Torque by Chacelyn Pierce

Heat Level 3
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Drag and Drift, 2

Rance is thrilled to finally meet his friend's roommate he's been eyeing via social media. One problem, the feeling isn't mutual. Hudson wants nothing to do with him and the street racing world. If Rance is anything, he's tenacious, and he soon realizes that Hudson's attitude is nothing but a shield over his heart. Winning a race is easy but earning Hudson's affection might prove to be the toughest challenge yet.

It's no secret, Hudson Maas doesn't trust easily, and over the years he's created a thick armor over his heart to keep from getting hurt again. It shouldn't matter, Rance isn't his type and no guy in their right mind would want to date him with his disability. Situations soon demand Hudson must trust the one man he shouldn't. However, depending on Rance seems to go a lot further than a ride home.

Be Warned: m/m sex



Hudson raised his chin, ready to meet Rance's gaze head on. He expected to see discrimination, curiosity, or even pity in the depths of his gaze. He had been accustomed to those emotions from people when he had to go out and about. However, Rance's blue-green eyes only held the goodwill and Hudson didn't trust him. He wouldn't trust him.

Rance held out his left hand. "Rance Bartlett." Hudson held out his left hand, making it clear that his right held his cane and had been unavailable for shaking. Rance quickly switched offered palms and Hudson gave him a quick pump and released.

"So I've heard." Hudson made his disinterest obviously clear. Rance's eyebrows rose a little higher before he glanced at Alana. She crossed her arms with a shrug. Rance slipped his hands in his pocket, seeming less intimidating but Hudson wouldn't be fooled. They met, shook hands, now he could leave.

Rance smirked and Hudson tried not to notice the attractive lift of his mouth. "So, Alana tells me you're a software engineer."

"Yes." It didn't dignify a deeper response. To a guy like Rance, Hudson's job wouldn't be exciting, except for the money aspect. Why did he even pretend to care? Rance seemed to be playing nice but Hudson could only image it had to be a front. No sly smile and charm would change his resolve. Guys like Rance weren't attracted to nerds, especially nerds with a permanent limp. Unless they saw a profit. Hudson wouldn't even torture himself into believing he had a chance with Rance. Besides, he isn't my type.Better to nip this strained conversation in the bud and send Rance back to his side of street.

"I know nothing about you, Rance. Well, other than your illegal street hobby. Tell me, do you have a job, a real job?"

"Hudson!" Alana barked out in warning but Hudson was done with whatever charade they were trying to pull.

Rance's eyes hardened in his own defense. "I do have a job, though it doesn't seem like you care one way or another." Rance glanced down at Alana and gave her a side hug. "I'll see you later, Alana. I'd tell you it was a pleasure to meet you, Hudson, but that would be a lie."

Hudson narrowed his eyes as the male turned away a left. He'd offended him. Good. So why didn't he feel like he accomplished something? Perhaps he was too harsh and defensive. The last time a guy like Rance got the upper hand in his life, the worst happened, and he was reminded about it every damn day. Every time he fucking limped.

Alana uncrossed her arms and placed them on her hips. "Hudson, I'm starting to think you're going to be alone the rest of your life."

He started to believe it himself and that revelation seemed to scare him more than the man walking away.

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Hearts on Fire Reviews
Written by undefined on 5th Aug 2013

Chacelyn Pierce’s “Torque” is the second book in the Drag and Drift series, a series featuring drag racers falling in love. They can be read as a standalone because this was my first time reading anything from this author and I was not lost. The story is told from Hudon’s POV. He’s 26, handicapped, a software designer that shares an apartment with his fun loving roommate and prickly. He’s been used in the past and it’s left him with a permanent limp. He’s never had a relationship, sporadic one-night stands and is very defensive. His friend sets up Hudson on a blind date of sorts with Rance, a drag racer with a wealthy background. Rance has also been scoping Hudson’s Facebook account has already fell halfway in love with Hudson’s pictures. Only thing, Hudson knows nothing about this. And have I mentioned he is one prickly sort? He’s a prickly pear but it’s an understandable defense mechanism. The words between Hudson and Rance are rough in the beginning, in fact Huson was mean at times to the modelesque Rance. Rance turns up the charm and the two become closer within the night. Since this pretty much was a one off, I can’t describe the ending as a typical HEA. The two thankfully do not declare insta-love after sleeping together but hint to having those feelings…possibly. I wish the story was longer because it was a pretty interesting set up. The read ended at a satisfying enough spot for me, but I would like to know more. One point that niggled me was Hudson’s assumption that no one would want him for anything other than his money because of his disability. He has a roommate…just how much money does he really have? Who should read? Those looking for MM with interesting enough characters but not an extreme amount of depth. Would I read more from this author? Yes. In fact, I’m curious with reading the first book of the series. The couple makes a brief appearance in this book and they sounded like they would have a cool story. I do applaud the author featuring a main character with a disability. The subject was handled well.

The TBR Pile Reviews
Written by TBR Pile on 16th Jun 2013

Hudson is not happy when his roommate drags him off to a street race on his birthday, and even less happy when he sees the man she announces is perfect for him. His first assumption is that Rance is probably an unemployed, bad boy, adrenaline junkie that would never be seriously interested in a disabled man. However, Hudson is unaware that Rance is really a wealthy business owner blowing off steam by racing on the weekends and already interested in him from talking to Hudson's roommate. This story was a great example of NOT letting first impressions fool you; neither man was exactly what he acted like at first meeting. Hudson's shell melted under Rance's determination, and Alana proved her matchmaking skills were right on target with hooking up these two of her friends. I liked how the very activity Hudson disliked pushed him into Rance's car and forced him to have to give Rance a chance. This was an enjoyable, short read, and does not require having read the first book in the series (that focuses on another couple) to appreciate this one.

Top2Bottom Reviews
Written by T2B Reviews on 15th Jun 2013

Hudson’s been burned by love before, and is now a devout cynic. Rance has a history of being casual with sex, but with Hudson there can be no games. And finding out what’s underneath Hudson’s prickly exterior drives Rance wild with want. This was a hot little story. There was a bit too much telling in the beginning for such a short tale, but it gave some background into the men and their actions. Hudson bears emotional and physical scars from his past romances, and Rance wants to show him that trusting and loving someone are still things Hudson is capable of if he took a chance. A night of watching an illegal street race goes wrong and right with Rance rescuing Hudson from the cops. As they lay low in the wanted car they begin to see there’s more than meets the eye with both men. Perhaps Hudson has hope yet, and maybe Rance is not such a criminal hooligan after all. The seduction Rance puts on is much like a show, and it’s great to watch that cocky smugness work. Hudson may have his doubts, but resisting the tempting man is not in the cards. I liked this story. Yes, I would have loved it had it been longer, giving time for the romance to blossom and for the guys to become more three dimensional. Still, this little piece of work does what it set out to do which is to entertain and titillate. Chacelyn Pierce writes her erotica well. Recommended. It’s not necessary to read the first book in the series, Revved. This story is very much a standalone.