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Meet the hardcore heroes of LAWLESS! They’re fearless, dangerous, big on revenge, and defiantly walk on the wrong side of the law. Although their morals may be compromised, their loyalty to that one woman is never in question. 

Our twelve hand-picked novellas are dark, dirty, and will make you see bad boys in a whole new light. From bikers to hitmen, these dangerous men won’t be satisfied until they have everything they came for—until they have her.

The King of South Side by Loralynne Summers 

Gentleman Jackson by Nicola M. Cameron 

Hungry Eyes (The Covenant) by Gwendolyn Casey 

Vandal by Amber Morgan 

Given to a Killer by Sam Crescent 

Angel Mine by Maia Dylan 

Kiss of Death (Dark Heart) by Sandra Bunino 

Hitman's Seduction by Olivia Starke 

Hitman's Angel by Elyzabeth M. VaLey 

Eli Logan's Return by Lila Shaw 

Trust by Kait Gamble 

The Last DiLuca by Beth D. Carter


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  1. GOOD 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Nov 2017


    It was not bad. It has somewhat dangerous situation, that was solved quickly. There was a light dom/sub play. Though I was a bit confused how they, H and h, knew about each others love for it. They gone there like it was not the first time for them. It made me a bit confused. Later I understood Jonathan's knowledge, but not Claire's.
    I liked Jonathan. It may be a short story, but I still could see he has a good grip on balance between good and bad, being him in a gang.
    I liked Claire's no filter between her brain and mouth. I always love this about h. And I guess her loving the dangerous living it's what made her perfect for Jonathan.


    This couple had interesting start. You know, him being a hitman, her being at the wrong place, wrong time.
    At the beginning I wasn't sure about Ria, but she showed that she made of steel. And she isn't a damsel in distress. Ria was interesting. She even impressed me more then Jackson. And he was the hitman. They were perfect for each other.


    It's a cliché, but I love it. Bad boy caught by good girl. Or is it other way around? Xander is a member of MC, and he's restless and in a need of change. That's when he meets Colette. She's from a small town that is very religious. Colette follows the rules, but not because she's stick in the mud prude, which was how her friend made her to break a rule this time and leave town for a night and have some fun. Which ends with consequence for Letty. On the other side it pushed her to have a one night with Xander, that she so much wanted but stopped herself to have before.
    And Xander needs to make a decision. Does he follow his plans to change his restlessness? Or he found something better to live for?


    It's insta sexy story. Vandal wants Tara from the first glance and soon after he wants her as his old lady. But she comes with 'complication' for her, for him. Even for the club. Because that 'complication' is related to the gang. A gang the club wants to make a deal with.
    Vandal fighting for his woman no matter what, impressed me. Especialy when he stood his ground against his Prez to claim Tara. She was more important to him then even the club.
    And Vandal has a plan to deal with 'complication' to protect his woman and to keep a heat off his club. The quostion is will he succeeds? And will he be able to keep Tara at the end?


    The storyline would be great if not for Patience. I'm never liked h like that. She was one of those characters, that feels obliged to help people/family that doesn't even is respectful to her, even less to feel grateful. I really feel annoyed by these h. They always make me to wish to bang my head on the wall. And then Patience did even worse. She was ready to sacrifice herself to protect her parents. Just kill me now. Or better yet, she should have said 'You can kill them.' instead of agreeing to help those SOB's of her parents. Why the heck Patience did that?! I mean, it takes more to be a parent then planting a seed and pushing a baby out of a vagina. She should realize that. And what's makes it all even more worse for me, yes, it can always be worse, is that Patience wasn't even angry at her parents for putting her in this situation. Of course I can't deny that it came as the best thing to her, with Cade coming into her life. And I guess because of Patience being like this, unable to stand up for herself, to love herself, to be a bit selfish for herself, she needed Cade. That man wouldn't let anyone to take advantage of her. Even though I couldn't understand what he saw in her. But maybe being in dark world, he needed something sweet and innocent.


    The story starts with a bang so to speak. Gavriils boss was set up and gone missing. Attacked by another mob. It's a painful mess. And Abigail find herself amidst it all when she is the one who saves the boss without a second thought or much fear, when she's just a baker and not a wonder woman.
    And that's how they first meet. Or more correctly, Gavriil hears her voice and knows she's something special and claims her as his. A little later seeing her only confirms it.
    And that's not the end of theirs journey. Gavriil underestimated his enemy and it come knocking on his door.
    I really liked this one. It's quick, catchy, sweet and sexy, with a touch of danger. I loves both, Gavrill and Abigail. That man... He amazed me. Big respect for him. For her too. She was really brave. And I liked how she easily accepted Gavriils world. Still seeing a honorable and loyal man behind a mobster. A man who can be her strength, her family.


    Jace and Ursula are partners. He's a hitman, and she helps him with his targets by seducing them. They have chemistry, even more, feelings for each other. But Jace is holding back. He lost someone's in the past and since then he locked his feelings. It was hard were Ursula is concerned, but he better broke his own heart then hers. Which annoyed me to no end. I did wanted to slap him. He was ready to let her go, because of fear. I guess then good for them, theirs last assignment didn't go as planed. It put them in danger. But maybe it will make Jace to face what he almost lost.


    This was interesting one. Davis is a hitman. And his next target is Deputy Hannah. Apparently sometimes he sends his targets to heaven before sending theirs souls to heaven or hell. Where my frustration with Hannah came. She felt of about him even though she felt pull to him, she never felt before. But sadly, or not depend how you look at it, her vagina was winning over her gut. I though as deputy she would be more careful with a stranger. Hannah wouldn't make herself so vulnerable. But she ignore the warning bells and made herself an easy target.
    And talking about the hitman. Davis was... Well, I'm not sure how to feel about him. He was deadly ruthless killer. And he was just dead to emotions. But since meeting Hannah he struggled with feeling more. And till the end I wasn't sure he will go with the hit or he will risk to be with his deputy.


    It's rare that my rooting would switch between H and h through the story. At the begging Colt was a hitman, who since seeing Grace picture got hooked on her, so he came up with a plan. Seduce, fuck, forget. Grace on the other hand seemed sweet innocent girl, who needed something to make her to forget. So, Colt bold approach seemed like a good way to do that. But later, while he still was a killer, she on the other hand turns out wasn't such an innocent as she appeared. And that's when it switched. By then, I liked Colt and bought his feelings for Grace despite him still trying to fight them but I stoped believed in Grace feelings for him. Doesn't matter what happened at the end, I just wasn't convinced of her sincerity.


    It was a bit confusing story, even though at the same time you can guess the answers, you just didn't had the whole puzzle. Honeslty, I'm struggling to say more. There was something missing for me and I just was indifferent to Paige or Eli.


    The name fits this story. How to trust again when you were betrayed? It seems with the right person it's easy. At least it was for Allegra.
    Life sometimes brings you happiness/destiny in the strangest ways. You think being betrayed is the worst moment of your life, but it appears to be the best that had happened.
    This was another good one. Though, I would had preferred that some backstabbing people to suffered more.


    This is a mix of MC and mobster. Two things I love in my books. So it made this story pretty good. I just was a bit dissapointed that Normandy didn't give Slade hell for making decision for her 2 years ago. I hate when h/H doing that, deciding on their own what's better for another. But this is not the main focus of this story. Something big and painful happens, that brings this enstrangled couple toghter. And soon after someone's tries to separate them again. This time permanently. Slade will need his club help to safe his girl.

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