Broken, Collared, and Ready for Revenge by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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The Gentlemen Brothers, 3

When the collar comes off, all that’s left is a broken man...

Alexander Gentleman has spent fifteen years being beaten into submission and tortured beyond anything a human should survive. He’s fractured around the edges when his brothers finally save him. With the help of "One Nut" Nigel, the collar is removed. He’s starting to remember the faces of those he’s killed and fighting the urge to murder everyone around him. But the one who put that clockwork device on him is still on the loose. With the help of Nigel, he tries to be integrated into a society he no longer understands.

Can he control himself long enough to get his revenge? Will Nigel be his savior or will Alexander embrace his darker side?

Be Warned: m/m sex, sex toys



“Why didn’t you tell me I was incorrect?”

“What are we talking about?”

I stepped up to him, pressing my body against his and waited for the others to finish trudging up the ramp to end their day. “The sex.”

Nigel blushed.

“I did it wrong. The book says to pleasure your lover, to make him feel loved, and there is a part about moaning. I did no such thing. I took.”

Nigel stared at the ground. “It was your first time with a man, Alexander. And I … I liked it.”

He made me feel too much. I wrapped me arms around him. “I wish to try sex again. I’ve been reading up on ways to please you.”

“Bloody hell.”

“I created this.” I held up me creation with the biggest smile I could muster. Me cheeks were stiff from disuse and awkwardness.

“You don’t need to … what is that?”

The machine was tubed-shaped with a crank and clockwork at one end. “You place your penis in this end and the crack will force the air out through these holes.”

If it was possible, Nigel seemed to turn a darker shade of red. “Oh, bloody shite. You created a machine to … to…”

“Simulate sucking, correct.”

He shoved his glasses on. “Where did you even get an idea for this?”

“The book.”

“What the hell book are you reading?” he whispered and glanced at the ramp.

“A lover should give pleasure with sucking of the mouth, lapping of the tongue, and touching of the hands so that satisfaction is optimal.”

“Oh.” He swallowed loudly. “Good book.”

“I’m not trained in that area so I created this.” I reached for his trousers.

“Not here,” he stuttered.

“This place is more home to me than anywhere else.” A fact that didn’t sit well with me.

Nigel sighed and pulled off his open shirt.

I grabbed me discarded gray shirt and placed it over the large boulder nearest us so he could sit. Then I turned to watch Nigel undress. His skin was pale from working in the caves. He had darker streaks of dirt where his shoulder met his neck and one down his hip. Shirtless Nigel always made me body react. Thickening between me legs, Nigel dropped his trousers and revealed the same amount of excitement.

“It’s not something you have to train for,” he said and sat on the rock. “Sucking … you know.” He wiggled a bit, looking like he was trying to get comfortable, and his cock lifted steadily from its hibernations as he sat there naked.

“If I pleasure you and you stay with me, then I can learn.”

Nigel grabbed me hand. “I’m not leaving you.”

“Me performance was not done correctly.”

“Just because you didn’t do like this bloody book says doesn’t mean you did it wrong. It was just different.” He cupped me jaw.

I kissed him, placing me lips over his and closing me eyes. He was a brilliant one, he was. And it made me feel so much to have him in me arms. I pulled away only to hand him me creation and then remove me own trousers. Now, we were just two naked men preparing to have sex. It seemed so normal, so ordinary, and I wanted it to last. I gripped his dick loosely, stroking it softly and ignoring his odd-looking ball sack.

Nigel’s legs stopped swinging and he gave a short gasp.

I took the end of the toy and placed it over his tip, caressing as I worked it down his shaft. There was room between his flesh and the machine. When I started the crank it made a whirl of sound like a windstorm in a tunnel and then Nigel groaned.

“Bloody hell!” His hips lifted as I cranked the machine faster. The sound increased but still not loud enough to hear from a few feet away. “This should be illegal,” he muttered.

“I have done well,” I announced proudly, keeping the machine going and staring down.

“Needs some moisture but damn … close.” He groaned.

“I don’t have anything wet other than spit and piss.”

Nigel snorted then groaned. He lay back, his cock jerking every few seconds. “Come. Around.”

