The Mistake by Sam Crescent

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Volkov Bratva, 3

I was the mistake.
A piece of trash.
No one wanted me.
All of my life I’d been told this. I meant nothing. I was nothing.

The Volkov Bratva made a mistake. They kidnapped me and it should have been my sister. My father wanted me dead. I expected Ivan Volkov to kill me. Instead, they killed my father, and now I’m to marry Ive Yahantov, a brigadier. I’m to be his wife. The man hates me. He doesn’t want me.

I don’t know what changes, but I go from being ignored, to being with Ive all the time. We share everything. The life I thought was only ever going to be that of a dream, becomes my reality. I’m falling for the man I thought I would hate. But nothing is ever certain. Ivan Volkov faked his death, and the repercussions of that is far and wide. My husband has enemies, and those enemies, they’ve come to collect.

I knew I was going to die young, but I had no idea life could be so cruel. I knew peace. I knew love. I knew happiness, and now, it was all going to be taken away.

Be Warned: anal sex


The door to Ive’s office opened and Rage walked out. He didn’t look happy, and neither did Ive. Ivan seemed to be in quite a pleasant mood still. I wondered if he had put my husband and Rage in a bad mood.

Rage, Cassie, and Ivan left minutes later. It was just Ive and me.

“Is everything okay?” I asked.

“Fine. I’m sorry I didn’t know it was your birthday.”

This made me smile. “It’s okay.”

“I had no idea what to get you.”

“I like the idea of a honeymoon,” I said. “That sounds like fun.”

Ive nodded. “Is there anything you want?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know I had no intention of a honeymoon, but I was going to offer you anything you wanted.”

“I can have anything I want?”

“Yes, name it, it’s yours. It doesn’t matter the price or the time.”

“And we’re still going on a honeymoon?” I asked.

“Yes, Ivan insists on it.”

I looked at Ive then glanced away. Could I ask him for what I wanted?

“If you don’t know what you want right away, don’t worry. Think about it, and let me know.”

He went to walk away and I just couldn’t let that happen.

“I know what I want,” I said. Damn it, I felt my cheeks heating even as I said it.

“What do you want?” he asked.

I opened my mouth, closed it. It was so stupid, but it was the only thing I could think of.

“I’d, er, I’d like you to kiss me.” I pressed my lips together.

“A kiss?”

“Yes, but not like on the cheek, I’d like a proper kiss, if you don’t mind. How you would expect to kiss your wife. One that you wanted.” I struggled to look him in the eye as I asked this.

When Ivan had told me I was going to marry Ive, I’d been terrified. These were my kidnappers, but in a short time, I had gotten used to the idea. They hadn’t killed me. Even when my father had begged for them to do so. They hadn’t. In fact, they had made me comfortable, and showed me affection and care.

“You want me to kiss you?”

“Yes.” I nodded, trying not to feel embarrassed by my girlish request. “I’m not a child. I’m your wife, and I know I’m not like the Sophies of this world, but I would like to have a kiss from my husband.”

He took a step toward me, then another. I couldn’t help but wonder how many other people he’d approached, who’d been terrified. I wasn’t scared. The tip of his toes brushed across mine. I had no choice but to tilt my head back to see him. I liked looking at Ive, and the blue of his eyes.

“Let me know if at any point you want me to stop.”

He cupped my face. I loved the size of his hands. They were big, strong, sturdy hands, and they felt capable. His thumb brushed across my lip, and I felt an answering call in my body. My nipples tightened and my flesh felt sensitive. He moved closer and I felt his breath fan across my lips.

This was a secret I hadn’t told anyone. I was attracted to my husband. No one knew. Not even Cassie, nor Ivan, but I had a feeling he already knew. When Ive had taken me, locked me up in one of his cages, and kept visiting me, I liked it and hadn’t wanted it to stop.

I was desperate for his kiss. Hungry for it.

Ive’s lips pressed against mine. They were gentle at first, but with that one touch, I couldn’t help but moan, and my eyes closed. His lips were slightly damp, and I tasted the hint of whiskey. I’d gotten used to the scent as he drank it a few evenings. Never a lot, just one glass.

I felt his hand at my waist as he pulled me in closer. Another moan left me, and I kept my hands at my sides for as long as possible.

