His Beauty by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Meghan Bell knows her sister, Rose, is trouble. When crime-lord Damon Travers arrives at their door demanding his money, she knows things are about to go bad. Her sister can’t pay, so it’s up to Meghan to make him stop hurting her sister.

She now belongs to one of the most dangerous men in the city. She’s a virgin, and he’s going to teach her everything.

Damon’s not particularly interested in having an innocent, but he can’t turn Meghan away. He wants her, and he’s going to have her. The moment he takes her cherry and feels her around him, there’s no telling how long he’s going to want her. Rose will pay off the debt she owes him, but with Meghan, he’s going to have fun. 

Meghan doesn’t want to give this monster her heart, but how can she deny his soft side—the side that makes her feel like a queen? There’s no one else she could ever want. 

But Damon’s life is dark and twisted, and it’s now a fight to keep the woman that calls to his soul. Will she give him all that he needs, or leave him?

Be Warned: anal sex, voyeurism, spanking


She got to her feet and gathered their empty bowls without saying a word. She was finishing up the dishes when Damon entered the kitchen.

“You’re a good cook.”

“My mom taught me, and it was simple. Not a lot of thought going into it.”

“Rex liked it.”

She wasn’t even going to respond to that.

Drying her hands on the towel, Damon made his move, pressing her up against the kitchen counter.

“You don’t have to like him, but he will take care of you.”

“I watched him hurt my sister.”

“You need to understand that your piece of shit sister needs to be hit. Come and join me.” He stepped away, and she watched him go.

Her heart pounded, and even though all she wanted to do was run in the opposite direction, she followed him.

He’d put on some music, and she waited as he poured out two shots of whiskey.

“Have a drink with me,” he said.

“I don’t drink.”

“One won’t kill you.” He held up the glass. “Come on, Meghan. Relax. Enjoy. You’re not going anywhere, so you’ve got to stop fighting this.”

She took a step forward and sipped at the liquid within the glass. It burned like fire as she swallowed it down.

He gave a little chuckle, which she didn’t like at all.

“You have to take your time with it.”

She wrinkled her nose and put the glass down, no longer interested in it.

He shook his head. “You ever drink, party?”

“No.” She sat down on the sofa with a sigh. There was a time she’d been a fun person to hang out with. That hadn’t exactly lasted long.

“Stand up.”

He used the voice that meant no arguing, just following instruction. Biting her lip, she looked up at him, and waited as he took a step toward her.

She was even more startled as he sat down. She saw the evidence of his arousal pressing against the front of his pants.

“I want you to strip for me. I don’t need a sexy dance. Just remove your clothes, slowly. I want to watch you reveal yourself to me.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Because I like it when a woman does as she’s told, and seeing you don’t have any other choice, do it.”

She gritted her teeth, but did as he asked, taking her time as she removed his sweatpants and his shirt.

The bra she wore was old, and Rex had made her go into the lingerie store while he’d remained outside. She had an entirely new wardrobe, and she couldn’t recall the last time she’d splurged on herself.

Once she stood before him naked, she wanted to cover herself but knew he wouldn’t like that.

“I love your tits,” he said. “Lift them up for me. Cup them.”

With him watching, she ran her hands beneath her breasts, lifting them up. Moisture pooled between her thighs as he continued to watch, occasionally sipping at his whiskey.

“So pretty. Let them go.”

She did so.

“Sit on the coffee table,” he said.

She gave a little gasp as her ass hit the cold glass. He let out a chuckle.

“It does take your breath away. Spread your legs open. Let me see that pussy I own.”

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You can’t choose your family
Written by Sydney M. Neblett on 15th Nov 2018

Meghan is a sweet kind woman who has a mean spiteful sister. Damon is distant and the ruler of his world. What started out as payment morphs into love, but not without some pain along the way. This book is sure to get you hot and make you fall in love before the end and the much deserved HEA.

Written by A. Renee on 15th Nov 2018

Big gangster with no heart, falls in love with a virgin by accident. This book was sexy and intense! I enjoyed every word.

His attitude is delicious
Written by Turtlex on 11th Nov 2018

I loved this book. The author keeps surprising me with how gritty she can be. I love it! This guy was so over the top, super alpha. A lot of story and it really packed a.punch. Also very.steamy. Highly recommend.

