The Forest of Dark Delights by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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A Cox Fairytale, 1

After the beast became human, Belle turned into the animal.

We all know the story. The dangerous and ugly Beast finds his true love in Belle, and after a horrific fight with Gaston, the beast is finally transformed back into a man. But what happens after that?

It’s almost two years later, and Belle is no longer the sweet woman the Beast fell in love with. She sweeps into towns with her ruthless army to pillage every book she can find and add it to her library. Beast is lonely, saddened by the lover he can’t understand, but then an old enemy returns to the castle.

Gaston is not the man he used to be. He made a promise to himself when he survived that fall, broken but alive. He’d make his amends to the beast, someway, somehow. 

When at last Gaston and Beast start a forbidden romance, the evil that is Belle returns to the castle…

Be Warned: m/m sex, spanking, bondage



Adam was no small man, but neither was he as big as he had been when in beast form. His cock was well past ready; the foreskin at the tip was pulled back and beads of cum had dribbled out. They slid down his leg as he stroked his member. Adam gave his tip a well-aimed wad of spit and then pressed it to Gaston’s hole.

Gaston gasped and tried to shift away.

Adam growled, grabbed the wiggling body with one hand and his dick with the other. He shoved, sending the tip of him inside the warmth of Gaston’s body.

“Beast!” He yelled, audible even with the gag.

Adam pushed a little deeper then pulled out and gave the area another spit. He wasn’t a gentle man, not tonight. Tonight, he was the beast. Adam thrust forward, urging half his length in Gaston. The man tangled in shackles groaned and winced. “Take me,” Adam whispered.

Gaston pulled his hands down from over his head and grabbed his cock eagerly.

“No!” Adam yelled. This was his control, his dominance. Adam pushed Gaston’s hands back over his head. He gave his hips another push, burying more of his erection inside.

Gaston cried out and wiggled beneath him.

Pleasure made his vision swarm. Adam laid one hand on Gaston’s hip and the other on his neck. He squeezed the delicate column as he pulled out and pushed back in. Those inner muscle pulsated and quivered around his length. “Yes.” Adam buried himself deep. Each thrust was a brutal show of strength. Adam wasn’t about to let this erection fade away in a fizzle. He wanted the biggest bang he’d ever had in his life. He worked Gaston’s body with rage and intensity until both men were gasping. Gaston’s protests turned into eager moans. The sound drifted through the room in an obscene manner that matched the actions on the bed. Adam growled, so close to coming. His gaze fell onto Gaston’s face. His black hair was a tangle of strands around his head. His skin was slightly red from the pressure of Adam choking him. Each slap of flesh against flesh made the high that much more unfathomable.

Then the reality collided with fantasy.

Adam came. His whole body gave a surge of adrenaline and need. Adam slammed his dick into the man so profoundly that Gaston literally cried out. Then Adam was spewing cum. It sputtered out in ribbons of cloudy white as he gave that tight hole a few last thrusts. The string broke, sending Gaston’s leg crashing into Adam. Gaston shoved his leg against Adam’s ass, pushing him forward to keep Adam seated deep within. Adam gave one last heave of thick cock into tight hole, and then he pulled out. His breathing was an erratic, uneven mess of gasps as he rolled onto the bed.

Gaston, hands still bound, reached down and stroked his dick. He was rough with the beautiful penis, tugging until his hips arched. Cum shot from Gaston’s shaft like a fountain. It sprayed and splattered his body. The blanket was dotted with wet drops by the time Gaston let go of his cock.

Adam liked the hazy look in Gaston’s eyes and the way the man’s body went languid with pleasure. Adam turned to his side, exhaustion nipping at his consciousness.

“Do you … do you want me to stay?”

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Love Bytes
Written by Becca on 25th Apr 2018

Definitely a remake of Beauty and the Beast with a twist lol. Who would have thought Belle would turn evil and Gaston would be the one who ends up with Beast. After Belle changes Beast into human by breaking the curse, Belle turns evil. But part of the fault lies with Beast. Belle pillages towns for their books and if the don’t give them to her, she kills the villagers and burns the villages. People are in fear for their lives. Beast is miserable without the woman he loved. And to make matter worse, Gaston is back. He somehow survived. He says he wants forgiveness and to make amends. But Beast doesn’t trust him. As time wears on, they form a relationship. Slowly learning each other. But Belle returns and turns everything on its head. Not bad for a twisted remake. Gaston is truly repentant and Belle is hell on hooves. After watching the movie, it’s so weird to picture them the way in this story. But it’s refreshing as well to see a different outlook on a fairytale. Beast is still learning to be human again and knows something isn’t quite right when a possession he has is still magical. I think you guys would like it. But you might not look at the movie the same again lol. Happy reading!

A fairytale that will make you swoon over your own beast
Written by Anne Bock on 22nd Nov 2017

As I heard that James Cox would write a sexy fairytale I was excited and curious. And when I found out it would be "his" version of "Beauty and the Beast" I was cheering and longing to get it in my greedy hands. And now that I've read it....oh dang, what a sweet, steamy, heartwarming and hot fairytale. I love how the reader could see that beast aka Adam has changed and still was longing to be loved and to give his love to someone. My heart was breaking for him and I wanted to see him getting his happy ending. Belle changed, too, to the worst one could imagine. I was a bit uncomfortable with her being that way at first, but James did well with giving her that kind of role, how she acts with Beast and Gaston and finally with the end she would get in this story. But the biggest, greatest change made Gaston. I confess, I haven't liked him much all those years, but in this fairytale, oh holy smokes, amazing, my heart went out for him. Adam and Gaston were meant for each other, and not just because of their steamy and hot interactions in bed, on the table or up in a... ahem... Well, all in all I love this version of a "sequel" for Beast/Adam and Gaston and Bell. You'll love it, too, believe me! Can't wait for the next Cox Fairytale to come our way!!