I needed to touch him, to feel him, and slid my hands up his arms, going toward his shoulders, holding onto them tightly. The hand at my waist went down toward my ass, and he squeezed the flesh. That felt so good, and I didn’t want him to stop. I heard his guttural moan, and I knew I was already addicted to this man.

My very first kiss. And I wanted more.

Was Cassie and Ivan right? All I had to do was ask?


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He may be older but can Ive show his young bride that she is worth everything?
Written by Nicole P on 29th Oct 2023

What a fantastic read. Ive & Lottie's story is truly an emotional rollercoaster ride of dark romance with many emotions. You can't help but cheer Lottie on. Their relationship start was not traditional but I think that is what makes this such a great Bratva romance. I highly recommend giving their story a read.

“Charlotte had wanted a kiss. She had chosen affection.”
Written by Anij on 29th Oct 2023

Ok, it’s official, this is Sam’s best series ever! This book is amazing, just like the first two were. Ive was so not what I expected and Charlotte broke my heart. They were so great together in every way. I questioned Ivan pairing them but as usual he was one hundred percent correct. Theirs is no instalove. Instead we get to enjoy watching them get to know each other and build a relationship as they fall in love. Ivan claims Ive is the least romantic of his men but I think in many ways their love story is the most romantic of all. As usual Ivan stole every scene he was in. I am so in love with this man I can’t stand it! He’s incredible, the most interesting and fascinating character Sam has ever written about. We got to see a completely different side to him in this book. He really connected with Charlotte and I loved watching him play with her. We know based on info provided throughout the three books that Ivan grew up without love or a real family, broken, unwanted and discarded as if he was nothing. I think despite how he overcame it all, it still is a part of him and that’s why it’s so important to him that his men find the very things he never had: love, family and happiness. The Beast commented that many believe Ivan has a thing for the unwanted. It’s clearly true. His men all came from dreadful pasts and he finds broken, unwanted women with hearts of gold for each of them. He’s an extraordinarily perceptive matchmaker, too, knowing exactly who is perfect for who. This is demonstrated most clearly in this book. No one else would have been able to reach Charlotte and bring her out. And no one but Charlotte could have ever found the heart Ive had buried so deep. Such a violent man and yet he was unwavering in his protective, calm patience with her. Unlike past books this one takes place spread out over three years. I think it’s because of the plots of future other books. And while it could be read as a standalone, my advice is to start with the first book, Second Best, or, at the very least, book two, A Sense of Duty. There is a lot of set up in the second book for this one and you don’t want to miss it. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Written by Diana A on 29th Oct 2023

This story was really good. I suffer with the first page but love reading the rest. Good plot and twist and romance!

The Mistake
Written by mysticbaby1991 on 29th Oct 2023

This book is probably my favorite so far written in the Volkov Bratva series. Ive and Charlotte are another couple that Ivan, the head of the Bratva, set up and forced to marry. Like all the other women (from previous books), Charlotte has not had a good life with her family. Her father, the President of the MC, hated her and used her as a slave and a beating post. Charlotte survived so much abuse and lived under her father's thumb that she basically never lived a normal childhood or teenage life. While Ivan has befriended all his brigadier's wives, I feel the relationship he developed with Charlotte was so much more meaningful for both of them. The relationship between Ive and Charlotte I feel develops at a perfect pace, especially given that Charlotte does not know anything about relationships and doesn't trust anyone. So I feel the pace gave her and Ive the chance to build a friendship/relationship that was comfortable, in my opinion to read rather than having them jump right into things.

Written by KMH on 29th Oct 2023

This series is so good! I cannot get enough. Who doesn't enjoy a good mafia romance... and this one ticks all the boxes. I love how connected the books are, that this one clicks with the previous ones. I actually really liked both characters and I loved them together. I was hooked on this story from the very beginning and I loved that this story wasn't a short story because their story was full of so much tension and you enjoyed the build up to everything. I cannot wait to see more from this author and this series please!

Great HEA!
Written by Kimmijane on 29th Oct 2023

This book was so good! This story of a bratva arranged marriage with a daughter of a biker gang. Eventually love blossoms. Such a romantic story that had a lot of help from a crime boss who believed in HEAs. It’s a must read!

Loving it
Written by Redfaeryrose on 29th Oct 2023

I loved the story. The MMC might be scary but when it comes to the woman he loves, he is the nicest person. This is the second book I've read from this series and I am loving it much as the previous book. I am going to find time to read the first and am looking forward to the next book.

