Smokey by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Just out of a bad marriage, Ava isn’t looking for love. She’s ready to live her own life in a new town, opening a bakery. She never expected to cross paths with Smokey, the dangerous president of the Hell’s Bastards MC.

Smokey wants the curvy blonde sitting alone at the bar, and he always gets what he wants. From the start, he explains it’s just sex, nothing else. Ava doesn’t expect more and promises herself she won’t fall in love with the bad biker, but Smokey gets under her skin. He can’t let her go, and now he thinks she works for his enemy. The pain of his punishment will stay with her forever.

When the truth comes out, Smokey knows he’s hurt the only woman he’s ever cared about. After he loses her, he has no choice but to win her back. Ava won’t give in, though. He hurt her, shattered her trust, and destroyed her heart.

How can he win what he broke?

Be Warned: anal sex, public exhibition



The information he’d gotten on Ava’s husband had given him enough details to know the man was a bastard. A fucking piece of scum of the highest order. What pieces of paper didn’t give him were actual accounts of what the asshole had done to Ava. The abuse she’d taken at her ex’s hands. It sickened him. No, it infuriated him. He wanted to kill the fucker, slowly and painfully. He was good at torturing. In the last few years, he’d become a master at it. Hearing men scream was something he relished.

He pushed all those thoughts aside because he didn’t want to be thinking about them while he had his woman so close to him.

Stroking her cheek, he pushed her hair back. The hold he had on her waist moved down to cup her generous ass. He let the cheek go and slapped it.

“Now do you want to know how a real man treats a woman?” he asked.


He lifted her in his arms. She let out a squeal. Her arms circled his neck and he chuckled. He didn’t go far. After shoving all the papers he’d been working on to the floor, he dropped her butt down on his desk and spread her legs wide. He stepped between them. “I’m willing to offer you a deal, Ava,” he said.


“I’ll show you how it is between a man and woman, and in return, you give yourself to me. Completely. You’re not allowed to be with anyone else. You’re all mine to do with as I please,” he said.

“You won’t hurt me?”

“I have no reason to hurt you, do I?”

She licked her lips and nodded. “I agree.”

He put his hand on her chest, pushing her down on the desk. “Hold on.”

She tried to grab the desk, and he sat down in his chair. He took her feet, placing them on his knees.

Touching her ankles, he traced up her calves, hearing her gasp. The fucker hadn’t even taken the time to touch Ava. She was deprived of so much, but he had no problem with that because he was going to make up for it.

He stroked up to her knee, then down again, taking his time before he went to her knee. This time, he used his mouth, kissing inside her knee and trailing his lips up toward her core.

Smokey slid his hands beneath her ass and dragged her back against him. He pressed his face against her pussy, sliding his tongue through her slit. Ava cried out, arching her back.

She begged and moaned for more as he flicked his tongue across her clit. Back and forth, working her pussy until she shook beneath his hold.

He let go of her ass and took the lips of her pussy in his hands, spreading her wide with one hand, and with the other, he pressed a single finger inside. She was so tight but soaking wet.

In and out, he worked a single digit, then added a second.

She thrust her pelvis up, trying to get him to take more.

He pumped inside her, wanting it to be his cock, but for now, he was going to show her the kind of pleasure that could be had with just his fingers and mouth.

Smokey took her clit into his mouth, sucking on the bud, driving her wild as he finger-fucked her pussy. Her cunt tightened around his fingers, and he turned, pressing against her G-spot, stroking her there, setting a fire that had her wild.

This time, he didn’t stop.

There was so much for Ava to learn, and he was more than happy to be the one to teach her. She’d already given herself to him. He wasn’t going to back out. What he did plan was for Ava to enjoy the pleasure of his cock, repeatedly, multiple times a day.

She came on his tongue. Her release coated his fingers as he worked her pussy. She shook, and she was so wet some of her orgasm spilled onto his desk.

When it seemed she couldn’t take it anymore, she lifted up on his desk and cupped his face, kissing him.

He eased his fingers from her pussy, placing them on her thigh as he stood up. Breaking the kiss, he tilted her head back and pressed his fingers to her mouth. “Open.”

She did so and he slid them into her mouth.

“Taste yourself. You’ve got the most delicious pussy I’ve ever eaten.”

She sucked her cream off his fingers, and he gripped a fistful of her hair, keeping her head at the right angle to kiss her hard. He gave her a kiss she deserved. One that told her she was a fucking sexy piece of ass that deserved to be fucked, to be taken.

