Black Abaddon by Sasha Hibbs

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Vulcan Legacies, 2

Ally Watson struggles to live with the choices she made, the worst of which resulted in her soul mate's death. Michael’s sacrifice to save the girl he loved may have reversed the Apocalypse, but not the permanent damage inflicted by living with his loss.  

Ally begins a journey where she soon discovers that death is not always the end, but sometimes the very beginning. With old friends, she journeys to the Nosferatu Nation where she meets with new alliances willing to help her in her quest to defeat the Devourer.  At every turn, Ally unearths secrets that threaten to destroy those she loves.

The second installment of The Vulcan Legacies series will put Ally to the ultimate test, forcing her to face her fears and the true destiny she will fulfill as Azrael, the Seraph of Death. 

14+ for brief language and adult situations



The door swung open as a familiar voice said, “Come on out, child.”

That voice. It triggered a memory. That tune. A mix of Southern soul drifting through metal reeds. She recognized it.

Stepping out onto the porch, she glanced over at the man relaxing in Grandma Blackwell’s rocking chair.

“You…” Ally said in a whisper as she stared at the old man, the same one from Lou’s House of Blues.

At once Miss Elma came running up the stairs, skidding to a stop at the old man’s feet.

“Miss Elma! It’s good to see you again, girl,” he said, his fingers gliding through her black fur. “Guards from the Gates, such loyal beings.”  

“Who are you?” Ally asked.

“I am what I am,’ he said, his gaze sliding over and resting directly on Ally.

Ally jumped. There were no irises, only pools of blazing white fire where eyes should have been. “You were the man from Brunswick, at the bar. Why are you here? What are you?” A torrent of questions spilled from her mouth. She looked at the old man, his aged features covering up what lay under his skin.

“His blood cried out to me. The balance has shifted,” he said, his voice now a deep baritone.

Ally fell, her face down, nose to the porch. She trembled. “Are you the Authority?”

“My dear child, lift your eyes to mine. Do not be afraid,” he said.

Ally lifted her head. She felt a warm wet trickle at the corner of her mouth. She brushed her finger over her bottom lip. She stared down at her finger, its tip smeared with a trace of blood.

“I’m dying,” Ally said, slowly standing erect.

The Authority stood, the porch creaking under his weight. “You are Death, dear child. You simply are going through the seasons of your life.”

Ally wanted to ask so many things. This was the Authority. Although he told her not to be afraid, she was, but in a great and powerful way. It was euphoric and frightening at the same time to be in his presence.

The Authority stepped off the porch, Miss Elma behind him. He placed his hands behind his back, as though in thought. He looked out into the distance.

“I am my word and my word is absolute. My existence is without beginning and end. I have watched my children rise and fall in silence. I have had great ages to reflect on creation, what I have created,” he said. The Authority turned to face Ally and said, “Walk with me, child.”

Ally descended the steps and stopped at his side.

“I love every season. Each has its own splendor to offer,” the Authority said, taking small strides, Miss Elma padding beside him. They walked to the gravel road in front of Michael’s house. Ally followed beside him in silence.

“Summer is ending. How I love the warmth, the forest bursting with life, the creeks flowing in abundance. But soon it fades into autumn, and the colors of the earth rise high into the trees, the brightest hues going out in a glory of orange and red. As the color fades, cold begins to settle in. Winter brings ice and snow and takes away all that is green and alive to the outward eye.” The Authority continued walking. He brushed the tips of his fingers along Ally’s arm then shoved his hand back into his pocket.

Starting at Ally’s wrist, where the Authority touched her, the black lines lit up, racing up her arms, her torso, her neck. She gasped. It was like at the twins’ house, but more pronounced.

“What is the season of your life?” the Authority asked, halting.

Ally stopped beside him. Looking up, Ally noticed they traveled to His Eternal Garden, the cemetery Michael was buried in.

“I don’t know,” Ally whispered, a million thoughts racing through her mind. 

“Many would say winter is the worst season. It’s cold, all life frozen, the ground hard like rock. But after the bitter cold has passed, life emerges anew. The yellowest daffodils bursting through its icy predecessor reminds us that even after death, life will spring forth and continue on. That is your season: winter,” the Authority said.

“Winter? I’m at the end?” Ally asked.

The Authority laughed, his voice warm, amused. “No, dear child. You’ve not cycled to spring yet. You are like winter: icy and frozen, life lying dormant under your skin.”

“I chose wrong. Michael’s dead. The Devourer is here, on Earth. I beg your forgiveness, but why me? How will I stop the Apocalypse? I couldn’t even keep Michael alive and all I had to do was choose him,” Ally said, her gaze leaving the white light tracing around her body to look at the Authority.

The Authority waved his hand, the gate to His Eternal Garden swinging open. “I can see into your heart. No secrets, thoughts, emotions are hidden from me. I am all-seeing,” the Authority said, walking through the cemetery gate. “Your heart chose Michael, that is what I see. My most treasured gifts to the world: faith, hope, and love, are also the most powerful weapons.”

