Wickedly Tainted by A.E. Nalle

Heat Level 4
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The Wicked Series, 2

One brutal night in her past changed her life forever. Now, sixteen years later, Jill feels as though she is still stuck in the past as new trauma encompasses every waking and unconscious moment. One strong panic attack and a phone call later, Jill’s already chaotic mind is thrust even further into disarray as Damon Santos enters her life yet again.

The one passionate encounter they had nearly put Jill on her knees. She had wanted to relinquish her tightly coveted control for the first time in years. With his crooked grin, dark eyes, and unique brand of domination, Damon slowly breaks down every wall she has built around herself to show her what it means to be truly healed.

But when her past rears its ugly head she must find the strength within herself to fight back and reclaim her life.

Be Warned: anal sex, bondage, sex toys, violence, sexual assault (backstory), animal abuse (implied)



He shook his head and held out his open hand. I looked at it like it was poisonous before meeting his eyes again. When I didn’t move, he let out a huff of a laugh and grabbed for my wounded hand. His warm, gentle touch made a shiver run up my spine before I snatched my hand back.

“I can take care of this, you don’t need to clean it.”

His eyes hardened again. “Jill, give me your hand,” he demanded coarsely. I glared at him again.

“I said I can take care of it. Seriously, you ca—”

“Do you ever just shut up and let someone take care of you for a change? I said. Give. Me. Your. Hand.” He said each word with a chipped tone.

I felt goose bumps rise on my arms. Nobody ever talked to me the way Damon did. He took charge and didn’t put up with any shit. Honestly, I found it a little refreshing. I also found it infuriating. I rolled my eyes and held my palm out for his inspection.

“Fine, have at it. Could you try to hurry? I would like to be done with this day,” I murmured in an annoyed tone.

I watched him as he carefully looked over my shredded palm. He was surprisingly gentle as he used the tweezers to extract a broken piece of glass from my hand. I took that time to look over his features while he wasn’t looking at me. His long dark-brown curls were mussed like he had run his hand through the soft locks more than once today. I would bet that’s what he did when he was frustrated by something. The silky strands hit right at the top of his shoulders, begging for my fingers to run through them.

He had the cutest little crease between his eyes that spoke of long moments of concentration. His lips were plump and moist. I knew from our last kiss that they were perfect to nibble on as he took his time devouring me. He had the start of a beard growing, unkempt along his sharp jaw. I couldn’t help thinking about how the rough hair would feel rubbing against my inner thighs.

Dangerous territory, Jill, move on. My gaze traveled further up again to look at his deep cocoa eyes surrounded by lashes that most women would kill for. The whole image he made was one of masculine beauty.

He fluttered his eyes up to meet mine as if he knew I was staring at him again. I don’t know what he read on my face but whatever it was had his eyes darkening. I sucked in a breath and tried to pull away my gaze but I couldn’t. I was enchanted. But, he broke the spell by looking away first.

“So, what is it that has made you so jumpy lately?” he asked as he put the tweezers down. “Why haven’t you been sleeping?” He arched an eyebrow before returning his attention to my hand.

After grabbing the rubbing alcohol, he dabbed my palm. I hissed at the burn but didn’t pull out of his hold. I continued to observe him as he cleaned my hand.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because I got shot three months ago, in case you forgot,” I responded, sarcasm dripping from my voice.

He looked up long enough to glare at me “Believe me, I remember,” he scolded in a hard voice before he returned to his task.

I sighed as I continued. “For half my life, I have needed to hold a certain degree of … control. When I got shot, it kind of threw me into a place where I had none. I think I’m just having a hard time getting it back.” It was so hard to explain to people who didn’t understand what it felt like to have no choice in what happened to them. “As for sleep…” I trailed off.

Damon glanced back up to me as I mulled over what to divulge with him. The thought crossed my mind to make him jealous. Tell him I was seeing someone and that’s why I wasn’t sleeping. But one look in his concerned eyes had me telling the truth.


He nodded and resumed examining my palm. “What do you dream about?” he asked.

I snorted before answering as if the answer to his question was obvious. I watched him as he started to bandage my hand. “Things I can’t control,” I murmured.

Now that the blood was all cleaned up, I could see it wasn’t that bad. It would heal in a few days.

When he was done, he looked back up at me. “Why do you need to control every little thing in your life, Red?” I could tell his question was genuine and held no condescension.

Because bad things happen to me when I don’t, I thought to myself.

I didn’t talk about what happened to me with anyone besides Kate and Dr. Yorker. I wasn’t about to share my shame with someone I barely knew. Especially not Damon. For some reason the thought of him knowing about my past made me feel even dirtier and more unlovable than normal. I shook my head and turned my face away from him.

“I just do,” was all I offered as an answer.

He grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him before he leaned in closer to me. His other hand traveled up my thigh and held firm. I licked my dry lips and watched as he followed the movement with his gaze again. I thought for a second he was going to kiss me before he spoke.

“Have you ever thought about giving some control up in a couple of aspects in your life? If you give someone else some of your responsibilities, maybe you wouldn’t feel this way,” he said in an intimate tone that raked across my flesh.

