Zeck by Khloe Wren

Heat Level 4
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Scandals, 2


I thought I was happy. Being a part of the world famous boy-band Right Time meant lots of traveling and endless girls at my fingertips. But watching Dillon settle with one woman had me rethinking my life. I realized how out of control I was. When Jas took me to a BDSM club, I discovered a way to take some control back. Then I saw her. She was bound in rope, and I knew I had to have her. What I didn’t see was the other woman watching me, nor did I realize the scandal that woman would cause. 


I discovered so much about myself in my year working in Paris, but learning I was sexually submissive was the most important. I knew when I returned to Australia I was going to miss the BDSM club that had become a second home, so when the owner asked to use me in a demonstration I agreed quickly. I loved being bound, and he was a master with rope. I had no idea how much that one choice would change my life so completely. 

Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, public exhibition



Propped up on one elbow I swept my gaze over the beauty lying beside me. Issy was on her side facing me and sound asleep. Her golden hair was a mess around her face, and her relaxed expression made her look so sweet and innocent. I knew better. I grinned as I remembered all we’d done over the course of the night. My little Aussie was a wild one.

Lightly with a single fingertip, I traced over a line of red that curved from her ribs to under her breast. She truly loved being bound in rope. When I’d first seen the scrapes and bruising last night I’d panicked. I hated that she’d been hurt. But she was quick to soothe my fears. Turned out, she loves the marks. Apparently they helped her remember how great she’d felt tied up. Crazy girl. Although, I was fairly certain I was as crazy as she was because when her skin had turned red beneath my palm last night I’d felt ten feet tall. I wanted to see my marks on her. I wanted to possess her.

My heart ached, and alarm bells went off in my mind. I’d never felt this sort of connection with a woman before. I’d known her for less than twenty-four hours but already she was vital to me. I needed her.


This was what Dillon must have felt when he first met Ashlyn. I understood now. I stroked down Issy’s soft skin until my palm rested over her flat stomach. The skin was tight and smooth. What would it look like swollen with life? I shook my head. Watching Dillon and Ashlyn was getting to me. I wasn’t ready to be a father. And I sure as hell wasn’t going to get a woman pregnant after only knowing her for one bloody day!

Pulling my hand away I rubbed my eyes and rolled onto my back. What was I going to do? I was falling in deep with Issy. I didn’t want to send her away. But I knew I couldn’t keep her. Between all the rounds of hot sex, we’d talked. I knew she had less than a month before she had to go home to Australia. Would that be enough? Could I send her off home after having her for weeks? Maybe it would be easier to send her on her way today. The way my heart was aching, I knew after that amount of time I’d be head over heels for her and would happily beg her to stay. A smile slipped over my face. No, I wouldn’t be begging. I’d simply tie her up so she couldn’t go.

Soft fingers slid over my chest snagging my attention.

“Morning, lover.”

I shivered as her touch caused goosebumps to rise. And that voice… It got me hard every time I heard it. Not that I wasn’t already hard from watching her sleep.

“Morning, beautiful. Sleep well?”

She chuckled, and the sound eased the tension from me. My worries fled as I rolled over to cover her body with mine. I loved how we fit together, her curves cushioning my hard edges.

“What’s so funny?”

I took her wrists in one hand and held them over her head. She arched her spine and her eyes dilated. I nuzzled my face into her neck and nipped at her skin. She squirmed, rubbing her pelvis against mine. I shuddered when the underside of my dick slid over her slick pussy.

“Stop it. Hold still and take what I give you, ma sourmises.”

I’d picked up a few words at the club, and I rather liked the French word for submissive. Sourmises had a certain ring to it. Her body stilled, except for her chest. That rose and fell as her breathing rate picked up. Her musk filled the air, and I decided I could get used to this. The control gave me a high like nothing else had since those first few concerts. But it was more than control. Issy was trusting me fully to take care of her.

Glancing around the bed, I spotted the robe-belt I’d used last night. Snatching it up, I made quick work of tying her wrists to the headboard of the bed.

“Please, Monsieur.”

Kneeling between her spread legs I smiled down at her. She was so beautiful. I stroked myself as I took in all her marks and small bruises from last night.

“Don’t you worry, baby. This is going to please us both.”



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Written by TraciR on 26th Feb 2016

4.5 Stars Zeck was amazing! The character will have you wrapped around their fingers and keep you hooked on every word. I look forward to seeing what happens next with the guys from Right Time. Zeck Evan’s with his long hair and a face for fame is a member of the sexy group, Right Time. He is worshiped by the hordes of women who one day hope he will glance their way. Isobel or Issy as she is known has been working as a nanny in France. One night one of her colleagues take her to a club where Issy will soon find she truly belongs. But with her nanny job now finished and her visa ending she will be returning to Australian to start the rest of her life. Jas one of Right Times bodyguards invites Zeck to join him for a night out, assured there will be woman, Zeck accepts. Arriving at the club Zeck realises it is a BDSM club and his interest is piqued and when he notices a woman in ropes he is transfixed by her beauty. Issy has found herself after going through submissive training and loves the feel of the ropes as the encase her body. Zeck is offered the chance by the clubs owner to learn shibari and have Issy as his submissive. When they meet their connection is powerful and after a night together Zeck can’t imagine ever letting her go. But just as things seem to be going great photos of Zeck hit the media and the band goes into damage control. Can Zeck convince Issy everything will work out or will one night not be enough to convince her to stay.