I cranked it hard then let it spin idle as I walked around the rock. Bent over, I could still reach the machine and placed me hand on it to keep it going. Nigel lifted his head and placed a kiss on me thigh. It was so unexpected that I flinched and his dick slid out of the machine to flop onto his belly.

Nigel pulled on me thighs, tugging me closer so I was nearly straddling his head.

“Ah, I understand.” I leaned over him and eased the machine over his shaft. I used the crank as Nigel lifted his head and ran his tongue along me balls. “This was supposed to be for you.” I nearly toppled over and had to stop working the machine to catch me balance. Nigel didn’t answer me. He slid his tongue along the skin between me leg and balls, creating a wet trail to the base of me cock. I cranked the machine harder, faster, and let it spin while he sucked on my flesh with eager lips.

“I need…” Nigel said but stopped as his hips lurched upward.

“What do you need? Anything. Tell me.” I wanted to make him happy.

“You.” Nigel arched his back and then sucked on me wrinkled tip.

Groaning didn’t describe the sound that came out of me mouth. It was a deep rumble that echoed in the chamber which smelled of earth and metal. I stopped working the machine and grabbed for Nigel’s head. His tongue was on me flesh, swirling and spreading saliva. Now, I needed. I dropped the creation, spun Nigel around thanks to the shirt, and lifted his legs. I grabbed me dick, pressing the tip against his hole, eager to enter, to feel so much. The head popped inside his bottom and I pushed his legs open then grabbed his hips.

“Slow,” Nigel murmured, reaching up to stroke me face. “Gentle, Alexander.”

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Written by Chris on 26th Dec 2016

Alexander was the youngest when his family was ripped apart and he suffered the worst fate of the three Gentlemen brothers. His actually identity was wiped and he was turned into a monster with no memories nor conscience, just hate and the need to kill. What happens when that ends? What is left of the original man? The back story moves things along at an exciting and break neck speed. Alexander is struggling with what he’s done while under the influence of his captors and how to reintegrate himself into the lives of his brothers. If indeed he can even do that. His budding and then raging relationship with Nigel was refreshing and touching and showed that love can truly conquer all. This was my favorite of the trilogy and I thought the author did a beautiful job tying up all the loose ends and in my mind the Gentlemen brothers and their mates all lived happy lives in the new world they were instrumental in creating.

Joyfully Jay
Written by Kris on 1st Dec 2016

When Alex Gentlemen was just a child, bad men came onto the dirigible where he lived, killed his father and brothers, and took him captive. He was forced into slave labor, and then, as he got too big, was beaten and trained as a Wrath. Fifteen years later, Alex has done horrible things. When his brothers rescue him, for they weren’t killed as he thought, and remove the control collar that has kept him from thinking for years, Alex begins to remember. But he’s been trained to be a killer and it’s not like he can turn it off with a switch. Nigel is the mechanical genius within the Hinders, the rebellion group that is fighting to save the world. He was instrumental in getting the collar off Alex, and he continues to be a calming presence in Alex’s life. When Alex’s old instincts become too much, it’s Nigel who can bring Alex back to the present. But those skills come in handy when the Hinders’ compound is attacked, and again when they finally have a lead on the mastermind behind what was done to Alex and so many others. Alex gets his revenge, and in doing so, liberates the world. With Nigel’s love, Alex is a reformed man. And with Nigel’s genius, they will keep improving the world. This is the third and final book in The Gentlemen Brothers series, and it brings the arc to a close. These books definitely have to be read in order, as each one builds on the last. From the very beginning, the driving force has been to reunite the brothers. Along the way, they have uncovered dark and sinister plots, and have thwarted the bad guys, while simultaneously working to make the world better. This story is the satisfying ending we’ve been working toward since the beginning. Alex is beyond broken because he hasn’t been able to think for years. The clockwork collar around his neck ensured that he would only do what he was told. I like that the author didn’t make it so removing that collar is an instant fix and Alex is all better. He has issues he needs to work through, and triggers and learned behaviors he needs to overcome. Yes, he does it with Nigel’s help, but he’s trying on his own. I thought Alex was particularly well done, as he also spoke in very formal and regimented language, which was somehow fitting. It was if he only had formal words and was learning about life again. Alex really made this book for me, and watching his journey unfold was worth it. I wanted to see more of Nigel, and I definitely thought this part was lacking a bit. He was such a sweet and gentle man, intelligent and determined. But I felt like we got only a sketch of him, and we didn’t know much more about him than we learned in the previous book. He was good fit for Alex, and together they were sweet and hot. But I really felt that I needed more from him. The plot worked well here, and I was turning pages to watch the story unfold, but I also thought it suffered a little from pacing issues. There were parts that just went too quickly, and I really felt as if the story would have benefitted from these sections being more fleshed out. There were several scenes that were just a skimming of action and thought, and then we were moving on. Not exactly bad, but I wanted some more from it. All in all, I think Cox has created a really interesting steampunk world, and I definitely liked this series overall. The three books really tell a complete tale and this one in particular finishes it up nicely. If you’re looking for steampunk, reunion, love, and redemption, then this book, and the series, are definitely worth a look.

