Beached by Brenda Beem

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Knockdown, 2

Toni and the young crew of the sailboat, Whistler, have just found a safe harbor. Or so they thought... 

They may have survived a tsunami, but they’re racing ahead of an ice age as they continue the frantic search for their families. 

The island they’ve anchored near is anything but safe. Dangerous men lurk nearby—along with snakes, stingrays, and sharks. An island girl threatens to destroy Toni and her boyfriend’s relationship, the youngest member of the crew gets lost in a narrow dark cave, and Zoë is more annoying than ever. 

Will Toni and her crew survive the island and its treacherous waters?

14+ due to sexuality and adult situations 



Makala struggled in Jeremy’s arms and whimpered.

A young couple standing at the edge of camp stepped forward. “We came here to make sure the gun didn’t fall into the wrong hands.” The young woman stared at Jeremy. “You’re the wrong hands. Put the gun down before someone gets hurt.”

“Enough!” Jeremy turned in a slow circle, the pistol still pointed at Makala. “Listen up! I’m going down to the beach and tell the kids on that boat that if they want their friends back, they’ll have to give us the sailboat. Anyone who helps me can come with us. If you try and stop me, the girl gets hurt.”

The young couple shook their heads and backed away.

“Help us!” I pleaded.

A man with a beer belly shook his finger at me. “This is your fault. You brought the gun to our island.”

My mouth dropped open. “The convicts brought a gun here. If we hadn’t shown up, they would have made your lives miserable.”

A young man with a beard stepped toward Jeremy. “Come on, bro. Hand over the gun.”

Jeremy aimed at the sand in front of the young man and pulled the trigger.

I held my hands over my ears.

Makala and Sophia screamed.

Jeremy turned the gun on the young man. “If you aren’t with me, you should leave.”  

The young man raised his hands in the air. Most of the group gathered on the beach followed his example. After a few minutes, one by one they left.

Kat, her father, and six of the younger guys stayed. The young guys shifted from one foot to another. I wanted to scream. We’d saved these people from the convicts. We’d risked our lives for them.

Jeremy signaled for us to start moving. “Head to the beach. I’ll follow with Makala… Anyone makes a wrong move, the girl gets a bullet.” Kat and her father started down the path. Four island guys followed after them. Two held tightly onto Nick’s arms. Angelina stayed close to Jeremy and Makala.

Sophia clung to her father’s leg.

“You!” Jeremy pointed the gun at me. “Take my daughter’s hand and make sure she doesn’t fall.”

I reached for Sophia. She screamed, “Mommy!” and darted off into the woods before I could grab her.

“Stop her!” Jeremy yelled at me.

“No!” Sophia’s mother arrived back in the clearing. “I heard the gunshot. I’ll find her. We’ll meet you on the beach.”

Jeremy stared at his wife. “If you don’t show up, I’ll come looking for you. Don’t let that happen.”

She took off after her daughter. “Sophia, it’s Mommy. Where are you?” Her cries grew faint as she moved farther and farther away.

While we hiked down the steep path, we peeked through openings in the trees and brush, and watched Whistler’s progress. I kept shaking my head. How had my plan failed so badly?

When we got to the beach, I couldn’t take my eyes off Whistler. It was sailing too fast. It should have lowered its sails and needed to drop anchor.

I limped faster. “Kat, they aren’t slowing down. Something’s wrong.” Kat and I began to run. The others followed close behind.

“Slow down!” Jeremy yelled. I didn’t know if he was talking to me or to the boat. I ignored him and moved as fast as my ankle would allow. When we got to the shore, I stared in horror. The sails were still up. The boat was headed straight for the beach.

Without thinking, I limped into the water and headed to the spot where Whistler would crash. Kat and her dad pulled me back. “You can’t stop the boat!”

“It’s going to hit the beach! We have to do something.” I screamed. “Dylan! Takumi! Drop the sails!”

No one answered. I could see people on deck, but it was so dark, I couldn’t tell who.

Whistler was only a few yards off the beach.

A shot rang out from the boat.

Loud voices began arguing.

Dylan yelled, “Grab the day anchor!”

Whistler kept coming.

The sails were still up.

The hull of the boat hit the rocky shore.

There was a terrible crunching sound. The bow was held fast.

Whistler was beached.


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The crew continues its search for family
Written by Patricia G Clayton on 21st Jan 2018

I enjoyed Beached even more than Knockdown, the first novel in the series. The young crew faced and overcame so many treacherous situations both on Whistler and on shore. Brenda draws one into action with Toni's telling of the day-to-day drama, I am anxious to read the third edition and hopefully find the family united.

Jim D - Senior citizen
Written by Amazon Customer on 21st Jan 2018

Beached is not only a book for young people but it permits any of us at any age to follow the adventures of the teenage crew as they encounter life threatening danger from both inside the Whistler sail boat and with the elements and people on shore. Brenda demonstrated the teen's personalities so well that you feel you have known them. Also, Brenda explains her considerable knowledge about the sea and sailing in terms that the layman (like me) can easily grasp. Two days after receiving the book I had completed reading it and was dissapointed that it ended ! Brilliant author!!

will leave you begging for more
Written by Anniek Snowroses on 21st Jan 2018

Dylan and Toni and their friends have survived an enormous Tsunami, what happens next? Before the group of friends sailed away their parents told them where they had to go. When they finally reach the island everybody is ecstatic. Only they didn't count on the resistance from the people who are already there. After the devastation of the Tsunami the climate has changed. People are fighting for their own survival and are not as friendly as they always have been. It really is everyone for themselves. The people on the island think that a group of teenagers can easily be overpowered, so they can take The Whistler (the sailboat), but to their surprise Toni and her friends stand their ground. Another journey has started... I absolutely loved the first book in this series, Knockdown, from the very first lines. I was really excited to see if Beached would have the same hold on me. Brenda Beem has done such an amazing job writing this story. I believe every word she writes. The fact that there's been a Tsunami and that there's the possibility of another one, made this story terrifying. Dylan and Toni and their group of friends are resourceful and they all have their own strengths. They are a very powerful group of teenagers who stand together as one. I felt proud when I read about the decisions they made together to survive. When they reach an island that has a military basis, their cellphones begin to work again. The messages from loved ones are coming through. Who made it and who did not? Find out by reading this gripping, beautiful and overwhelming story. Beached will leave you stranded and begging for more.

