Lawless: Manlove Edition

Heat Level 3
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Meet the hardcore heroes of LAWLESS! They’re fearless, dangerous, big on revenge, and defiantly walk on the wrong side of the law. Although their morals may be compromised, their loyalty to that one man is never in question. 

Our five hand-picked novellas are dark, dirty, and will make you see bad boys in a whole new light. From bikers to hitmen, these dangerous men won’t be satisfied until they have everything they came for—until they have him

Be Warned: m/m sex

Monsters by James Cox

Sunshine and Snakes by L.J. Longo

Live or Die by Kai Tyler

$250,000 Love by Jessie Pinkham

Silent Devotion by Angelique Voisen


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Love Bytes
Written by Sarina on 26th Jun 2018

Reading books that feature nice, kind hearted men can be extremely enjoyable but sometimes you just want a Bad Boy and boy does this anthology deliver! This anthology features five different novellas with bad boys ranging from hit men to drug cartels and everything in between, I felt there were a decent mix of stories all within the bad boy theme and they were all pretty darn enjoyable. Don’t be mistaken though, these aren’t soft, feel good or redemption stories (not that the book doesn’t have its moments) so if you’re looking for a lot of fluffiness, this one won’t be for you. If you like you’re men a little harder, maybe a little on the monstrous side, but with a ton of hotness also thrown into the mix, I’d recommend giving this one a look. Monsters by James Cox 4* This is a classic story of boy meets boy…at least until the second boy blows up the first boy’s family! Hitmen and vigilante justice collide in this one and, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get my happy ending here. (Rest assured that I did get one. :D) With plenty of action, this was a great way to kick off the anthology and I enjoyed it immensely! Sunshine and Snakes by L.J. Longo 4* Any story that takes place in prison is pretty much automatically going to be a little darker and little dirtier than your average story. Here we have a hitman that’s well known for always managing to get his mark regardless of whether he’s behind bars or not. When he learns of his latest target, however, he hesitates and what follows was a nice mix of sweet with suspense. I’m not usually big on prison stories but this one was well done and I enjoyed it. Live or Die by Kai Tyler 5* This was by far my favorite story in the anthology; old friends on opposite sides of the law turned lovers. Infiltrating a drug cartel isn’t easy regardless of the situation but when its run by an old friend, its just so much worse. This one was super hot with a lot of action and suspense in all the right places! I loved this one from start to finish and what a finish! Completely surprised by the end and I loved every bit of it! $250,000 Love by Jessie Pinkham 3.5* This was a decent story but not all that up my alley to be honest. In this one an illegal gambling runner is forced to hire someone to protect his lover from a corrupt politician and while there was a decent amount of suspense and the steaminess I’d come to expect in this anthology, the story itself just didn’t click with me in any significant way. Silent Devotion by Angelique Voisen 3.5* This one deals with a pretty heavy dose of ‘wow, that’s one f*cked up situation’. No kidding. In this final story you have a hitman that has dedicated over a decade to searching for his missing/captured childhood friend. Obviously, that situation is pretty screwed up in general but the author did a pretty good job of taking a horrendous situation and soothing it with a heavy dose of sweetness. This was a decent way to end the book but I just wasn’t as into it as I was some of the earlier stories presented.

The TBR Pile
Written by Bella on 24th Jan 2018

Lawless is a five story anthology about men that aren’t exactly the nice guys. Avoiding danger and falling in love isn’t an easy balance. Dark and dirty accompany these short stories about lawless men who find love whether they’re looking for it or not. Monsters by James Cox Sunshine and Snakes by L.J. Longo Live or Die by Kai Tyler $250,000 Love by Jessie Pinkham Silent Devotion by Angelique Voisen This is a mixed bag for me. There are stories in this anthology that amazed me and other that just didn’t work. So, I’m going to talk about the one’s I did like. The first story is monsters by James Cox. A simple, average guy is going out with a new man. But then the boyfriend blows up his lover’s whole family! I had no idea how the hell that was going to work in a romance?! I am pleasantly surprised and then I was turned on. Seriously hot! Let me just say, a dom that’s a bottom and holy hell, so freaking hot! I’m excited that this is part of a series too. The second story is Sunshine and Snacks about a hitman that always gets his guy, even when he’s in prison. However, when he finds out who his next victim will be, he hesitates. This is a great story! Plenty of action, lots of the feels and a beautiful if dark and dirty romance. I really, really, really like this couple! The third story I like is Live or Die by Kai Tyler. This has to do with an undercover agent, a cartel and old romances that haven’t been doused. The action and twists are done beautifully! I love pace that kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters are okay. I’m not totally in love with one of the main characters personality. This does have a great ending though. ​ I know what you’re thinking. If I only love a few stories why should you buy this book? Because those stories are not just great, they’re fabulous and sexy and totally worth it!

Bad guys in love
Written by Ramona Keebler on 21st Nov 2017

These stories are not pretty. They are snippets of love between monsters, mobsters, jail birds, and good guys. Really hot snippets. Enjoy

5 stars
Written by Love Biyes & Silk on 20th Nov 2017

I've been waiting for this anthology ever since I started reading snippets of one of the stories on the author's blog. And I knew as soon as it came out I could have to find time out of my hectic weekend to read it. In Monsters by James Cox we meet serial killers and a vigilante bent on getting revenge. But what happens when he falls in love with the serial killer's son? The author manages to mix the sweet, the steamy and the scary in this spine-tingling read. In Sunshine and Snakes by L.J. Longo nothing stops a hitman from hitting his mark not even the four walls of prison. And when his next mark happens to be the man who had shared his prison room, he faces a dilemma. This story is a mix of suspense and steaminess. In Live or Die by Kai Tyler an undercover agent has to infiltrate the cartel run by his old friend. But things don't go as plan and unresolved feelings come into play. This is the outstanding story of this set. The conflict and suspense is done perfectly. The steaminess was off the charts. And when the revelations came, I was knocked on my bum. This story surprised me in a thrilling way. In $250,000 Love by Jessie Pinkham, an illegal gambling runner has to hire a hitman to protect the man he loves from being the victim of a crooked congressman. Another great mix of suspense and steam. In Silent Devotion by Angelique Voisen we meet a hitman who was devoted the last 15 years to finding and freeing his captured boyhood friend. This another story that takes a horrific situation and adds a heavy dose of sweetness that makes you sigh with pleasure at the end. This is a collection of fantastic stories about no-nonsense badass men, page-turning suspense and fabulous steaminess.