All That Shatters by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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Sons of Outlaws, 5

This is the end of the Outlaw MC on Mars. 

Elric is the classic good guy, always doing the right thing and always coming in last. An attack from a trusted friend leaves Elric broken, shot and on the verge of death. His biggest regret is not warning his club that a rat is heading toward Earth, about to kill a member of the Outlaw MC.

Max is a simple mechanic with a big problem. He’s afraid of flying so when the ships leave for Earth he stays behind, content to die with the big red planet. But then he finds an injured Outlaw member. 

Now it’s a race to get off the dying planet and save the club. Can they return home before all they love is shattered? 

Be Warned: m/m sex



“Don’t worry, I’m not going to fuck you.”


“No? I thought that’s what we were doing.” I pulled off my shirt.


“We’re going to make love, Elric.” Max pinched one of my nipples. “That’s a whole new experience.”


A shiver ran down my spine. I stood up, opening up the buttons on my pants as the clouds of night concealed us on the roof. The pants slide down my legs and I kicked them away.


Max grabbed them, laying them on the ground along with my shirt. He then took off his own, adding it to create a makeshift blanket. He leaned forward on his knees and kissed my thigh. “Get down here.”


I rushed to my back, staring up at him with the fading light behind Max. I tugged on my boxers, releasing my pent-up erection.


Max knelt beside me, sliding his hands along my hips and gripping my cock. He held me firm, stroking to my tip, then letting go. His thumb brushed over my slit, again and again and again. He kissed my side, where the red angry mark was all that remained from the gunshot. He kissed under my chest, where my ribs had been fractured. Max laid beside me. He lifted one of my legs, hoisting it over his body, then slid his palm along my thigh. I flinched when he dragged a finger over my hole.


Max snatched something from his pants pocket.


I arched an eyebrow at the contents. “You always carry lube in your pocket?”


“You know the saying, hope for good, prepare for better.”


“I never heard it said quite like that.”


“Shut up and let me make love to you.”


I licked my lips and waited as he opened the package and squirted some onto his fingers. He pressed his thumb back against my hole. I stared up at the stars slowly forming as the light dwindled to nothing. His finger eased inside me, and did that feel good. I’d fingered myself before but it was completely different when someone else was doing it. He used two on the next thrust, and I groaned. My dick was already rock hard, and this would only make me blow faster. I arched my hips and wiggled a bit.


Max pulled out and returned with three fingers.


It stung a bit from the stretch but, fuck it all to Earth, it was a good pain. I reached out and tugged on his hair, then kissed his shoulder. It was the only part of him I could reach without getting up. He fingered my ass, three big digits spreading me. The lube was surprisingly warm against the cooled night air.


Max pulled out and pushed me to my side.


I heard the squirt of lube as he lay behind me. My breathing was getting heavy, both from nerves and excitement. I was about to let a man go where no one ever had before. 


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Love Bytes
Written by Roberta on 14th Sep 2017

This is the final installment in the Sons of Outlaws series and I have to say that I’m sorry that I didn’t get to read the 4th book in the series, however, in this last installment…I feel that I may have missed a bit of the overall arc, but I feel that I didn’t miss that much. I started this book and fell right back into the world building that James has created and I was along for the ride!! This final installment starts as the people of Mars are leaving and Elric gets hurt trying to protecting President Justice and gets stuck on Mars. When he wakes up, he’s with Max who is all alone. I love that this installment is so much more than the others. This one showed this slow burn, even though sex happens…it’s cute and sweet how he and Max get together. Max is this guy who just makes me smile. I love how he is afraid of flying and yet, he’s stuck on this ship (against his will) and hurdling towards earth. I love that he and Elric are just so damn cute together. How they seem to just fit and are so darn perfect for each other. Max is a sweet caretaker and someone who is a good man. He is just the perfect fit for Elric. This book had its action and it was good…as all of James’ books, and yet there was the wonderful banter that is standard in the Sons of Outlaws series. There are sext times as always and yet, it was the relationship that grew between these men that really drew me in. How they were with each other and the way that you felt reading about them…just so damn perfect. There were some tears in this installment…I had to stop reading for a few moments to get my head right and to try not to breakdown. I love that even though this story had heat, it also had heart and that shows the resilience of the people in the story to survive and move forward even in the face of tragedy. What a wonderful story to end the series. I’ll miss these guys, but I’m glad that I had the chance to meet them and follow their stories.

