Broken Hearts by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Chaos Bleeds, 7

During his time in rehab, Dick met a woman who helped him through the worst of his withdrawal. Martha was there for her sister, but Dick got close to her. She became his salvation, his reason for fighting the drugs another day. Without even realizing it, she became his reason for living. 

Years later, he never forgot her. Even with Lydia in his bed, Dick can’t stop thinking about that one woman. Needing a break from the club and from the hunt for Master, Dick goes to Martha, intent on finding out what is going on inside his heart. 

Martha never forgot the rough talking biker she’d met while her sister was in rehab. Sure he was rude, crass, and downright blunt at times, but she liked him. He was different. Martha teaches Dick what it means to love again, and in return, he awakens the parts inside her that had died through years of pain. 

Can two broken hearts become whole again? Will Martha be able to handle the pressure of a biker club, especially when a new threat is about to emerge? 

Be Warned: anal play, spanking, public exhibition



He moved a little closer to her, and Martha’s pulse raced. His thumb glided across her bottom lip, and her pulse went into overdrive.

“You make me think about kissing you.”

“I liked our kiss. I liked it a lot.”

“You can have anyone you want.”

“And yet, I want you.”

He growled once again, and she couldn’t help but smile. “You’re playing with fire.”

“Then burn me, Dick.” For too long she’d been playing the game of life being all safe, and always getting hurt. She no longer wanted to play it safe. Martha wanted to know what it was like to be desired, to be fueled by nothing but need.

Dick released her face, but before she had a chance to mourn the loss of his touch, he gripped her hips, and tugged her over his lap. She squealed, holding onto the back of the sofa as he placed her in position.

“At any time you want to stop, you tell me.”

“I don’t want to stop.”

His hands moved from her hips gliding down to her ass.

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing?”

“I’ve been wanting to do this from the first moment I met you.” Sinking her fingers into his hair, she tugged the length back, making him lean back into her touch. Slamming his lips down on his, she moaned as she took possession of his mouth, kissing, and ravishing his mouth. Her pussy grew slick with need, and it was all need for him, consuming her.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so fucking beautiful,” he said, kissing down to her neck. One of his hands stayed on her ass while the other found its way into her hair, tugging her back.

Within seconds he had her on her back, and was staring down at her. He took over the kiss, commanding her with his presence, which surrounded her.

She was wearing a crop top, and he pushed the strap down off her shoulder, licking and sucking on her flesh.

“When I fuck you, you become mine,” he said.



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Exquisite Reviews
Written by Karla on 13th Oct 2015

Wow… first book i’ve read from the series and holy crap do I want more… Yes the characters are established and if you jump in from this book forward you will have most of the facts, but I recommend to read it from the beginning; which is what I will be doing. There is so much going on in this book that you can’t wait to get to the end. Then you realize it’s over and want more. The sex is hot and action is hotter, make this your new go to series. Dick “Teddy” is just that… a dick… who is dealing with addiction and turmoil. When he meets Martha he is a the lowest point in life. Martha helps him during his time in rehab and looks past his shortcomings. Martha is dealing with her own struggles, she has a sister who is a drug addict and a prostitute. When she meets Dick she can see beyond his asshole exterior. I give this book 4 diamonds… make sure you buy and read the complete series. Get your copy at Evernight Publishing or Amazon today…

The TBR Pile
Written by Liberty Ann on 9th Oct 2015

This is Dick’s book. Dick is a real biker – he takes what he wants when he wants it and really couldn’t care less about what anyone else thinks. He was going through his days via his addiction, existing, not living. Then he entered Rehab and things changed. He met Martha. Martha is a quiet woman, doing her best to get her sister through Rehab, one day at a time. Martha meets Dick while she’s visiting the Rehab center. She’s not there to see him but she ends up visiting him whenever she goes there. After getting out of Rehab, Dick decides he needs a break from the club and goes to see Martha. He awakens a part of her that is long dead and she calms his need to use. Of course, as they get more and more involved, there is always trouble lurking around the corner or behind the next cloud for Chaos Bleeds. Do you think Martha is up to it? Will she think Dick is worth it? To find out more about Dick and Martha, you need to read the book. ​ I will tell you that the book had me laughing and feeling sad at times. There were other characters that showed up as well, making their appearances and leaving tidbits for perhaps the next book? Most of all, I wanted more and to me that is always the sign of a good story. Broken Hearts is a standalone book however; it is the 7th book in a popular series whose fans just luuurve it. I get the distinct feeling that I would certainly have benefited had I read the rest of the series first. That being said, Sam is a pretty darn good writer to be able to have me come in at Book 7 and still know what was what, enjoy the book and be sad when it was over. I really have to give her kudos for that. And these are not easy or simple characters she writes either. Dick was about as complex a character as it gets – first he was just getting by, existing not living. Then he had to go through the pain that comes from withdrawal. Then the changes that come when you are trying to get to know someone and you want to open up to someone who matters to you and finally as a changed man who has to fit back into his old society. See? Complex and she did a great job! Martha was no easy peasy either. Above all, Sam still kept the aura of danger hovering over their collective heads with this ‘Master’. Great way to ramp up the fear factor! Decidedly 5 Stars!