Bratva romance
Written by Shortbec on 29th Oct 2023

Charlotte "Lottie" was kidnapped by mistake, Ive is the brigadier that was to watch her. Until Ivan the boss decided that Charlotte and Ive are to be Married. Charlotte gre up being the mistake, thinking she was trash, u loved, and physically beaten. So when she finds out she has to marry she is scared but because she doesn't know what will happen. Ive never wanted to marry but he follows Ivan's order and marries he just need to stay away from her. But when things change and they meet in common ground these two fall fast and deep.

Written by Alexis H on 29th Oct 2023

From the start, your heart will melt with sorrow for Charlotte. Ive and Charlotte were forced to marry each other. The struggle between them is captivating. The HEA for them both was perfect.

Love this story
Written by 75_SweetestBook on 29th Oct 2023

This is a force married/enemies to lovers read. This is a mistaken as the wrong sister was taken. This is a married that is on the wrong as it’s a struggle from the start as they don’t want to make it work. This is Charlotte and Ive story and it’s dark and spicy.

The Mistake
Written by KMS on 29th Oct 2023

This book was really good. There is a lot of sad parts in here that pull at you. Believing your a mistake to everyone and being forced into a marriage that is terrifying. The Volkov Bratva only request one thing and that is to swear loyalty to them. Danger around every corner you never know what’s next to come.

The mistake
Written by Romance Tragic on 29th Oct 2023

This is an emotional read - still with all the danger and violence of the Bratva- Mafia trope, but this time our FMCis so so fractured by her past. I was heartbroken for Charlotte and her life growing up in the MC. She was so damaged and broken but still found a way to fight through to the next day. Although we never know why her dad hated her so much, we saw the effects and so did Ive (our MMC). His growing understanding of his wife and her traumas work perfectly to carry his emotional arc and when he does reach his emotional realisation it’s beautiful. Loved every page of this story.

Written by Mistie Best on 29th Oct 2023

Holy cow what an emotional rollercoaster this one was! Charlotte has been abused and neglected for her entire life and she's been thrown away like trash to the Volkov family. She was taken by mistake and now has been arranged for marriage to Ive. I cried throughout this story, and Charlotte's inner monologue was heartbreaking at times. Watching Ive realize what she's been through and how he chooses to handle it was so good. I loved this story but get your tissues ready, because WOW!

Another great read in the Volkov Bratva series!!
Written by Sarah-Jade on 29th Oct 2023

Loved this! Lottie and Ive are such great characters for the third book in this series! Lottie has known very little love in her hard life and Ive does not want marriage at all but watching their story unfold throughout the book was such a great read. Highly recommend reading the first two books and then reading this so you really get to know all the characters. Another amazing book Sam Crescent :)

Written by Diana A on 29th Oct 2023

This story was really good. I suffer with the first page but love reading the rest. Good plot and twist and romance!

Written by AllyMcGarry52 on 29th Oct 2023

From the first point of reading this book, I felt a large lump in my throat that a person could have been treated the way that Lottie (charlotte) was. This was probably the lowest point I have ever read about, and her journey was never going to be perfect. I loved Ivan in this book and hated him all at the same time. Ive was someone who clearly would look after her and a good choice.

Awesome Mafia Series!
Written by Red18 on 29th Oct 2023

I have really been enjoying this Mafia Series by Sam Crescent. I missed the first book but you can easily follow the story regardless. The FMC’s are very likeable real people. The Volkov Brigadeers are forced into an arranged marriage from their leader Ivan I generally was not crazy about Ive in the beginning. He seemed to value work more than his new wife Charlotte. He needed to get over his issues and then things started to get better. I loved how they grew into love with each other. Great political mafia storyline that evolves from book to book. The Volkov Bratva men are very alpha, Obsessive, protective men and great lovers. What more can I women ask for ❤️

Written by Debs48 on 29th Oct 2023

There marriage was forced set up she was the worthless one no one wanted that was what she was made to feel he was peeved forced to marry her for alliance but when he saw her scars how could she of been treated like that. It took a long while to get her to open up but over time she did and he grew to love his wife the story captured the torture the understanding the humour the testing times of why things were done the way they were and when their enemies were constantly trying to take them down