I shivered again and felt my nipples tighten further into aching peaks. I stared at his lips as I answered him. “I don’t know if I could. What aspect are you referring to?” My voice came out far more breathy than I had intended.

He leaned in even further until his lips almost brushed across mine. Both of his hands held me now on the outside of my thighs. Tucked firmly where my legs meet the side of my ass. He squeezed and kneaded, nearly ripping a moan of pleasure from my lips. It had been so long since I had felt someone’s intimate touch.

“When was the last time you didn’t have complete control over your next orgasm?”

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Fantastic book!
Written by Wanda M on 18th Aug 2023

Wickedly Tainted is a fantastic book, that i enjoyed reading on vacation! I thought all the characters played an important roll, it never felt dragged out or too long. Fantastic book!

Wickedly Tainted
Written by Tana M on 18th Aug 2023

This book was the Caroline Reaper of spice. I enjoyed Jill and Damon relationship because he's her safe space. He helped her stand on her own 2 feet and gave her the freedom to just relax which she needed after her tragic past. I struggled reading about her past and what she has tried to run from for 15 years but I am glad she gave herself the forgiveness to move on and find new joy. I will be reading all the other books in this series.

Wickedly Tainted
Written by Michelle C on 16th Apr 2023

Thank you to NetGalley and publisher for the ARC of Wickedly Tainted! The book follows the lofe of Jill, who has had an extremely difficult past filled with soke pretty serious trauma. Definitely a trigger warning for some right from the beginning, but of course it will immediately pull ypu in and have you sympathizing for Jill. However being the extremely intelligent, independent, strong, courageous woman that she becomes because of what has happened, its amazing to see her overcome it and become a successful business woman, despite dealing with her specific ways of coping. Enter Damon to the picture, a detective she has once met before....you will immediately want to know how things go between them from the start. Despite Jill's hesitancy and for good reason, Damon becomes the sexy hero in the story when Jill's oast comes back to haunt her and with a vengeance. If you're looking for all the spice and some very well written BDSM, this book is right up that alley, but do be forewarned of the triggers, as there are definitely quite a few that could easily flood someone sensitive to these topics such as rape, violence, and dominating. Other than that, the book was written extremely well and even though its pretty simple to figure out whats happening, the author does throw in a few twists and keeps you wanting more!

Wickedly Tainted
Written by Erica A on 16th Apr 2023

Some confusion in the beginning but it explains itself out as the book went on.... Pretty good book some crazy steamy scenes... With a scene in there that can trigger some people....

5 Stars
Written by Adrianne N on 16th Apr 2023

The way Jill needs to maintain control in her life, and the anxiety attached to being a survivor is something we carry with us for the rest of our lives. 
This book so far is already quite spicy and I’m really connecting to the FMC. 
I’m getting 50 Shades of Grey vibes mixed with Leah Reynolds. 
(Leah Reynolds mystery novels) At first glance I kind of thought this would just be a good spicy book to settle down with and instead I was met with a character that I instantly loved, and wanted to wrap in cotton wool to keep safe forever. 
Yes, there is steam, haha lots and lots of steam and I loved every page of it! But that’s not all it has, I can honestly say I did NOT see that twist coming toward the end and it had me reading like a speed demon to find out what was going to happen! I am now going hunting for the rest of the books in this series to add to my bookshelves!

Spice spice baby
Written by Book Reviewer J on 7th Apr 2023

Dundududundududun. Spice spice baby. Dundududundududun. This has spice spice baby. “Alright stop, pickup this book and read it.

The book has love, spice, and action
Written by Megan M on 7th Apr 2023

Wickedly Tainted by A. E. Nalle is fully of steamy love scenes between Jill and Damon. However, major trigger warnings for rape and sexual violence, which are a huge focus of the book. Jill is a likeable, strong woman who was raped in college. She has, however, continued to be haunted by it for 16 years. She meets Damon, and he helps her start to heal. I loved their heat and relationship. The book has love, spice, and action. I was entertained by it and enjoyed it. Thank you to the author, Evernight Publishing, and NetGalley for the ebook in exchange for my opinions.

Great books!
Written by Emily M on 7th Apr 2023

After reading the first book I could not wait to see what happened in the next, and wow this one did not disappoint! The spicy scenes kept you on your toes just as much as you wanted to keep reading to see where the book was going. Then when things started being misplaced, left on or moved a thriller part came into the book not knowing what was going on. I was captivated and could not put it down. Now I am very excited for the third book to hear Emily’s story and see where she ends. Great books!

