Balls and Chains by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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Outlaw MC, 6

What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws?

The war has begun. The MCs of Mars are fighting against the corrupt government and their archaic rules: women are used for breeding, dark-skinned men are slaves, and homosexuals are executed. Whip is the kinky club member who is the best with current technology. He has the task of hiding out at Harley’s Hover Car Parts to monitor the government. He never planned on finding out the sexy ginger Harley had a crush on him. But Whip isn’t like most men. He grew up with a harsh father that taught him early how to torture people. Whip turned that horror around and now he can’t live a vanilla life. He has whips and cages and toys that would make any sane man run.

The city on Mars becomes a battle for the future of our species. But the battle between Harley and Whip is just beginning. Will these two men find love with balls and chains?

Be Warned: m/m sex, BDSM, knife play, flogging, paddling, spanking



“Take your pants off.”

Harley nodded eagerly and started to unbutton.

 I took the flogger. The handle was black with long flat tails extending outward. “I’m going to start soft,” I muttered. “Turn around.” He did. I got to see the long expanse of his back. He was flawless, pale skin with wide shoulders. There were freckles scattered here too. “Take off the boxers.”

Harley visible took a deep breath and then slid the last piece of clothing down.

“And what an ass you have.” I smiled, though I wasn’t sure if it had an evil gleam to it. I felt that dark part of me rising up like a damn dust storm. I gripped the flogger tight as my gaze roamed over Harley’s backside. His ass cheeks were these two perfect, plump areas that were ripe for playing. His thighs were thick with muscle and scattered red hair down to his ankles. His bare feet were flat on the ground, but his toes were curled. “Put your hands on the wall.”

“Aye.” He flattened his palms on the basement wall.

I laid the flogger on his right shoulder.

Harley jerked.

“Easy.” I placed a kiss on the back of his neck and then one on each shoulder. I slid those flat, dark tendrils across his back. They were smooth so it didn’t exert any pain. Yet. The dark tails fell down his back, touching him, caressing evenly. Then I touched his right hip, sliding them to his thigh. That’s where I’d start. At his thick thighs then to his back. Avoiding the spine of course. I pulled my arm back and tugged it forward. The slap was dull. I hadn’t used much pressure. I didn’t even mark up the skin. “You all right?”

“Aye,” he said, his voice holding a hint of a groan.

I jerked the flogger back again, this time using slightly more force. The tails slapped against his thigh. I moved to the other side. Stroking soft then spanking him with the flogger.

Harley’s hips thrust forward and small red spots formed on his thigh.

I dragged the flogger over his beautiful ass then slapped at his thigh again, this time just a bit more strength.

Harley groaned. “Fook.”

“You like that?”

Harley nodded.

“Want more?”


My cock was steadily growing between my legs as the flogger whacked against Harley's thigh again. Soft to the right, harder to the left then skim the tails across his ass. It became a pattern, alternating between rough and gentle. Each stroke sent my dick filling my crotch. I loved hearing the snap, the sting, the groan of pain accompanied by pleasure. “Are you hard?”

“Fook, yes,” he said then groaned.

I walked up to him, running the hard handle along his left hip, over his back, up his spine then back down. This time I followed his ass crack all the way and nudged at his balls. His legs were very far apart so I didn’t get a chance to see what equipment he was wielding. I placed my lips on his back, tracking a line of freckles with my tongue as the handle gently prodded his balls. “You’re doing very good.”

“Feels bloody wonderful.”

I smiled against his skin. “Turn around for me?” I made it a question, giving him an out in case he wanted to stop here.

Harley dropped his hands and turned. He was standing there with an erection thick enough to make my mouth water and a proud grin on his face.

“Mmm.” Harley was gorgeous. He had a nest of red pubic hair. His balls were tight and nearly perfectly matched. His dick was thicker than mine but not as long. His shaft was curved slightly to the right with a bunching of foreskin at the end. His cockhead and piss slit peeked through. He was ridiculously pale expect for his cockhead which was blushed. “You. Are. Perfect.”

Harley snorted. “I ain’t ’ad any complaints.”