Written by Debs48 on 29th Oct 2023

There marriage was forced set up she was the worthless one no one wanted that was what she was made to feel he was peeved forced to marry her for alliance but when he saw her scars how could she of been treated like that. It took a long while to get her to open up but over time she did and he grew to love his wife the story captured the torture the understanding the humour the testing times of why things were done the way they were and when their enemies were constantly trying to take them down

In love with Charlotte and Ive
Written by Reensburger on 29th Oct 2023

I loved this slow burn. Ive works for Ivan Volkov and is the next in line for an arranged marriage much to his chagrin. Lottie has been mistreated by her biker father all her life, the only people in her corner her sister and thr MC VP Rage. Forced to marry Ive her unbroken kindness capture all those in her orbit. This is a great story, it moves along fast without rushing all the little romantic scenes as you see Ive and Charlotte slowly fall for each other. I can't wait to see who falls next.

Get the tissues your going to need them. But so worth it!
Written by Mica G on 29th Oct 2023

This was a very emotional read. You will need tissues, as you are going to cry and get attached to these characters. This book is worth ever tear though and does have a great ending that makes the book worth every rip in your soul. I was not prepared for this but once I was able to get the knot out of my throat, it felt like days later after I finished this book. This book is going to stay with you. It may be because I am an investigator and I work crimes against children. I worked a case that was close to this but minus the MC part. I was able to get the child out at 12 and convict the dad so maybe that made this book more real than others. I would read this book again and I most definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone!

A definite Re-read
Written by CarKar on 29th Oct 2023

UGH ... my heart broke for tragic heroine with a heart of gold, Charlotte, over and over and over again. How could Ive NOT drop his barriers. Even at the onset, I was happy to see his protective instincts kick in for his arranged wife. I loved them together as a couple. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Ivan V! He is so bold, so smart, so AMUSING ... his soft spot for Charlotte was sweet ... always with a plan and great intentions for his Bratva and his men. I loved that Cassie and Rage were still a part of Charlotte's world even though she was now Volkov. I hope that The Butcher and The Beast have their own story! OMG! I'm sure it would be amazing. There was just enough drama ... I like that things weren't dragged out forever. I am glad I started with Book 3. I have a feeling that I am going to like this story the best, but I also just bought Book 1. I got a book hangover from this one since I couldn't put it down. This is going to be a definite Re-read for me.

Charlotte and Ive
Written by Maleficent on 29th Oct 2023

Charlotte was the unwanted daughter of the former President of the Evil Savages MC, he treated her horribly and abused her. She is kidnapped by the Volkov Bratva, they grabbed the wrong daughter. Ivan Volkov arranges for her to marry one of his brigadiers, Ive Yahantov. He does not want a wife but he is loyal to Ivan. Ivan pushes Ive to spend time with his wife, arranging for them to be together. The more Ive spends with his wife the more he likes her and becomes more protective of her. Both of these individuals were damaged by men who should have protected them thru childhood. They manage to finds something special with each other. It is a slow burn as Ive feels his wife is too young and needs time to grow.

Good story but a bit rushed at spots
Written by RaeWoodland on 29th Oct 2023

I liked the story and the way it eventually followed the holidays which are firsts for Charlotte but then it leaps ahead and goes dark. So it is definitely a dark romance but most the story around the couple is very sweet. I like that Ive is reluctant based on her age which gave it a more realistic feel.

One of my favorites series.
Written by Mary S on 29th Oct 2023

This series has definitely become one of my favorites. Ive and Charlotte had a rough life, they have come together so they can keep the peace. But at the end they have found love for one another. Great series I can’t get enough of this characters.

Don’t miss this one!!! It will be a mistake
Written by Brooke T on 29th Oct 2023

I’m really loving this series!!! This book has it all action, suspense, heat and angst. The characters were complex and had such beautiful chemistry together. I love all the characters in these books. They cross over from book to book. This can be read as a standalone but I recommend reading the whole series. It left me biting my nails and turning the page waiting for something to happen. I loved the anticipation of when something was going to happen but didn’t. This is a dark mafia romance. This book is an age gap/grumpy/sunshine worth some heat mixed in. I loved Charlotte she was strong, caring and loyal. I loved her growth in this book. Ive was dark, broody and took his job seriously. Both characters together had crazy chemistry together. I loved their growth together and couldn’t stop reading until the end. I so enjoyed their love story and can’t wait to see what Sam Crescent brings next!!!

