Quietly into the Night by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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The plan was simple: get in, kill the target, and get out. Things got complicated, lines were crossed, and hearts were pried open.

My name is Rylan and I’m not who you think I am. I’m never who I appear to be. I am the wind. I am the shadow that fades quietly into the night. I’m an assassin and I’m here to kill the father of the man I love.

Be Warned: menage (MMM) sex, m/m sex, rimming, public exhibition, anal play, spanking, sex toys



Gold grabbed my hand, and I went along with the horny conga line toward my bedroom. I stayed back as Gold sat on the bed, his hands fidgeting in his lap. Loxy was pulling off his shirt and threw his glasses toward the floor. They hovered over the carpet, the lenses glinting in the low light. “AI, bring out toys.”

Loxy glanced at me. His brow lifted, and he grinned. “Toys?”

I smiled. The hidden drawer that was sunk into the wall popped open and Loxy gave a whistle as his eyes roamed over the contents.

“I didn’t see that the first time,” Loxy said.

“What do they do?” Gold asked as he stood and walked quietly toward us.

“I’ll show you.” The words were huskier than I intended. I picked up a ribbon with the metal clasp giving off a glint. “Care to help me demonstrate, Loxy?”

He grinned, shoving his pants down his legs until they pooled at his feet.

His cock was wonderful, long and thick, the balls looking full with tasty cum. I knelt before Loxy, glancing at Gold as I wrapped the ribbon, pastel blue, around the base of Loxy’s cock. He groaned as I clasped it tight, forming a decorative cock ring. I gave the round tip of his head a lick, and he hissed out a breath.

“What will it do?”Gold asked, leaning closer. “It looks painful.”

“A good kind of sting,” Loxy said, moving to tug and pull at his cock. He was playing with the length, letting the ring do its work.

“It’ll keep nice and tight around his dick, delaying his release, making the pleasure more intense.” I reached back into the drawer and pulled out another ribbon. “This one goes around his balls.” I went back to my knees. Loxy’s cock bobbed as I moved it and placed the ribbon around his sacs. They squeezed gently, not enough to hurt his precious cargo but just enough to give him some pain with his pleasure. I grinned. This was going to be epic. I made a mental note to take a nap afterward. If we used all these toys as I planned, I was going to need to recuperate. My fingers trailed along Loxy’s cock, teasing the beautiful shaft that was turning a shade of red. I stood and went back to the drawer. “You okay so far?”

Gold nodded, watching intently. “I’ve never seen such devices. They are getting me quite aroused.”

Loxy chuckled.

“That could be the sight of his hard cock, Gold,” I said and went for another toy. “Do you want the beads or the lust cord?”

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Long and Short of It Reviews
Written by undefined on 24th Feb 2014

Rylan is an assassin, travelling across the universe from mission to mission. One day though, he meets a man that gets under his skin. Rylan learned long ago not to listen to his cock – that way always leads to trouble, but there’s something about Gold that draws him, that he can’t resist. Full of sexy adventures and alternate planets, this is an adventurous, highly sexual story following an assassin whose work takes him all over the universe. Written in the first person, this book grabbed my attention almost immediately. The sensual aspect of his dance and the calculated but not cold way the protagonist lures the king, seduces him and then completes his mission. This story was different, but it was the authors style and manner of writing that really sucked me in. I usually don’t enjoy the first person perspective as it limits the story-telling to just the one set of eyes, but Mr. Cox has done an amazing job here. I enjoyed the sci-fi/fantasy aspect of this story, space ships and cruising around various planets, laser guns and all manner of weaponry. But still the characters weren’t too alien. There were wealthy, paranoid security specialists and kings drunk on their own power – characters and people I could relate to and understand. That made me enjoy this story even though I’m not usually a sci-fi fan. When Rylan’s latest mission gets complicated, that’s when I found the author’s style really started to shine though. I found the characters interesting and they drew me into the story. While there is a lot of M/M sex, I found it hot and always consensual. I particularly liked the sense of adventure the authors writing gave the missions. It felt a bit like a futuristic story of derry-do. Even though Rylan is an assassin, he is a good man, a fair one, and this made me like him immensely, even if his job is to kill people. The only drawback I had reading this book is that it moves quite quickly. The scenes flash by and I felt like the story was a bit rushed – like I couldn’t relax and linger over every action and scene. I also found the ending to be a bit unrealistic, but the romance reader in me just sighed happily and couldn’t help but enjoy it. I found this to be a hot, sensual story filled with adventure, space travel, murder and enough sex to singe my eyebrows. The characters were vibrant and interesting, the plot not overly convoluted but riveting and the alien landscapes thrilling. I greatly enjoyed this book and would happily read more from the author.

