Belonging to the Steer Brothers by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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Cape Falls, 2

Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.

When Anna Myer’s parents died in a car accident, David and Paul Steer took  her in and cared for her. For years she nursed a crush for the two men, only to be rejected and pushed away.

Crushed with the rejection and believing the Steer Brothers could never love her the way she wanted, Anna left Cape Falls.

Three years passed since she left the men she loved. Anna returns with a new determination and she knows the secret that David and Paul tried to keep away from her.

There is a rumor that the Steer men share one woman. Anna wants to be that woman.

Can she prove to Paul and David she is the woman they need? Can her men overcome their fears? And after so long of being alone will she finally belong to the Steer brothers?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), bondage, anal sex.



Impulsively, Anna leaned back. David’s body consumed her. His shoulders could be seen on either side of her. She watched in the full length mirror as his gaze moved down the line of her body and back up again. The first real sign of interest in her as a woman. She held it as a sparkle of hope it was. 
With her palms down by her sides she brushed them on his thighs. He didn’t move, but she heard him take a deep breath. The air he expelled ruffled the hair at the nape of her neck.
“What are you doing, Anna?” His voice taking on a deep growl.
Tilting her head back Anna looked into his eyes. His beautiful green eyes, so beautiful and earthy they took her breath away. Bringing her other arm up, she looped it to the back of his head. With her free hand she held his arm where it circled round her waist. This was the first time they’d been this close. 
Was that his cock pressing against her ass?
“Aren’t you going to kiss the birthday girl?” she asked. Her heart pounded in her chest. Her nipples ached for him to reach up and cup them. It had been years since she’d held him. The past three years hadn’t stopped the yearning to be near to him. His scent invaded her, turning her inside out. She wanted this man as much as she wanted his brother. Was she sick? Anna crossed her legs as the ache in her pussy built. Could she grab his hands and place one on her breast and the other on her mound? Her body was alive, and she wanted to feel closer to him. To take all of her clothes off and beg him to make love to her. 
A moan escaped between her lips, and at the moment she didn’t care as he leaned down to give her a kiss. She noted the way his lips were closed and his eyes firm. She knew he would try for a peck on the lips or a brush. She didn’t want a peck. Anna wanted it all. 
His lips brushed hers. A brotherly or friend type kiss.  As he moved away her hand tightened around his neck refusing to let him go. She turned slightly in his arms so her body was in a better position to receive his kiss. Closing her eyes she deepened the kiss, opening her lips and running her tongue over his lips.
He pulled away. A hand on her cheek. “Anna, don’t do this.” 
“Please, please. David, kiss me like you want too. Just once,” she begged. 
“Anna, please. Don’t make me start something we won’t be able to finish.”
Hope sprang inside her. David felt something. “Then don’t stop, and let us continue until we finish.” 
She watched as he closed his eyes. “Don’t say stuff you don’t mean.” 
“I mean it. I want you David,” she said.   
For several moments he didn’t respond, remaining frozen solid. Anna was determined to evoke some emotion whether it was disgust at her assumption or the passion she knew was just beneath the surface. 
The time seemed to last for an eternity. It was the longest wait for anything in her life. 
She was rewarded as his free hand captured the back of her head and thrust his tongue between her lips. His hand on her waist spun her around, moving her flush against him. Her aching breasts full and round, her nipples budding to unbearable points as they pushed, trying to come through the fabric of her gown. David placed one hand to the back of her head, his fingers sinking into the length of hair which he fisted. Anna cried out from the pain opening her mouth wider for his invasion. The one on her waist moved down to her butt. He squeezed her ass, and she heard a growl escape between his fiery kisses. Anna circled both of her arms around his neck, holding on as desire and lust took over. She felt her dress being pulled up past her butt, exposing her virginal white panties. David was gathering her dress in his hands. The thrill sent delightful shivers all around her body.

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Written by undefined on 25th Aug 2012

Pretty good book

Night Owl Reviews
Written by undefined on 9th Jul 2012

I really enjoyed Belonging to the Steer Brothers by Sam Cresent. It was a good book with lots of romance and not too heavy on the BDSM. It is a heartwarming story about two brothers who are well off and they take in a teenage girl when her parents were killed in a car accident. You can feel the love throughout the story between Anna, David and Paul. You also feel the pain between them and wonder why they put themselves through that misery. They live in a small town and there are always rumors about them going around. But Anna's parents wanted David and Paul to care for and raise Anna if anything happened to them. David and Paul were around nine years older than her. They were both single and didn't bring women home with her in the house. They gave her everything and anything she needed and helped her grow into a beautiful young lady. She loved the brothers in a sexual way, but thought they could never love her that way as they kept pushing her away. She leaves for 3 years, three long years, where she lives away at college and yearns for them. She has to give it at least a try. She comes back home and wants to let them know how she really feels and see if they feel the same way. Can she convince them or will she lose their friendship too?