The Mistake.
Written by Shiftybugger on 29th Oct 2023

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. OMG! Wow, I was absolutely astounded when I read this book, the story was exhilarating and the characters were captivating. This story was about Charlotte "Lottie" and Ivan "Ive", Charlotte was nearly killed by her father, when she was kidnapped it backfired they were told to kill her. Ivan has changed name to Ive to distinguish between him and his boss, Ive has a person in his dungeon that he is holding for his boss. There was alot of action, drama, suspense, danger, twist and turns, violence, killings, enemies, kidnapping, trafficking, drugs, Cartel, Bratva, betrayal, secrets, lies, arranged marriage, approx twenty years age gap, then trust to feel wanted and the love for her dog to only be kidnapped again.

Loved it!!
Written by Kimberly R on 29th Oct 2023

I absolutely loved this book. It was a fantastic read. Ive and Charlotte were great characters. I highly recommend this book.

Brilliant Bratva
Written by GAnnG on 29th Oct 2023

Sam Crescent once again takes us in the Bratva world. The story of Ive and Charlotte mixed MC, cartel and bratva and develop an enemy to lover romance.

A heartwarming slow burn romance and HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 29th Oct 2023

This book was so unlike many other Bratva romance stories. It is a truly unique and intriguing slow burn rags to riches and enemies to lovers HEA. I could not put this book down. It took me several days to read, but was well worth the time I spent reading it. I am really enjoying this series as the stories contain depth and are not simply another quickie romance and HEA in the Bratva. Great job and I can’t wait for the next one. These kind of stories are the whole reason I read romance novels!!

Great Bratva Read
Written by Danee on 29th Oct 2023

We have already arrived at the third part of the Volkov Bratva series. And just like the other two parts, you are now glued to your book again and can hardly put it down. There's also action and danger, tension and everything that belongs to the bratva and mafia, and what we can't get over is the steam and hot scenes between the protagonists. Highly recommended to read.

Written by Romance Book Review For You on 29th Oct 2023

The Mistake by Sam Crescent is Book 3 of Volkov Bratva Series. This is the story of Charlotte 'Lottie' and Ivan 'Ive'. Charlotte has had a easy life with the hatred her 'father' has toward her. When she is kidnapped by the Volkov Bratva thinking she was the favorite daughter of the MC President it quickly turned for her. Ive is the Brigadier who has never had real love only the brotherhood of the Bratva. It ends up that he has to marry Charlotte which of course leads to something more. This book is a interconnecting one so it does help to have read the previous book.

Great read
Written by Sua on 4th Jul 2023

Great story as you get to see Charlotte grow from a timid girl to a beautiful woman trying to navigate her life to overcome her abusive past from her father and his mc. Even as she gets thrown into a mafia marriage with Ive she still has some freedom. Ive has distanced himself after marriage to Charlotte because he doesn’t want to taint her but her innocence draws him in. It’s wonderful to see this couple slowly build their relationship even though they’re married.

Charlotte was never a mistake
Written by Bookbunny on 4th Jul 2023

Lottie aka Charlotte was no one special. Her life, forfeit due to her father and the Evil Savage MC. Too bad Rage wasn’t her father. She would have been better off. But now her life isn’t her own. She is married off to Ive to make peace between the Bratva and MC. She knows her days are numbered. Ive has been watching after Charlotte for a while. He certainly didn’t want to marry her but you do what Ivan says. His cruelty towards Lottie really upset me from the start. When you start reading the story it just breaks your heart to read about how she was and is treated. And the humiliation and shame she is put through made me cry. I have to say, I had thoughts like hers in my darkest times. It was not a place to be. You also have to give it to Ivan. He knows what his men need and he always has a plan for their happiness. I’m glad Charlotte was able to move forward and that Ive was able to find his happiness. These two were so broken and yet in a way they needed each other to be whole. I wonder who is next to find love.

Great series
Written by Michele77 on 4th Jul 2023

This is the third book in the series, and they each get better than the last. Charlotte and Ive are perfect for each other. This book is dark, contains violence and spends alot of time on the abuse the FL endured in the past, but that just sets the stage for her present behavior and draws the ML to her. Great read!