She gripped his hips, tugging him close.

“We have an oral contract, Ava. There’s no backing down. You’re a businesswoman. You know the terms.”

“We didn’t iron out the terms.”

He chuckled. “You, me, sex. It’s an open-ended topic. Nothing is off-limits. The only thing I can’t do is hurt you.” He kissed the tip of her nose. “And I have no intention of doing so.”


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Coffee Time Romance
Written by Delane on 17th Sep 2021

Ava decided to start her life over in a new town when her marriage crashes and burns. Her little bakery makes her happy and when she meets Smokey, she only wants a little fun. When what she expected occurs, she is still left with her heart and soul in ashes. She is done with men and knows it is time to start over once again, but then the unexpected happens and she is unsure what to do next. Smokey does not trust women and letting one close leads to disaster – and when he meets Ava, he is sure she will be the same. When he learns how wrong he is, it is too late and he has lost her forever. Unfortunately, he is unable to let go and when the opportunity arises, he begins to fight for his woman – but what can he do when the one he is fighting against is her? Smokey and Ava find love but when the lack of trust burns the love to ashes, there is no going back, or is there? Smokey must protect Ava, his heart, and his club, but he just may lose one to save the others. Can he repair the hurt and pain he caused his club and Ava, or will he lose the only woman he could ever love? Reading Smokey was emotional experience. The author takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions and the outcome is difficult to root for because with every page, the pendulum swings. I love how the idea of forgiveness is explored with every page with the life of Ava and Smokey, as well as the members of the MC. I absolutely loved the book in the end and encourage the reader to follow the relationships and make it to the end because the end is unexpected and exciting to the last word.

Written by Leah Kogan on 15th Aug 2021

I enjoyed, it was a good story, and I’m amazed by the forgiveness and love shown in this story. Raven is def a favourite and I’m interested in following her story!

5.0 out of 5 stars Probably the best one I've read from this author
Written by Kindle Customer on 15th Aug 2021

I've purchased a lot of Sam's books but this one made me connect with the characters on a different level. Honestly one of my favorite books from this author

Good Read
Written by Amazon Customer on 15th Aug 2021

Always love reading about life of the MC CLUB Enjoyed each characters of the club. How the couple comes together and their love

Loved it
Written by Stephanie Bedwell on 15th Aug 2021

Love this book! I had to reread it! Ava and Smokey are a great couple, but his and the MC'S groveling was a little short of "my" mark. Hoping there is a book for Harlow soon. She was my favorite character!

Smoking Hot
Written by Dallas on 7th Aug 2021

This book has it all. Do not hesitate, this is a reread for me over and over again. Sam has outdone herself with this one!

Another Amazing Book
Written by Kelley n on 7th Aug 2021

Smokey by Sam Crescent is yet another well written book. Every emotion gets hit on with this story. Ava & Smokey are an amazing couple and come a long way.

Written by c roll on 7th Aug 2021

This book was really good. Grabs your attention from the start and keeps it to the end. A major rollercoaster ride. Lots of twists and turns along with action and suspense. Hopefully there will be more books in this series.

I loved this book
Written by dreamzofdr on 7th Aug 2021

This book is everything I look for. The FMC doesnt just hive in and forgive the MC just because he says he is sorry. I love how he has to prove he is sorry and show her his love and devotion is real. Definitely a must read.

Written by Candi Apple on 2nd Aug 2021

You need tissues with this one, holy crackers, what an emotional rollercoaster. Would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for all the feels.

