Break Me by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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Outlaw MC, 8

What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws? 

Now that the war is over, Outlaw returns to Earth to break his lost lover Liam out of prison. But what the VP of the club experienced is still unknown. Outlaw must prepare for the worst—a broken lover that he took too long to rescue. Meanwhile, Mars is rebuilding under new leadership but the peace is short lived with an old enemy on the loose. And Prospect has some unexpected revelations, like his crush on Outlaw. As if the president of the Outlaw MC didn’t have enough to deal with. 

Finding Liam in an abandoned Earth prison is his goal, the rest of the universe will have to wait. Outlaw only hopes he isn't too late to be Liam’s hero. 

Be Warned: m/m sex, menage sex (MMM), rimming



Reilly glanced at the floor then back at me. “Do you think … can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Of course.” I leaned more of my body onto the table and crossed my ankles. “Everything okay? You’re not gonna pass out from the fucking laser ink are you?” I lifted an eyebrow. Tage had actually passed right the fuck out when he got his ink. It made everyone hysterical with laughter and Deviant nearly killed us all.

“Nah,” he said and glanced back at the ground. Reilly was stalling.

I straightened. “Tell me.”

“Everyone gave me something for my birthday.”

I scoffed. “You’re looking for a present.” I actually had one for him. It was a carving that Justice had made out of real wood. It was a phallic carving. I grinned. The penis was shaped completely out of proportion, extremely large and perfect for Reilly. He did love cock.

“I know what I want and … well, I may not get the courage to tell you this again.”

I was lost. What the fuck was he talking about?

“Outlaw … I …” He took a deep breath.

The blond twink was getting up the nerve for something. I felt kind of slow on the uptake. Maybe that whiskey was a bad idea. “Prospect?”

“Reilly. Call me Reilly, Outlaw. I’ve been waiting all this time for you to call me by my real name because…” He paused. “Because I love you.”

The words had me so shocked that I didn’t react when Reilly lifted to his toes and fucking kissed me. His soft lips were planted on mine. I pushed him away. “The fuck are you doing?” My voice was anything but calm. I practically roared.

“I know you miss Liam,” Reilly began. “But … I thought … maybe after we rescue him.”

A loud beeping interrupted Reilly. The communication on my watch. It was Grim. He texted out a message and sent it. The message was short and to the point as Reilly fumbled for words. “It’s done.” The ship was done. I gasped. Liam. Then I glanced at the man before me. What the fuck was I going to do about the prospect? Damn it, Reilly. “Listen.” I placed a hand on each of his bare shoulders. “You’re a great guy, Reilly. I taught you to read. You helped the club. I can honestly say you’re a fantastic brother. But I can’t—”

Reilly frowned, throwing his hands up and dislodging my touch. “I love you, Outlaw. I’ve always loved you. That’s why I joined this fucking club. Not because of some epic revolution but because I had a crush on you and over the years … I’ve fallen in love with you. Every man I suck … I imagine you. Whenever I’m stripping, I stare at you. Have you never noticed it? Have you never noticed me?”

Oh, shit. I hadn’t a fucking clue but telling Reilly that would damn near crush him. I opened my mouth to speak, but I keeping replay Grim’s message.

“Outlaw? I know you love Liam but … I want to be a part of that. I’ll do anything.”

“Fucking hell, Prop … Reilly.” My emotions were on such a wild rampage I couldn’t think straight. “I can’t deal with this right now.” I walked around him. “Later. Right now, the ship’s done. I have to go rescue Liam.”

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The Romance Reviews
Written by Book Addict on 3rd Feb 2016

The fight against injustice on Mars by the Outlaw MC is to ensure women and blacks are not enslaved is the bigger picture. For Outlaw, the president of the MC, the more personal reason to overthrow the corrupt government is so he can go rescue his lover, Liam. Outlaw speculating how Liam is being tortured in prison may be worse than realty. What if Liam is dead? Without the guards on Earth and no food supplies, what will happen? After what seems like forever, Outlaw is finally able to fly off to his lover's rescue. This story is short and without much conflict. It is more of a wrap up feel good for long-parted lovers to be reunited. Throw in a sexy little twink ready to take on some spit-roasting action, this story is all about the sex. Erotically speaking, this story is lighter in kink. It is still deliciously sexy with the three males going at it. The mild conflict in this story seems to be more about what to do when dreams become reality for Outlaw. All loose ends are neatly tied off. Recommended for m/m readers who enjoy a quick sexy read.