I smiled. “Lots of compliments.” I licked my lips. What I wanted was to suck on his dick so hard the Irishman exploded in my mouth. But that would be rushing and I did not rush. No, I took my sweet time until we were both ready to collapse, that way the orgasm was as intense as it could be. I stepped back with the flogger still in my hands. I slithered the tails across his chest. “Such pale skin. I want to watch it turned red.”

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Written by ncevnnou Bassae on 12th Dec 2015

This was a really good read for me, even if I am not a huge sci-fi or futuristic fan. I’d say this is an awesome book for a person like me who love good action books, with a hint of kink and romance on the side. It was enough sci-fi to understand and get the feel of a more developed world, a changed world where the main population live on Mars and Earth is deserted. The only people still there are those in jail. I’d even go so far to say I could have taken a little more of the futuristic in this book because the plot was so good it would have made it even more intense. This book is part of a series, I haven’t read the other books prior to this book, personally I don’t think you need to it works fine as a standalone, however I think the experience of the this particular book will be even greater with the other five books read for the simple reason that there is a story that is told from book to book that is not finished or in any way done with the end of the book you are reading. Because even though I did feel that understood the reason for the war between the Outlaws and the Peacekeepers it was obvious to me that there were details, situations and information missing for me. As for Whip and Harley, I loved them. They fit well together, they were great together and the flow of their relationship as it developed was great. What I liked the most was James Cox ability to develop their relationship as well as he did without compromising the other part of the story, the war and conflict between the MC and the Peacekeepers. He gave room for Whip and Harley to share themselves with each other forming a bond that is very important in a romance plot. Whip was kinky but not this stereotypical Dom who couldn’t be just a man, for the lack of a better word. The author plotted him out well making being a Dom just a part of who he was and not his entire persona. Just as much as Harley was this kickass, sarcastic, gleam in his eye Irish even though he loved submitting to Whip. Two real men with many quirks to them. This is the type of book I love the most, a book that keeps me reading until there’s no more to read. It leisure, it energizes my mind and I know things will work out in the end but the way there is not straight and it keeps me guessing. And I for one look forward to reading this series from the very beginning.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by VRainey on 12th Sep 2015

Balls and Chains is the sixth book in the Outlaw MC series by James Cox. While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel with ease. The MC’s of Mars are fighting against the corrupt government and the archaic rules. Whip is a kinky club member who is good with technology. He is hiding out at Harley’s Hover Car parts to monitor the government. While there he gets to know Harley and falls for the man. Can they make a relationship work while fighting against the government? The beginning of the story leaves you wondering how the story will turn out. At the end of the first chapter, I was hooked. The author did a great job of creating a world and drawing the reader into the world he created. The world that was created was very realistic. The pace of the story was very fast paced. The main characters and the secondary characters were realistic and believable. Whip and Harley each had their own issues that they had to deal with making both of them realistic and believable. The point of view alternated between Whip and Harley, giving the reader a glimpse inside both characters. The changing point of view was done with care so the reader did not get lost or repeat story lines. The main conflict of the story is the budding relationship between Whip and Harley while they fight against the corrupt government. The level of conflict was perfect and more storylines and it would have detracted from the overall storyline. The dialogue between the characters was sincere and candid. The characters voice matched not only the setting but fit their overall personality. The ending was a bit predictable but the reader is taken of a wonderful journey. I can’t wait to read the next story in the series.

The TBR Pile
Written by Bella Starr on 22nd Aug 2015

Finally, Whip’s story! I am so excited. His background is such a mystery and I couldn’t wait to see how James Cox did a kinky bdsm story. Let me tell you, it was well, well, well done. Whip’s father taught him to torture but instead of following the cruel family trait, he changes that to bdsm. As the war for mars continues Whip finds out a friend of the club likes him. Sexy, Irish Harley...yeah, I swooned. They try this new, none vanilla relationship just as the gunfire starts. Gahhhh, I can’t even put into words how much I loved this book. So much sexy but it also had so much story! I loved the penis cage/key issue. Poor Harley. The action was full-blown intensity and the sex, damn, you’re going to blow up my Nook Mr. Cox. There were kinky bits but nothing that would truly break through the comfort zone. If you haven’t read about the badass, gay bikers on mars I implore you to give them a try. James Cox makes biker romance unique and hot enough to self-combust. Read Balls and Chains alone. Read Balls and Chains with a lover. Just read Balls and Chains!