Edgy. Scandalous. Down right Risqué.
Written by Jeannie G. on 2nd Aug 2021

I’m so exited to talk about this book; I am like a tube of biscuit dough left out on the counter too long. About to burst ya’ll. Prepare for some popping off like some poppin fresh dough. This son of a gun Smokey is good looking, but he knows it. He’s so over confident. We have to love this girl for not only shooting him down, but genuinely doing her own thing and at her own pace. Does he push her boundaries? Yes. Does he at times ignore them? Yes again, obnoxiously so. I know some lead female characters tend to say they are “doing their own thing” “doing this for themselves” “don’t expect anything” blah blah- but you know what? This one isn’t blowing smoke up my cinnamon buns. She’s more the real deal. It’s part of the reason why the club doesn’t take to her. Oh sure, they love her baked goods, the whole MC was down with them... before she took up with their President. Ava’s a former accountant turned baker, she’s new to town and opened a very popular bakery. There is a scene in the book where she caters a patch party and not a single member will touch her food. Their way of saying we don’t trust you, don’t want you here. Raven, the only female member of the MC breaks the ice by walking off with a big bowl of dip and all the bread/ and I could really go for something like that right now. There was a lot of really good food mentioned in the book and it’s left me peckish. Smokey and The Baker are a hot couple. Their intimate scenes are hot. 100% not dialed in type stuff. It’s like live action porn. Their webcams would be the ish. I’d subscribe. However, I stayed for the DRAMA. DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMA. My friend was like “I don’t like this book, it’s making me anxious.” Boom. Interest perked. Read a few reviews on here that sealed the deal for me. Thank you for that ladies, if it upset you that much I knew it had to be juicy. The scandalous spoilers you dropped, well, those moments are the icing on those afore mentioned burst open biscuit dough/cinnamon bun rolls. Like, it’s messy, but turns out awesome. So delicious. Finger licking good. Heroine does takes a beat down at the hands of the club. Smokey has to grovel/work his way back. So does the club. It’s a real page turner. I had to know how this could be resolved, if it could be without people dying in plot twist atonement. They didn’t die. Maybe wished they did at times. Everyone had to put in the work to be forgiven, to find happiness. This book is like the agony and the ecstasy. I recommend it to all the book drama junkies out there. This is your next fix.

Heart Broken For Ava.
Written by Kindle Customer on 28th Jul 2021

I haven't read Sam's books in a long time but took a chance on this one. So I apologize in advance for the *SPOILER ALERT* in this review. Ava has just gotten out of a divorce with her cheating ex. 3 months later she moves to a new town and starts up her own business which is owning her own Bakery. One night she is sitting at the local bar and Smokey and some of his men walks in. Seeing him when the whole place goes quiet she ignores him and turns back to her drink. Smokey decides to sit next to her and strikes up a conversation with her. It's from there their relationship starts. As she's working in her bakery she meets two women from the MC Abriana who is Ugly Beast's wife. You'll find his own story called "Ugly Beast". And Raven the only female bada** member in the MC introduced themselves and forge a somewhat friendship with Ava. One day Ava walks out of the bank and not looking where she's going bumps into Creed (Smokey's nemesis from another MC) not realizing who he is apologizes for bumping into him. While bending down to pick up the envelope with her money in it he whisper in her ear and calls her by her name and hands her the envelope. It is from here that the bad happened to Ava. You see she told Smokey that she loves him that Same day she bumps into Creed. Smokey hasn't said he loves her back because he's still doesn't trust her even though Ava has given and told him she can trust her and won't betray him in any way but he still held back. Then the unthinkable happen as she was working, Smokey is at the club house and receives an envelope with pictures in them of the encounter she had with Creed. Livid and betrayed Smokey orders Raven to grab Ava and bring her to the clubhouse. It is here she's scared and tried to explain but he wouldn't listen. Raven hits her and stabs her while Ava is tied to the chair Smokey then orders Raven to chop her beautiful hair off. Smokey leaves Raven and a couple of the club ho's to torture Ava, while that was happening his 2 main men goes to Ava's bakery and destroyed it completely then go to her house to destroy that and pack up all her clothes as she wouldn't need them as once they finished torturing her he was going back to put a bullet in her head and kill her. But as he was about to head off Ugly Beast comes running and tells him to take another look at the photos, a real look and explained to him what his wife said to him that Ava didn't betrayed him. Realizing what he had done he ran back to where Ava was kept and saw how bad he had messed up. One of the club ho's was smashing Ava's hand with a hammer and was about to bring it back down again when Smokey yelled stopped. Ava by this time was so beaten and crying she feared them and backed away when Smokey tried to move towards her but the damaged had already been done. The scene where she was beaten was really hard to read and I cried during that time as my heart literally broke for Ava at what Smokey, Raven and other members had done to not only her but her business that she loved and to her home and not even given her a chance to tell her side. But she held out on her not wanting anything to do with the whole MC including Smokey and Raven. Even going so far to ban them all from entering her bakery once she decided to reopened. What I don't understand is during all of this and found out she was pregnant and yet with the beatings she got I would of thought "Hey you were packing up my home because you were going to kill me" scenario and she's carrying Smokey's child. So you would of thought he would of had an epiphany that if he did follow through on his plan to end her life he would of also ended his own child's life as well. But it was never mentioned oh well. If you want to know more about what happened after well just buy the book and find out lol.

