To Keep by Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino

Heat Level 3
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The Circle of Monsters, 1

Skye witnesses a double murder and is forced to run for her life. She doesn't know how she'll survive, but she'll do anything to live another day. When contracts are taken out on her life, her only hope is a rival assassin determined to use her as collateral. It's not the best situation but at least she's safe for now. Things get immeasurably more complicated when she starts to fall for her captor.

Galen King kills for a living, but it's nothing personal. He works for the Circle of Monsters, a group of ruthless contract hitmen. They do their job, no questions asked, and emotions never get in the way. Each hit is another payday until he has Skye Lewis in his sights—then nothing is the same.

Can he change the rules and keep Skye alive? Or will his boss demand he follow orders or pay the ultimate price?

Be Warned: anal sex


As soon as Galen’s boss walked away, she could finally breathe again. He was so dark, terrifying, and impossible to read. There was an eerie calmness surrounding him that she knew was anything but peaceful. She could envision him torturing people without an ounce of remorse.

Skye felt safe with Galen. It didn’t make sense, but she was usually a good judge of character. He may be a hit man or whatever he claimed, but he had a good heart, she just knew it. She was drawn to him, knowing he wouldn’t hurt her—at least she hoped.

“This isn’t in my job description,” Galen mumbled.

“What isn’t?”

He looked down at her, more like glared, as if she was a problem to solve. “Keeping people alive.”

She swallowed hard. “It’s better than killing.”

He exhaled his irritation then headed to the doors. She chased behind him, occasionally checking over her shoulder to make sure the other guy wasn’t back. Once they were both inside his car, the tension was palpable.

“So…” she started.

“He can’t be that mad if I can’t keep you alive. I mean, you’re not much use to him anyway.”

“I think you better listen to him,” she said. “He doesn’t seem like a forgiving kind of guy.”

Right now, her only concern was keeping alive and breathing as long as possible. The desire to survive was overwhelming. The past twenty-four hours had been a whirlwind. She should have known her life was too perfect before now. Something had to give, but she never expected to witness a double murder and then get tossed in the middle of a tug-of-war with professional killers.

She’d always been a dreamer. Skye was a live-in nanny, but that didn’t stop her from dreaming about adventure and her own happily ever after—no matter how unlikely. This was not what she had in mind. Her hero may be rock-hard, covered in ink, and unconventionally attractive, but he was just itching to get rid of her. Maybe even kill her. Prince Charming was not supposed to snuff out Cinderella. Everything about this fantasy was messed up.

“I need to eat,” he suddenly said. “I haven’t had any protein today.”

“I imagine you need a lot to feed all those muscles.” She clamped her big, dumb mouth shut to keep from saying anything else. Her face felt instantly hot and flushed.

He gave her a sideways glare, so he wasn’t flattered. He probably thought she was being snarky when she wasn’t.

“We’ll grab some food then we’re going to my place. I need somewhere to keep you until this blows over.”

She felt like a goldfish or something, an unwanted responsibility that wasn’t really much trouble.

“Any chance you’ll just let me go?”

It was worth another shot, but he didn’t answer her. A short time later, he pulled into the drive-thru lane of a fast-food joint. As they waited in line, she noted the bulky watch on his wrist and how the muscles twitched in his thick forearm as he steered the wheel. He even smelled good—a rich, earthy musk that she wanted to breathe in deep.

“What do you want?”

She snapped out of her reverie, trying to gauge the situation. “Huh? Oh, whatever you’re having.”

Once they had their food, they hit the highway. She sipped on her drink, wondering what he was thinking. Did he hate her? Skye knew he didn’t want to babysit her, but she never asked for any of this. Could a man really turn off all emotions or did he feel a little pity for her? If she wanted to stay alive, she needed to appeal to his softer side—if he had one.

“You know, I’m not a child. I won’t inconvenience you or anything.”

“You’re practically a child.”

Her hackles rose. “I’m twenty-five. That’s very much a woman.”

She’d done it again. Skye slunk down in her seat, wishing it would swallow her up whole.


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Written by Angel Joy on 2nd Oct 2023

Skye seen something that she should not have seen. Galen is hired to find her and take her out. But when he finds her circumstances change.

