On by Carly Oberon

Heat Level 3
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Off-On Duet, 2

***The OFF-ON duet must be read in order. Please read OFF before ON

Maysea (Sea) Heston is kidnapped. She finds herself in a foreign country with her captor, Del, an insanely handsome, obsessively attentive man who is mistaking Sea for the love of his life, a woman he calls Baby. When Del uses Baby’s real name, Bayley Beale Tyler, Sea is stunned and confused. She recognizes the name as one she has heard before. But where? Sea’s need to find out the truth about her captivity is complicated by her growing love for Del, a man who savors her, lusts after her, and shows her the sides of life she has never experienced before. But all the while thinking she is Baby. As Sea searches for the truth, will her discoveries bring them together or tear them apart forever?

Be Warned: bondage, sex toys



“No,” I said, continuing my head shaking from his earlier revelations while pulling the covers over my nakedness. “You don’t get to ask me those things yet. A lot has happened in a year. Terrible things. I’ve changed in ways you can’t possibly imagine. I’m not the same person you once knew.” I flinched at the truth of that last statement before looking Del squarely in the eyes. I needed him to get my point and fast. “I don’t want to discuss how I saved that man’s life right now. When I’m ready to talk, I’ll talk. You said before everything’s under my control. My call. Or were you not being truthful about that?”

Del paused for what seemed like an eternity but was probably just moments. He shifted off the bed and onto his throne chair in the far corner of the room, the one where I spotted his silhouetted figure the first night I awoke from whatever sedative he’d given me.

He rested his chin on top of his long-steepled fingers like he was contemplating the best way to react to my outburst without upsetting me even more. As long as he believed I was Baby, I knew Del wouldn’t risk upsetting me even more.

After some time, he ran his hands through his hair and down over his face, as if he’d finally made peace with the situation. Then, his gaze swept across the room to mine.

“If you’re not ready to talk, you’re not ready to talk. It’s just that I wasn’t prepared to see a side of you I’ve never witnessed before. Watching you save that man’s life took me off guard. However you did that, I was shocked. Actually impressed. I’ll assume there’s some logical explanation when you’re ready to give me that.”

I nodded and exhaled in relief that he wasn’t expecting anything more than the little I’d just revealed. For now.

Slowly, Del got up and stood at the foot of the bed in my direct line of sight. Keeping his gaze locked on mine, he unbuttoned his shirt in silence and let it drop to the floor. He kicked off his shoes, unzipped his pants, and pushed them and his boxer briefs off his muscular legs with the coordinated precision I’d come to expect. He stood completely stripped, completely still, and watched in silence as I scanned his perfectly sculpted masculine form. God, he was magnificent.

He was studying me studying him. Again. Like the first night I awoke in his bed. After my hungry scrutiny took in his full erection and eventually returned to his face, Del finally spoke in that soft tone he sometimes used when he wanted my complete attention.

“You have all of me, Sea. My thoughts, my dreams, my future, my body, my life. Right now, I don’t want to talk anymore either. But I’d like you to remove that goddamn cover from your beautiful body. Your call.”

Holy crap. He was throwing his words that I used against him back at me in a way he knew I couldn’t resist, his strangely erotic, controlled reciprocity that made my insides quake. I didn’t hesitate. After pushing the cover away, I watched his gaze rake over my naked form like a sculptor assessing his magnum opus. My insides started to tremble like they always did when he ogled my female parts.

When he finished gawking, he raised his glistening eyes to mine. “Now grab the headboard slats with both hands and don’t let go. Your call.”

Lord, he wasn’t going to stop. Neither was I. I gripped the slats lightly so my hands wouldn’t go numb.

Del moved closer to the foot of the bed. “Now spread your legs as wide as possible. Still your call.”

As soon as I opened my legs, his tongue was on my clit, swirling, dancing, and twirling like an orally-choreographed tango, the down-and-really-dirty variety. Hot pulses sizzled through my insides as his tongue scorched its way across my sex. I screamed my climax into the stillness of the night. Electrocution by orgasm. It was divine.

Savoring the aftershocks, I moved my hands from the headboard to Del’s hair, through his short, dark, smooth-layered locks. He pushed his body upward toward mine, licking my nipples on the way. At the same time, he replaced one of my hands on the headboard, followed by the other.

“Don’t let go means don’t let go. You made your calls earlier. My call now.”

More controlled reciprocity. Damn it. How did he do that? I decided rhetorical questions were okay for the moment.

