Calling All Villains by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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Otherworld, 1

Some want to use her.
Some want to kill her.
I’m just looking to get paid.

Every year there’s a call for all villains to attempt to kidnap the not so human princess. Being half vampire gives me an advantage but when I meet Aneen things don’t go as planned with her or the suspicious, sexy bodyguard, Stefen. Then she’s kidnapped by my partner. With Stefen’s help, we go on a perilous journey to save the princess. I never expected to find my conscious along the way or reveal a terrible secret hidden in history.

In a world of shape shifters, fairies, selkies and mermen, a war is brewing. The fate of Otherworld stands on the brink of destruction. Can a violent half vampire, a stubborn bodyguard, and half goddess princess save this magical world? 

**Includes the Bonus Story: Lovart’s Guide to Traveling Otherworld.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, anal sex



“What does she taste like?”

I smiled and kissed him. The flavor of her mingled on our tongues as my hand continued to stroke her pussy. “Delicious.” I muttered and stared into his blue eyes. “Now, your turn.” I pushed Stefen to his back and roughly grabbed his trousers. Aneen watched, flushed and naked, as I tugged on Stefen’s trousers. I stripped the clothes off and he lay beside our woman just as bare. “Well, this is going to be the last thing I think of before I die.”

Stefen laughed.

“Seriously. You and Aneen naked in bed. Her legs are open. Your cock is hard. I can honestly say I’d die a happy man in about … ten seconds.” That’s how long it’d get me to come with this view. Stefen’s dick was thick and smeared with pre-cum as I wrapped my hand around the girth. “Have you ever seen a cock before Aneen?”

“Not close up.” She whispered, leaning toward us.

I slid my other hand between her legs. “Keep this open, princess.”

She blushed then opened her legs.

“Our Stefen does have a beautiful dick.” I stroked him and he groaned. “Makes me want to spend hours sucking him.” I took my hand from her and caressed his balls. “The face he makes when he comes is like he’s found the answer to how to be happy in this world.”

Stefen gave me a tilt of his head and a raised eyebrow.

“I can be fucking poetic when I want to be.” To shut him up, I leaned down and wrapped my lips around his tip. “Tastes salty to your sweet.” I sucked and Stefen groaned. “The perfect meal.” I swirled my tongue around his foreskin and then placed kisses along his upper thigh. “Do you want to taste him Aneen?”


“No!” Stefen lifted to his elbows. “The second she touches me I’m going to come.”

I stifled a laugh at his horrified expression. “Ain’t nothing wrong with being a little over excited.”

Aneen groaned. “Please.” She wiggled a bit as if her body was busting at the seams.

Stefen moved to his side and kissed her. His hand sliding to her breast and his fingers closed around the nipple.

I went back between her legs. Pressing kisses along her thigh, over her clit and then I parted her lower lips with my fingers. That hole was glistening with need and I slid my tongue over it. Once. Twice. On the third swipe I stabbed her quickly and went back to licking.

Aneen hissed out a breath, but the sound and any words were snatched up by Stefen’s kissing.

I played with her clit, sliding my fingers over the swollen bud and when she began to lift her hips I stuck my tongue back inside her.

A deep groan sounded.

I tongued her pussy, easy at first, but getting more aggressive at the sounds she was making. A man could only last so long. Both Stefen and I were getting close to our breaking point.

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Long and Short Reviews
Written by Honeysuckle on 31st Jul 2018

A princess, a bodyguard and a half-vampire walk into a bar…actually, they fought their way out of surprising ending or maybe it’s a beginning. What I know for sure is that it’s a entertaining story that left me wanting more. It’s not easy to be the “bad guy” when you realize you’re wildly attracted to the good guys. Alexander is seriously cocky, sexy and fun to watch. Except for when he has to vamp out on some unsuspecting foe, then he’s deadly. He doesn’t plan to be on the other side of the plot to kidnap the princess, meaning the side that does the rescuing rather than the taking, but he’s much better suited for it. Especially when he teams up with Stefen. It’s so obvious that Stefen is in love with his charge, I’m not sure how they’ve gone this long without giving in, even a little bit. But Stefen is all things noble and protective and strong. It was funny to see how Alexander threw him off his game and when he gives in to Alexander, oh man! Hot personified! While I really got into the backstory of how the Queen hold the throne and where Aneen came from–seriously dark and compelling–there were a couple threads in the story that had me wondering. So what happened to Brance? I could guess but then Alexander says something on the way to rescue the princess that has me doubting my theory. Also, Pan’s ulterior motive. It wasn’t that it wasn’t plausible, I just wouldn’t have guessed it. The one that really had me in a tail spin though, in a good way because I never even considered it, was the big ending. The author led me down one direction and then totally doubled back when I wasn’t looking. Bravo! I like not being able to guess an ending as long as said ending makes sense. Not only does it make sense it sets up the next book. Readers who enjoy fantasy, good dose of the paranormal and some smoking hot bromance and guy love, need to give this one a try. I’m personally looking forward to the continuing adventure to see if it ties up the loose ends. Quick read, lots to take in!