A must read
Written by Isa Dal. on 2nd Oct 2023

I loved this book and the author is an all-time favourite of mine. It was captivating and very well written! There is steaminess galore, attraction is undeniable and the characters are awesome! To Keep is an enthralling, yet hot, endearing and steamy love story that will pull at your heartstrings. It is a must read book.

Written by Amanda1444 on 2nd Oct 2023

Sky was working as a nanny when she witnesses her boss kill people. Enter Galen who was meant to try and kill her. At the beginning Galen was a clear black and white type of guy. Then throughout the story Sky’s charm and innocence allowed him to see the colourful world, in all areas involving her.

To Keep Book 1 of The Circle of Monsters by Sam Crescent, Stacey Espino
Written by TracyaH1976 on 2nd Oct 2023

To Keep Book 1 of The Circle of Monsters Sam Crescent, Stacey Espino The story and characters were wonderfully written and nicely developed. I really enjoyed the drama, chemistry and journey. Great read.

Loved it
Written by Shortbec on 2nd Oct 2023

Galen works for the circle of monsters, he is a hitman sent out to his next mark. Skype was a nanny that liked to stay to her own, she tried not to pry in her boss's life but when one night she witnesses something she must run. But she cannot run for long since there has been a hit called out on her. While Galen was about to take Skye out he received a call to protect her not kill her. When put in a house for weeks things start to burn slowly. Once the fire starts not even hell can keep Galen away from Skye.

Mafia Romance
Written by ljamison01 on 2nd Oct 2023

Galen was sent to kill Skye but, orders were changed at the last minute and he had to retrieve her and bring her to his boss. Now Skye was just a nanny watching a mafia’s boss children until she witnessed him kill some people. Now Galen is hard, tough and very unemotional, only money motivates him. But after spending time babysitting Skye he’s starting to feel a little different. Will Skye change Galen? Or will Galen do what is needed for a big payday?

Written by The Voracious Reader on 2nd Oct 2023

This was an excellent book! I loved how they interweave the supernatural and reality. Very well done.

Skye and Galen
Written by Maleficent on 2nd Oct 2023

Sky has a job as a nanny, one night she witnesses a double murder at the house, but knows she has to run. A contract is taken out on her and Galen is given the contract to take her out. Galen works for the Circle of Monsters and contracts are never personal. When she sees Skye he is not going to be able to fulfill the contract he will have to protect her.

New series
Written by Eve S. on 2nd Oct 2023

Great beginning to a new exciting series. Interesting and intriguing characters with creative storytelling. Looking forward to reading more books in this series.

Loved it
Written by Shortbec on 2nd Oct 2023

Galen works for the circle of monsters, he is a hitman sent out to his next mark. Skype was a nanny that liked to stay to her own, she tried not to pry in her boss's life but when one night she witnesses something she must run. But she cannot run for long since there has been a hit called out on her. While Galen was about to take Skye out he received a call to protect her not kill her. When put in a house for weeks things start to burn slowly. Once the fire starts not even hell can keep Galen away from Skye.

Proximity Love
Written by Beast's Beauty on 2nd Oct 2023

Galen is a killer. NO not just a killer but a killer with no conscience. He has his life the way he used to and wants it until the target becomes is ward, per se. His target is Skye and she is just a simple innocent girl caught up in a world she is oblivious to. Galen was minutes from pulling the trigger, instead of Skye being a target, Skye became his charge to protect because something is not right about the story. Skye is scared, confused and worried that each moment could be her last. She rambling and ask innocent enough questions that seem to get under his skin. Over time Galen realizes, she is his balm. The one thing in his life he never had, never thought to seek and never wants to let go, He will do anything to keep her and he does...The only question is does Skye want him?

To Keep
Written by Jessica on 26th Sep 2023

When someone is hired to kill you because you witnessed a double murder and is forced to run for your life, the logical thing to do is to then fall in love with him when he is then told not to kill you and instead keep you alive. It shouldn't work and yet in true Sam Crescent fashion it does. A good read that is easy to read and a keeps you thinking what everyone is really up to.

