Betrayal by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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Trojans MC, 2

He broke her heart. She refuses to be hurt again... 

Mary has always had a crush on Pike but she vows never to fall for him again. With her leg broken, Mary needs to be taken care of. She moved into Holly’s place but there’s no way she can stay. 

Her body will betray her. 

Pike will not stand to see anyone else looking after his woman. He fucked up big but Mary is his, and he intends to claim her. 

He can have her body. He’ll never have her heart. 

Every woman he’s ever known has fallen into his lap. He doesn’t have to fight for what he wants. With Mary, he can have her whenever he wants but she’s not giving him anything in return. Her heart is covered in ice and he doesn’t know how to melt it so he can finally be with the woman he loves. 

What will happen when he tries to make her his old lady? Can Mary really give Pike a second chance? What will Pike do to finally break the ice that’s keeping him out? 

Be Warned: anal sex, public exhibition



“You’re playing with a master here, Mary. Don’t think you won’t get burned.”


“You fooled me once, Pike. You’re not going to fool me again.” Reaching down, she touched his cock. He was already aroused, pulsing against her hand with his need. “I know what you want now. I’m not giving you anything else.” She rubbed her hand up and down his pants, watching his eyes dilate.


Mary had been a fighter all her life. She knew how to cut people off, shut them out, and deal with life. Pike, he’d gotten through her defenses, torn her apart as he was the only man she’d ever been in love with. No more. She wasn’t going to love him anymore. The attraction was there, and she wanted him, her body wanted him. What was wrong with giving in to a little need?


Tugging on his belt, she loosened up his jeans long enough to fit her hand inside. He wasn’t wearing any boxers or briefs. Circling her fingers around his cock, she groaned at the way he filled her hand.


“You want me?” she asked, turning the tables on him. She wasn’t going to take this lying down. The old her would have been putty in his hand. This time, she wasn’t going to be predictable and what she thought he needed.


“What the fuck happened to you?” He held her neck with his thumb playing along her pulse.


“Nothing happened to me, Pike.” She shoved his jeans down his thighs until his cock stood out long and proud. Working from the root of his shaft she brought her hand up to the tip to circle his pre-cum.


The panties he’d placed on her were yanked down her thighs. His fingers slid through her wet pussy. When he touched her clit she almost went up in flames. 



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The Romance Reviews
Written by Rachel's Willful Thoughts on 1st Jul 2015

Within the first few pages, author Sam Crescent quickly dispels any warm and fuzzy thoughts I might have had about a certain member of the Trojans MC. In BETRAYAL, Crescent writes the second book in this MC series, this time focusing on Mary and Pike. Innocent Mary has a crush on the bad boy biker; rather than leaving her alone, Pike hurts her deeply. Although it can be read as a stand-alone novel, my recommendation would be to start with the first book. There are references in BETRAYAL that reference events and characters from the first installment. With such a rocky start, there is plenty of drama between the two main characters. I struggled a bit with this story because the author did such a good job making Pike a complete jerk in the beginning. However, the contrast as his character evolves makes for good reading. As always, this author has delivered an intensely heat-packed story, with just the right amount of biker lingo so readers understand this is an MC story. - See more at:

Night Owl Review
Written by VRainey on 30th May 2015

Mary has been in love with Pike for years however because of her past with him she tries to avoid him, with good reason. Since she broke her leg and needs to be taken care of, she is staying at Holly’s place that is until Pike takes her to his place. He plans to take care of her and fix what’s broken in their relationship. The beginning of the story leaves you interested in knowing more. By the end of the first chapter, I was excited to finish the book. The author did a good job of created a realistic world with a sense of time and location. The reader has a wonderful ability to draw the reader into her story. The pace of the story was fast paced right from the start. The main characters and the secondary characters were fascinating and realistic. I liked that both Mary and Pike were not perfect and each had faults that they each had to deal with making them more realistic. The point of view alternated between Mary and Pike, giving the reader a glimpse inside both characters however, it mainly stays with Mary. The changing point of view was done with care so the reader did not get lost or repeat story lines. The main conflict is the relationship with Mary and Pike. The conflict kept the story moving as we get a deeper and deeper into the story. The characters kept the story moving along. The level of conflict is perfect level, any more conflict and it would have detracted from the overall story line. The dialogue between the characters was honest and typical. The characters voice matched not only the setting but fit their overall personality. The ending while a bit predictable, takes the reader on a wonderful journey that makes you think. I hope we get to see these characters again in the future. Betrayal is the second book in the Trojans MC series by Sam Crescent. While this book is part of the series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel. However, to best understand the characters its best to be read as part of the series.