I gripped the slats more forcefully while Del reached into the nightstand. After sheathing himself faster than usual, he lowered his hard, muscled body on top of mine and adjusted himself in perfect alignment with my entrance.

“I’m afraid this won’t take long,” he whispered in my ear. His voice had that familiar rasp, signaling he was close. It sounded like a song to me. I leaned up and kissed his cheek before he rose on his powerful arms and fully entered me with a single thrust. He already knew I could handle the pleasure-pain sensation of that. I loved it, actually, and didn’t give a shit why.

His next set of swift, body-jolting thrusts made my hands grip the headboard slats tighter to keep my head from crashing through the wall. My insides ached with desire as I felt his energy gush into my soul like white-water rapids with no barriers. We came within seconds of each other and fell asleep the same way.



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Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 21 ratings)
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Written by Lmdez0820 on 20th Dec 2022

Sea and Del's story was dark and steamy. I really loved this define part of the series. It was much needed after that cliffhanger from the first book. Definitely a great read.

★ “controlled reciprocity” - Loved this story ★
Written by SBee Reviews on 30th Nov 2022

—>>> Loved the way Sea tried to work out everything going on, with utmost compassion and care, with a whole lot of “what would Sarah Connor do?” thrown in. The love Del has for “Sea” is what captivates her heart and soul. What a sexy couple, and a great ending to their story. A lot of supportive people in this cast, liked how the puzzle pieces all fell into place throughout the story. Looking forward to reading more stories from this author!

On by Carly Oberon
Written by Rubie C on 30th Nov 2022

On by Carly Oberon is a OFF-ON duet. Best read in order! I enjoyed reading On! It held my attention throughout and kept me turning the pages. Actually read it in a day. The characters are engaging and the suspense and romance are captivating. Carly Oberon did a good job at crafting an intriguing story. I will definitely be reading more of this authors work. "I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."

Very Impressed
Written by SipsTea on 30th Nov 2022

Carly Oberon has become one of my top 10. This book was steamy.. dark, twisted.. it had all the elements. It was as well written and captivating as the first book.. I was hooked from the first page. I don't want to spoil anything... but, it's definitely worth the read. I highly recommend and look forward to reading more books from this author!!

Well done
Written by xo2read on 30th Nov 2022

Well, if you read my review for the first book, I walked away a bit frustrated and felt I had too many unanswered questions but this book, gave me the answers I was hoping for. The story is quite compelling and keeps you glued. Well done.

On-Off Duet!
Written by Mary on 30th Nov 2022

This is the second story in the "Off-On" duet. This first part left the reader hanging and this one does not disappoint. This installment was gripping, intense and very captivating. As the story unfolds the reader is glued to every twist and turn in the story. WOW! I will say I really wish that this had been in one book instead of two parts. That is my only recommendation. I enjoyed the story as it unfolded. The characters love and pull was definitely there.

A fantastic read
Written by dachief72 on 20th Nov 2022

A fantastic conclusion to the duet. Deliciously dark and dangerous. Great character evolution, and storyline evolution. Would recommend.

Great ending!
Written by Ash J on 20th Nov 2022

The ending to Maysea and Del or Cole's story was emotional, surprising, steamy, and awesome. I was surprised at who was delusional and got emotional when wondering what would happen. I was in love with Cole and really want a man like him. Loved the HEA and can't wait to read more from this author.

An astounding duet
Written by Kathy D on 17th Nov 2022

As deep as the first book was and left us hanging, On was just as powerful. Mystery surrounds Sea and just when the fog lifts a little, it’s slammed back down. But when Sea meets Del’s father everything comes to light and clarity. I was happy she remained close to Del as she truly loved him. An astounding duet that I will not soon forget.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 17th Nov 2022

Del and Seas story continues, when del slips up and calls his Baby by Baileys name things stsrt to click into place and his secrets begins to unravel for Sea but where will it leave them? This story captivate stoy from the start and holds your attention through out. Engaging, drama, desires and more!

Holey Moley you need to read this Duet!!
Written by Red18 on 17th Nov 2022

This Duet was amazing! I absolutely love when a book takes me by total surprise when I have no expectations whatsoever. Carly Oberon has a really nice fluid writing style. Easy and enjoyable to read. She also has a very well thought out plot that weaves together suspense, intrigue and steamy hot scenes. What I also liked was the steamy scenes had a purpose to show how much Del and Sea loved each other. So much romance has well ❤️ The psychological thriller aspect of the book had me guessing until the end, wondering how Del was going to finally find out the truth. Thank god Carly gives us our happily ever after because I couldn’t have been able to bare it any other way. Only one thing I could have wished for was a small epilogue about 5 years in the future to see what their lives would have looked like.

