Swallowing Mayhem by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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Outlaw MC, 5

What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws?

This time the MCs are taking the war to the surface of Mars. No more shadows. No more hiding. The old laws—homosexuality is a death sentence, women are for breeding, and dark skinned-men are slaves—are going to be broken. But the Outlaw MC has a rat among them...

Torrin is a prospect. He didn’t have a big problem with the way Mars worked but that’s because he’s not just a prospective member. Torrin is also an undercover peacekeeper. His beliefs are thrown upside down because of one man, Mayhem. The Sergeant at Arms and explosive expert managed to break Torrin. Now, this formerly straight peacekeeper has to deal with the attraction sizzling between them and tell the club about his lies. The truth can hurt but for Torrin it may just get him killed.

And while Torrin sorts out his new feelings for loving another man, the club plans to take this war to the next step. Cup your junk, things are about to get explosive.

Be Warned: m/m sex, rimming, multiple partners


It was strange kissing a man. Even closing my eyes I could tell it wasn’t a woman. The stubble scratched at my freshly shaven skin. His lips were harder, more demanding as his tongue slid in. His hand shifted to the back of my head. He held me still as his mouth pillaged mine. There was no tenderness in the touch. Mayhem was pure, raw need.


He pulled away. “You’re going to follow me, Torrin. Right now.” He stood.


When he said my name, I shivered. Yeah, I stood. I’d given up my job, my livelihood, my life, to remain in this club. If Outlaw did kick me out, or kill me, at least I could deal with these feelings for Mayhem. He started walking down the hall and I followed. I knew what gay men did. I mean there was a seminar in school about what was considered homosexual and why it was illegal. Now, I wished I’d paid closer attention.


Mayhem stood at his bedroom door. “Inside. Now.”


I nodded and walked in. The room wasn’t big, enough to fit a two-person bed and a mirror over a dresser. The drawers were open. I could see socks and shirts hanging out of them. Neat, he wasn’t. Not that I cared. I think I was actually trying to stall. It made me clear my throat.


Mayhem closed the door. “You ever suck cock before, Torrin?”


I shook my head.


Mayhem grunted. “Good. You won’t have any bad habits. And you’ll learn faster what I like.” He pulled off his shirt.


I’d seen Mayhem shirtless before, but I was always trying to avoid staring at him. Now I looked at him openly. He was thick with muscle. Mayhem had eight pack abs and tan skin. His nipples were small or maybe it was because his pecs were so muscular. He had more tattoos than just the one on the back of his neck. Above his heart were the letters D and C. I knew they were for two club members who died because almost everyone had those marks and I had asked Prospect. They were script with the C coming dangerously close to his nipple. The word Outlaw was in bold, arching over his belly button. Underneath was MC of Mars. I reached out to touch him, feeling audacious and awkward at the same time.


Mayhem stepped back. “You take yours off first.”


I scoffed. “Okay.” Suddenly being shirtless with another man was a big deal. I peeled the black shirt off my torso and threw it on his bed. Mayhem eyed me. I was fit for the peacekeepers but also because I liked jogging. It helped me loosen up. What I wouldn’t give to loosen up right now.


Mayhem worked on his pants next. He pulled them down his legs slowly, revealing plain white boxers.


I never would have guessed he wore those. The material tented over his erection. Again, I was both nervous and curious.


“What are you thinking, Torrin?”


Honesty, I guess. “I’m thinking you like the same things I do.”


Mayhem pulled a cigar from the dresser beside him. “I like my cock sucked so deep I can feel your heart beat around me.”


Okay, I was sure pre-cum just surged out of my slit. I wanted to try that. For the first time, I wanted to try sucking dick.


“You all right with that?” He was smoking the cigar.


I’d missed him lighting it, busy staring between his legs. “I think so.” The cinnamon, woodsy smell filled the air.


“Take your pants off.”


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Joyfully Jay
Written by undefined on 8th Oct 2015

This was somewhat of a transition book as the larger plot is developing with the beginning of the war taking place and the story arc follows a similar pattern to the earlier books. Given the length of the story, there was not enough time to fully develop a relationship between Torrin and Mayhem while balancing out the other side of the story regarding the war. It was still clever how Cox tied Torrin’s past to another MC member and added another layer overall. Cox knows his characters and no one is trying to change anyone and taking on a lover just adds to their story. The ending, well, he can write a well placed voyeuristic group sex scene that he makes work with his own unique flair.