To say that I love this series would be an understatement
Written by Aftan D on 7th Apr 2023

Thank you to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for an ARC of this book. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Spice: 5/5 To say that I love this series would be an understatement. The author has done a phenomenal job weaving stories together while still providing a quick burn, super spicy book with a great plotline. The smut is perfection! Jill is a sassy redhead with a heartbreaking past that has left her walled off from the world and unable to really trust or let people in. In comes Damon, a detective that saves her in more ways than one. Damon refuses to give up on Jill or allow her to push him away. Instead he is understanding, caring, and at the same time shows her that it is ok to let someone take control every now and then. I am absolutely counting down the days until the next book in this series is released! Triggers: Rape, stalking, attempted suicide, PTSD, animal harm

This book!
Written by Cash J on 7th Apr 2023

What can I say, it took me for whirl wind! I enjoyed how it gave a perspective of SA that some people may not understand!! I felt like I was in that book with her , and just wanted to hug her! The spice was right on que! It held the attention! One of the things that happened for me was I did get kinda bored for the “weekend” at his house as it just felt like a whole lot of spice but that was it, I wanted more of what else would they do! But what came next ….. OMMMMMGGGG !!!! It had my heart racing , my thoughts going “ nooo that can’t happened omg !!! “ to my heart so full and happy that the book ended the way it did ! Overall I greatly enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone wanting a good read

Dark & gritty!!
Written by Wendy L on 7th Apr 2023

Sixteen years previously Jill endured a traumatic event, which left her understandably traumatized, unable to trust people, and left her feeling unworthy of being loved. Suffering from panic attacks Jill locks herself into her car and calls police officer Damon to come to her aid. Damon recognizes that Jill needs to relinquish control of some aspects of her life, and he helps her. This is a well written emotional roller coaster, with trauma, truths, acceptance, challenges, twists, friendships, healing, and love, which leads to a steamy and addictive page turner. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

This was a great book with lots of detail
Written by Taylor S on 7th Apr 2023

This was a great book with lots of detail. This was one of the books that I couldn't put down and had to keep reading to know what happened next. I wish the author would have included Baz getting cleaned up and looking less like a homeless guy for Nika because throughout the book, I couldn't quite picture him. Baz's attitude was hilarious at times and I loved his personality of being a good guy while consistently calling himself the bad guy. It wasn't what I normally read but it is something that I will recommend to my friends!

Wickedly Tainted
Written by Yeli L on 27th Mar 2023

Jill and Damon’s story began when they first met in the first book in this series but “Wickedly Tainted” can definitely be read as a stand-alone. Jill is happy being alone especially after the trauma she faced 19 years prior. Despite constantly claiming how okay she is, Damon can see right through her. This book definitely reaches into darker topics involving Jill’s past. I loved how supportive Damon was with Jill and how strong Jill was portrayed. She didn’t let herself become a victim of her past. Thank you to NetGalley for the ebook in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Good read!
Written by Regina K on 27th Mar 2023

Good read! As stated numerous triggers.. not for the faint of heart. How I tragic date can shape the life to come! And how 1 man can help her overcome! Not for under 18 year olds I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

Wickedly Tainted
Written by Rebeka F on 27th Mar 2023

Well written bedroom scenes that make sense with the story. The internal conflict of the FMC was portrayed well. I appreciate the honest showing of trauma survivors. There are some definite content warnings with this one multiple scenes of sexual assault and a graphic scene of rape. There are also several kinks to include Dom, controlling the orgasm, degrading talk and bondage. Overall I would recommend as long as you are okay with the warnings. Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for the chance to give this honest review.

Wickedly Tainted Book 2 of The Wicked Series by A.E. Nalle
Written by TracyaH1976 on 27th Mar 2023

Wickedly Tainted Book 2 of The Wicked Series A.E. Nalle I am so glad Jill got her own book, she needed it, well I needed it. I loved the chemistry, connection and growth in this book. Two very strong characters, Jill and Damon. I loved it. Check Trigger Warnings!

Definitely a spicy book
Written by Amy T on 27th Mar 2023

Definitely a spicy book. I love Damon, but Jill was a little wishy-washy. I understand how her past influenced her. All in all, a good story - I stayed up way too late to finish it. And now I'm ready for Emily.

Fantastic book!
Written by Stephanie M on 27th Mar 2023

Fantastic book! Great storyline and great character development that grabs your attention from the very beginning of the book and doesn't let go until the very last page! The chemistry and spice between the main characters was phenomenal! I need to get my hands on the first book in this series and read it too!

“How hard was it to want someone who wanted to constantly run from you?”
Written by Anij on 27th Mar 2023

Let me start with a serious warning. If you have any triggers this is not the book for you. Jill, the heroine, flashes back to when she was raped in college and in the present still suffers psychological issues because of what happened. Their are also violent scenes later in the book. This is definitely no light read. That being said, Jill and Damon’s love story was pretty great. Jill was still so hurt and traumatized by what happened to her and Damon was exactly what she needed. Damon himself was really wonderful. I liked him even more than Heath from book one. He is the perfect blend of confident dominant and loving patience. Jill is one lucky girl.