The Mistake
Written by Karen99 on 4th Jul 2023

What a stunning emotional storyline! Charlotte had been brought up to believe she was trash, her father abused and battered her every chance he got! Now he was dead she was given as a bride to Ive who was one of the brigadier’s for the Volkov Bratva! Ive didn’t want a wife, he was a monster and didn’t have time for a wife but slowly she started to mean something to him. No-one would ever hurt her again! Ive was Bratva and didn’t show any feelings, he was a cruel man to his enemies and didn’t know how to romance a women, he was what he was and was loyal to his boss. A beautiful emotional written storyline, how with tenderness and care, Charlotte overcame her past abuse and started to believe in herself. Her journey with Ive into love was something wonderful. At one point I even had the tissues handy it was so heartfelt! An action packed read with some violence, wonderful characters old and new and lots of steamy moment. Recommended Read!

...what comes from a mistake?
Written by Anya Z. on 4th Jul 2023

The Mistake by Sam Crescent is the newest contribution to the Volkov Bratva World. (Second Best and A Sense of Duty are Book 1 and 2 respectively. It is not required to read these two books first, as Sam provides backstory & recapping some events in Book 3. It is smart (my opinion) to read these 2 books first. The action takes off right from the end in A Sense of Duty. Ivan tells his brigadier Ive Yahontov he must marry the young woman Charlotte they kidnapped from the Evil Savages MC. Ive is a loyal brigadier and will marry Charlotte, despite not wanting anything to do with marriage. We learn that Charlotte has had a very traumatic, physical & emotional abusive life with her Dad and sister Cassie at the MC Compund. ⚠️ Sam has not listed any TWs for this story, however there are quite a few: different torture descriptions & methods used by main male character and supporting characters, multiple detailed physical & emotional abuse of main female character done by her father, talk of rape of main female character, restaurant shooting during a dinner. Will Charlotte trust Ive? Does Ive & Charlotte's marriage succeed? You will have to read The Mistake to find out! ??? I received an ARC from Booksprout for my honest review.

another great story in the series
Written by memes on 4th Jul 2023

When I started reading this story I was a little confused. It had been a while since I read the last story in the series so I had forgotten what had happened previously. Despite that I was pulled into Ive and Charlotte's story fairly quickly. I liked Charlotte's character, she was fiesty and kind despite the horrible upbringing she had. I love love love how Ivan gets involved in their relationship and love how he treats her. It's not Ivan's story but I can't help but love to read about him when he shows up in the story. There is some violence and action that was perfect, but parts were hard to read. Be warned that there is violence against women depicted in the story. There is also a perfect amount of humor through the story. I can hardly wait to read what comes next in this bratva saga.

Extra steamy and sweet sprinkled with gun fire!
Written by The Dragon Den Book Blog on 4th Jul 2023

ARC Review of The Mistake by Sam Crescent * * * * * One hell of a steamy, deadly and fabulous series from the author that has me hoping there is more in store for these characters. Gun fights, torture, cooking lessons and steamy first times as newly weds are all here in this action-packed romance. Charlotte was in a prickly situation. She is the new bride of a deadly man. This was not by choice. When her horrid father - not that he ever really was one to her - did some naughty things, she was left at the mercy of one man who ruled the underworld. Instead of killing her - or worse - he married her off to one of his most trusted brigades. Ive was not liking this marriage. He had not time or care, however, his boss is making it his job to not only make the marriage work...but actually like and get to know his wife. Little did he know what was in store for him. I have to say, out of all the books so far, for me this was the sweetest and got the most giggles out of me. I felt sorry for Charlotte and all she had to endure in her youth at the hands of her father, when no one else stood up for her. They either looked at her in mockery, pity or indifference. Except of her husband - eventually - and his boss. Ive has known a thing or two about terrible fathers, and how they can treat their wives. He promises he will never be like that, and can see that Charlotte deserves the world. Ivan is an absolute giggle in this one! He is more actively participating in this marriage as he connects with Charlotte and pushes Ive's buttons. One particualy discussion had me cracking up! Plus, the cooking this book sounds amazing and had me salivating!

The Mistake Book 3 of Volkov Bratva
Written by Makeen on 4th Jul 2023

Sam Crescent’s 3 rd book in the Volkov series is ‘The Mistake’. Charlotte was taken captive instead of her sister: her father hated her and wanted her dead. She’s been abused physically, mentally, and emotionally her entire life and no one stopped him. Ive is Ivan’s brigadier, he has kept her in a cage while deciding what to do with her. A very poignant, powerful, and tragic story with a masterfully executed narrative, dialogue, and plot that develops these characters and makes them humanly real. There’s constant threats of danger, learning about themselves, and a growing awareness of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and desires. This is one of the best stories I’ve read from Sam: so captivating and inspiring! Lots of scenes that are steamy! Love the HEA!