Prism Book Alliance
Written by Lirtle on 17th Aug 2015

Ladies ‘n Gents, in this corner we have: Mayhem. Aaaaaaand in this corner, we have: Torrin. Already, there’s a twist, right out of the gate. I couldn’t help but grin in anticipation of the conflict (and possible sparks) to come. Aside from the twist itself, it provides an intriguing point of view from which this story is told. It’s almost like a fresh start with the benefit of prior knowledge, which lends built-in emotion and reactions. Well-played, Mr. Cox. Easily the most introspective voice in the series so far. This author’s ability to create touchable imagery continues to improve. More and more the descriptions of physical place are imbued with a layer of emotion that adds to the intensity and ups the stakes. Behind those buildings were red hills and untouched sand. But right now, in the sunlight, it looked beautiful. Hopeful would be the word for it. Thoughts from a man in a frightening, uncertain situation, surrounded by death and desolation, looking for something more. He’s realizing there must be more. Cox’s writing style also continues to improve. There are still occasions where repetition and truncated sentences negatively impact the mood and pace of the story, which made the stating of the obvious just that, more obvious. However, this is all surrounded by what is sometimes electric, pointed prose, painting gorgeous scenes on a world none of us has visited while still feeling realistic and grounded. It feels like Cox is reaching a crest, ready to tumble over the other side into the world of marrying fantastically creative ingredients with the writing chops to bring them all to life. He’s allowing his words to breathe. Oh and don’t worry, the usual level of hotness is here, which is coupled with some sweetly intimate gestures that made it all the yummier. This might be my favorite story in the MC Outlaw series so far. I loved Torrin’s point of view and how much it added to the overall story arc. It was great to see so many favorite characters from the previous books and how they worked to stitch everything together, with some unexpected clever twists. I’ll say this, you’ll have a hot time in the ol’ town tonight if you read this series.

The TBR Pile
Written by Bella S on 6th Aug 2015

Mayhem. I want Mayhem. I need Mayhem. Give me Mayhem! He’s a badass biker that likes to curse and smoke a cigar. He’s also the explosive expert for the MC. The club is trying to take the city on mars back from the government but there’s a rat in the club. This book is in the rats, Torrin's, point of view. It is great seeing how peacekeepers view the law. Torrin is all about bringing the club down until he spends time with them, particularly Mayhem. I love how he denies how he is feeling even as he is questioning the information he gives to the peacekeepers. Mayhem has some seriously entertaining dialogue: “You want climax?” Mayhem grabbed his crotch. “I got something right here for that.” And when Mayhem finds out that Torrin is the rat – nail bitingly good! I think Mayhem might be my new favorite character. The sex scenes, sweet lord, I need a cold shower while drinking ice water. Yes. That hot! Swallowing Mayhem is the essence of sexy romance with a side of action and a dash of hot, inked bikers. A Must read!

Love Bytes
Written by Dan on 1st Jul 2015

Here we are on the fifth installment in the Outlaw MC Series by James Cox! There are only going to be a total of eight, so we have three more to go. I love this story and the excitement builds with each book. I would have to say that book five is my favorite so far. For some reason I really liked the story of Torrin and Mayhem. As the story goes along, we are also learning more about the history of the city on Mars, the Earth and what life is like in this possible future world. From the beginning, I’ve enjoyed James’ Outlaw MC of Mars characters and story. But as I said, I think this is my favorite so far. Our focus in this installment switches to a new Prospect to Outlaw MC of Mars. The man’s name is Torrin, and we learn within a few pages of starting the book that he is an underground operative of the Peacekeepers, sent in to collect information on the club to bring it down. Torrin was also responsible for the Peacekeepers knowing about the recent raid against Peacekeeper Headquarters, in which several people were killed. Torrin has been starting to notice Mayhem, but he isn’t gay. Homosexuality is against the law and he is a Peacekeeper. So why does his dick not pay any attention to his mind. And Mayhem knows all about it. One thing leads to another and we have some of James’ hot sex scenes. But along the way Mayhem discovers that Torrin is a spy and a rat. Before they can go to the Club President with it, Justice, the Underground MC President shows up, sees Torrin, and the whole story comes tumbling out. Will they take Torrin out? Does he still feel like a Peacekeeper? What of the growing relationship between him and Mayhem? You’ll have to read it to find out. No more spoilers, oh except, swallowing Mayhem….it isn’t just a title….hehehe. I highly recommend this series from Mr. Cox. Do yourself a favor and start from book one and get caught up. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next installment! Number six will be coming out, I believe, while I’m vacation in July. I’ve already told the blog it is an exception to my vacation, and told the others reviewers to back off….slowly….before anyone gets hurt!

