo shoot for GQ, not in bed with me.

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Product Reviews

  1. Loved it - a bit more sexual graphics that you ... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Oct 2015

    Loved it - a bit more sexual graphics that you I find in most of the YA genre - be will be fine for most. Story was good, easy fast read. The kindle version does have some typos.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Freefall' 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Oct 2015

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Freefall'. Most of the book is fast paced and kept me reading till I had finished it. The characters are well rounded and the story line well researched. None of the too often glaring errors that occur because the author hasn't bothered to check salient facts.
    It's a steamy yet gentle romance and unlike another line of romance books didn't make me want to gag or hurl the book in the opposite direction for being too predictable. (Yes I have done both. )
    This is definitely a good book for when you just want a little relaxation ie you're not in the mood for 'War and Peace' or 'Uncle Vanya.' but you want to read and be entertained.

    There are a couple of errors that the proofreader should have picked up but only a couple and they don't detract from the book as a whole.
    I'm giving this book 5 stars as I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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