Loved it!
Written by RhondaVB on 4th Jul 2023

Wow! Talk about an action packed story. This is the 3rd book in this series and Sam Crescent just gets better with each one. Charlotte is no one! Her life is meaningless and even her father wants her dead. Instead, she's married off to Ive and while he's had his eye on her, he didn't really want to marry her. Slowly, they connect but it's going to be a hard road. I've always loved Ms. Crescent's characters. I love that the women, while a bit hesitant at times, don't take gruff from anyone. And the guys are always least after they get their heads out of you know what! All in all, I loved this story!!

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 4th Jul 2023

Lottie was the mistake, the unwanted one, who meant nothing to her father and when she's taken by the bratva, thinking she's her sister, her father calls for her death only to recieve his own. When bratva leader Ivan tell his brigadier Ive, to marry her, he isnt pleased but will do as commanded. Lottie soon finds a place of meaning and a slither of happiness, even if it appears her husband keeps her at a distance. But troubles never far away can Ive keep her safe and show his true feelings? Well written engaging, steamy, action, violence, age gap, forced marriage romance a great addition to the series

Holy smokes!!
Written by lauri h on 4th Jul 2023

Wowzers! This was an incredible experience. The emotional impact of these two characters was incredible. Seeing them come together and overcoming the obstacles and challenges that were encountered every time they turned around. So good.

Written by Gkp2460 on 4th Jul 2023

A mistake changes the course of Charlottes life completely in the blink of an eye. This mistake leads her to Ive and not only does she not want to be there but he doesn't want her there either. She's spent her entire being treated and told she was nothing and the way Ive treats her drives that home all the more. The Mistake is an excellent, intense story that consumes it's readers as we watch the relationship between Ive and Charlotte unfold.

The Mistake by Sam Crescent
Written by Spender of Money on 4th Jul 2023

The Volkov Bravata continues with book three, Ive and Charlotte. I love this series, I adore how human, damaged and flawed the characters are. I couldn’t put this boom down and can’t wait for more -Ivan! I adore how this series focuses on the unwanted. And I love how these people are getting their hard worn HEAs. This is an age-gap trope with Charlotte being 18 when the story begins. The author handlers this very well and presented and addressed this age gap in all the right ways (IMO). As great as the spice was, the storyline and ongoing story arc (along with these amazing characters) keep me coming back (Ivan!). Keep me re-reading and keep me 1-clicking this author and series. This world is so well written, I can feel and see it. I feel as is, readers could read this as a stand alone, but I do highly recommend the series. Readers would just get more, I think, when a world and re-occurring characters are being developed, grow and gay to the point of their own book (Ivan!). Well done!

WHOOOO the steaminess and story is so so so good!!
Written by Andrea R on 4th Jul 2023

Author has such an amazing way of tying the series together. I love how the heroine never expects to have something good happen to her and then BOOM she gets "rewarded" but of course it takes a minute for the hero to realize how amazing she is and the drama that surrounds this series just keeps you on the edge of your seat. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one so very much.

Written by Angel Joy on 4th Jul 2023

This is my favorite on of this series. Lottie has not had an easy life and Ive doesn't want to marry her. She knows how it feels to be unwanted.

Written by Amd2662 on 4th Jul 2023

Charlotte/Ive. Evil Savages MC Club President's daughter/Volkov Bratva. Abused. Mistreated. Kidnapped. Murder. Arranged marriage. Allies. Attraction. Affection. Desire. Consensual. Acceptance. Happiness. Sadness. Bait. Kidnapped again. Assaulted. Tortured. Wonderful characters and endearing story. Love. HEA. Gripping.

Surprisingly good
Written by AA123 on 4th Jul 2023

The story flows well and is easy to pick up as a standalone, I have not read the previous two books but I got the gist of the other stories. There is a good deal of character development and romance in moderation whilst adding to the backstory. Spelling and grammar errors throughout that need a good editor before it can be published

Written by Anotherdayinparadise on 4th Jul 2023

Alice was given to Dmitry by her husband to save his life. This story had the usual brooding hero, little naive women and a young child. It was a really quick read and enjoyable, it could have been a little more developed character wise, it overall a good read.