Written by Amy Jones on 11th Nov 2018

Wow... Loved it!!! You had me hooked from the beginning and I didn’t want it to end. Awesome job Sam Crescent.....

Loved it!
Written by Kinde Customer on 9th Nov 2018

Sam did it again instead love all her books this one was so much more .Damon was a waste Meghan but he loved her fierce in just saying this was a awesome book

Gotta love the bad boys!!
Written by Rhonda on 9th Nov 2018

There aren't many authors who can write a bad boy and make the reader just fall in love with him; Sam Crescent is one who can do exactly that. Damon is a crime lord and when he comes to get money from Rose, he sees her sister, Meghan. Since Rose can't pay, Damon decides he wants Meghan. To save her sister's life, she agrees to go with him and from that moment, her life begins to change. I loved watching how Damon slowly started falling for Meghan. The little things he did for her and he still mainly kept her away from the bad side of his life. The story hooked me from the very first page. This will become one of my favorites by Sam. Now, if only we could get Rex's story!!!

Oh la la.. good book
Written by Darlene on 9th Nov 2018

It's been awhile since I wanted to smack someone and that someone is Meghan's sister Rose. Now when we first meet the sisters I do feel sorry for Rose.. that addiction Is a hard drug to beat so I was feeling sad for her and Meghan who had to watch the bodyguards break her hand. And her selling herself to keep her sister safe. But as the story went on you found out more about rose and what a heartless selfish bch she is to the one family member who has always had her back.. even with all the crap she has done to meg.. you wish meg would see the light.. (sadly family is family but dont worry she has someone in her corner now) Damon is kinda of the bad guy but he really is the hero in this story.. and gotta say I love me some Damon ;) He was coldish to Meghan took her v-card without knowing (meghan didnt tell him she was) but he made it up to her right there making sure she enjoyed her first time and was taken care of. as time past by he got to know her and be around her he started to changed, he wants to keep her forever.. and Damon always gets what he wants. Oh but don't worry we get down and dirty alot.. also.. we have alot of drama from rose... this was a great read!!

Just loved it!
Written by Evam on 9th Nov 2018

This is the Sam Crescent I love to read! Major alpha male, lots of angst and great steamy scenes. She nails it every time!

Damon & Meghan
Written by LRCH on 9th Nov 2018

They definitely had a rocky start- because of Rose, but Damon & Meghan are great- she is the light to his dark. Love this book by Sam Crescent.

Loved it!
Written by Fay on 9th Nov 2018

4.5 Stars I loved this one. Some parts made me so angry but I devoured this one in one go. And seriously who wouldn't want to read this book after staring at the cover, lol I enjoyed this book, Meghan was a freaking saint. I would have kicked Rose to the freaking curb. I loved the whole crime-lord vibe and Damon was awesome. For my part I would have never stood by my sister if she had put me through everything that Rose put Meghan through. I loved that Damon was the first person that actually looked out for Meghan and her alone. Definitely my favourite read of the week

Written by Neringa on 8th Nov 2018

I'm always apprehensive about this type of stories. Because I know I will want to slap the heck out of someone on certain moments. Lol. I hate when a family member fucks up and h gets all sacrificing lamb. It always makes me think about, does she think about later? Or she naively think it will be just this one time, when she will end up selling herself? I'm pretty sure most of the times a family member will be like 'you helped me by selling yourself once, you can do it again.' I'm sure it's not easy to turn your back, but everything have a limits. It's easier to go through that phase, when at least that family memeber loves h. But in this case... The way Rose gone about how her life is so hard... My eyes almost fall out of theirs sockets, I rolled them so hard. And the more I learned about Rose, the more I wanted to kill her. It made me to question Meghans sanity, though. WTF she was doing standing by the b¡tch side after all that? Family, blood and all that, but Rose overstepped a line long time ago. Obviously, Meghan needed someone's to have her back, because she was too nice for her own good. Clue in Damon. That man... At the beginning I had mixed feelings about Damon. He was a d¡ck. There's no way around that. Lol. There was hard to put a trust in him, when you saw what's in his head. But at the same time I liked what's there. Does this makes sense? But I really liked him when I read this line... "No one had made Rose pay, but he would. Meghan was going to be treated like a queen with him." Yup. He won me over with this. Every girl needs her own Damon in her life.