Trust Me, I'm Lying by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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Big Balls and Brass Knuckles, 6

He’s a fiancé? He’s a cop? He’s dead? He’s alive?

Brett is getting whip lash from this case. A man is found dead in a fake space station. His IDs are counterfeit but the bullet to the face is very real. When they find his transgender fiancé, the pieces don’t fall in place. Instead, they scatter. They don’t even know the victim's real name, let alone possible suspects.

With the help of his lover and partner, Genius, they must figure out who’s telling the truth when all they have are lies.

Be Warned: m/m sex



An outstretched arm came on screen with a long black sleeve and black gloves. The fingers were wrapped around the trigger of a sleek, shiny handle. A gun. The guy jerked his head to the left, and his eyes went wide. “Oh, fuck. Wait. Please. It’s not—” The gunshot was a sudden crack, like lightning. He fell forward, knocking into the camera. It tilted to the side, revealing more of the room and the edge of the fake space ship background.

“Pause,” Brett said and moved closer. “This is not space. That’s an apartment.”

Genius took out his phone. “Can you play that again? Slower. Frame by frame. I thought I saw a window. A real window.” Genius snapped a photo of the images. “I’ll see if I can get any matches. I’d say get lucky, but I’m better than luck. I’ll program my map app to tell us where this is. At least, we’ll know which building.”

“Good.” Brett turned to the anxious guy. “You’re in charge of this space station logo project?”

“Yes. I am. Was. I’m Mr. Jim Morray. We were all just sitting here for the update and … and he. This guy seemed legit. We did a background check. We even called NASA to confirm.” He leaned against the table.

“What was his name?” Brett pointed to the paused screen.

“Oh. Um. Bane. Larne Bane. He said he was a technical on the space station. NASA was looking for donations in certain areas in exchange for our logo on their equipment and suits and…” he trailed off.

“When did you meet Mr. Bane?” Brett glanced at Genius, who was typing away on his phone.

“That was, um, six months ago. We donated five thousand to get our company logo on their new docking airlock and another five for the logo on the space suits.”

“You made the checks out to NASA?” Brett pulled out his own phone. He opened a note app and began recording. When Morray didn’t answer, he looked up. “Mr. Morray?”

“Well, no.” He took a deep breath. “The check was made out to NASA’s affiliated company, Welcome Enterprises. I know that sounds odd, but we checked that out. Website, pictures, phone calls. It was, well, I thought it was all legit.” Morray covered his face with his hands. “Shit. They’re going to suspend me for this.”

Poor guy. “It sounds like you did everything right, Mr. Morray. I’m going to need your contact information and any files you have about Mr. Bane as well as this Welcome Enterprise. I’ll also need that video.”

He nodded. “Right. I gathered all that while I was waiting for you guys to show up.” He pulled out his phone, swiping up.

Brett’s phone pinged. “Thank you, Mr. Morray. We’ll be in touch soon.” He headed out of the conference room and slowed for Genius to catch up. “Did you start your search?”

“Yes. It might take a while. That’s a narrow view and it’s blurry.”

The elevator doors opened, and when Brett glanced inside, he found it empty. Perfect. He was feeling extremely frisky this morning. “Oh, I think we can find something to do while we wait.” He kept his expression neutral as Genius looked up.

Surprise, then a slow grin. “Is that so?”

Genius had been wondering how good that mouth was. Or maybe Brett wanted sex or he wanted a mouth on him. Either way, they were getting naked. That’s what mattered. Mid-morning sex for the win! He swaggered to Brett’s police car, which was parked on the curb. The city was bustling now. Traffic filled the street, horns honking and angry drivers shouting. He hopped into the car, using the swivel function to turn around and sit in the back bench seat. “Tint windows,” he ordered as Brett came around the car. All the windows darkened as he got in. They may be having a hushed relationship, but Genius wondered what would happen if they did come out. Maybe one day he’d walk right up to Brett in the middle of the precinct and just kiss him. Actually, the sour detective might punch him. Genius snorted as Brett sat beside him.

“Car, head to … just drive around.” The car pulled from the curb, and Brett turned to face him. A moment later, he leaned over, kissing Genius.

“Someone’s horny today,” he said, muffled.

“Just woke up with you on my mind.” Brett kissed his jaw and then his neck.