Written by Krubel48 on 17th Nov 2022

What a reading! This was my first book by Carly Oberon, and even though it was the second part of a duet, I could read it as a stand-alone because everything from the first part was so well explained. In addition to being steaming hot, the narrative was a whirlwind of emotions and passion. I adored the setting and all of the characters in the story. I can only recommend this to anyone who enjoys quick, smoldering tales!

Great conclusion
Written by Amanda1444 on 17th Nov 2022

This book is a part of the on-off series but can be read as a standalone as everything from the first part was explained clearly. The story was not only steaming hot but it was a whirlwind of feelings. I enjoyed the characters in this story and the description of the setting was amazing. I loved the word building. Thank you so much for this ARC!

Short Story
Written by Jeanne Richardson on 17th Nov 2022

This is the second book I've read written by Carly Oberson; I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the second book in the Off-On Duet Series; the story continues from the previous book and needs to be read in order. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

The "ah-ha" moment arrives!
Written by Neverpatsy on 17th Nov 2022

It is very obvious that Carly Oberon wrote this series without breaks because the storyline moves along seamlessly. Often an author will move onto other projects before finishing a sequel however that is not the case here. Del and "Baby" become Del and Sea as he continues to fight against the reality of inconsistency. The introduction of key new characters answers the challenge of feeding to continued delusion. Guilt is a strong motivator but love can hopefully mellow thing out.

Written by SS1234 on 17th Nov 2022

This is the second book in the duet. After reading the first book Off left me hanging I was anxiously waiting for the next book and this didn't disappoint . It was as well written and captivating as the first book and kept me hooked . No spoilers in this review but I would highly recommend this duet . I recently discovered Ms Oberon and cant wait to check out more books by her,

A suspenseful romance!
Written by Samkat on 17th Nov 2022

The first book Off left us on a mysterious cliffhanger and On gives us the answers to so many mysteries! The romance between Sea and Del is twisted and intriguing. Nothing is what it seams and the love affair of these two characters is epic. I don’t want to spoil anything because the mystery is part of why this duet is so good! It’s steamy, original, suspenseful and did I mention mysterious! Definitely worth scooping up for an intriguing read!!

Written by Debs48 on 3rd Nov 2022

Mistaken identity when del takes sea thinking it’s his beloved baby his mind is traumatised from loosing her and won’t acknowledge. Sea is falling for del but knows it’s only matter of time before the truth is out. Explosive out coming can they get past that to realise they belong together

Excellent plotline!
Written by Maurice C on 3rd Nov 2022

This was a very unique story with an excellent plotline! I liked the characters, they were well done. The lovemaking between the two principals was quite interesting, varied and hot!

What a read.
Written by Rady Reads on 3rd Nov 2022

What a read. This was my very first book written by Carly Oberon a d although it was the second part of a duet I could totally read it as a standalone as everything from the first part was beautifully explained. The story was not only steaming hot but it was a whirlwind of feelings and passion. I loved the place where the plot was set with all of its characters. I can only recommend to everyone who loves quick sizzling hot stories. I would also like to thank Netgalley and Evernight Publishing for giving me the opportunity to read and review this amazing book.

Coming Clean
Written by A. Adams on 26th Oct 2022

You need to read Off before reading this book or nothing will make sense to you. This book picks up with Sea finding out the "real" name of Baby, the person "Del" thinks she is. In the first book Sea named Del, Del because she thought he was delusional. Mind you Sea really doesn't even know Del's real name. I find that really weird that Del just let's Sea call him Del when in fact that is not his real name or nickname. Sea does find his real name by the end of the book. Sea also finds out who Prin was. In the last book Sea was conflicted about her feelings of Del. In the beginning she wanted to get away and maybe was scared of him. Now Sea has really fallen in love with Del. The only problem is Del is in love with "Baby" not Sea. Del doesn't realize they are not the same people. Sea realizes if she really loves Del she has to find a way to tell him the truth. The whole story of Del, Baby, and Prin is revealed and what truly happened. Buckle up and be prepared for a bumpy ride to get there.