Great Book
Written by Jeanne R on 27th Mar 2023

This is the second book I've read written by A.E. Nalle; I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the second book in the Wicked Series; it is a stand-alone book. The story is about Jill & Damon. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Past & Present Equals Future
Written by Beast's Beauty on 27th Mar 2023

Sometimes it takes a visit from the past to make you face the truth of your future by living in the present. Jill was/is traumatized and did everything but face the memory of Jason head on about his raping her and how it stilted her. That is what therapy is suppose to do but it did not...she was in thereapy for 15 years and refused to face the truth..She was not broken but stunted and she needed to get her power back. Enters Damon. He was her fantasy guy and he was all that and then some. Damon not only helped her get her power back but taught her that submission and her body was her to give as a gift....noone had the right to take anything from her..not her body...and especially not her voice. With Damon, she got it all back. Jason on the other had had to rear his ugly head cause he blamed Jill for his life, abandonment of friends and family and the total lost of his life....16 years later and he is still being who he was - simple minded fool not accepting that action has consequesces. I have to say that this book has some serious trigger early on however the therapy and the love is what makes it a worthwhile read. You learn that everyoneis not a simple package and we all have demons that we fight on the daily and sometimes, just sometimes, sharing the load and letting go gets you where you need to be..looking forward to the future while reconciling the past living in the present.

Great dark read!
Written by Ash J on 27th Mar 2023

This was an awesome story that did get a little dark. I liked how it contained past abuse and situations that continued to affect the character in her present life. Really steamy and I loved the BDSM elements. Can't wait for author's next read!

Written by Mulan on 27th Mar 2023

I really felt for Jill as her life was changed in so many ways so many times. Luckily she has great friends who support her wholeheartedly. I thought she and Damon had such great chemistry together and that Damon is such a total sweetheart. There was an added element of suspense in this story which made made it entertaining and wanting to know what happens.

Wickedly Tainted
Written by Stacii on 27th Mar 2023

This is Jill and Damon’s story that you met in book one, Wickedly Trapped. She had some horrible things happen to her and she built a wall and doesn’t let people to close. But with Damon he will help her thru her traumatic experiences. He is a good blend of patient/don’t take no bull, kind/no push-over, protective/not controlling and with him she feels her walls falling and herself falling for him. But when her past shows back up, he doesn’t stand a chance with Jill and Damon together

Written by amy b on 27th Mar 2023

This one was a lot for me. I really enjoyed it and it had a lot going. An interesting story. A great author

Darkness and turmoil
Written by RahiaLeight on 27th Mar 2023

This is one of those moments where I would tell folks - if you need trigger warnings, this probably isn't the tale you want to read. There are some deeply dark and descriptive moments that are hard to get through even if you don't need the trigger warnings. This is one tough chick, though, and her willingness to fight against the evil that stole her innocence is inspiring.

Deliciously dirty and dark
Written by Caroline B on 27th Mar 2023

I was completely immersed from the very beginning and couldn't put it down! But make sure you read with caution and check warnings. Damon is the perfect balance between rough/dirty and sweet/protective. Jill is a strong woman with a dark past. There's plenty of suspense, drama, passion, honesty and more throughout. Enjoy this compelling page turner!

if your looking for something spicy then this book is definitely for you!
Written by marie w on 27th Mar 2023

make sure you check the content warnings before reading!! i was so excited to read this book after reading the first and it definitely lived up to my expectations! i loved jill since the first book and this book made me love her even more. i’ve absolutely loved getting to read about her development as growth especially with the help of damon. the spice in this book was amazing! i love the balance between spice and plot in this book and the writing was also so good. if your looking for something spicy then this book is definitely for you! i cannot wait for the third book in series!

Great read!
Written by Jamee h on 27th Mar 2023

This was definitely a page Turner with lots of action and romance. I absolutely loved both characters. I would definitely recommend reading this.

Written by Ann L on 27th Mar 2023

Wow, this is such an exciting story, full of drama and charismatic characters, the words just flowed, it drew me from the first page. Awesome.

Written by KReads Books on 27th Mar 2023

Wow! I was intrigued by the vague blurb about the story and am glad I went in blind- the story and characters sucked me in and kept me feeling all the feels! Would recommend for readers who want a darker romance without it being too crazy

Written by Amd2662 on 27th Mar 2023

Jill/Damon. Publisher/Detective. Past sexual assault. Traumatized. OCD. Prickly. Casual. Attraction. Affection. Acceptance. Happiness. Sadness. Desire. Wonderful characters and endearing story.

I was locked into this book the moment I started it
Written by Krystal B on 27th Mar 2023

I was locked into this book the moment I started it. I automatically loved Jill and Damon. There was Lots of spice and romance. and it wasn’t rushed at all it. The whole time reading I was trying to guess the ending, thinking it would be predictable. But, once I got to the end I was proven wrong. It was not predictable and it was a great ending. Definitely a new favorite of mine. I will say there should be some trigger warnings for people wanting to read the book.

Wickedly Tainted
Written by Makeen on 5th Mar 2023

Jill has made a visually successful life for herself but in reality she is lonely, scared, and unfulfilled. Damon sees her and is unrelenting in his efforts towards helping her face her demons. Together they have a scorchingly hot sexual relationship that threatens to bring her into the possibility of deserving a relationship and love. She is strong and he is passionate but her past trauma is a huge obstacle and has not been eliminated. The plot, dialogue, and settings are complex and build their relationship into something that promises a beautiful future if they can fight their way through danger. This was so dang good and even better when previous characters were included!!