Love Bytes
Written by Dan on 18th Jul 2015

I’ve got to say it, in case anyone was wondering, I still love this series. Every installment gets us closer to the completion of the story. This installment switches to the Treasurer of the Outlaw MC of Mars, Whip and the owner of Harley’s Hover Car Parts, Harley, who you will remember has been the supplier of motorcycle parts, guns and explosives throughout the series. Whip is the son of a famous Peacekeeper who was known for his brutal torture and killing of slaves and prisoners. Once his father was killed, Whip quickly switched sides and has been with the Outlaw MC for quite some time. If you remember from the 5th installment, the three motorcycle clubs are outside the city having blown up a row of buildings to build a wall against the Peacekeepers. Unfortunately, they are being jammed on communications, so someone will have to return to the city. Whip is also the leading expert on technology, so the one that will have to run the secret monitoring station. When Whip gets to Harley’s garage to set up the station, things rapidly heat up between the two men. But will Harley be up to Whip’s very kinky tastes? What will happen when the Peacekeepers regroup? Is there hope for the MCs to win against the Peacekeepers and their evil leader? Have I told you that James Cox writes some fine sex scenes? You won’t find any of those stupid “silent screams” that destroy sex scenes, in my opinion, in so many books in the m/m genre. James’ sex scenes are real, man on man sex. The scenes in this story cross over into the BDSM realm and they seemed realistic enough to me. I could feel Harley’s discomfort at one point when Whip disappeared and didn’t leave the key to the cock cage that Harley has on. Otherwise it was fairly mild BDSM and nothing that should bother the squeamish. I liked this book a lot. I only have one complaint Mr. Cox! At roughly 45% Whip thinks he may be dead and floating on clouds and says that would be bad “ ‘cause that’d suck some hairy butt”. What, I might ask, is wrong with sucking some hairy butt? I’m personally a big fan of hairy butts! LMFAO. ;-) I highly recommend this book and this series. Catch up quick. There are only two more installments coming in the series!

This book the most amazing book I've read
Written by Amazon Customer on 12th Jul 2015

This book the most amazing book I've read. James takes you into the life of the different characters of the outlaw MC. In this book they are taking on the government. And you're with them all the way ,nail-biting ,cheering them on. It's unbelievable how james , has you right there with them! I didn't want it to end. & I Just love the series. James you are an amazing writer !And I hope to read more of your books. Big

Sizzling hot!
Written by Shirley Williamson on 7th Jul 2015

So let me start off by saying I am a huge James Cox fan. This book is in the Outlaw MC Series. James has put together a series about where the bad guys are the good guys! And the Outlaw MC is helping the fine citizens of Mars and trying to change their ridiculous government.  This is Whip and Harley's story. Whip has a past of violence he would like to get away from. Harley owns the shop that supplies the MC with parts for their hoverbikes and bomb making parts. He has a shop that supplies anyone on Mars. The peacekeepers are suspicious of him but can't pinpoint him doing anything wrong. When Whip shows up at his shop so he can monitor government things on the radio and computer, Harley knows he is in trouble. He already loves the bad boy biker. If he is going to be staying with him, well things may get hard. Extremely hard. Whip is hardcore. Needs pain to get pleasure. He wishes sometimes he was normal, or vanilla, but the fact is, he is not. When he realizes there is interest with Harley, he has no issue rising to the occasion. His dominant side comes out and Harley's submissive side let's Whip take over, well smoking hot doesn't even cover it! Sizzling hot, and mouth watering drooling may cover it better! The war is on and going strong! Can the Outlaw MC get victory for the folks on Mars?  Another James Cox masterpiece! If you haven't had the privilege of reading his books, it is time to become a Cox Groupie!