Wonderfully written
Written by LeeAnnP on 22nd Oct 2016

So many things are felt when reading this book, terror, anger, sadness and lust/love. Alex went through some horrifying times. He was kidnapped 15 yrs ago at the age of 11 and turned into killing machine. Yet when his brothers finally find him and remove the collar that has kept him violent he soon finds acceptance and love..along with some well deserved vengeance.There is a lot of hot sex with Nigel, his blushing mate. Loves this story. Highly recommend it.

wonderful, awesome, sexy fun.
Written by Lorraine Lesar on 12th Oct 2016

One nut Nigel was the nuts but it's Alexander who stole the show I knew after reading the first two books that I was going to like this but I wasn't prepared for how much I LOVED it and I can thank Alexander Gentleman, the youngest brother of the Gentleman Brothers for that (well maybe some credit should be aligned to the author, lol). The heavy heart I carried after reading the first few pages soon turned to a delighted heart and the smile remained throughly the whole book and having Logan’s sarcastic little quips of humour certainly helped to keep it there. For me, this story had a different feel to it than the first two, it was somewhat more gentler in the love/sex department, now don't get me wrong here, there’s very hot steam being produced - James Cox certainly put the steam into Steampunk – and I really liked it and it was so fitting for this storyline. At a very young age, on a fateful night, Alexander was brutally torn from his brothers and made into a child slave, working in the tunnels (James Cox you broke my heart reading this). When they grew too big to fit into the tunnels (and if they survived this brutal, harsh world), they were taken, collared and turned into mindless, savage Wraths following any order given to them. Alexander’s brothers never gave up hope and kept looking for him. After many years, they finally find him and remove the controlling collar. But can Alexander be controlled? is he too broken and therefore unable to function in this strange new world he now sees? and there’s Nigel? why does certain parts of Alexander’s body “thicken” when he’s near? For those answers, you will have to read it yourself to find out……. Over the years that I have read James Cox, I have always admired his imaginative imagination, I would love to know how his mind works when thinking up those outrageous inventions that he seems to conjure up on a regular basis, but I have to give him full credit for having the balls (sorry Nigel, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings there) in openingly taking his own personal fantasy of a co*k sucking machine and making into a reality! **high five James** Brilliant, brilliant read, for me the best of the Series and like most of the books that this author writes, if can be read very successfully as a stand alone if you fancy reading this one first. Five Alexander is not hopeless but hopeful stars from me.

TBR Pile
Written by Bella Star on 12th Oct 2016

Finally, we come to Alexander’s story. For those who haven’t read the previous books. Alex is the third Gentlemen Brother. He’s been kidnapped, tortured, and brainwashed with the help of a steampunk collar. His story is so sad and yet so sweet. I was rooted to my chair for this whole story. I knew this was going to be a tearjerker when he was rescued in the previous book but damn, I am all teary eyed. Reading this book is like an emotion roller coaster. Alex is just trying to find his place in the word, facing demons from his past and One Nut Nigel is helping him. They get close as explosions go off and I can’t help but feel so strongly for them. I love, love the sad twists and the sweet romantic ending. James Cox knows how to write strong yet vulnerable characters finding true love. And you can’t forget the laugh out loud banter! It’s fantastic. And the sex is so freaking hot. I mean, Alex hasn’t ever experienced anything before so each of his experiences are new and really sexy. Nigel has his own issues and I really enjoyed there reveal. I also really like the steampunk elements. They are just small things that makes the world seem so realistic. It is really well done. What a fabulous series. I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next! If you haven’t read The Gentlemen Brothers yet, I highly recommend the series. As for Broken, Collared and Ready for Revenge? This book is an absolute must read, bring tissues and ice water. You’re going to need them!

