Crimson by Maura Archer

Heat Level 4
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Kala Thomas accidentally backed into Justin Conrad’s car, the big shot basketball player for the Crimson Cats. He was tall, very tall and intimidating but he was also the most gorgeous man she ever laid eyes on. When he offered to take her home, she thought he was just being nice, but she was soon to learn that Justin didn’t do nice, he did much more. When she found herself in his arms, she knew she should run. There were good reasons why they shouldn't hook up, but women didn’t say no to Justin Conrad. Was Kala strong enough to not be one of those women or would she submit herself to him and jeopardize everything she had worked for?

Be Warned: BDSM, sex toys, anal sex, forced seduction, public exhibition



He was wearing a blue chambray shirt and jeans. His dark hair was combed back like it wasn’t that long since he took a shower, giving him a bit of a sinister bad boy look. He was far too good looking. He made her nervous.

“Muffin? Blueberry?”

“Yes. Thanks.” She took the muffin from the bag he handed her and placed it on her plate. Peeling back the paper, she broke it in half. “You want to share?”

“I had one already, and, Kala…”

“Yes,” she said, about to take a bit of the muffin that looked and smelled delicious.

“I never share.”

“Never,” she breathed, her eyes caught by his. She couldn’t look away.

“Never. What’s mine is mine.”

Holy shit, she was going to hyperventilate. This man was as close to sexy explode as she could ever remember. Not that she had a lot of experience. If fact, she had practically none. Just a boy in high school and another one in college. Both had failed to impress.

“Good to know,” she said, looking at her muffin and then at him.

She watched as he brought the coffee cup to his beautiful full lips. He was maybe the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

Putting his cup down, he said, “Do you have plans for today?”

Did she have plans? Why was he asking her such a difficult question? It was hard to think sitting across from him like this.

“Yes or no,” he said, his eyes dancing with humor. “It’s not a trick question.”

He knew exactly how he was affecting her, the arrogant bastard, and yet he wasn’t an arrogant bastard, was he? Yesterday, he had taken such good care of her, and today he was bringing her breakfast. He was just being nice. She was reading things into his actions that simply weren’t there.

She bit down on the muffin and was amazed at how good it was. “This really is delicious. I don’t want to share it.”

He laughed and leaned back in his chair. “Spend the day with me.”

“I thought you had plans for today. Yesterday before you left, you said you had to get up early.”

“Plans change. I want you to spend the day with me.”

“What did you have in mind?” Her voice sounded all throaty and needy. Did she have no shame? She couldn’t even talk without sounding like she wanted to have sex with the man.

He gave her a wickedly seductive grin. “We could do anything you want, but I thought maybe some indoor activity, possibly right here in your apartment, might be fun.”

She felt her pussy gush … making her panties soaked to the point she needed to change. What was wrong with her? This was not normal.

“Do you like board games?” It was all she could choke out.

She was breathless from all the erotic sensations that his presence was forcing on her. She wanted him naked, covering her with his body. There was nothing she wanted more at this moment than to please him with her body.

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Score: 4 out of 5 (based on 14 ratings)
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Really liked this book!
Written by Ash J on 16th Apr 2023

This was a really good read. The story was interesting and steamy. I did wonder if Justin was a little crazy sometimes and didn't like the way he treated Kala a lot, but enjoyed the HEA and would really like to read more stories from this author from now on.

Justin & Kala!!
Written by Wendy L on 16th Apr 2023

Kala accidentally backs into star basketball player Justin’s car, and there is an instant connection between them. Justin is dominating and possessive, while Kala is battling with family problems. This story concentrates more on the physical aspects of their relationship. This is a good story which is fast paced, with angst, emotions, family, friendships, chemistry, and is a spicy page turner. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Great Read
Written by Danee on 16th Apr 2023

Maura Archer is a fairly new author to me, but I enjoyed this book, it's an intense and a bit dark story. The main characters Kala and Justin were great, only I had trouble in the beginning with Justin and the way he behaved I sometimes wanted to hit him haha ​​and Kala I also had some trouble she didn't really have much spirit. I really enjoyed this book and will read more by this author.