The TBR Pile
Written by undefined on 11th Feb 2014

This was fabulous! Rylan is trying to find the best way to assassinated a horrible man when he meets Loxy and Gold. I think I fell for Gold a little bit more than Loxy. Only because Gold has such a great back story and he was so sweet. I was routing for him. Loxy was a great addition to the story, he had a few secrets that I wasn’t expecting. Rylan was by far, my favorite character. He was complicated, it wasn’t just about killing people. He killed for a good reason, to help out those in this universe that needed assistance. The world building was amazing! Suits that have sticky fingers to climb walls and ships with artificial intelligence. Then there’s the masturbation machine. Yup, a freaking cool idea that was sexy as hell when the guys got to play with it. The sex was perfect. Sometimes sex can get stale in a book but this author always gives each scene a different twist.

Heats on Fire Review
Written by undefined on 3rd Nov 2013

While I am not usually a reader of shorter stories, I found the author’s writing to be a good attempt at making sure there didn’t feel like things were missing due to the length of the story. I enjoyed his world building and his character development. The introduction of the toys, and voyeurism into the story was a nice touch and done in a tasteful and erotic manner. I also am not a regular reader of ménage, but I really thought this author did a great job integrating three main characters into a cohesive relationship without making any one man “odd man out”. My favorite character would have to be Loxy as he was the best of both worlds. He helped to bring the two other characters to life in the story and understand their importance in his plan to save his world. I would have to say I would enjoy seeing this author work his magic possibly in a longer story with a more developed storyline. I felt that the ending was a little rushed and I would have like to see more development in the relationship between the three main characters. All in all I look forward to this author’s future work.

The Romance Review
Written by undefined on 27th Oct 2013

"We need a man with your skills, your heart and your dick." Rylan is an assassin and a good one, at that. While on assignment, he doesn't have time for the young, beautiful man who's caught his attention, Gold, or for the man Gold has loved for years, Loxy. But what he tells himself he should do and what he actually does are two different things. Rylan was great. Being inside his head might be one of my favorite places. He had me chuckling on more than one occasion with his internal dialogue and constant concern with his constant erection. Of which he had so many, he may have had cause for concern. He tries to stay on task and get the job done, but it's hard for him when he's aroused all day and can't keep his mind off all the pretty boys. Frankly, I don't blame him. I loved it when his mind was on all the pretty boys. Let's talk about the sex. There was a lot of it, so much that this borders from erotic romance to porn without plot. But what I loved about this book was the variety in the scenes. It never felt redundant and I was never bored, actually I was anticipating what these guys were going to do next and what sexy toy they were going to use. There were lots of toys, lots of totally awesome toys. It's also very easy to get confused while reading a ménage scene, but I never found myself scratching my head wondering who was doing what and with whom. The ménage scenes were very well written and I could clearly picture everything that was happening. Lemme tell you, it was one great picture. From the blurb and from what I've read from James Cox in the past, I was expecting some porn without plot. QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT was that, but it also had a sweet romance. Which was great, as I love me some romance in my romance. But because of this, I couldn't quite get the feel of the book. I felt like it was balancing between PWP and romance. I would have preferred it was one or the other, or that it had been longer. Because this was so erotic, when it came to the love story I just couldn't buy into it. I never really felt the love between Rylan, Gold and Loxy. QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT was a fast-paced, action-packed adventure, with a lot of hot man lovin' sprinkled in. As usual, I bow to James Cox's ability to write fantastic sex scenes, quotable quotes and a completely entertaining read.