Review @ TRS
Written by Shannon kingoe some on 22nd Apr 2015

He shattered her heart once. She is determined to never let him do it again. For years, Mary has had a crush on Pike. He has always treated her like nothing more than a nuisance. When her leg is broken, Mary is forced to move in with her best friend Holly to be taken care of. But not for long. Pike knows that he messed up the night he took Mary’s innocence but he refuses to walk away from her. He refuses to give her up. He intends to claim her heart, body, and soul and make her his old lady. And there is no way that Pike is going to let anybody stop him — especially Mary. But is Mary really willing to put her heart on the line again? Author Sam Crescent’s latest addition to her Trojan’s MC series, Betrayal is a knock out. Right from the beginning, the story is engaging, edgy, and forceful and the reader can’t help but be swept away by the characters and their story. The chemistry, desire, and emotions between Mary and Pike is palpable and tempestuous making this an absolute must read. After reading Control, this reviewer really thought that there was no possible way a relationship between Pike and Mary could be pulled off, let alone Mary becoming his old lady. Once again, the talented pen of this author strikes again. There were times I wished I could reach into the pages and smack Pike upside the head or give him a swift kick. Then he would do something tender and sweet and I found myself rooting for their relationship. Of course, then he would open his mouth and the more frustrated he got with Mary’s attitude, I again found myself ready to go a couple of rounds for Mary’s sake. But watching Mary turn the tables on Pike creates some interesting and entertaining moments. The tension and sensuality between Pike and Mary makes you feel like you are sitting on the edge of your seat, trying to catch your breath yet knowing there was no way possible that it will happen. For an MC storyline Betrayal isn’t as graphic and violent as some are. The focus is more on Pike and Mary’s relationship and his place within the MC and the dynamics of it. If you have shied away from MC stories and the violence that goes along with them give this story a try. I think you will be hooked!

Written by Angie on 9th Mar 2015

I loved Pike and Mary's story. Pike worked hard to redeem himself with Mary and Mary was reminded that Pike had changed and everything that he had done to take care of Mary. Another great book from Sam!!

Written by Gary Skusek on 6th Mar 2015

Love this series Sam Crescent is a great writer that wraps you in her story. Can't wait for the next

such an awesome book
Written by crdman on 6th Mar 2015

Sam you did it again!! I can not wait for the next one :) you are an amazing author! I highly recommend this series

Written by kandi candelas on 6th Mar 2015

Omg this was as good as the first! I think pike should have squirmed a bit more,but hey that's just me. Waiting for the next one!!!!!

keeps getting better
Written by madeline jacquemin on 6th Mar 2015

I love this new series ,keeps getting better with each book .just the right mix of everything you would expect in a Sam Crescent book .cannot wait for the next adventure.

Wow another great one
Written by Rewena on 6th Mar 2015

Love Sam Crescent writing. It was refreshing to read a book with a hot alpha man and a strong female. Pike did Mary wrong and she made him work for her forgiveness. I like that each book in this series is a standalone but you still have the couple from the 1st book in it. Hopefully she continues that in the next book.