The TBR Pile
Written by Bella Star on 20th Jun 2017

Their world on mars will end. The planet will be uninhabitable. Humans will return to earth but ... Elric and Max aren’t with those humans. Elric is part of the Outlaw MC, a big part, and he stumbles upon an assassination attempt. He’s able to thwart them but they beat the crap out of him and leave him for dead on an already dying planet. Max is a mechanic who’s afraid to fly. He finds Elric and together they have to find a way to warn the Outlaw MC on earth. The last book in this world. Ugh, both excited and sad to see it go. I love James Cox’s sexy men and his bad guys who have hearts of gold really grab me. Elric is the perfect example. He’s so sweet and all he wants to do is save his club. All the obstacles that get thrown in front of him are terrifying and exciting! Including Max. Oh, sexy, sexy, sexy Max (Melts. Ovary’s explode.). Max. He is so freaking sexy and I love how he teases Elric. Because Elrci is wounded, he can’t exactly have sex with this gorgeous guy. I like how realistic that part is. However, Max knows a few things they can do that will still get them that satisfaction. Oh, so much satisfaction! I do wish this book had been longer though, I really wanted to see what it is like on earth now that they settled back there. There is a sad death at the end that I think the author did an amazing job writing. I totally teared up! When Elric and Max finally have sex it’s like this magical, beautiful moment that I had to read more than once! This is the bittersweet end to the Outlaw MC. This series began with a tyrant bent on white, male domination and ended with a happily ever after that makes me want to smile all the time. If you like gay romance you have to read this series! Sci fi fans, MC romance and those who love scorching sex scenes will also enjoy the hell out of the Outlaw MC by James Cox.

Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by Serena on 15th Jun 2017

The final book in a series always makes me kind of sad, but ‘All That Shatters” certainly made the series around the Outlaw MC on Mars - and their kids – go out with a bang. With Mars dying as it throws off the humans’ effort at terraforming, most inhabitants have already left for Earth when disaster strikes yet again. This time it’s the suspected assassin’s after the resident’s life who mess things up, on top of the natural disasters, and Elric has his hands full trying to prevent them from making it off Mars after the other evacuees have left. Elric is Arie’s brother, but you wouldn’t know it. Elric is always been the good guy, helping out where he can, and, occasionally, suffering from Arie’s warped sense of humor. When Elric gets caught by the group of assassins who have been trying to kill the president of Mars for several years, he ends up wounded and alone – or so he thinks. Max is just a simple mechanic, so when he saves Elric and discovers they are alone on Mars with an unfinished ship, he doesn’t even blink. He just begins to repair the ship because it’s their only chance for survival. Between fixing the ship, keeping Elric alive, and acting on his attraction, Max is quite the busy boy. There is a lot happening in this final volume of the series: first the environmental disasters on Mars, then there’s the harrowing flight and utterly suspenseful landing on Earth, and even once Elric and Max make it, the action doesn’t stop. The fact that they fall for each other as they struggle to make it is almost incidental – but it provides a wonderful additional level of action to this whole adventure. If you like good guys needing to face danger with the help of a stranger, if you want to watch two men fall in love while battling the elements and fighting for survival, and if you’re looking for an action-packed finale to a very entertaining series, then you will probably like this novella.

Dennis - Amazon
Written by undefined on 12th Jun 2017

Of all the books this one I liked this one best a lots of compassion not just constant sex, you could feel the lost the two guys felt when the last ship crashed and there was friends on it and how they had to bury their friends on a dying planet and who graves they could never visit again. But at the same time you feel the love that grew between them and how they would stand by each other no way happen. I wished there was follow up book to this one that told a bit what happen after they all arrived and started their lives on earth and how they over came problems and beast and was able to start a new life.

Dale F - Amazon
Written by undefined on 12th Jun 2017

I absolutely loved this entire series! Never a dull moment on Mars and its high octane residents! Maybe in the future there will be another book so we can see how the MC Sons of Outlaws adapt to their new lives on earth! Full of laughs, suspense, hot men and their sexcapades and a death of a loved one.His writing is vivid & descriptive and takes me on a journey like no other! Author James Cox has touched my heart and soul with this series! Another home run James!

Sad to see them go!
Written by Sarah Marsh on 5th Jun 2017

I've really loved this series, it's been full of action, humor and super hot scenes. It was such a unique setting to have them going back to Earth from Mars, I loved the idea. I am rather sad that this is the end, but looking forward to what James has coming up next!

awesome ending for one of my favorite series!
Written by Anne Bock on 2nd Jun 2017

OMG!! What an awesome ending for one of my favorite series! I was looking forward to see the shy geeky nerd Elric get his own story, and then it's such an adventure par excelance. He tries, really hard to get the assassin in time before their president would be killed. But stranded on Mars with a broken ship and a mechanic who is afraid to fly, he has a great task to master. But can they get back to Earth in time? "All that shatters" just broke my heart, but it also was a sweet pain. I have shed some tears, more than once. But it really is a great book full of action from the first page on, a lot of blushing, some sexytimes that will make you sweat, two heroes you'll fall hard for instantly and a lot of feelings a rollercoaster would be envious for. It was great to meet the old gang all together again, but saying goodbye hurts, too. I will definitely miss all of them. That just screams loudly for re-read sessions in the coming future!! I need my regular dose of hot bikers on Mars!

Bitter Sweet
Written by Sativa on 1st Jun 2017

It is strange to be at the end of this series/world. The Sons of the Outlaws overall were not as dark and gritty as the origanal series and this last installment borders on being sweet. That being said it is also very sad yet still has laughs. It is of course a must read. But now I think I am going to start back at beginning of the Outlaw series and read them all again because I'm not ready to let go.