Ally wanted to ask so many things. But the Authority already knew, he said as much. She continued to listen, shocked to even be in his presence and stunned at him choosing to reveal himself to her. There must be some purpose behind his encounter and hidden meaning to his words. But what?

“I made Seraphs in my image, my true image. The Devourer once was the brightest Morning Star in all of the Gates. I loved him dearly as a father would, my heart swelling with pride and delight. I didn’t want to see the greed and lust for power growing in his heart. I had hoped, rather than believe his thirst for my throne would pass. But it did not,” the Authority said. Ally could hear the pain of the past in his voice. 

“Why not stop him before he tried to take your throne?” Ally asked, the question slipping out of her mouth, instantly wishing she hadn’t asked, for fear of provoking his wrath.

If the Authority was angry, he restrained himself. He opened his palm, a white light shining out like a beacon. “A father teaches his children all that is right and good and when the time comes, they stand back, watching in the shadows, hoping they imparted enough wisdom that their children make the right choices. I did no less for the Devourer. I gave him free will, like all my children, and waited until the last moment to wreak punishment on him for his sins, and then he was cast into darkness, his light going out.” The Authority closed his palm, the light extinguished.

“I am sorry for letting you down,” Ally said. She thought briefly what a mundane, childish thing to say to a being that deserved prettier words than she could muster, but she was sorry, for everything she did.

“Michael’s sacrifice halted the Devourer’s ability to utilize your capabilities as Death. He wanted the blaxxmith army Samyaza created. If you remember, I promised Vulcan this would come to pass should you fail, and I am my word,” the Authority said, his white gaze burning into Ally.

“Yes,” Ally said, her knees trembling.

“A trade off exists much like a balance. And he has traded, in order to gain something more powerful,” the Authority said, his voice steady and calm.

“What did he trade?” Ally asked, her voice faint.

“Suffice it to say that he had to relinquish an innocent in order to trade off for the Hell Hounds Samyaza imprisoned long ago with the Devourer.”

“Who? The blaxxmiths?” Ally asked. She could understand the offspring of Vulcan and the Gypsies—they were by all rights blameless for who and what they were. The Devourer had no other innocent in his possession. All who had struck a bargain with him forfeited their soul.

“No. The blaxxmiths will still play their role as I promised millennia ago. But your mother, my sweet Seraph of Faith, had the foresight to see your path and weaved a delicate balance of her own. Her last words to me before being sent out into the world were to have faith in what I created. I do so now by showing myself to you.”

“I don’t understand,” Ally said. She remained still sure that one lift of his finger could easily kill her. Ally was afraid of non-existence and longing for it at the same time. She felt small and weak in front of him.  

“You were given Vulcan’s fire, wings from the Gates, immortality and you wanted none of them. Now they are gone, you want them back,” the Authority said. “Those were gifts. And they were taken as a consequence of your decision to maintain the balance.” He stopped at Michael’s grave. Ally looked down at her terrible mistake; it had been covered up by six feet of dirt.

“Remember, you are in the winter of your life. You must learn to forgive and it must come from within. I will not give your gifts back. That is for another to decide. For where there is life, there is death. Where there is death there is destruction. Where there is destruction, new life will rise up to replace what was taken,” the Authority said. He waved his hand over Michael’s grave, big stalks of black amaranth springing up.

“I want to make it right. I want to save my friends. I’m so sorry…”

“Remember this, home is where the heart is,” the Authority turned to face her. He lifted his hand and rested his palm against her dreamcatcher.

A white light burst out from it so bright she had to close her eyes. She clutched onto the black feather for fear it would incinerate against the hot wind blowing up against her. Miss Elma let out a howl.

“I have commanded time to stand still. When you open your eyes, time will resume. You will be with your companions. I will not show myself again and it will be as though I never did. You will remain silent and tell no one I showed myself to you. Keep me in your heart and let your winter pass,” he said. His voice began to fade.

“No, wait!” Ally said, opening her eyes.

“For what? We’re here,” Brandi said.

Ally looked around. Dave was glued to Lucy’s side. Uncle Argyle and Parthenia were to her left, looks of confusion on their face.

“Where are we?” Ally asked.

Beside Elizabeth, Jessica raised an eyebrow. Eli and the High Sons were standing by gates that stretched so high, Ally couldn’t see their peaks in the darkness. Mariah and her guards went through the creaking gates first.

“The Nosferatu Nation,” Belle Crow said, the Ravenscraft sisters behind her. 