Exquisite Reviews
Written by Karla on 24th Nov 2015

I loved this story and more importantly I loved Liam, even with the years he spent in prison his optimistic view on life was infectious. This is short read and I do recommend that you read the entire series in order to get the full picture of the world author James Cox created. Outlaw is desperate to free the love of his life from the earth prison especially now that they have control of Mars. Reilly a new brother and former prospect has decided to make his feelings for Liam and Outlaw known. While on their mission they focus on saving Liam and any other prisoners, but Outlaw can’t help but think of his new found attraction for Reilly. Take a seat on this wild ride where we learn the true value of friendship and true love.

Prism Book Alliance
Written by Lirtle on 23rd Nov 2015

Outlaw and Liam… here we go, the rescue is on! And there’s a prospect in the mix. Well, he’s no longer a prospect, he’s earned his cut and his name is Reilly. This is some of the best writing and storytelling from Cox and, having read every book in this series, I can say that and you can believe it. His descriptions of rain and snow early on in the story, they dared to mesmerize me. Outlaw is talking with young Reilly and, in that single scene, Cox managed to bring emotion, clear sense of place, and anticipation to the story. I’ve missed you, Outlaw! This is an intense time for the MC, for Mars, for everyone, including those still essentially marooned on Earth. Cox ratchets up the tension and emotion, dumping me on a speeding train through the first third of this book. I had to sit back and take a breath or three after the first climax. Outlaw and Liam are the heart of this MC and this series. It feels like Cox knows them best out of all of his characters, and he puts them on full display here. Their connection informs all of their interactions and conversations. Even in wordless scenes, their love is undeniable. Yes, I was sucked in. Oh Liam, I’ve missed you so! It’s wonderful to have your particular brand of dirty, ballsy humor back. Many of the characters we’ve gotten to know are here. I mean, where else would they be at this juncture, deciding the future of humanity? Some get mere mentions, but all play their roles. I couldn’t quite get on board the Reilly train and the focus of his role in this final episode of the series. I honestly think he, and Outlaw & Liam, would have been better off if he’d been given a different opportunity. Sometimes, he felt like an unnecessary distraction, which is unfortunate because Reilly is an eager, intelligent, young guy who is willing, maybe even desperate, to learn and contribute. And he’s got quite the appetite.

Love Bytes
Written by Dan on 28th Oct 2015

This was the last book in the series, supposedly. Now he has added a Christmas Story…? Yes, of course I’ll be reading it! As will all James Cox fans. Let’s talk about this current book. I had hoped that this final book would give us closure and it would be all done. Honestly, I love the author, but I think this particular series lived its life and should be put to bed. This final book is ok, but I don’t think it would work at all as a standalone. If I were picking it up as the first book in the series, to be really honest, I might not continue. That said, it does give us a wrap-up of the story, albeit in a less than completely satisfactory manner. I was left wondering for example, if the air is so clean and crisp on Earth, why aren’t they shuttling people the other way instead of back to an arid Mars? On the positive side, we finally got Outlaw’s and Liam’s story and even got a 5’3” twink thrown into the mix. We got rid of the last ultra-bad guy, and life seems to be settling down on Mars. I’ve enjoyed Mr. Cox’s Outlaw MC of Mars, and look forward to his next work. I’d really like to see him put out a standalone full length book, instead of another serial, but I’ll be happy with whatever we get! We’ll see what he has in store. I recommend this book for closure on the series. If you’ve been following along, you’ll want to read it to finish it off. If you haven’t read the series and like a serialized soft sci-fi story with some motorcycle club sex thrown in, then give the series of 8 books a try.

The TBR Pile
Written by undefined on 19th Oct 2015

Break me is a glimpse into our future on mars and how love may just save us all. This series is a must read, it’s unique and honestly, too sexy to pass up.

