Mine to Keep by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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Cape Falls, 3

Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.

Amy Grant survived much at the hands of her ex-husband. Now all she wants to do is live her life and provide a good home for her two children. When complaints from the residents of Cape Falls force her out of a job, Amy has no choice but to turn to Gabriel Anderson. 

Gabriel has felt a deep connection to the young mother ever since he saved her from a brutal attack from her husband. He opens up his home to her in the hope she will soon be his. 

However, Gabriel holds a dark secret. He is a dominant man with the need to see Amy submit to him. With such a hard past behind her, will Amy be able to accept the kind of passion Gabriel wants? Or can Gabriel finally let the darkness inside him go for the woman he loves?

Be Warned: bondage, public exhibition.




“Take off your clothes.” 


Amy went to the buttons of her shirt and slipped each button through the slit. She knew he would have to see a few of her scars eventually, and she’d rather get it over with. 


Gabriel closed the door and walked towards her. She couldn’t stop herself from staring at him. This was the first time in her whole life that she wanted to get naked with a man and have sex. Her heart was pounding inside her chest. The wetness pooled in her panties. She wanted him so badly.  


She removed her shirt and went to her jeans. Gabriel stood in front of her and pulled his white shirt over his head. His muscles rippled with every movement. She reached out and touched him. He was warm and hard. 


“You’re so big,” she said. His chest beneath her hand made her look so small and pale. 


“I’m a lot bigger than you.” He pulled her closer, tilted her head back, and kissed her. He plunged his tongue into her mouth, making love to her with his lips. She accepted him, teasing him back with gentle strokes. Gabriel pulled the straps of her bra down her shoulders. Amy moved her hands free and wrapped herself around him. 


With easy movements her bra was on the floor, and her jeans pushed down for her to step out of.  She wore a pair of white cotton panties and nothing else. 


Gabriel released her and took a step back. She crossed her arms over her breasts. He held her hands away, exposing her body. 


“You deserve to be in thongs and silks. Would you wear the underwear I buy you?” he asked. 


Her nipples budded under his ardent gaze. 


“I’d wear everything you bought me,” she said and meant every word. 


“Good. Take your panties off.” His voice changed. He no longer asked her but ordered. The thrill that went down her spine shocked her. Staring into his blue eyes, she pushed her panties to the floor and stood out of them. “Go and lie down on the couch,” he said. 


She walked to the couch without hesitation. The need to please him filled her body. Amy lay down and watched Gabriel as he removed the last of his clothes. She stared down his body, taking in every line and muscle. He was right. She’d been with a man and had borne two children, but she was an innocent. The only time she’d seen male anatomy like this was in a textbook or the Discovery Channel. Her lips parted on a gasp as her gaze moved down to what lay at the juncture of his thighs. 


He was long and thick. The red tip was bulbous, and the slit at the top looked wet. He sat down next to her on the couch. They were both naked in his sitting room, and she’d never felt more alive than she did in that moment. 


“Do you want to stop?” he asked. 


“Never. I feel something for you, Gabriel. I’m not sure what it is, but I never want to stop.” She tried to explain everything to him. If she could voice all that she was feeling maybe she could make sense of it all. 


“Tell me everything, Amy. This is what I want. For you to be open with me.” 


Amy nodded and took his hand. She’d read many books and seen stuff in the movies. Nothing she had read or seen was anything like being part of it. Taking a deep breath, she dived into this new world Gabriel had opened up.


“I ache here,” she said, placing his hand on her breast. “It feels so tight and good. I want to feel you touching my breasts.” 


“Tell me where else.” 


Down her body, she moved his hand. Her tummy quivered with the touch. She went down until his hand covered her pussy. “It aches here. I’m so hot and wet.” 


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Night Owl Romance Reviews
Written by undefined on 19th Sep 2012

Overall, I like this story. The characters were really good and the basic romantic plot well thought out. However, other aspects of this story left me unsettled. I wasn't sure of the location; US, Canada, Europe. Most indicators felt rural US but word choices weren't always American, but more British and flying to Vegas is American but jaunting around Europe on a police salary is not. Also, the town people's overall views/reactions felt over the top rather than realistic. Yet, those wonderful characters kept me glue to the story. I couldn't wait to see how it played out and to see if there were indicators for the next story. I wasn't disappointed on either count. This is the third book in a series set in Cape Falls. You do not need to read the previous two stories to enjoy this one though the characters from the first two books do play roles in this one. Amy grew up in Cape Falls. At 17, she found herself pregnant from a man her parents approved of and quickly found herself married to him. It didn't take long before he became abusive. Unable to turn to her parents or any friends, Amy tries to make the best of it until she is almost killed. Gabriel has seen the signs of abuse and has been watching the situation. When the police call comes in, he's the first on the scene and ensures that Amy's husband is put in jail. Instead of rallying around Amy, the town turns their backs on her. Gabriel offers her a place to live and hopes their large age difference doesn't bother Amy because he's hoping to make her more than a house guest. This story is worth reading and would be perfect for a lazy afternoon. It's short enough to be read in just a few hours but long enough to give you a full story.