Creative, Fun and Completely Enjoyable!
Written by undefined on 21st Nov 2017

Review by Trio of Kimmers' Erotic Book Banter If you’re looking for a creative, fun, and completely enjoyable story you won’t do better than 'The Forest of Dark Delights', book one in James Cox’ new A Cox Fairytale series. I’m impressed by the amount of thought Cox put into this plot, and coupled with his great sense of humor I had a smile on my face from beginning to end. The tale of 'Beauty and the Beast' is one of my favorites so I jumped at the chance to read this one. Until I devoured 'The Forest of Dark Delights' I figured I’d read every variation on this plot. Foolish me! James Cox comes up with a spin bringing the Beast (now Adam, in his human form) and Gaston (his nemesis hunter, and all-around cave man) together for some scorching-hot M/M lovin’. Traces of the curse still linger even now that Adam has resumed his role as man of the castle. Our hero is unfulfilled in both life and love, and to say that he and Belle are on the outs would be putting it mildly. It turns out their love wasn’t true, and it will take the honest, unadulterated love of Gaston to finally set the Beast free. From the moment they reacquaint, Adam and Gaston have great chemistry. Adam still has the beast lingering inside him, and it doesn’t take Gaston long to figure out he needs some of that. These boys figure out right quick there’s more going on in their relationship than kinky sex, and happily ever afters come when we least expect them. It’s the perfect enemies-to-lovers story. This is not just page after page of fabulous kinky sex, James Cox slips in some positive messages too. Gaston seeks redemption and learns humility, while Adam finds the peace forgiveness can bring. 'The Forest of Dark Delights' is an absolute pleasure to read, and as a fan of both fairy-tales and erotica I hope James Cox has more episodes coming soon.

The TBR Pile
Written by Bella on 21st Nov 2017

What happens if Belle is a bitch and Gaston is a sexy bad boy looking to reform? The answer is The Forest of Dark Delights by James Cox! I don’t usually read fairytale re-telling’s. They tend to be predictable and boring. Of course, I shouldn’t have expected normal from James Cox! Belle has become a terror, stealing books from towns with her mercenary army. Depressed and lonely Beast (Adam) is in the castle just as trapped as when he was the beast. Then Gaston comes around, still injured from the big fight but wanting to make amends. When these two lonely men get together it’s a complicated, lust fueled connection. Can it grow deeper? What happens when Belle returns? First take a second to appreciate that cover. It’s so gorgeous! Okay, okay. Review time. I love how the twist is Belle. She's totally terrible and greedy. Her character doesn’t make a big appearance but brief snippets that have an air of darkness. Beast is a depressed guy, who is falling out of love and doesn’t know what to do. I love his character. He’s gruff and grumpy and did I mention he’s got a dominance thing going on? Yeah, that’s right, Beast now likes to tie men up and make them scream (shivers). Gaston just wants to do the right thing. After all this time his eyes are finally open to the wrongness of villains. The romance between them is so damn hot. There is no doubt there is a 5 heat, orgasmic, cold shower, oh my God did I read that right, kind of sexy in this book. The plot is also really interesting with the evil Belle twist. The ending is a bit brief but I liked how the author wrote it. It sort of pays homage to the classic stories and sets up a happy ending that left me so satisfied. ​ This is not your average fairytale, James Cox brings a unique twist to revive Beauty and the Beast. The Forest of Dark Delights is a must read!

Loved it! a great take on a Beauty/Beast storyline.
Written by Lorraine Lesar on 10th Nov 2017

For ingenuity alone this story is worthy of 5*. I have to tell you that I had a very different experience in reading this one compared to watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast with my granddaughter - ol' Walt will be turning in his grave! And for the originality, again it's 5*s from me. This was truly an original, a James Cox original - even though the author kept closely to the original storyline. Contradictory? Yes. So please let me explain - This story starts 2 years on from the fall that should have killed Gaston. But it didn't. Oh yes, he was hurt and now has a permanent limp, but he survived and now full of remorse for what he tried to do. So he decides he has to make amends and apologise to Beauty and her Beast. But the Beast is no longer. He is now Adam. But Adam has lost his Belle. She no longer rings like the soft, adorable Belle she was. She's become a beast herself, her greed for books overriding everything, including Adam. She is now a human Beast Belle! The spell was supposed to be broken when he fell in love, why hasn't he got his HEA.......... I'm a sucker for Beauty/Beast storylines and this one rung my bell (or should that be Belle?). It was fun with a capital F. It was sexy with a capital S. And Adam's thoughts were just so hillarious - a bit like James Cox himself. I've always said that he writes with a little of him in every storyline and I think this proves it. Loved the book and love James Cox.

Written by Sativa on 2nd Nov 2017

To be honest when I saw another Beauty story I was less than thrilled but knew I would one click because it was a Cox book. I was hooked on the 1st page and could stop reading. Cox the evil genius found a way to breath life into this well told tell. It made, you laugh, cry, and need a shower in a very compact story. Cox brings his spit and grit to fairytale and made you fall in love with tale again for all new reasons. Read it! It is more than worth the time and money!