Written by Donna Briody Buccella on 9th Sep 2015

So happy Dick got his stuff together, and realized he deserved better, deserved love, and finally he went after what he wanted and needed, Martha. Two lost souls, two halves broken and together the become whole, love, complete. They were sweet, loving, and so sexy. I loved this story. I'm hoping they get their HEA, but with your ending, I don't know *fingers crossed * your killing me with how you ended this lol I loved this story I LOVE THIS SERIES FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!

Gold .... Pure Gold !!!!!! 5 Stars Plus !!!!!!!
Written by Francesca - Mrs Kissmas! on 9th Sep 2015

OMG !!!! Absolutely brilliant! Sam Crescent has done it again! I was apprehensive about this story, but I was wrong to ever doubt the awesomeness that is Sam Crescent! All previous scenes with D1ck have been the man himself living up to his name and acting like a first class one! However, this story was written with the skill that only Sam has and she continues to draw her readers into the brilliance that is Chaos Bleeds! The relationship between D1ck and Martha drew you in and you were willing to forgive D1ck for previously living up to his name and loved seeing the side of him that he only really shared with Martha. Their relationship was a beautiful thing as it unfolded and we were still given snippets of the other characters also which was wonderful to read. As we all love the others. However one of my favourite parts didn't actually even involve the main characters as such. The star of the show who stole your heart was Simon, Devils son, who announced to Devil and D1ck that Tabitha (Tiny and Eva's daughter from the Skulls series) is his old lady..... It was a thing of beauty. The fact that he is only 6 years old is irrelevant, it was brilliant! Again Sam left us all hanging on to every word, hook line and sinker. The tease of the next series installment was another twist that has you gasping out loud and eager for more. Sam is definitely deserving of the title of being a best selling author. I really hope that you enjoy this story as much as I did. Pure Brilliance. Happy reading!

Sick and Martha
Written by Kindle Customer on 25th Aug 2015

Another great book by Sam Crescent in the series Chaos Bleeds. I love the characters in this series and can't wait till the next book comes out!

Must read
Written by Teresa on 25th Aug 2015

Sam does it again !!!! Loved it! Storyline was well written, entertaining, action packed and so dang hot! I could not put down and at times was on the edge of my .A roller coaster bundle of emotions. Love these sexy badass bikers & their will to protect their women, club .Would recommend this to everyone to read.

Loved It
Written by Amazon Customer on 25th Aug 2015

Have you ever thought that this book was wrote just for you at the time you needed it the most. Well that is how I feel about this book. It has touched my heart so much. Some people are so quick to see what they want to see not what is really there. Loved it cant wait for the next book. You will laugh cry scream and yell and fall in love rite along with the people in the book. Some times second chances can mean the world.

I loved it but I am so WORRIED about Spider, Paris, & Celia
Written by CMarie on 25th Aug 2015

I love the romance aspect between Martha and Dick/Teddy. Wonderfully written and so sweet. This thing with Master has to end and this reader truly hopes NOT one MC member has to die. I love the ALL. I'd like to see all the MC member join 'troops' and vanquish Master and his bad minions. The CHAOS BLEEDS aaaand SKULLS must join and conquer! I'm a bit afraid for Devil, though. Don't want to see him die and Lexi end up alone........ GREAT addition to the series. Thank you.

Written by Mlmayer on 21st Aug 2015

Loved it! So can't wait for the next 1!