Written by Shirley13 on 14th Jun 2015

Ok so with each of these books I fall in love with one of the characters but in this book I am in love with the couple that is Mayhem and Torrin! Torrin is undercover for the peacekeepers trying to get dirt on the MC to bring them down and get them all death sentences. What he doesn't expect to happen is to start to understand that the Outlaw MC are the good guys and the peacekeepers are the bad guys. Mayhem is tall, dark, and dangerous. Loves to blow things up and is loyal to a fault. Never planned to fall for anyone until he sees the prospect Torrin. How can he be smitten now? Love cannot be denied when the time and chemistry is right. And in true James Cox fashion, the sex is amazing! All Hell breaks loose when the club finds out Torrin is the rat. Can Mayhem convince them he has changed his loyalties? The war is starting and sides are being taken. The bond between Mayhem and Torrin will carry them through. Love love love this series! James Cox is hands down my favorite M/M author. Everything he writes is brilliant. If you haven't experienced his books yet I need to ask...where have you been???

SO Good!
Written by LeeA P on 14th Jun 2015

I was going to wait and start this book tomorrow. However I read the first 1/2 a chapter this morning and just finished the rest of the book. It was THAT good! So far I have loved all the books in this series and this one is no different. Torrin and Mayhem are a perfect match for each other..Torrin speaks and Mayhem grunts more than speaks. When he does speak...well you'll have to read this book to see what I am talking about. Just like the ones before it, this book grabbed my attention right off the bat and kept it throughout the whole book. It flowed well, kept me entertained and quickly flipping to what could possibly happen next.I loved how Torrin and Mayhem connected and how Mayhem helped Torrin become the man he wanted and needed to be. Torrin on the other hand seemed to soften Mayhem. Or was it that he just gave to Mayhem what HE needed? Either way, a great story and I highly recommend it.

They went down in history books that day!
Written by Lorraine Lesar on 14th Jun 2015

Well we've arrived at book 5 of this sexy MC series and its Mark's turn to get his story. Mark AKA Mayhem (and boy oh boy, does he live up to his name) is Sergeant in Arms of The Outlaw MC of Mars, he's big, tough and loves his cigars! The fight for freedom and bringing down Wexmen is truly on. Life of punishment, chains and segregation is no longer going to be tolerated - the MC is going to liberate Mars! Of course, it's not that simple and there is the little matter of a "rat" within the MC fold. Torrin is a spy sent in to infiltrate the MC by the Peacekeepers. His loyalty to the Peacekeepers is being stretched to breaking point - he realises that the MC are not the bad guys, what they are doing actually makes sense and then there is the little added problem of Mayhem (not that he is little in anyway) and his feelings for him - he's straight, dick doesn't interest him? I loved the way the author bought the GFY element into the storyline, it was so sexy and hot! and if that's not enough for you, we have a little sideline titbit of Prospect's feelings for Outlaw.....hmmmmm. For me, the best book of the series so far, we got a bit of everything - sh*t hot action, sexy bikers and their loves, GFY action and a moral warning about how prejudice cannot be tolerated - 5* all the way from me.

Love this series!!
Written by Shelley Letzig on 12th Jun 2015

Great continuation of this storyline! Wonderful developing characters and struggle. I cannot wait to see what happens NEXT!! Highly recommend;)

The war begins...
Written by Anne Bock on 11th Jun 2015

Wow, what a read! I have found my favorite book in this awesome series, for sure!! Torrin is a peacekeeper being undercover for the peacekeepers. But living with the Outlaw MC he is shown what life really means in this times. How the government treats innocent people and declares women have no rights and black people haven't any worth but being slaves, keeps him struggling more and more. Falling for one of the meanest and biggest bada$$es within the MC isn't helping him either. Instead he learns there is more in this cruel world and that someone has to try to change the world for the better. Being and falling for Mayhem, who tried to avoid being in a relationship so far until he laid eyes on handsome Torrin, surprises him, too. He wants to be better, if not for himself alone, but for Mayhem and the new home the Outlaw MC has become for him. But will they still trust him and keep him alive? To see the whole war between the government and the MC's through the eyes of a peacekeeper is awesome. While having nearly always the side of a rebel and fighter against the government we now have a wholy new point of view with cute Torrin. And I loved it. To see him struggle and trying to find his own way....and Mayhem being at his side. They're so sexy and hot together, I nearly could hear Mayhem grunt myself when he "answered" Torrin. And then the war begins....that got me thrilled and left me biting my nails in excitment. The fighting scenes are amazing and left me speachless. Torrin fighting side by side with Tage and Beau, well, awesome!! How will the war turn out? Will there be changes? Will the MC's survive and end the cruelty? I so can't wait to read on!! James, I love this series, keep it coming!!