Wickedly Tainted!
Written by Mary on 5th Mar 2023

After reading "Wickedly Trapped" I was so eager for this story. It did not disappoint at all. The story is a stand alone read with connected characters. The story is about Jill and Damon. She has a tragic past that prevents her from moving forward. Damon is a detective who could not get Jill out of his mind. He wanted so bad to be with her; if she would only let him. These two are combustible! I love how their story develops and love the characters. Such a good story from beginning to end.

Written by Abooknut on 5th Mar 2023

Poor Jill really has had a bad past, and her anger over her bad luck with men and life is quite apparent. I really liked Damon and his attitude to life. He really cares for Jill, even when she fights him tooth and nail for it. Their interactions are pretty funny (and hot as hell) as they start to get closer. Can he take care of her though and give her the strength to be strong in her life? While this book was intense, it was quite an emotionally driven, heartwarming read.

Jill and Damon
Written by Heather7170 on 5th Mar 2023

Action packed and smokin hot story. This books full of suspense. Jill has got to be made of strong stuff. She has had a rough go of life for 16 years. She feels like she will never have a life to live without rules and structure. Every moment is planned and controlled. Since all control was taken from her by various men she refuses to relinquish control until Damon. Will he be able to protect her and keep her safe from the boogeyman from her past?

Strong and deep story!
Written by Diana A on 5th Mar 2023

I really enjoy this story, all the deep themes were written really good with the enough amount of anxiousness and respect. The couple was perfect, with so much chemistry and fire! I started with this book and now I need to read the first one in this series, is a standalone but I have to know.

Very well written--loved how this book evolved
Written by Andrea R on 5th Mar 2023

I do understand that this subject matter is not for everyone. But as I have no issues with triggers I was able to read this and really get into the storyline. I loved how the love and connection developed and also showed how someone if they allow themselves healing that it can happen.

This was such a great story about a woman who has had tragedy and triumph
Written by JudyCh on 5th Mar 2023

This story was tragic and this poor woman had so much bad in her life, but when she meets a dominant detective who is determined to win her and break down those walls she has put up, however, she must first deal with another tragedy before she can get her her happiness.

Come along this wild ride with me.
Written by Daleina W on 5th Mar 2023

Sixteen years ago, Jill had the worst night of her life. Coming back from it and finding herself has not been an easy path by any means. Not to mention, Damon, the man who helped to save her life, has found his way into her life. Currently, Jill is fighting her very real attraction to Damon because of her past. Will she be able to find some peace and accept who she is? When I say this book was SPICY, the first consensual explicit scene was easily a 4 on my chili pepper scale. I loved the dynamic between Jill and Damon in the bedroom. It was just so good, I didn't want it to end. I was drawn in after the first third and was addicted. Nalle's writing style was really authentic in my opinion. The story left me raw emotionally and craving more. Not many books have the plot to back up this amount of spice so kudos for that alone. I will be back tracking to read the first book! My ONLY complaint is that I was completely lost for the first quarter of the book since I was unaware this was an interconnected series. It is pretty important to read the first book in the Wicked Series in order to have access to Jill and Damon's first encounter. So reader beware, I made myself a little nuts thinking I missed something somewhere.

The spice was delish!
Written by Harper A on 5th Mar 2023

First of all, this book had sprinkles of all my favorite tropes and kinks throughout and I absolutely loved that. I’m talking praise, dominance, grumpy/sunshine, and the spice was delish! The FMC (Jill) was relatable and easy to connect with. I enjoyed the focus on her growth as a person and the highlights on her mental health. The MC (Damon) was freaking HOT. He’s one of those main men that leave you wishing on every single shooting star that he might be real. I loved everything about him and his dynamic with Jill. Read the trigger warnings, but definitely recommend this one.

The Wicked Series
Written by Danee on 5th Mar 2023

A great story and just like the first book you are now stuck with your story. Great characters and strong storyline. All I can say is go read this book it is worth it.

intense doesn't cover it......
Written by Pauli on 5th Mar 2023

Loved the story. Even thought the start of it is heavy, and the romantic antics are at record heights, the mystery and anticipation thread runs in the foreground the whole time. Very good and repeatable read! Can't wait for the next one.

Written by Marla M on 5th Mar 2023

Don't have any expectation with the book cause its the first time for me to read an A.E Nalle book and this never disappoints. Would recommend this book to my friends.

Super spicy book!
Written by Mel B on 5th Mar 2023

Super spicy book! Jill and detective Damon has excellent chemistry! I’m happy Jill got her own book! I enjoyed it a little more than Wickedly trapped!

This book had it all
Written by Desiree E on 5th Mar 2023

This book had it all for me and that was it. I had to read this to see what it was all about. I was not disappointed and enjoyed the content. Enjoyed this book. I want to find more of her books.

This was a good book
Written by Jessica A on 5th Mar 2023

This was a good book. It had elements of suspense which kept me going, and I enjoyed reading it. Thank you to the publisher, I would definitely read another book by A.E. Nalle in the future.

Wicked Series!!!
Written by Amy J on 5th Mar 2023

Loved reading Wickedly Tainted. Once I started this book I couldn’t put it down. The chemistry between Jill and Damon was super HOT!!! Awesome book!!