Smokey & Ava
Written by Kindle Customer C on 28th Jul 2021

Smokey wanted Ava for just one night. That night became more for Ava and Smokey. But soon Smokey mistrustful mistake in up cost him the woman of his dreams Ava. His mistake of hurting and betrayal , his woman Ava with him also the whole MC. This is a five

Written by Fabiola Cadet-Destil on 28th Jul 2021

This book is different, it's a good story but certain things that happened in the book will never sit well with me. The club went too far in my opinion, there's not enough sorries in the world that should make Ava forgive them. It is a very compelling story, it's intense and it's why I still gave it a five star and would recommend it still.

This book is fabulous!!!
Written by Josella on 28th Jul 2021

This story will have you feeling so many different feelings. You will be crazy about Smokey, you will hate him and you will love him. The same goes for for the club. Sam in my opinion has written a masterpiece of a book. You will not put this book down till you finish it. I don't want to tell anything about thus story because I want you to read it for yourself. LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!

Written by Amanda on 28th Jul 2021

I was so happy with this book. I've gotten very tired of these women who get hurt by the hero's and then never make them actually WORK to try and win them back. These hero's do horrible things to these women. The women see them the next day and it's always something like this: "Oh, he's so hot, I'm incredibly h#rny, I hate him, buts he's so hot. So I love him. You're so hot. I forgive you. Let's find a bed or not, and have s*x!!!" This one was not like that. The hero had to work and work hard to win his woman back. It wasn't even unrealistically hard either. What he and his club did to her was awful. Soooooooooo good! Please give me more like this!! An actual woman with a spine and standards. A man who actually knows how to work for his woman. Loved it!!!

Could you put this book down
Written by bishop on 23rd Jul 2021

Wonderful read couldn’t put this book down at all. I bought nearly all books. Favorite author waiting for the next

5.0 out of 5 stars Love, Love, Loved it!!!
Written by Stephanie Bedwell on 23rd Jul 2021

Love this book! I had to reread it! Ava and Smokey are a great couple, but his and the MC'S groveling was a little short of "my" mark. Hoping there is a book for Harlow soon. She was my favorite character!

You won't regret this!!
Written by Miss G on 23rd Jul 2021

I cannot explain how much I love this book!! You know you have a great book when you're feeling the same emotions as the heroine and hero. You've got a great book when you're balling your eyes out and trying to read through the tears to see what happens next! The chemistry with Ava and Smokey is freaking smoking lol You don't want to miss another great read from Sam Cresent!!

Written by Taylor on 23rd Jul 2021

This book made me cry. It's a real rollercoaster of emotions. I got so pissed off at Smokey and the MC club. Ava and Smokey start off great in the beginning, but then something happens and Smokey ruins their relationship. Afterwards, he does everything to make things right, but Ava is too heartbroken to forgive. Things do get better later on, but the journey is long and hurtful. In the end, there is a happy ending. Get ready to experience so many emotions.

Written by Starcatcher1966 on 23rd Jul 2021

Omg this book was fantastic .. Smokey messed up bad so did the club.. I thought Ava was going to just till over and forgive everyone for what happen .. But........she did not .. I loved the fact that the betrayal came from the club and Smiley early in the book and the rest was still club but Ava trying to come to terms with what happen and Smokey trying to get her to forgive him ..the hell they put Ava through was so awful, I don't know that I could have forgiven any of them especially Smokey ... Hot sexy fantastic read ...

Written by Allie on 23rd Jul 2021

Sam you out did yourself on this book. LOVE IT!! Smokey MC Pres does not trust much out side the club. Ava just out of a divorce ready to start new in a town and business. Ava decide to let loose one night to celebrate at a bar running into Smokey. Smokey right away sit by her and wanted to know all about her. Ava ends up being framed as a spy which turn out bad and almost killed by Smokey. How can he forgive himself and the club for what they did to Ava. Ava is now fighting her fear along with Smokey to stay away. Intense could not put down. Must read.

Not for the faint of heart
Written by Ines Rebelo on 20th Jul 2021

Awesome story. A complete roller coaster of emotions while reading this. I cried and was pissed off at Smokey . I hope we get to see more of Hell’s Bastards MC.

Great read
Written by jean hall on 20th Jul 2021

This story is not for the faint of heart but it’s a great story. Of course I hated the part where Ava does get hurt but I love how the story really develop. So this story is longer than Sam normal book but it had so much depth and I love it. Great story and yes I cried too.