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Renee Silvana

It was rumored that her grandmother saved every scrap of writing Renee banged out on her grandparents' old typewriter. The evidence of decades-old stories about dragons, dolls that came to life, and pet dinosaurs tell her only one thing today: Renee's love of writing fantasy and happily-ever-after hasn't changed, though the heroines in the earlier stories have grown up with her!

A New York City native, Renee has spent the better part of the last few years finding home in upstate New York, Florida and Arizona. She has worked as a cashier, science teacher, store manager and barista, but when she couldn't take the walls anymore, she turned her career track to outdoor recreation. (Though she does miss the unlimited supply of gourmet coffee.) When she isn't off traipsing through the woods, sleeping in a tent, clinging to a rock wall or tumbling down a hill on her mountain bike, she makes an excellent parking spot for her four-legged lap warmers while writing, reading, or (more likely) playing video games. She and her partner currently live mere steps to the Grand Canyon with their three feline children.