5 Stars
Written by Mary K on 5th Mar 2023

Jill had been brutally assaulted sixteen years earlier. The guy got put away in prison but it hasn't been easy to get her life back on track. Now with panic attacks and an emotional wall that keeps most people away, she isn't doing great. One night she finds her window broke, locks herself in her car and while having a panic attack calls Damon for help. But he finds her after she's fainted. Thinking that she needs medical help, he breaks the car window and gets her out and when she explains what actually happened he helps her through the panic and goes to check out the window. She has feelings for him but doesn't want to let him get too close. But the pull between them is strong. He wants to get to know her but she just wants a one night stand to get him out of her system. One night isn't going to be enough for either of them though. Damon is a cop so she seemed to feel safer with him because of that. But she's also taking self defense classes and she's pretty good at it. Damon has a bit of a kinky side which really made this one spicy read, not that I'm complaining. I really liked him. He just wanted to help her through her panic attacks, get to know her more, spend more time with her so she would finally let him in and stop pushing him away. He was very patient with her. Gosh, I just loved him. I can completely understand Jill being a mess after what's she's gone through and the assault is just one thing that happened. When things start moving around her apartment and her cat goes missing she thinks she might be going a little crazy. The nightmares aren't helping at all either. But what is actually happening is much worse. While this isn't my usual type of book, I really enjoyed this a lot. I would say that if talk of SA or assault triggers you at all, this might not be the book for you. Disclosure: I was given an e-ARC of this book via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The ideal book boyfriend!
Written by Kristin B on 17th Feb 2023

I wanna start this review off with this book should come with trigger warnings as it deals with SA, assault, and mentions of suicide. I loved this book and really resonated with the FMC Jill. The way the author was able to talk about how Jill dealt with the after math of the assault not just right after but even years later was what I loved the most. Jill spiraling and then need absolute control in her life is relatable and true, when your choices are taken from you in the worst way possible you crave the control. The author did a phenomenal job of portraying different forms of anxiety from Jill’s over active mind to the impending dread feeling like the weight of world is sitting in your chest and then to what most people think of when they think of anxiety attacks. It was a great representation of how anxiety and panic attacks come in all different forms. Now about Damon! I loved him he is the ideal book boyfriend! He is caring, kind, and let’s not forget drop dead gorgeous but he has that bad boy side that lets be honest a little part of all us women crave. The way Damon saw past all Jills walls she tried to hide behind and he just knocked them down. Watching Jill start to heal was amazing I think Damon played a big part but I think it’s only because he was able to finally get her to see that she was worthy, that what happened to her was not her fault and did not taint her. As someone who has been in Jill’s shoes before the author gives the reminder that your past doesn’t have to define you and that you are still worthy enough to find love.

Oh my!! This book was so….dark, hot and steamy
Written by Sarah ES on 17th Feb 2023

Wow, what a book!!!! This book has everything from darkness and pain to the sweet spicy pleasure of love and steamy dominant love making. After reading this very intense book, all I can think about is where can I get me a Damon for myself!!!! Talk about a super hot, super delicious, and super dominant man I wouldn’t mind in my bedroom!! The characters were amazing the world building was superb, and the twist at the end was done very well. Great job

10 out of 10 recommend!
Written by Emma S on 17th Feb 2023

“Being scared just means that you’re going after something worth losing. Being afraid doesn’t mean you’re weak, babe. It means you’re strong enough to fight for yourself, for your happiness.” Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher for my advanced readers copy of Wickedly Tainted. TW: rape, attempted suicide, PTSD The spice in this book was so hot. 10 out of 10 recommend! But besides the spice though, I really liked the plot. I liked the focus on our main character, Jill’s mental health. The story that went along with it and seeing Jill grow as a person was very nice. This book was hot and steamy, but I really liked the care that Jill and Damon showed towards each other. If you want a book that’s hot, but still romantic I would definitely check this one out!

Hello Detective Damon!
Written by SachaBW on 17th Feb 2023

The opening of this book is, quite frankly, shocking and certainly could be a huge trigger for some, having said that it is so brilliantly written that it should be introduced to college party goers as required reading. It is a salutary tale of what happens when alcohol takes over and you're vulnerable and youthfully invincible (or so you think). There but for the grace of god, go many. Jill our heroine survives 2 huge traumas (no spoilers here) and the author has portrayed her character in such an human, empathetic way she felt very real to me. So much so, I cried for her, laughed with her and hell rooted totally for her! Enter Detective Damon and I feared my Kindle would combust. This Hispanic hunk of perfect male with his dominant yet romantic charm lit a bonfire under Jill - and me too! Ooohhh ! Damon dirty Damon. Please send me a Damon for my birthday.... The steam is off the charts and just what my girl Jill needs. Me too if I'm honest! Sorry about this I'm a little in love with him... The plot has plenty of angst (and steam.... ye gods the steam!) and the reader probably has a clearer picture of what potentially may be happening than Jill and Damon and our worst fears are confirmed. A thoroughly readable well written book, with delicious characters. My only small issue hence 4 not 5 stars is is the rather hurried ending, but no matter. I look forward to reading about Emily - a minor character in this book - who will have her own tale next. WELL Worth the read.

