The Broken Man by James Cox

Heat Level 3
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Big Balls and Brass Knuckles, 4

Beware of dead bodies baring gifts…

A teacher is found tangled in an air filter. It seems like an ordinary case for Detective Brett Knucks and his partner Genius. All that changes when someone steals the body and returns it without his organs. Why does Brett keep getting the weird cases? As the pair tries to figure out the mystery, their relationship deepens. Genius is sure he’s falling in love while Brett’s still too bruised from past boyfriends.

Be Warned: m/m sex


“With my teeth or hands?”

Sweet God. “Teeth.” His voice was a bit high on that word. Genius stared down as Brett kissed his stomach. Light touches. Teasing. Then he nipped the edge of Genius’s underwear and tugged. Genius lifted his hips, helping the other man. His cock sprang like a caged animal finally free. It bounced along with the car. Genius’s underwear was around his knees when Brett stared up at him again. “Balls. Play with my balls.” If Brett touched his shaft right now, Genius was going explode. He wanted a little more time to enjoy this. Submissive was a side he hadn’t seen of Brett. Hell, the man was like a freaking onion, layer after layer of something new.

Brett rubbed his lips over Genius’s balls. He opened his mouth to kiss them, then lick, and finally used his hand to cup them.

“Fuck.” His head fell back. Genius reached over and clutched Brett’s ass cheek. The windows were already tinted for privacy or else everyone would see Brett’s puckered hole. That was for Genius alone. He grabbed Brett’s ass cheek, squeezing, then pulled his arm back and spanked Brett.

Brett groaned, nipping at Genius’s thigh.

“I want you…” He spanked one more time and then slid his hand up Brett’s back. He clutched the dog collar, tugging it until Brett looked up at him. “I want you on the floor. All fours. I want to watch you finger your own ass.”

Brett arched a brow.

Too much? Genius held his breath, worried he’d gone too far.

Brett gave Genius’s thigh another nip and then complied.

Fuck it all. He’d found his soulmate, at least in terms of sex and lust. Although Genius was convinced there was more going on here, now was not the time. He sat back, watching as Brett licked his fingers, slid them over his dick, and then knelt on the floor. The man’s ass was gorgeous. Plump and tight but not too big. It could be the size of New York state and Genius wouldn’t care. This man was…

Brett had his ass in the air, legs spread, and he began to finger himself. The car shifted and he had to adjust his position.

“Maybe not the best location for this.”

Brett chuckled. “I guess not.” He glanced over his shoulder. “Why don’t you come down here and do it yourself.”

Damn! The man was a bossy submissive. Genius loved it. “I’m in charge. You do what I say.”



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More Brett and Genius
Written by DLB2572 on 7th Jul 2022

I am really enjoying this series. While they are short stories, you don't feel short changed when you finish them. I love that Brett is still making Genius work hard to progress their relationship further but is starting to show less reluctance. Their relationship combined with the cases they solve each story really keeps me coming back for more. I received an ARC and this is my unbiased opinion

Another great one
Written by Laura on 2nd Jul 2022

Thoroughly enjoying this series by James. Each story is balanced with a clever plot and the perfect concentration on the ever-developing relationship between Knucks and Genius.