“That was really sweet.” Genius smiled, reaching out and running his fingers over Brett’s thigh.

“I can be sweet.” Brett kissed his forehead. “I can be passionate.” He smiled and placed his lips against Genius’s. Their mouths opened. His tongue came swooping inside like a hungry predator. Swirling, prodding, touching. Brett pulled away. “Naughty.” He slid his hand up Genius’s thigh and gave his crotch a squeeze. “There are sides to me you haven’t even seen yet.” He winked and then began to unbutton Genius’s pants.

He had to remember to wear easier clothing to get off. Maybe sweatpants. Maybe shorts. Brett could stick his hand right up and… Genius groaned when his cock was freed.


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Good Book to Read!
Written by Patti0411 on 1st Jan 2023

This is a good book to read! A short read, a real page turner. Detective Brett Knucks and Chris Genius have beeen working on cases throught out this series of books. This is another case they catch. As they try and find the killer their personal life surfaces. Will the figure out what happened before someone else gets hurt???

Brett and Genius
Written by Lmdez0820 on 1st Jan 2023

Brett and Genious are working together to solve a murder. The dead man had no real identity due to all his cons. They have to try to figure out who he really was and who killed him. Also, they're finding out that their relationship is more than either of them expected.

A new case solved!
Written by Flavia K on 13th Dec 2022

I'm liking these little doses of Brett and Genius more and more. Their relationship is blossoming, but I wonder how long the inventor will put up with this secret relationship, and how much longer the detective can hold on. A new case solved and many expectations going forward

Nice addition
Written by Diana R on 13th Dec 2022

I am reading these books because I love the detective side story to each one and I want to see how the main characters relationship plays out. As always, the plot is interesting and the relationship progresses. I would love it to move faster but o-well. It was a quick great read and worth buying.

Great addition to the series!
Written by Carrie K on 13th Dec 2022

I loved Trust Me, I'm Lying by James Cox. It's the sixth book in the Big Balls and Brass Knuckles series. I loved this addition to the series. I loved how Bret and Genius solved the case, and I loved their chemistry and hot scenes. I hope for many more books in the series. I can't get enough of these two.

Nothing is simple.
Written by C. B. on 13th Dec 2022

Genius, works with the NYPD as a consultant. He partners with Detective Knucks. They catch a case that at first look appears other worldly. Nothing is as it appears. The mystery is fun and the characters are interesting. Do Genius and Knucks find the right path? Do they identify and catch the killer? Do they reveal their relationship in the precinct? Nice story.

These two get their woman
Written by Anne H on 13th Dec 2022

These two get their woman We are back with a new case for Brett and genius. When a man is killed on a fake space station it’s up to them to find out who did it. But when they learn more about the victim it’s not as easy as they think. But will they find who is guilty?? The chemistry and connection is still so so strong between Brett and genius when they are together it is like they are firing electric currents from one another they just become vibrant. Is it the sneaking around that is helping or is it the connection and passionately they feel. These two are pure lush I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

Quick read
Written by Rani on 13th Dec 2022

Another enjoyable entry to the series. It's always fun to catch up with Genius and Brett as they work on their cases.

This was a whole lot of lying
Written by Kwallywoman on 13th Dec 2022

Two people have to work together. A case comes in. Everything lines up to solve rather quickly. Not so fast. Can they solve this case and still be together? Great read.

Fast read
Written by vickymeowmeow on 13th Dec 2022

Fast read that is not stingy with the story. Even though it's a murder mystery it is kind of fun as we go chasing from one suspect to the next. It's sort of reminded me of the old Thin Man stories. There is moderately described sex and the two main characters seem very into each other. I enjoyed how the story turned out and would really like to know more about this couple.

Good read
Written by Laura C on 30th Nov 2022

Brett’s latest case has his head spinning and it’s starting to spread into his personal life. Genius sets out to make his partner’s life easier by keeping him relaxed at home and his mind clear so that they can figure out just why the man was murdered. And more importantly… who pulled the trigger?

Another Interesting Case
Written by DLB2572 on 30th Nov 2022

I love this series. These cases are always interesting and Genius and Brett's interactions while investigating are always fun.

Trust me...
Written by Laura on 27th Nov 2022

...when I say this is a terrific series. Fun, fast, witty, and sexy with just the right amount of intrigue to keep you fully engaged.