Written by Mistie Best on 17th Aug 2023

Another hit from this duo! Wow, I loved Galen and Skye. Galen has been a loner his entire life, existing in the shadows. Skye is innocent in every way until she sees something she shouldn't have, and now she's going to pay the ultimate price. I loved the push-pull of these two from the beginning, but I loved their change in dynamic even more. As we saw the real Galen emerge... SWOON! I loved these two so much!

Super Awesome--authors deliver another amazing read!!
Written by Andrea R on 17th Aug 2023

What do you want? Drama (check), Steaminess (check), Great story that hooks you from page 1 (check)--just a great book all around--enjoyed immensely!!

Entertaining series opener
Written by LBing on 17th Aug 2023

This was an entertaining series opener that brought together assassin, Galen, and his next mark and nanny, Skye. His bosses end up putting a hold on killing Skye and Galen ends up spending lots of close time with her....and gently tips over into love with her ;) Her nature and personality made it impossible for him not to fall for her ;P This is a fast paced romance that had great steam ;D

Written by Arin B on 17th Aug 2023

This book had me hooked all the way through its so good at the same time I cried some during some of the moments! The main girl character is such a sweetheart who is just doing what she loves but sadly all good things come to an end especially when in the wrong place at the wrong time. The main guy character has been broken for has long as he remembers but will that change when his boss throws him a situation he has never been in before? Will they survive the challenges they are facing and help each other for the better? This a mystery, action packed, page turner with unpredictable twisted and so much more to enjoy! There is some steamy scenes and surprisingly a happy ending a great wonderful way to start a new series! Can’t wait for more books with crazy crime hitmen and enemies to lovers theme!!

An assassins' salvation
Written by Laura S. on 17th Aug 2023

Is there any redemption for a career assassin? This author duo delivers a gritty story of a killer who lands a chance for a new life, but will he take it? Or will it be taken away from him before he can claim it? This story kept me turning the pages to see if he outsmarted the "bad" guys and was able to claim his redemption at the end.

To keep
Written by Steacyn on 17th Aug 2023

Great book action packed with hits kidnapping bribery and some sexual tension. I read this book in record time. It was hard to put down. I suggest clearing a few hours so you can read it all at once. You just never know what's happening next in this book

Had to put down!
Written by Kimmijane on 17th Aug 2023

This short story is a real pager turner. There is plenty of suspense, romance and steam. I live books about assassins falling in love with their hits. Buy the book and enjoy this story!

To Keep
Written by Romance Tragic on 17th Aug 2023

This is a page turner with a side of sweet spice - or maybe it's spicy sweetness. Well there was a lot of steam - let's leave it at that. First - I love a tortured bad guy - especially an assassin/hitman type who consider life to be expendable until he meets someone whose life he considers precious. Meet Galen our lone-wolf rider who kills on contract. But when his assignment is to take out a little nanny who saw too much, he does a Snow White - he goes to leaver her somewhere and just pretend he killed her. But all good plans go awry and he ends up sweet on Skye. Did I mention this is a sexy read? Mmmm

Great Start!
Written by Anotherdayinparadise on 17th Aug 2023

The characters were cute and loveable Galan with his cold heart and Skye being so innocent. What is a hit man to do when the hit turns into keeping the mark alive. Who is the real threat? Worth the read time.

Skye and Galen
Written by SeahawkGirl on 17th Aug 2023

This is the first book in the new Circle of Monsters series. Similar to the Killer of Kings series this book is about a hired assassin. The Circle of Monsters are much rougher than the Killer of Kings and not afraid to get their hands dirty. Skye witnessed something she should not have seen and is now running for her life. A hit has been taken out on her and Galen was tasked with the job. The job is halted due to an issue with payment and Galen is required to take Skye into his custody until things get sorted out. Galen falls for Skye and will do anything to protect her, even go against his own boss. They go on the run and fall more for each other. All the drama ends and they get their HEA. I loved this story and look forward to Slash and Kensington's stories.

Galen and Skye
Written by Bobcat on 17th Aug 2023

To Keep is the first book in The Circle Of Monsters series. Galen is one of the Circle's assassins. During a hit, plans changed and he found himself protecting Skye instead of killing her. Now, in forced proximity and on the run, feelings start to develop whether they're smart or not. Who will win in the end? Skye's mobster boss who wants her dead? The head of The Circle Of Monsters, who only wants her alive to get some information? Or Galen and Skye, who now want everything. A quick read filled with tension about two people finding love and trust with each other.