Good plot and plenty of spice
Written by Katelyn D on 17th Feb 2023

Good plot and plenty of spice. This was a quick read and the story line had a good pace. The author had a style of writing which I enjoyed reading and I would read more of their work in the future.

I highly recommend this book
Written by Cindy V on 17th Feb 2023

I think I liked this second book in the series, even better than the first. It's super hot, even though it's not an RH like the first. Jill is barely surviving, her trauma from 16 years ago is still affecting her life and she has destructive behaviors and struggles with relationships. She met Detective Damon in the last book, after she was shot which is also affecting her. Damon doesn't give up on her and knows that Jill belongs with him. There is some suspense and a bit of action and a ton of spice with an interesting plot and engaging characters, I highly recommend this book.

5 Stars
Written by Mierfie M on 17th Feb 2023

This is the 2nd book of The Wicked series, it can be read as stand alone. The first book was hottt even i not fans of reserve harem, the second book about Kate best friend, Jill. Jill is a survivor, what happend 16 years ago still haunted her live. Detective Damon really irk Jill, first meet they already bickering but the tension flying high. They meet again and again in different circumstances, Jill past still trigger her trauma but she let Damon in. The sex scene still hot including spanish language and dominate her. Damon able to crumb Jill walls but Jill still feel dirty, used up, ruined, stained, tainted. Oh my god even it is her trauma talking, i cry for Jill, i feel sory for her. I glad Jill meet Damon who still love her the way she is, who begging to let he love her. Thank you to NetGalley for provide this book, it is pleasure to review this book. #WickedlyTainted #TheWicked #AENalle #EvernightPublishing #NetGalley #ARC

Wickedly Tainted
Written by Kristin B on 12th Feb 2023

I wanna start this review off with this book should come with trigger warnings as it deals with SA, assault, and mentions of suicide. I loved this book and really resonated with the FMC Jill. The way the author was able to talk about how Jill dealt with the after math of the assault not just right after but even years later was what I loved the most. Jill spiraling and then need absolute control in her life is relatable and true, when your choices are taken from you in the worst way possible you crave the control. The author did a phenomenal job of portraying different forms of anxiety from Jill’s over active mind to the impending dread feeling like the weight of world is sitting in your chest and then to what most people think of when they think of anxiety attacks. It was a great representation of how anxiety and panic attacks come in all different forms. Now about Damon! I loved him he is the ideal book boyfriend! He is caring, kind, and let’s not forget drop dead gorgeous but he has that bad boy side that lets be honest a little part of all us women crave. The way Damon saw past all Jills walls she tried to hide behind and he just knocked them down. Watching Jill start to heal was amazing I think Damon played a big part but I think it’s only because he was able to finally get her to see that she was worthy, that what happened to her was not her fault and did not taint her. As someone who has been in Jill’s shoes before the author gives the reminder that your past doesn’t have to define you and that you are still worthy enough to find love.

Super Steamy Romantic Mystery/Suspense
Written by Christina W on 12th Feb 2023

This is a Super Steamy Romantic Mystery/Suspense. I am going to start off by saying please check the triggers in this book if you get triggered by books because there are several things that could trigger you in this book. I love the connection between the two main characters. The romance in this book is super fast moving, and the romance is mostly just one big steamy time. The mystery in this book is what I really loved about this book, and I love the characters in it. The ending was just so great. I received an ARC of this book. This review is my own honest opinion about the book like all my reviews are.

Highly recommend
Written by Brandi D on 12th Feb 2023

The 2nd book in The Wicked series did not disappoint. I absolutely enjoyed this book so much. The characters were both genuine people who were easy to fall for. I was heartbroken for the things Jill had experienced in her past. Was she perfect, of course not which is why I loved her because real people have flaws and pasts. She struggled but she was truly one of the strongest female characters I've read about here lately. I loved her redheaded temper and sass. Then we have the detective Damon. A Latino hunk who only wanted to show Jill she was deserving of love. Their relationship was a roller-coaster that you just couldn't put the book down for. I absolutely can not what for the next book in the series. I highly recommend this book and book one.

5 stars, must read
Written by Allison R on 12th Feb 2023

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. Jill is a college girl secure in herself when a horrible tragedy changes the course of her life. Fast forward a few few years and she’s trying hard to regain her control after another scary situation and while most aspects of her life seem to be disciplined and somewhat “normal” her interaction with sexy cop Damon keeps throwing her off kilter. Luckily Damon is patient and able to support Jill while showing her that life doesn’t always need to be so regimented and giving up some off her tight control to him might actually be what she’s been searching for. This book is scorching hot, like red hot, that steam was coming from my Kindle. The relationship between Jill and Damon was amazing. Both are strong characters in their own right but each has a soft side that has you rooting for them. There is some tough subjects that are touched upon, especially early on in the book, so buyer beware, but the author does an amazing job of showing the strength and fortitude of the characters. This steamy book also has a bit of a suspenseful twist that may have you sleeping with the lights on, or maybe that’s just me. The friends of Jill are equally amazing and I can’t wait to hear their stories. This seems to be book two in a series. I have not yet read book one, although I’m adding it to my list, and was still able to enjoy this book so don’t worry if you’re new to this crowd of friends too, although reading it in order would probably make some things a bit clearer. I highly recommend this book. 5 stars, must read. I voluntarily read and reviewed an arc copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Don’t skip on this!
Written by Stacey O on 12th Feb 2023