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Epic Tale that leaves the reader speechless
Written by Tipsy-Ink on 7th Aug 2015

I am without a doubt absolutely speechless. The book was just that good! FIRST, before I go on... let me say that this review was a loooonnggg time coming but due to a series of unforeseen events and an ever growing list of reviews that needed to be posted by a certain date and lots of paperbacks that were sent my way before this novel, I was left with no other option but to bid my time. I've been anxious to read it and it along with one other book has been sitting on the dresser right next to my desk for months. And I do mean months. So I apologize to not only you guys who read my reviews but to the ever talented Ms. Hibbs. Now without further ado by review. The story picks up literally right where the last one ended. With a heartbroken Ally and thrusts you right back into to the tearful and unfair world that this ensemble has to endure. Its an emotional roller coaster full of surprises and couple of unfortunate mishaps and a lots of tugging at the heart strings... but this book is GOLDEN. Its a relatively short read and didn't take me as long (even tho they are roughly the same length) as the first to get through. But I believe that had more to do with my unwillingness to put the book down. The cover is as you can see very similar to the first but a hell of a lot darker which fits the mood of this book, and from what I gather a reoccurring theme to the series. I happen to love when a series does that so kudos! Also, its worth noting that while the first book is packed with details and a bit on the slow side this books was mostly fast paced and in your face. (rhyme not intended) there was a lot of I knew it moments but the were woven into the story so beautifully. I especially enjoyed the importance of the name of this book and it was a foreshadowing of whats to come. I had only one major peeve about this book, one that I unfortunately can't share as its a major spoiler but I'm extremely anxious to read book 3, following a completely different main character than the first 2 but one that is just as important. And of course I am more than eager to get my hands on what I can only assume will be the fourth as the ending of this books proves there is a lot more left to come for our heroine and her friends.

Give Me More!
Written by Rachel @ The Rest Is Still Unwritten on 7th Aug 2015

Black Abaddon is the second book in the Vulcan Legacies series by Sasha Hibbs and is in my opinion even better than the first! Rife in danger and darkness, Black Abaddon is an addictive and heart pounding story with more shocking twists than you’ll know what to do with! I have to say, Black Abaddon blew me away and I thoroughly enjoyed this book; more so than even the first instalment! Black Amaranth was a lot about learning about the world and meeting the characters. Hibbs focused a lot about introducing her beings and the histories of the characters, whereas in Black Abaddon, we’re forced to witness the evolution of some of the characters as the storyline steadily progressed. At this point in time I really feel like I know the characters and Hibbs only enhances this as she writes some big developments into her storyline involving our main character Ally and those around her. Personally I really like all the characters in this book, admittedly some more than others, but regardless I think each brings something very different but intense to the character dynamic within the story. The differences between all the characters, from their species to their personalities, to their relationships, are something I find very interesting in this series. Everyone from our main character Ally to Jessica, Dave, Eli, Lucy, Brandi, Uncle Argyle, Parthenia, Elizabeth, the gypsies, the Nashoba and especially Marik in Black Abaddon all managed to have an effect on me; I’m invested in all their relationships and lives. Even those we’re just meeting, like Mariah and the Nosforatu Nation intrigue me and those who aren’t what we first thought like Marik have me needing to know more. At the end of Black Amaranth, Ally suffered a tremendous loss and is still reeling from this in Black Abaddon. She’s in pain and we see a great deal of agony from Ally in this book. Heartbroken and struggling to go on, Ally really struggles with her self belief in this book. Hibbs still continues to keep us on our toes, as Ally’s destiny is still unknown and revelation after revelation changing what we know about her and what she’s meant to do. Relationships between some characters change, including the one between Ally and Marik. He may have been the big evil in the previous book, but Sasha Hibbs pulls a rabbit out of her hat with him and manages to explore him with some shocking revelations that will change the way Ally, and we see him in Black Abaddon. Honestly, this guy just breaks my heart! I’m so head over heels for him and completely absorbed in his own story. Marik is a very layered character. He’s made mistakes, but everything he ever did was for his family and those he loves; he was used by a great evil, and is now unable to move on. I’m going to be honest here…I never felt Ally and Michael’s relationship in the first book. I wanted to, but I didn’t. I feel for Marik though and the way he feels for Ally. He truly cares about her and it saddens me that she doesn’t quite feel the same. She loves him, but not as deeply as he cares for her. I do wonder what Hibbs has in store for their relationship. I’m not really a fan of any love triangles, especially when a heroine seems set on one person, but I do actually love Marik. I think he deserves some happiness! Black Abaddon races towards a jaw-dropping conclusion that is in no way expected. Honestly, I’m shell shocked by how the novel has concluded. Hibbs throws in some unexpected developments, but none more so than the final chapter! Believe me—Black Abaddon will have you begging for more

So wonderful
Written by kvaughn on 7th Aug 2015

Ok write faster!!!! I have to know whats going on in the third book!! I love the second more than the first! Perfect amounts of mysteries to keep you hooked. Unexpected turns and twisted! Intrigue in every chapter all I can truly say is I am so impressed Ms. Hibbs is a talented writer and I can not wait to buy every book she puts out!