Written by Nate on 16th Apr 2023

This was Justin & Kala’s book. Kala Thomas accidentally backed into Justin Conrad’s car, the big shot basketball player for the Crimson Cats. He was tall, very tall and intimidating but he was also the most gorgeous man she ever laid eyes on. When he offered to take her home, she thought he was just being nice, but she was soon to learn that Justin didn’t do nice. It was an interesting read. And am voluntarily leaving my review.

Justin and Kala
Written by kdavis on 16th Apr 2023

This story covers the relationship between Justin and Kala. Justin is an alpha male through and through. Very dominant and controlling but also very sweet. They happen to meet when she backs into his car. There is an instant attraction between them but when they start a relationship they have to hid it. There was some darkness in the story with plenty of spicy scenes. It was a fast story but a captivating one. This is the first book I've read by this author.

A fantastic read
Written by dachief72 on 16th Apr 2023

This is my first Maura Archer novel, and I wasn't disappointed. Deliciously dark and dangerous. Great characters, and a well written. Would recommend. Will read more from this author.

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 16th Apr 2023

This is the first book I've read written by Maura Archer; I can’t wait to read more of her books. She has written a good short story. The story is about Kala & Justin; it has a good story line. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Accidental or chance meeting…
Written by Samkat on 16th Apr 2023

For Kala, life is a bit rough right now and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better when she gets into a car accident with a tall, domineering basketball player. Justin is used to getting his way and that doesn’t stop where Kala is concerned. Seeing things are on the rocks, he steps in and soon he’s staking a claim. This was a steamy story with an alpha, jealous and possessive anti-hero type. It was interesting and kept my interest to the end. I just wish the ending was a bit longer. Overalls, a good steamy romance.

Kala and Justin
Written by Ddee2 on 16th Apr 2023

Kala has just interviewed for an intern position with the Crimson Cats when she accidentally backs into Justin, the star player’s, vehicle. She is nervous and emotional and Justin calms her down and sees her home. She is star-struck by him, he is fascinated by her, and sexual tension is high. As the relationship develops, problems with work, his brother, and team management occur, causing misunderstandings, hidden information revealed, blackmail, and a rescue, all leading to a HEA. Quick story with a bit of kink and good characters. Good read.

Much darker than Grey
Written by RahiaLeight on 16th Apr 2023

Reading a story like this, it really points out the things that people will put up with for love. I can't say, for sure, what I would have done in her shoes; but I'd like to think that after the incident with Michael, I'd have walked out the door. They do get their HEA, but they definitely have to go through the fires of hell to get there. Fast read and quite intriguing.

Kala and Justin's run in
Written by INNCTX12 on 16th Apr 2023

Kala is having a tough life with family issues, her family dog dying, interviewing for a intern she's pretty sure she won't get and a accident that leads her to the hot basketball player, Justin. So when they decide to start a relationship but have to hide it, it causes so many problems. At one point you will want her to leave him and then you will be pulling for them. You'll have to prepare yourself for some rough moments in this book and a lot of steamy things.

Great Read!!!
Written by Jilllovesbooks on 16th Apr 2023

Let me start by saying I have never read this author and I am so glad I did! This story is different from beginning, where Kala and Justin meet to the insta-attraction, right on through to the brother Michael, and Helene. The storyline kept moving along and was engaging. I felt that the ending was a little rushed, from the last chapter, to the epilogue. It was sewing everything up quickly. Without ruining the story, I felt the last couple of chapters could be more detailed into what was going on with Justin and Kala. That was a lot of drama at the end then everything was great. Overall, a very good read.

Super intense read--great book that has such a HOT shorter story
Written by Andrea R on 16th Apr 2023

This is really intense but quick read--thoroughly enjoyed the story. Author did a great job working thru the obstacles that came at the characters but since it was novella length there was very little slow times in this story--very well written.

Good read
Written by Sua on 12th Feb 2023

Justin and Kala’s read was short, dark and dirty. Kala’s life has had its bumps and bruises but when she accidentally hits Justin’s car, they both start to get wrapped around each other quickly. A good read following this couple’s complicated feelings.