What a Ride!
Written by Dale Federico on 6th Jul 2015

Another wild ride with Author James Cox and his Outlaw MC Series! Balls and Chains is the 6th addition and it is hotter than hell! I can't get enough of his MC Outlaws! In Balls and Chains we meet Whip, who's kink is BDSM. All the MC's have banned together to recruit and fight against the war on Mars. Whip is the MC's Technology specialist and he is sent to Harley's workshop to set up and monitor the radios and information waves. During conversation with Harley, Whip notices that Harley is flirting with him, but acting a little strange. Whip is concerned that maybe the peacekeepers have some kind of hold on him. So Whip calls Romeo on the radio and asks him what he thinks. Romeo laughs and tells Whip that Harley is hungry for him and he has been trying to get his attention for years! Whip is confused but puts Harley out of his mind, for now. Harley goes out of his way to make him comfortable, he makes him food and brings him another pillow and blanket. Harley gets up his nerve and kisses Whip. They start kissing and touching and grabbing each other into a frenzy. Whip finally pulls away and tells Harley that he is not like other men and he has kinks that can only satisfy him. Harley said he is on board with whatever Whip wants to do, he wants him bad! Whip is in his glory, he tells Harley to take his clothes off. Harley says he feels like a fooking virgin, but he starts removing his clothes! You will have to get the book to see how all this unfolds! But let me tell you, it is hot and sexy and I love Harley's accent! Thanks James for writing an awesome, hot and sexy series, its out of this world!

From tease to freedom
Written by LeeA.P on 4th Jul 2015

We are teased towards the beginning of this story. You think one thing will and happen then told, oh so sincerely(?) that no that isn't going to be. James Cox is very sneaky that way. I loved how the story unfolded and how we got to see into what makes Whip who he is. Harley is a hot ginger and the lucky s.o.b. who gets to experience Whips kinks. Great story, flows so nicely before you know it you are rooting the MC's on and rooting for Harley and Whip to fall in love already. Highly recommend this story and looking forward to the next

Never want to end!
Written by Shelley Letzig on 2nd Jul 2015

I love this series! Gritty, dirty, live for today action. Hardcore characters and storyline that grabs you and leaves you wanting MORE! Highly recommend;)

Dark, kinky and very sexy!
Written by Anne Bock on 2nd Jul 2015

The war has begun, indeed. I longed for this installment like for every other in this series. And once known it will be about Whip I got even more excited. Besides learning more about that kinky, dark and sexy hunk and his passions and dark desires for handsome ginger Harley, we get to know and see how the MC's of Mars raise the war against the cruel government on the next level. Will the People of Mars follow their way to fight for their rights? They have to make their choice... This book really is kinky, sexy and full of dark passion. I loved to see the tension grow between Whip and Harley! Especially when Whip shows the sexy littel Irish that he likes it rough with the men he wants to have in his bed. And Harley being all excited over it and specially Whip, on whom he has a crush for a long time now! As Whip was send to his shop to observe the Peacekeepers from the inside seems weird for Harley at first but then becomes like the win of a jackpot. Both togehter are so steamy and hot, one really can't get enough reading about them and their sexy playtime..purrfect. And the war getting an dramatic twist and turn, well, I now really want to know how the story will end. Will there be a happy end and future for the human kind in Mars? Oh I really hope so!! And I really really really want to know if Outlaw will get his Lover Liam back in his arms! James, you did it again, I really am addicted to you and your books and your guys!!

Whip and Harley ride so well together......
Written by Lorraine Lesar on 1st Jul 2015

Firstly I have to say that I've never read a dedication that made me spew my coffee that I was drinking, all over my kindle - James Cox you have my respect! So we've only got 2 more books before this tongue-in-cheek-but-I-can't-get-enough series finishes - what am I going to do then? I can feel this addiction, climbing to the surface, already wailing at the thought - I'm in deep trouble here and talking of deep, it brings me nicely onto Whip, whose story it is. Let's me be totally honest here, Whip is waaaaaay deep! not surprising, as his childhood and early adult life was totally controlled by his sadistic Peacekeeper father. The legacy he left Whip was a perchance for BDSM and a love for his "equipment" that he enjoyed to fairly extreme levels - hence his name "Whip" (don't be put off by the mention of a BDSM storyline, it's quite mild and not offensive in any way). The war is gaining momentum, Whip being their communications expert (among other things (lol)) is sent to Harley's Workshop to ensure that the communications is set up. Not only does the war gain momentum, but Whip and Harley's relationship certainly does - did I mention that Harley is a ginger? No? well he is and does credit to the "we love ginger" fraternity out there - just sayin'. Again the sex scenes are hot - well, we are talking The Cox here, so we would expect nothing else! The dynamics between Whip and Harley (love the name) was compulsive reading and I thought another excellent addition to this great series. 5* ride all the way!