Broken Promise by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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The Denton Family Legacy, 1

The Dentons are the ultimate crime family, involved in drugs, sex, illegal fights, gambling, and much more. They’re vicious, but yet there is a rumor that whispers of a deeper legacy than that of their crime heritage. It is said that a Denton will only fall for a woman once, and he will fall hard. They will not settle for any other woman, and those that do, end up breaking hearts. 

Jacob never believed the family stories, but the moment he sees Louisa Moore, he knows the tales are all true. He falls for her instantly, but there’s a problem—she wants nothing to do with him. 

Lou is shocked when Jacob Denton takes notice of her. No matter how many times Lou tries to push him away, Jacob will not stop. He wants her, and he will do whatever he can to get her. With her twin brother, Riley, on his side, Jacob knows he will win Lou’s heart. 

However, what will happen when tragedy strikes? Will Lou give herself to Jacob, or will she cut him off? For the first time in his life, Jacob has something to fight for, but will he win?

Be Warned: anal play


The door closed, and he had her pressed up against the hard wood door.

“I’ve not been fucking anything other than my fist, thinking about you the entire time.” He grabbed her bag from her hands, throwing it across the entrance hall. Jacob gripped the edge of her shirt, and tore it from her neck down. She released a little squeal as he took her by surprise with his brute force.

He pulled away long enough to remove his jacket, being careful to place it on the coat hook beside the door. Next, he unbuttoned his shirt, and her mouth ran dry. His hard muscles were covered in ink, intricate designs of flowers, graves, and patterns that didn’t seem to link together, and yet did on him.

“Do you really think there’s any way I’d want anyone else when I’ve got you to come home to?”

Jacob grabbed her hand, locking them together, and placing them above her head, so she was stretched tall with her back against the wall.

He tore the shirt completely from her body so she was standing in her white lace bra.

“Fuck, baby, I’ve been thinking about these tits, you’ve been driving me crazy with the memory of them. I love how deep red they are, and big, waiting for me.” He tugged the lace of her bra down, and he leaned in close taking one bud into his mouth.

Lou’s eyes closed as he sucked her nipple into his mouth. There was no way she could control her body’s response to his touch. She wanted Jacob, and he held her in place as he sucked her nipple. He circled the nipple, then used his teeth to create that spark of pain before lavishing his tongue back and forth.

An answering fire started to build between her thighs. Her clit filled, getting bigger, and she wanted to touch herself. She had never had such strong feelings before, but with Jacob, he’d been building a fire within her, and he was finally going to light the torch.

She wanted to go up in flames, craving it more than she had ever craved anything else in her life.

He held her tight against the door, and she couldn’t do anything as he pulled away. She released a little whimper, and he chuckled. “What’s the matter, baby? You want me to fuck you? Is that why you had your little outburst?”


“Why what?”

“Why have you waited?” she asked. Her voice was husky as she struggled with her own needs taking over.

“I’ve fucked Pam. I’ve fucked a lot of women in my time. I told you I didn’t live like a monk. I’ve never lied to you.”

“Why have I been different?”

Jacob sighed. “Those women were easy. They were easy holes to fill. You’re not easy, baby. I never thought you were.”

“What make me different?”

“You belong to me. That’s what makes you different. You’re mine.” 

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Coffee Time Romance
Written by Delane on 7th Sep 2016

The Denton Family is the elite crime family who have a legacy each male is doomed to fall victim to ; they only love one woman and it is immediate and all consuming. The eldest son, Jacob, is a man who can whatever and whoever he wants be the only one he wants from the moment her saw her is Louisa ‘Lou’ Moore. Lou hates the criminal world and does everything she can to resist her parents' attempts to set her up with a crime boss which would be to their advantage. She is determined to be her own woman, but Jacob Denton is determined she will be his. But will she be the only one? Jacob will do whatever it takes to get Lou to look his way even deal with her family who is even shadier than his own family. Lou finds it hard to believe Jacob is willing to give up all others for her considering she is worlds away from the women in his past. Jacob can only see Louisa and his past is exactly that; in the past. When tragedy strikes will Lou use it as an excuse to turn away, or will she cling to the one man who has proven he loves her above all others? The Denton Family is a contradictive one which offers a criminal element with a code and standard which may mean killing those who forget the code. Lou is a fascinating character because she is the very best of what her parents could produce, but she loves who can look at the worst of society and understand some things just have to be done for the betterment of all. In the beginning I was unsure if she was strong or weak because she was unable to stand against her parents, but dug in when it came to Jacob. She is the strangest mix of strength and weakness but it made the character all the more interesting. The writing was outstanding and left the reader wondering just how this two individuals could ever make it work. I am a fan of Ms. Crescent's writing but Broken Promise overshadows some of her best writing and is my new go to book when I need to see a love which shines even in the darkest places.