Hell's Bells
Written by Amazon Customer on 21st Aug 2015

Didn't see that ending coming! With the number of books in this franchise you'd think it'd get old and worn out but it doesn't. This time it was Dick's story but as usual there was a glimpse of a future story. Spider, who up to now I didn't even known existed. New threat for a CB and another crossover book on the horizon.

Great book keep doing what u are doing ladys
Written by Kindle Customer on 21st Aug 2015

Great book can't wait for spiders book keep doing what up are doing lady's never stop. Hopeful u keep writing about the other members

Written by Rhonda on 19th Aug 2015

OH WOW!!! What a book. I loved everything about this book and the ending just left me stunned.

Loved it!!!
Written by Kindle Customer on 19th Aug 2015

Has also great love story. The end in a cliff hanger. Sam you really know how to write great love stories. Let us know the real danger is out there. I'm dieing to find out who this Master is.

Another amazing book in an amazing series!!
Written by Amazon Customer on 19th Aug 2015

I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review of this book. Broken Hearts continues in a series of amazing books by an amazing author. D**k and Martha find each other when they are both broken. D**k is sent to rehab to get over his drug addiction. this is what he has to do in order to remain with his family, Chaos Bleeds. Martha meets him while she's visiting the center. She's not there to see him, but she ends up visiting him whenever she goes there. A few years after getting out of rehab, D**k decides that he needs a break from the club and goes to see Martha. He awakens part of her that has been dead for a long time because of her past. She calms his need to use. But, as always trouble is lurking for the members of Chaos Bleeds. Will Martha decide that D**k is worth the risk? If you haven't read the Chaos Bleeds series, you really need to. The series is full of alpha males and the strong women that love them. I fell in love with the first book and they continue to get better with each one that comes out. Broken Hearts I no exception. You will not regret buying this book!

To be a D**k or Not!
Written by Maddie Bookaholic on 19th Aug 2015

I just love this series and D**k's book did not disappoint it was a fantastic addition. D**k is a true biker he's takes what he wants does what he wants and Didn't care about anyone really, He had an addiction that kept him going through life just breathing Not really living he exists in the MC but wasn't really fully being the Brother he was meant to be. Then he entered Rehab and that's when his life took a turn. Martha was a quiet woman who is trying Her hardest to help her sister through a tough life. When she visits her sister, From that day has her opening up and feeling truly needed. To find out more from D**k and Martha your have to read the story and you won't be disappointed. This book had me laughing and feeling sad at times. I loved that we don't just get the couple in these books and others shine through and your left wanting more. I've Never hated a word more then 'The End' I was left sat on my sofa wide mouthed shouting No No No..... But if your a true fan you know Sam never leaves us hanging for long :) If you've read the others your love this But if your new to Sam's work then start from the beginning of the whole series The Skulls then Chaos Bleeds as your get to know the whole MC crews and the enemies that they face.

Written by Neringa on 19th Aug 2015

Oh, my...Just...Oh, my.... I have no words to describe how I'm feeling now. The ending was sweet between D**k and Martha. But the other end...Sam just killed me with the Epilogue. I'm gonna be a wreck until I got the next dose of Chaos Bleeds ride. Okay. So, from the beginning. If you read other stories into Chaos Bleeds, then you know how much a d**k D**k could be. Lol. It's sound so weird and funny to mention those words in that way. But what we don't know is that, D**k is much more than a...Well, d**k. Okay, I can't help myself to play with that word. Like I said, D**k is much more. And when he reveals more himself around Martha, his woman... Just wow! The man is a dream biker. You gonna love him. And be his fan for life. Martha had her own hardships in her life. And because of those hardships, she seperated herself from the world. Thinking being on her own, is much safer. No one can broke your heart. But when D**k drives into her life again, Martha understands, that the life she lived before, it's not enough anymore. She needs D**k in her life to feel whole again. I loved them together. It was so sweet and hot. They helped each other to close the door to the past. And live at the present. Live for theirs future. Though, there is one problem. Big dangerous problem. Master. If you read previous stories, you know of whom I'm talking about. He's back. And he is ready to play with Chaos Bleeds. Will the happiness the club found in Piston County, with the old ladies last for long?

Don't think, just buy!!!
Written by ChrisS on 19th Aug 2015

Speechless. This book shows what happens when two broken people come together and become whole. How the right person can make you a better person. This book was absolutely worth the wait. I can't wait for the next book. Sam outdid herself. Definitely a must read!!