Mary & Pike = Perfection
Written by Elizabeth Clinton on 6th Mar 2015

What can I say but I'm loving this series. Sam Crescent has given us another great read in her MC series. This is Pike and Mary's story. Mary has always has loved Pike but he never gave her any reason that he would feel the same for her. One night he not only betrayed her he broke her heart. She feels she needs to move on and get on with her life without Pike in it. Pike has always taken care of Mary from afar never letting her find out what he was doing but he new he had screwed up and as he sees Mary pulling away he knew he needs to do what he can to keep her in his life. We see the rollercoaster of emotions and angst between these two and all you hope by the end of their story that we see a HEA. If you love MC's and romance and everything in between then this is the one you want to read

Sometimes love is worth all the risk of pain to your heart.
Written by Kindle Customer Vera Quinn on 6th Mar 2015

Pike is a feared man. He is the VP of the Trojans MC. This brings him respect from many a man. He is hardened and to some point cruel . He likes his booze and women hot and plentiful. Pike is a man of secrets as well. Mary is a young, inexperienced and she's not had an easy life. Her parents were abusive to her and people cruel. Her best friend, Holly, brought her into the realm of the Trojans MC. There she fell in love with her first crush. Then Pike crushes her and any thoughts of her and him together. In one act ,he shatters her rose colored glasses she wore when it came to him. She put up walls that protects her from the emotional pain that she won't let touch her. After an injury to her leg she has to be taken care of. She doesn't follow doctors instructions. The consequences are bed rest and someone to care for her. Pike decides that it is his job. Mary protests loudly. The chemistry between these two is at a point of exploding. Pike wants to get his old Mary back. He wants to break down her walls. They are in for the fight of their life's. After Control, the first book in the Trojans MC, I didn't think this series could get any better. I was so wrong. Betrayal has unhinged me. Pike and Mary are like magnets being pulled towards each other but somehow before they connect they are jerked apart. Sam Crescent, I applaud you in your creativity to bring Mary and Pike to life on these pages. You drew me in and I could not stop reading. Betrayal is a great read and I can not shout it's praises loud enough. Thank you Sam Crescent for your hard work.

She did it again.
Written by Kristin Holste "book head" on 6th Mar 2015

I give it a 5 star review. I love this book. I was amazed how the author (who I love) made you love the hero in this story, going in you hated him in the extreme, but within a chapter or two your icy heart started to crack with awwww. Great book great read.

Pike has a huge battle on his hands to get
Written by Sherry Moore on 6th Mar 2015

Pike has been taking care of Mary for years and waiting to she got older before he claimed her, but one night he takes her virginity and screws up and breaks Mary's heart. Mary now has built up walls and will not let Pike in, she will have sex with him and states that is all it will ever be. Like has a huge battle on his hands to get Mary to trust and love him again.

Written by Mlmayer on 5th Mar 2015

Freaking awesome!! Love this series and so can't wait for book 3!

Oh wow!!!
Written by Rhonda on 5th Mar 2015

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book. This is the second book in this series and I think even better than the first one. Pike screwed up big time with Mary and I was glad to see him have to grovel and "earn" her trust again. Now the wait begins for book number 3!!!!!

it's a 4.7
Written by Amazon Customer on 5th Mar 2015

It's a 4.7 only because I don't like the claiming in front of everyone part. I loved that even though she was wounded she was never snarky. I love that she turned the tables on him and had him teach her how to have sex so once she was healed she could go have it with other men. I liked every time he tried to show her any tenderness she would shut him down. He told her at the most important moment of her life she meant nothing to him but a cherry. And she made sure he knew he was nothing to her. Of course we knew she still loved him but didn't blame her for making him suffer. Totally loved how she walked out when he tried to claim her without telling her what it was all about. And I loved that he was feeling hopeless like he had made her feel. Very happy when he told her the truth about his feelings. Just on a whole loved the book except for that one part

must read
Written by amy on 5th Mar 2015

Sam does it again. This is the second book in the Trojans series. Mary has loved pike forever. Pike has taken care of Mary with out her knowing for along time. Pike screws up and Mary walks away. Now he must prove he loves her and wants nothing more than her in his life.