His to Control by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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Cape Falls, 4

Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.

William moved to Cape Falls to start a new life and to open up the BDSM club, Control. He never anticipated getting embroiled in the latest scandal or falling for the delicious red-head who visits his club. He can’t stay away.

Daisy’s life is falling apart. Everything she has known was destroyed the moment her mother revealed the true identity of her father. Throughout her life, no one has wanted her until William enters her life.

His dominance helps her to gain control of her own life. She falls for him hard and she is prepared to do anything, even be under his control.

But how can these two people find happiness with each other? And what will happen when jealousy from someone else threatens to take it away?

Be Warned: BDSM, sex toys, anal sex, menage sex (MFM), spanking



“Yes, it is wet, hard, and so beautiful. Good sex, good fucking, is messy and passionate and worth every bit of pain.” Her breathing deepened. He followed the line of her throat and saw her nipples were hard and budding against his shirt. Lucky shirt. 
“No, I’ve never been kissed like that before.” 
“Do you want me to show you how good it can be?” 
She nodded her head. 
“Lick your lips and get them nice and wet for me.” 
He waited as her tongue ran over her lips. She really had no idea how sensual her innocent action could be. His cock was leaking his cum inside the jeans he wore. He knew he would have to find release the moment he got back to the club. If he didn’t then all of his good intentions would go out of the window. 
“Open them partially for me. When I lean down and run my tongue against your lips, I want you to run your own tongue with mine, and then open up to receive me into your mouth.” 
William leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. He ran his tongue over her lips and felt her own follow him. They touched, his persistent and hers hesitant. He pushed inside her mouth, feeling her moan as he took it within his own. 
If innocence had a taste then Daisy was it. She followed his lead, doing everything he asked as he showed her how amazing a kiss could be. Her pelvis thrust up in the open air as he ran a hand down her neck to cup a firm breast. 
He thumbed the tip and moved down to her belly, pushing against the navel and down to palm her aching pussy. The wetness coated her sweat pants. Feeling her need went straight to his head. She was responsive, and he knew he needed to gain control. Instead, he pushed his hand inside her sweat pants and covered her bare pussy with his palm. 
Her cries echoed in the room. William pulled away to stare into her eyes. 
“You’re so fucking wet for me, pet. You’re horny, aren’t you?” 
She nodded her head. Her eyes were wide as he ran a finger through her dripping slit. He felt the small amount of pubic hair and couldn’t wait to get a good look at her. William didn’t mind when a woman went bare around her pussy, but he preferred a woman to look like a woman. Bare was not everything to him. Providing she kept her bush neat and tidy, he didn’t complain. 
He wanted to see her cunt wrapped around his cock. There was nothing better in the world to him than watching a cock disappear inside a pussy. 
“How does it feel having my fingers against you?” he asked. 
He chuckled and ran his finger up to her swollen clit. “How about now?” 
She screamed as he circled the bud. Her legs tightened around his hand, stopping him from moving. 
“Open your legs now, pet.”

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Romancing the Book Reviews
Written by Romancing the Book on 10th May 2013

This was one hot read, Sam Crescent has done it again. Daisy is a woman that just wants to be loved. All her mother does is abuse her and she found out that she has some brothers and just wants to have a relationship with them. Just seems that everyone is angry with her for something that she didn’t do. William is the man that will change it all if she will let him. I hated when I read this book and found out that there were three books ahead of this one. I will be going back and reading them just so I can read and find out about the other people that are in the book. I didn’t feel that I was really missing out on anything. I just want to read them. I just get more into the authors spell with every book that I read from her. The more I read the better her books get. She improves with her writing style and doesn’t seem to be embarrassed with letting it all out. It’s like she is saying here I am, if you don’t like it then get over it. The passion that she writes in this book is hot. Makes me want to be blind folded and let my partner do whatever he wants to do. I will warn you that if you aren’t into BDSM and menage then this isn’t the book for you. If you want to try something new then read this book. I will just tell you that I loved it.

The Romance Studio
Written by TRS on 1st Apr 2013

William feels like a dirty old man lusting after a woman twenty years his junior. But he also knows that with her world spiraling out of control, he and his club, Control, could be just the lifeline Daisy needs. He's also sure that once he gets her, he's not going to want to let her go. It should be a win win situation for them both, unless you add in a judgmental small town, a family scandal and jealousy. Daisy has never been wanted by those in her life, especially once her mom brings up secrets of the past. But with William, she has finally found someone to protect and care for her. Together, the two of them make sense, too bad nothing else around them does. With a lot of trust and even more control they just might manage to make it. I found myself really drawn into Daisy and William's story. This is the fourth book in the Cape Falls series. It's the first book I've read in the series and it stood on its own. The only problem with jumping in at the fourth book was that it made me want to go back and read about the previous characters from this small and slightly dysfunctionally old-fashioned town. I really enjoyed reading Daisy's journey to passion. The chemistry between the main characters is hot, and it leads to some great sex scenes with the perfect amount of kink. This was a fast-paced book that has a good balance between sex and story. I also liked the fact that this story and the issues in Daisy and William's life seemed to be wrapped up even as hints and issues in other characters' stories are brought to light to draw you into the rest of the series.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by NOR on 9th Mar 2013

I immensely enjoyed His to Control and can't wait for more in the series. The characters are warm and engaging. The plot is fun and easy to follow. This is most definitely on my keeper list. The BDSM elements are steamy and just enough to keep you on your toes and sweating for more. -- William Johnson is the owner of the BDSM club in Cape Falls, a small town. The town is doing everything it can to have the club shut down. Daisy McAllister is a frequent visitor to the club, but only to get drunk and wallow in the misery. She has a horrible mother and half-brothers who want nothing to do with her. When she gets out of hand, William decides he's had enough. He's the one who should finally take her in hand, and he does does. The results are surprising.

The To Be Read Pile Reviews
Written by undefined on 27th Feb 2013

This was an interesting read. I think the author has so much potential. Her characters are good and her plot is well rounded. The problem lies with her writing. It’s very dry. There are no embellishments and the characters actions are always dull. I think with some work this will be an author to look out for. She did a good job with the club details and really bringing it to life. (Yes, I know I used the word good several times, it just describes this book perfectly.) This is a good look into the BDSM world and the club known as Control.

His to Control
Written by BDSM Book Reviews on 6th Feb 2013

Marvelous! “His to Control” is the fourth book in the Cape Falls series by Sam Crescent. Cape Falls is a very old fashioned town with very traditional values and very long memories. While the characters from the past books make appearance they do not over take the story. This story can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the series. Daisy has lived her life up until meeting William out of control. She does things to get attention and noticed. Daisy is one of the few characters that truly needs the discipline that the BDSM lifestyle brings. William is trying to open a BDSM club is Cape Falls. Once he sees the cry for help Daisy does not even know she sent he can’t help but try to help her. The author did a great job with the plot twists. I do wish the author explored some of the twists a bit more. Daisy and William has a lot of chemistry together. Overall, this was a fabulous read. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

Written by undefined on 9th Jan 2013

I really loved this book. I like the Cape Falls series. I loved reading William and Daisy's story and seeing what was happening with the others in Cape Falls.