Great story!!!
Written by Amazon Customer on 4th Oct 2015

Even though it wasn't a long book, I loved reading about Liam's rescue!! The world building was so realistic. Outlaw wasn't a romantic man but he loved Liam!!! I recommend reading the whole series

It shows how deep love can last
Written by Amazon Customer on 2nd Oct 2015

I've been waiting for this final book. It shows how deep love can last. It shows what will the person can go through and still hold on to his true love. And keep his sense of humor .

what an awesome snd amazing final!!
Written by Anne Bock on 1st Oct 2015

WOW!! Now this is what I call a heartbreaking, touching, hot as hell and thrilling final!! Besides some sizzling and steamy scenes (you know those have to be in nearly every book by our lovely James *W*) the excitement of wether or not Outlaw can safe his beloved VP and love of his life, Liam, will grab you and won't let go until you read this little pretty baby right till the end. Be prepared to have some tissues right next to you, I wheeped like a toddler more than once. Gosh, just thinking about some of this...*coughing* okay, just like I said before, this is maybe the most touching book in this series to me. I read it three times by now and I will definitely read it a few times more. It's that good! And it keeps the illusion up, that's not the end of their story. Oh I will miss those bada$$ bikers with their big...hearts! *W* But now I am curious, too, what James will surprise us next with.

One Hell of a Ride! Loved it!
Written by Dale Federico on 23rd Sep 2015

I have been looking forward to finding out what happened to Liam. He is Outlaws lover, the MC President and he has been on earth in prison. Sentenced to 15 years because the Peacekeepers found his blood at a bombing. Liam's last words to Outlaw were, "They won't break me, Outlaw. They. Will. Not. Break. Me" I was having anxiety waiting for this book!. So worth the wait! This is the final book in the series and it ties up all the loose ends. But wait, there is another twist. Oh yes, James Cox is such a tease! I never saw this coming so it added so much excitement and hotness, whew! This series has it all, Sci-fi, MC Brotherhood, good vs evil, love and hot sex! If you like hot MM romance and stories that are out of this world, hop aboard the hover craft and take a ride with Author James Cox into his world! You will have the ride of your life!

MC Lover!
Written by Shirley13 on 17th Sep 2015

I am so happy for Outlaw that he is able to find his beloved Liam! James Cox has thrown us for a loop again by adding in Reilly. Ok that's all you get from me...ok besides the fact that James Cox is the most brilliant M/M author I have ever read. He keeps your panties wet from his description of the smoking hot sex and throws an amazing story in! A must read MC story for anyone! Cannot wait for his next series!

Oh thank God... I thought I was going to have to pay for a therapist...
Written by Philocrates on 17th Sep 2015

I've been invested in this series and in Liam's story, I was almost frantic imagining the worst case scenarios. I read the end before I read the rest of the book just to find out what happens. I was about to find out where the author lives, kick in the door and say "I'm here to beta read 'Break Me' hand it over and you won't get hurt." That being said, you also have to understand that I am NOT that way. If you can get me invested in your book/series, your are one heck of a writer. I'm the guy who doesn't hand out 4 or 5 stars 99.9% of the time and doesn't review. So if I do a review, you know it is extraordinary or so bad it will give you nightmares. This one? I will reread and keep for future enjoyment. The crafting of the story is excellent. The pacing moves you right along. I can't recommend it highly enough.

At last!
Written by LeeAnnP on 16th Sep 2015

At last! I have been waiting for this book for what seems like forever, well since Liam was sent to prison. The rescue, the pain in dealing with what was done to him in prison and the slow and steady healing of his body and an enduring love. Added to that is a bonus of, as usual, hot sex and now a third person in Outlaw's and Liam's relationship in hot form of Riley. I must say that the most satisfying part of this story is where Day-Si or Daisy as they guys and we readers like to call him gets..well..I will just let you enjoy reading that part. I am still grinning about it. This story, as well as all the others in this series was an experience in terrific writing, sex, brotherhood and love. Above all else love and defeating true evil. I highly recommend this book and if you haven't read the previous books in this series , I ask why? You will NOT be disappointed!