Written by Martina Dalton on 21st Jan 2018

After reading the first book, Knockdown, I couldn't imagine how the author could raise the stakes any higher--the first book was so full of action and tension. But holy cow! Beached is just as exciting as the first book--with dangers lurking around every corner. The pacing in this novel is absolute perfection, and the plot is masterfully crafted. Can't wait for the third book in the series!

The Journey Continues!!
Written by Tovi H on 21st Jan 2018

Whew! So glad to follow up on Knockdown and journey on with Toni and the young crew of the sailboat Whistler. The rather scary and exciting adventures makes me stay with the story from beginning to end. The connections with the West Coast of the USA is enticing too. A great read for "young readers" who happen to be older as well! Thanks to the wonderful author, Brenda Beem

Another Great Read
Written by Michael on 21st Jan 2018

A great read that keeps the story rolling. I enjoyed the first book, but liked the second one even better. The characters get more interesting as does the scenery. The author does a fine job of keeping you on your toes and bringing everything together...until something else happens. I look forward to the next one, I am excited to see how this ends.

Fascinating adventure book!!
Written by Health Discovery on 21st Jan 2018

My heart was racing throughout most of this book. It was such an exciting ride to follow the characters on their continuing adventure! The story feels real as the characters' depth is revealed more and more. I loved how the author high lighted the incredible adaptability of the teenagers, which gave them an edge in the adult world. She also explored the social implications of living in a 'survival world' with some of the ethical dilemmas the characters faced. This is a great book and a fast read. I'm going to buy both books in this series for holiday gifts and I can't wait for the third!

Continuing suspenseful story
Written by Suzywo on 30th Jan 2017

I read "Knockdown" and right away was looking forward to "Beached" to find out what happens next. Brenda did not disappoint in continuing the interesting and suspenseful story line. A group of teenagers, forced out to sea by a tsunami, handles grueling circumstances maturely while searching for those important in their former lives. I am looking forward to finding out the result of their search in the third book.

If you read Knockdown you MUST read Beached!
Written by another great JD Robb book on 30th Jan 2017

I loved this book! I read it in one night (started at 11:30 PM) it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I just couldn't go to sleep without knowing what happened next! I was waiting for this 2nd book to come out after reading Knockdown months ago. Brenda's ability to have you feel like you are on the boat or island with the characters is surprising. At some point you completely forget you are not a character but simply an observer. I just can't wait till the NEXT book comes out. Brenda you must continue to write and I look forward to your next series! A must Read for all ages!

I was so happy that Beached is available to read
Written by NovaLamp on 30th Jan 2017

I was so happy that Beached is available to read! I have been eagerly awaiting the sequel to Knockdown, the first book in the trilogy. Toni and her friends face new challenges as they adapt to a world with a new, colder climate that is lacking in so many things that we take for granted. Such as being able to call our friends and family anytime to see how they're doing. Fresh water, medical care and food are also in high demand and short supply. Some questions from the first book are answered and some will (hopefully) be answered in the next book in the series! The first book was fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat! The second book was more reflective. We get to see how the young adults deal with the losses and uncertainty that they are experiencing. I read the book in one day! Only wished it had been longer!

A thrilling adventure!
Written by FictionReader on 30th Jan 2017

While fleeing the effects of an ice age, the teenage crew of Whistler arrive at an inhabited island. The place looks like a safe harbor, but soon Toni and his friends face their most daunting challenges yet. Even though those young men and women are resourceful and determined, their new enemies are desperate and evil. And the island has a quite a few natural perils of its own. Ms. Beem delivers once again. KNOCKDOWN was electrifying, but BEACHED takes it to another level. It’s a suspenseful adventure sprinkled with romance and humor. The author’s imagination is unparalleled, and she bring us an original story brimming with thrills but also hope. I loved those heartfelt moments between big action scenes. Toni is still the captain every ship should have, and Zoe is, indeed, as deliciously pouty as ever. The satisfying ending closes this chapter, but it’s also an intriguing setup for book 3. Loved it!

Beached is as Good, or Better, Than Knockdown
Written by Dennis Robertson on 30th Jan 2017

I bought the first book in the series, Knockdown, for my granddaughter. I hoped it would be a good mix of the interpersonal drama young teens seem to crave and the physical excitement that teen athletes seem to need. And, the book was wonderful. I ended up reading it myself so that my granddaughter and I could talk about the story. So, when the second book, Beached, became available I bought one for for my granddaughter’s kindle and one for mine. It will be fun to see if she loves this book as much as she did the first. I just finished a quick read and, once again, I found myself enjoying a book written for young adults, which I certainly am not. The author has broadened both the story location and the characters. The scenes now play out in both the cramped below decks of a sailboat and the semi-deserted islands off southern California. The story character set grew from being mainly high school'ers to now include convicts and dumb new age hippies. Which creates lots of drama, humor and action. The action is again believable and the interpersonal play is certainly complex enough to please any teen. Finally, I once again loved reading about my favorite character, Zoe. She just plain rocks!