The Romance Reviews
Written by Book Addict on 10th May 2018

Ruthless women, bromance and blundering criminals, this first in the new series is a delight. This fantasy world is filled with magic, betrayal and miscommunications. In some ways, this story is written in an over the top manner perhaps poking fun at more serious sci-fi fantasy tales. Personally, I think it's witty and charming. I enjoyed it from the start to the end. What I like about Mr. Cox's stories is the fast past. These are condensed tales filled with action and snarky dialogue. There are a few serious scenes thrown in but overall, this story is fun even when it gets a little dark. I have a hard time putting my finger on it, but this story reminds me of The Princess Bride. Similar to that iconic movie, the adventure in this story is riddled with pitfalls and a quirky sense of humour. For me, this is the erotic version of Westley, Buttercup and Inigo. Alexander is the anti-hero Westley. He befriends Aneen (Buttercup) under false pretenses. Stefan the bodyguard reminds me of Inigo with his loyalty, integrity and admiration of Alexander. This con Alexander is trying to pull on Aneen ends up with twists and turns that are slightly anticipated. When my guesses turn into reality, I feel a bit letdown because I was hoping I would be wrong. It seems, human or supernatural, people are just selfish and evil. The plot of this story is just developing and I expect it to carry through the rest of the series. The story does not exactly end in a cliffhanger. It is more a hook that draws a reader in and make her want to read more. I am hoping the next story will expand up the world. I find Mr. Cox focuses more on the erotic content than the world crafting. Since his erotic scenes are delicious, it is no hardship. This magical world is recommended for erotic readers who enjoy plot twists and mmf ménage.

A vampire, a bodyguard and a princess..
Written by Anne Bock on 6th Apr 2018

I love James Cox' books, no matter what or what the subject. They're always taking you to an awesome new world with lots of great characters and an interesting story or adventurous ride. And this book just takes it all to a whole new level!! I love his Otherworld and all creatures and beings in it. Alexander, Stefen and Aneen are sexy, lovely and adorable at the same time. Alexander's plan to kidnap the beautiful princess, well, it doesn't work out like planned. The sexy vampire, the cute bodyguard and their sweet princess will get in an adventure none of them would have expected. Full of exciting scenes, an amazing world to travel through, some sizzling get togethers and a big twist at the end you wouldn't have seen coming your way, this book just is a must read and a more than great start to a new series. I can't wait to read the next installment!!

Great start to an intriguing series!
Written by Sarah Marsh on 21st Feb 2018

I really loved this story, and look forward to more. Great adventure and hot chemistry between all three, not to mention Jame's saucy sense of humor.

really fun!
Written by Amazon Customer on 20th Feb 2018

James James James ! What an absolutely fun Ride! Bad guy heros. Good guy heros. And So hot together !!...and a pretty cool heroine too !!! You made the story flow with action and adventure ( and by action and adventure i mean cool battles and sex) I expect no less. I was pleasantly surprised by your first MMF as i predominantly read MM. I think the magic was due to experiencing this adventure thrugh Alexander's eyes . And he clearly had eyes for Stefen as well..rogue that he is. Which I loove...Anyhow, I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for book two!! Get it. Read it. Enjoy!

Fantastic Tale & Adventure!
Written by Dale Federico on 20th Feb 2018

What a fantastic journey and adventure this book takes you on. Alex is a bad ass assassin 1/2 vamp and his accomplice Pan is a 1/2 troll. The plan is to abduct Princess Aneen. But after meeting the princess Alex has a change of heart. However, Pan carries out the plan and has taken the princess. Together with Stephan, who is the princesses bodyguard, they embark on the journey to save her. As they travel thru different territories they are attached by merman's with razor sharp teeth, sharks and selkies to name a few. Creatures so deadly they are not sure they will survive. While killing a selkie, Alex drinks its blood and becomes so horny he practically attaches Stephen and they have a wild tryst. The banter between Alex and Stephan is hilarious! Author Cox sure knows how to keep you laughing with his one liners! There are other battles that ensue with the Queens army, watch out for the shooting arrows and the swords! Princess Aleen is so mad at her mother the Queen during a battle that her powers manifest and she puts her in her place. Did I mention the threesome between Alex, Princess Aleen and Stephan? Oh hell yes! And it is hotter than hell! This book has it all and I am anxious for book 2 to come out! Author James Cox has written so many fantastic books from Sci-fi MM, Steampunk MM, Contemporary MM. I think this adventurous tale with MMF is his finest work to date! I highly recommend!