The Romance Studio
Written by Shannon on 9th Jun 2016

Vicious and extreme, the Dentons are the ultimate crime family. Involved in illegal activities, they are swift in their judgment as well as their vengeance and crossing them isn’t healthy. Yet there are whispers that a Denton will only fall once in love, that is a gift the family holds dear. Jacob Denton never believed the family stories concerning the legacy of one true love. Yet when Jacob first sets his eyes on Louisa Moore, he falls hard for the beauty, understanding quickly that all the tales are true. No other woman will do for him. But Jacob has one little problem: she wants nothing to do with him. Jacob wants Louisa and he isn’t about to let her slip through his fingers. He will do whatever it takes to make her his. After being introduced to Jacob Denton, Louisa is shocked that she can’t seem to make the man go away. Now that her twin brother Riley is working with Jacob, he seems to be on his side and working to prove to her that there is more to Jacob than she can see. Will she be able to hold out? Or will she cave to Jacob’s desires, giving him her body, heart and soul forever? What happens when tragedy strikes Louisa? Wow! Broken Promise is a great beginning of a new series with a bang, the talented and imaginative pen of author Sam Crescent skillfully brings the characters as well as the action to life, which gives it an intriguing and daring dimension. I have to admit when I read about this new series, I was a little skeptical with the storyline wondering if the author could combine the violent, illegal activities and the romance of the legacy and soul mates finding their forever. The answer is “yes”, Ms. Crescent created the perfect balance with her way with words, which seems to allow the reader to look at situations in an entirely different way. The Denton’s are a crime family so there was violence and shady, unlawful business activities and yet each illegal scene didn’t overshadow the building romance between Jacob and Louisa. The story keeps the romance and the drama moving forward at a rapid pace, with a lot of twists and turns that will have the reader glued to the pages. Louisa is a strong, independent and sassy heroine and the dangerous, sexy and over-the-top-alpha Jacob is a worthy and devoted mate. Being the extreme alpha, Jacob isn’t about to apologize for who he is or what he and his family do for a living. Louisa is able to look within Jacob to see the man who wants nothing more than to love, cherish and keep the world around her safe which adds to the budding relationship making it seem real. The chemistry and tension intensifies with each crisp, clear erotically charged scene, especially when Louisa quite effectively thwarts Jacob’s attempts to move their relationship forward in the beginning. The deeply emotional impact of this story makes it hard to put down with its touches of humor, tears, heartache, hope and love. Jacob’s family as well as Louisa’s twin brother Riley are strong secondary characters that perfectly enhance the hero and heroine as well as the story. The tragedy that strikes Louisa and Jacob is heartbreaking and will even have the reader shedding a tear or two. The story wraps up rather nicely and will have readers anxiously awaiting the next book in this series.

The Romance Reviews
Written by Rachel's Willful Thoughts on 23rd May 2016

When the Dentons love, they do it once and forever. That was the saying passed down through the family history, but Jacob Denton wasn't convinced...until he laid eyes on Louisa Moore. Author Sam Crescent rolls out the first installment of The Denton Family Legacy series with BROKEN PROMISE. It's a story about family and loyalty, complete with a strong dose of passion. I found this story to be an interesting start to a new series. Having read several books by this author, I was especially impressed to see that this series takes a different direction than previous ones. Still, whether it is an MC romance or a paranormal story, all of the author's trademarks are still present. Translation: You might need a fan to help with the heat level. Aside from the sizzling hot scenes, there is a well-developed storyline taking place. Louisa isn't the typical woman that would be selected by someone like Jacob; her emotions and actions make her a good character. Obviously, the plot has some twists and turns that make the title quite appropriate. The story is a relatively quick read that is perfect for a weekend interlude. I am eager to see what else the author has in store for the Denton family - See more at:

Pure Alpha Godness
Written by Donna Briody Buccella on 8th Apr 2016

OH. MY. GOD....JACOB HOLY HOTNESS! !!!!!!! Jesus he was spectacular. Dangerous, sexy, but wore his heart on his sleeve when it came to Lou....soulmates. this was fantastic and a great kick off to the Denton family saga. I can not wait for more

Excellent beginning to a new series.
Written by Emily Heisler on 8th Apr 2016

The Dentons know one thing, they will find one woman and fall hard. Jacob Denton has finally found his, Louisa Moore. Louisa's family is bad news, with the exception of her twin Riley. Jacob quickly realizes Louisa is completely opposite from the rest of her family members. Louisa wants complete honesty before she will even consider going out with Jacob. Jacob decides he is going to court Louisa properly. He is completely honest about what he does and what she means to him. Louisa just has to decide if she is willing to take a chance with the man who is quickly winning her heart. Excellent beginning to a new series. Jacob is an intriguing character, I think he is completely opposite of how I pictured him with Louisa. He still is himself, but he cherishes Louisa like no other. Enjoyed Louisa's back story, fascinating how she dealt with her family. Excellent read.

... alpha males that you can't help but fall in love with every book that she writes and this one ...
Written by Fay on 1st Apr 2016

ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review I don't think I will stop saying this but Sam Crescent just keeps surprising me and her books are just so HOT and so OTT alpha males that you can't help but fall in love with every book that she writes and this one was no exception Sam you have done it again babes, another HIT! I couldn't stop reading from the minute I started and wanted to scream when it was finished If you haven't read any of Sam Crescent's books then start this one NOW!! You won't be sorry Now my only question is which brother will be next???? :)

Denton Legacy!
Written by Sylvia Haenga on 1st Apr 2016

I am totally in love with the Denton family. This was awesome with a capital A story. I laughed, cried and sigh when the story was coming to an end and wished it didn't. I can't wait for the next Denton to fall in love book and hope i wont have to wait long.

Awesome hot read!
Written by SUPERSTARLET on 30th Mar 2016

I love my men possessive,totally aggressive alpha and the heroine that will find a way to melt his heart.This is a book hold tight and doesn't let you go from the moment you begin to read it. I loved every single moment of the book and the story totally captivated and had me invested until the last page.

Written by Neringa on 30th Mar 2016

Sam did it again. Another series I'm hungry for. I mean, I wasn't even finished with this one and I already was wanting for the next books. Yes, books. In plural. I desperate not only for Jacob's brothers stories, but his parents and uncles, too.

Couldn't put it down and stalking for more
Written by MyQuiteTime on 30th Mar 2016

I've been waiting for this book from the first time I read about it. Let me tell ya it's all I though it would be and more. OK so we start with a little buildup about the Denton Family. They have a legacy of loving only one woman with everything that they have. So we are starting with the oldest Jacob. He thinks the legend is just that, a legend. That's until he see's Louisa (Lou). He sets out to make her his but this Legacy has a wicked twist. She doesn't have the same instant connection that he does. So now he has to work for it. I loved everything about this book. The storyline and the characters. This book had a little of everything. A little humor, tears, alpha males, strong females, and a strong family. Can't wait for the next one.

Awesome start to a new series!
Written by Rhonda on 30th Mar 2016

I didn't know what to expect but I should have know that Sam would make it one I wanted more of. The men in Jacob's family only fell in love once in their lives and when he saw Louise, he KNEW she was the one. She made him work for it though and I was glad to see that she didn't just fall down at his feet. In fact, I hope all the brothers have to work for the love of the women they fall for. LOL This was a book about two crime families, one good (if there is such a thing) and one bad. Jacob's family may be involved in lots of "illegal" stuff but they have standards they live by and Lou's family isn't like that. I LOVED this book and am hoping that Sam is already working on the next one. There is one sad moment that I wasn't prepared for but it had to be that way and while I cried a bit, I understood. Awesome book Sam and could you hurry with the next one please? !!! LOL