A Date with Violence by James Cox

Heat Level 3
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Big Balls and Brass Knuckles, 2

They have the killer on video and yet no one can see his face…

Brett and Genius are on another case. This one involves a series of robberies where elderly victims are murdered. They have no idea how the victims are chosen or when the next one will be targeted. Their only clue is a video of the killer and his face is blurred. What invention could do that? Even Genius is stumped. As they look for suspects, the heat between them intensifies. Neither man has forgotten the kiss they shared and Genius wants a lot more than Brett’s lips.

Be Warned: m/m sex



“Morning. I, um, I just wanted to return this to you before I forgot.” Now that Brett said it out loud, he cringed. That sounded so fucking lame. This was a bad idea.

“You came here at seven AM to return a tie.” Genius opened the door wider. “Keep it. It looked great on you.”

Brett blushed. “Oh. Thanks. Well, I’m off today, but I’ll see you at work tomorrow.”

Genius waved his hand. “You came here for more than a tie, Brett. Come in for a cup of coffee. It’s too early to function after the night we had without caffeine.”

Brett couldn’t argue that. He went into the apartment, closing the door behind him. He still couldn’t believe how big this place was. It looked like a mansion compared to his own apartment. What sort of tech did he have in here? Brett was genuinely curious.

Genius came back into the lavish but comfortable living room with two cups of coffee. He placed them on the glass table and flopped onto the couch. The robe edge slid up his bare thigh.

Oh, hell. “I can’t really stay.”

“You’re going to waste a cup of coffee?”

Shit. No. That was like a sin. Brett sat at the end of the couch, but Genius was square in the middle. He held the ceramic cup in his hands and took a sip. Oh, fuck, that tasted good. Genius definitely knew how to make a good cup of coffee, and that was one of Brett’s weaknesses. “Delicious.” His voice had gone raspy. This would be the perfect time to talk about how bad of an idea them having sex would be. “Is Zia still here?” He didn’t want her to hear anything that would scar her for life.

“She left half an hour ago. Early study group. So, it’s just us.”

They were alone in the apartment? He took another sip of coffee. “Genius.”

“Ah, ready to talk, then.” He put down his cup.

“Yes, I am. I like you, Genius, but work is too…” Brett didn’t get a chance to finish. Genius leaned over and kissed him. The moment their lips met, his thoughts scattered. He opened his mouth as Genius slid his tongue inside. Passion ignited like a fucking volcano. Brett kissed back, his hands moving to Genius’s robe.

He shrugged it off, shifting to his knees.

The kiss continued as Genius advanced, lying on top of him. Brett opened his legs, letting the other man settle between them. The air warmed between them. Genius’s hands roamed up his shirt. Brett had never been so happy not to be wearing a work shirt. Those buttons would have been scattered everywhere, and he wouldn’t have even cared.

Genius broke the kiss only to trail his lips down Brett’s neck. He shifted his hands higher until he found that chest and those nipple rings. He tugged on one, making Brett groan. A moment later, Genius was sitting as he shoved Brett’s shirt up. The man leaned over and sucked the gold hoop piercing into his mouth.

Oh, fuck. Brett grabbed his head, his fingers skimming through silky hair. It had been a long time since he’d felt this much lust. His whole body was taut, muscles rigid, and his cock was a beast. It strained at his sweatpants like they were a confining cage made for torture.

Genius let go of Brett long enough to haul his shirt off. He threw it behind the couch and went back to those nipple rings.

Kissing. Tugging with his teeth. Licking. Brett let out a low groan, and then that talented mouth was kissing lower. Genius played his tongue around Brett’s belly button. Anticipation made him gasp for breath. He’d been dreaming about this. Thinking about this nonstop. Even before he’d met Genius, he’d been attracted to his image. Now that the man was in his arms, it was like a wet dream come true.



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Long and Short Reviews
Written by Nymphaea on 27th May 2022

Oh baby, the chemistry leaps right off the page. I’ve not read anything by James Cox before this book, but I’m glad I remedied that and I will be looking for book one in this series. I loved the writing and the characters. This was a hot, but quick read and I couldn’t put it down. Genius and Brett have great chemistry. I rooted for them immediately. I loved the interplay between them and the way they so wanted each other. So good. I didn’t want this book to end…which is why I’m going back to find book one. If you’re looking for a quick mystery, hot story and great characters, then this is the one for you.

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun and sexy
Written by Laura on 28th Feb 2022

James is on a roll with this series, and it's only book 2! The dynamics between Genius and Knucks is smart, snarky, and sexy. What caper will they involve themselves in next? Looking forward to finding out!

Written by Laura on 28th Feb 2022

James is on a roll with this series, and it's only book 2! The dynamics between Genius and Knucks is smart, snarky, and sexy. What caper will they involve themselves in next? Looking forward to finding out!