Great Read
Written by Jocelyn W on 17th Aug 2023

To Keep is the first book in the Circle of Monster Series. The MCs were perfect for each other. The guy was a bit much, but he grew on me as he evolved. Loved it.

Circle of Monsters
Written by Doris on 17th Aug 2023

Galen is a hired assassin but when his target is sweet little nanny, Skye, he may break the code just to keep her safe. This was a quick schmezy read that was filled with suspense and all kinds of twists and turns that kept me glued to the pages the whole way through.

Great read
Written by Pauli on 17th Aug 2023

As always, the details as well as the depth of characters and storyline make this read so much more than "something to lose time on".

Keeping her alive
Written by Redfaeryrose on 17th Aug 2023

I can't keep the smile from my face when the tables have been turned. The MMC fits the image more of a villain than a hero but he became the hero for the FMC in this story. The authors certainly broke the stereotype. There is suspense and action in the story and love, of course, but as the blurb says, will his love be able to keep the FMC alive? He did or we wouldn't have a HEA, but the how is in the story.

Interesting read
Written by mooredeba on 17th Aug 2023

This book is a fast, interesting read. The two main characters are totally different, yet when they are thrown in to a difficult circumstance they find out they have chemistry. There is a lot of things happening in the story.

To Keep, good story
Written by Babs on 17th Aug 2023

The first book in the Circle of Monsters series. Assassin Galen King and Skye's story of twists, turns, suspense, drama and romance. I enjoyed reading. I received a copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Skyle & Galen
Written by Shell R on 17th Aug 2023

Skyle is a nanny for a powerful man but one night she saw a double homicide at his house. Now Skyle is on the run. Skyle meets Galen because he took the bounty on her life but the payment for her death was insufficient funds and now Galen is playing babysitter. Join the story to see how a hit man and a good girl find common grounds and what is her former employer up to and why she needs to die. Enjoy ?

Wow…cold blooded killer
Written by lauri h on 17th Aug 2023

Wow..a cold blooded killer turns against his natural instincts, or should I say, his natural instincts turned against his employer. Whew. This book was intense. Strap in for a bumpy ride.

To Keep
Written by Amd2662 on 17th Aug 2023

Galen/Skye. Hitman/Nanny. Older man/Younger woman. Contract. Witness. Curvy. Dangerous Ex-Employer. Deadly. Boss. Protection detail. Safe house. Attacks. Attraction. Taboo. Desire. Virgin. Consensual. Affection. Wonderful characters and endearing story. Action packed. Love. HEA. Gripping.

Galen and Skye
Written by Crystal74 on 17th Aug 2023

Skye is a nanny for a powerful but bad man and one night she saw a double homicide at his house, now Skye is on the run and assassins are after her. Skye meets Galen because he took the bounty on her life but the payment for her death was fake money and now Galen is playing babysitter. Join the story to see how a hitman and a good girl find common ground and love.

Woah!!! What a exciting book!!!
Written by Brooke T on 17th Aug 2023

To Keep was a crazy adventure from the first chapter. I loved it!!! This is the first book in the Circle of Monsters series. I can’t wait to see what comes next!! The writing was gritty, original and suspenseful. I couldn’t put this book down until the end. I loved the characters. They were complex and had intense chemistry. I loved the action, mystery, spice. I loved the anticipation I had trying to figure who did what and why, then get thrown a twist. This is a dark romance with dark themes throughout this book.

Hitman dark romance
Written by Nellabella on 17th Aug 2023

Hi I read “ To Keep” Book 1 of The Circle of Monsters. by Sam Crescent, Stacey Espino It is Explicit, erotic, BBW, very dark, crime, hitmen, bad boy, steamy sexy read.

It's like watching an action romance
Written by Slvrdlphn on 17th Aug 2023

In my head, I was seeing Jason Statham as Galen, which surprised me as I don't usually have any romantic inclinations toward him. Still, somehow he fit the bill of a "dangerous assassin who protects the nanny" when I was trying to picture him in my head. The way Galen and Skye met was violent. Someone with a weaker personality than Skye would probably have lost her mind already. But instead, she saw in him a protector and unconsciously leaned on him. Maybe it is all the ink. If this were ever made into a movie, I'd watch it.