I loved this book! First off there are a lot of trigger warnings so be warned. But, Jill and Damon are hot! This book is

Well this was super fun and sexy read!
Written by Celeste H on 12th Feb 2023

Well this was super fun and sexy read! I was a little nervous reading her back story, and this author handled it perfectly for me, the situation was written with the right amount of severity and emotion, you felt her trauma in its depth but without the dirty feeling that can be picked up by the reader. And I’m so glad I read this, I absolutely loved the story, her self strength was great to see her growth and their relationship evolve. I truly enjoyed this author and their writing style, I will definitely be looking for more work they have done and will do.

Wickedly Tainted has everything
Written by Mary D on 12th Feb 2023

Wickedly Tainted has everything. The feels- check. The drama-check. The action-check. The smut-Double fucking check. This novel was an experience. The Novel As A Whole: I'm so completely baffled by my reaction to this novel. The upheaval of emotions I've gone through in a short time has left me off balance. A part of me feels like I'm being dramatic, but my hands are shaking, and my heart is rattled, which tells me I'm not. When I stated that this novel was an experience, I genuinely meant that. It took me so much longer than usual to finish reading Wickedly Tainted because I've never identified with a piece of literature more than I have this one. The Characters: Jill has been through a lot. The novel realistically portrays her trauma, and her battle with self-worth is commendable. I liked that she was a hard ass, and you had to work to earn her affection. I wanted to hold her, fight for her, and at moments knock some sense into her. Damon was well hot as fuck, for one, but he also had a heart of gold to accompany that filthy mouth. I don't particularly enjoy reading cops in romance, but Damon is so far removed from his job I completely forgot he owned a badge. He's assertive one minute than softer than a teddy bear the next. It makes for a heavy combination. In conclusion Wickedly Tainted was Wickedly good and I can't wait for the authors next installment of this series.

Written by Gretchen V on 12th Feb 2023

This book needed trigger warnings at the beginning for graphic assault and for animal death and shooting. And either I missed something or Kate and Lindsey were introduced out of nowhere. Either way I really enjoyed this book! Right off the bat I loved Jill’s opinionated and headstrong personality and I enjoyed seeing her dynamic with all of her loved ones and even her therapist who was gentle yet firm in her interactions with Jill. Loved the discussion on rape culture and victim blaming as well. And the poly rep! Yes! I felt like all of these characters were very real and flawed. They felt like real people to me which is very important especially when a book deals with such heavy topics. The smut was scorching hot and extremely creative- Damon is so sexy and so caring. A perfect Dom/Top! This book ticked off most of my kink boxes and it had heart where it needed to. Fantastic!

intense doesn't cover it......
Written by Pauli on 12th Feb 2023

Loved the story. Even thought the start of it is heavy, and the romantic antics are at record heights, the mystery and anticipation thread runs in the foreground the whole time. Very good and repeatable read! Can't wait for the next one.

I really enjoyed this book.
Written by AshleyW on 12th Feb 2023

Lots of spice, romance, & some very loveable characters! Throughout the book I thought I had the book & ending figured out. I didn't......and was pleasantly surprised by the twists and turns it took and loved how it ended. I will say, there were parts of the book where I thought the main character should have gotten her life together and made better decisions sooner, however with her backstory, I get it. I also maybe think there should be a trigger warning(s) somewhere, if there isn't one. Other than that, love this book and would absolutely recommend!

Jill & Damon
Written by Susan_C on 12th Feb 2023

When Jill is raped in college this changes her whole life. Moving forward years she has learned to process and live her new normal (for her). Jill meets Damon when he is assigned as the detective who helped her friend Kate’s case. Jill hasn’t let anyone have control of any aspect of her life since the rape or had any type of relationships. There is attraction with Damon but he wants all of Jill or nothing at all. Years later strange things start happening that is making her feel like she is crazy. It’s really her past, Jason, coming back for her. I was confused about the cat! If my cat went missing I would immediately be concerned but I felt like she didn’t care too much. Overall it was a good and spicy story. I enjoyed reading Jill and Damon story. Stop and no really need no additional explanation!!!

Written by JJ on 12th Feb 2023

Jill is a survivor who tells you her story with all she has. She is any of us. Young and reckless, feels unloved and needs something to fill the void. Her life changes but she proves to be strong, a fighter and that she is worthy of more than her self doubts. Damon is her knight and let's her see the light at the end of all the dark she endured. This story has moments of heart, hope, peace of body and mind, rising above the ashes, twists, steamy scenes, incredible friendships and you might not feel it but there are people who care and love you. I received an ARC for an honest and voluntarily review.