Love Bytes
Written by Cindy on 11th Oct 2016

When I took this book, I had no idea it was part of a series but in the end, it mattered very little. I’m sure reading the other books would have added some clarification on some of the details, but this book was excellent on its own. I will be looking for the other books in the series though…because I’m an addict. I’m not usually a big steam punk fan, but that was another detail I’d missed when I picked it up and I’m glad I did, because I probably wouldn’t have given this book a chance if I’d realised. Alexander is a broken man who was ripped from his brother’s arms when he was a young boy and thrown into this worlds version of hell. Many years have passed and there is very little of that boy left inside of the man who Alexander has become, but maybe with the right help, it will be enough to let him find his way back home. Nigel is a good man who’s fighting to save his world. When he helps his friends rescue their long-lost brother, he has no idea of what it’s going to mean to him personally. The author did an excellent job of portraying Alexander as someone who has to learn social niceties all over again, His conversations are awkward, mostly because he has no filters and says whatever is on his mind. But once he starts to remember who he was, he makes it his mission in life to protect the people he loves. Nigel is a man who is intelligent and cautious. I was left with the impression of a man who doesn’t usually jump into things without thinking them through, but when he meets Alexander, all of that flies right out the window. Alexander’s relationship with his brothers Logan and Joshua made me smile, both in the glimpses of their early years and again once Alexander has been found. They aren’t quite tender and sweet but there’s no doubt that they all love each other and are ready to do whatever is best for each other, even if it’s a horrible thing to contemplate. James Cox has created a world that is well-developed and easy to imagine, and that helps carry us along on this wonderful journey. I had a few moments where the style of language caused me to cringe at the beginning, but once my head adjusted to it just being that way that people are in this world, it added to the whole setting of the story. Some of the abuse alluded to in the story may be a little triggery for some but it’s completely in tune with the rest of the tale, so if you can work through those issues, it’s well worth it. I have no problem recommending this story to anyone who’s looking for something different and interesting.

Written by Anne Bock on 29th Aug 2016

I so so love this series, I couldn't even describe how much!! And with this final book in this more than just amazing series...I was blown away! I really think thats the best book of the Gentlemen Brothers trilogy. I was both, excited and afraid to finally read Alex's story, 'cause I wanted to know what would happen next and...sigh...'cause it would be the last book about these awesome guys and their men. But the Gentlemen Brothers will leave the stage with a big big bang, that will bring up some tears, anger, rage and of course some joy, love and happy giggles. And it wouldn't be a book by James Cox if the hot, steamy, sizzling and intense scenes would be missed. *W* Dang, that was more than hot! I love to see Alex' developement after being rescued and put together with aforable Nigel.... If you haven't read about the Gentlemen Brothers, well, you really have missed some great stuff! What are you waiting for!! I can only recommend it highly!!!

Written by Leda on 21st Aug 2016

This was an exciting end to a fantastic series. This series was the first time I read anything steampunk, and I absolutely loved it! I just can't recommend this enough! In this book we focus on Alexander, the youngest Gentlemen brother. He was saved by his brothers and the Hinders. He is now collarless and out to end the Queen and Wrath. He is insistant on joining that mission but of course everyone is worried and doesn't completely trust him. It was a little sad, okay maybe heartbreaking at times. But also fun to watch him as he tries to unlearn the killer mentality of the Wrath and retrain his brain to not be a danger to the others. Nigel played a huge part in that. I loved these two guys together. I loved how Nigel calmed Alex when he felt himself starting to lose control. There couldn't be anyone better for Alex than the sweet and brilliant, Nigel. And the scenes between them with Alex learning about sex and pleasing his lover were priceless. The ending was just fantastic. After the success of the underwater dirigible, the Epilogue takes us a couple years later and wraps up the story with a shiny, big bow! These are wonderful characters and the plot was interesting, exciting and well written. I'm going to miss these guys! Thanks for the awesome series, James! 5 stars