To keep!
Written by Mary on 17th Aug 2023

What a nice start to the "Circle of Monsters" series about a group of assassins. This is a stand alone story that is fairly short. It is a fast paced read with suspense, action, danger, passion and good twists. The story starts off with an assassin turned rescue. Skye is hiding in a hotel after witnessing her boss kill two people. All she wanted to do was be a nanny she wanted no part of the criminal world. Gideon, an assassin, has been a contract to kill Skye. He is about to pull the trigger when he is told his mission has changed due to non-payment. Instead he saves her from being killed by two men. This a good story with likable characters. I enjoyed the story from start to the loving end.

on the run...
Written by Kimkim on 17th Aug 2023

love it !! a good start for this spin-off/series... love Skye and Galen.. this is their story... a fast paced action packed drama.. on the run, having witnessed a double murder.. Galen an assassin... to keep or not to keep.... so good !!!

Skye and Galen
Written by Elizabeth.V on 17th Aug 2023

The Circle of monsters written by the amazing duo Sam Crescent and Stacy Espino. I just loved their series.In this book we meet Skye and Galen what a way to begin a relationship.I was wondering how they would explain how there relationship to there kids and grandkids ? This book was full of suspense romance between an assassin and a nanny. I totally recommend this book.

Written by KMH Romancessessed Reviews on 17th Aug 2023

This book was right up my alley. The author smashed this book... I love a good hitman romance. This wasn't necessarily a sweet romance but it also wasn't a dark romance either... I think it was a good balance with having a harder male character and sweeter female character, so it just takes them a while to fall into each other... even though you could feel their heated tension straight away. This is one of those books you fall into and you devour it straight away but then you also crave more because you've read it too fast... I cannot wait to hear more from this series!!

Written by booka on 17th Aug 2023

Skye works for Petrov a mafia leader and witnesses him killing 2 people. He takes a hit out on her thru the Circle of Monsters run by Viko who sends Galen one of his best assassins. He has her in his sites and is about to pull the trigger and gets a call to stand down. Hes upset. Viko wants him to take her because he wants leverage against petrov. Galen is furious to say the least he is not a baby sitter. Galen and Skye start to have feelings for one another to their great discomfort. This is a great story of star crossed lovers and danger, drama, suspense, and keeps you guessing till the end.

Galen and Skye
Written by Kirsten P on 17th Aug 2023

Galen and Skye What’s a hitman’s worse nightmare? Having to stop a hit right before he pulls the trigger, and then protect said mark. He’s had a troubled past and kills with no remorse. There is no way he has enough of a heart to fall in love. Right? I love the morally gray antihero that goes all gooey over his queen. Such a great book. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

Written by GAnnG on 17th Aug 2023

If you liked Killer of Kings from Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino, this first book in the Circles of Monsters series. This book brings back the darkness of the previous series mixed with the innocence of Skye and the dark broodiness of Calen. Loved it. Highly recommend it

Written by Deanna S on 17th Aug 2023

I love when these two authors come together because they make one fantastic book. I loved reading this story. They did an awesome job.

Galen and Skye
Written by Angela F on 17th Aug 2023

Book 1 of The Circle of Monsters. I wasn't sure what to expect by the description. But what you get is a fast-paced storyline with twists and lots of action and some steam and romance. It is a dark read and does contain violence but considering the storyline it is to be expected. I recommend reading this one. I didn't put it down!!

Perfect quick read
Written by Readstoforget on 17th Aug 2023

Hitman meets nanny in this mafia-esq romance. Skye is the former nanny for a mafia man and she witnessed something she shouldn’t have. Galen was hired to take her out. Only as he approaches his target, he gets a call to bring her to his boss, alive. I thought this one was a great read. It’s hot, sexy and fast paced. I liked their relationship and I’m eager to read what’s next for this series.

good read
Written by Sua on 17th Aug 2023

Very interesting to see how Galen goes from being a hit man to wanting to save Skye for himself. This aspect of the story kept me glued to the characters and seeing how things would end with this couple falling in love and trying to avoid the trouble finding them.

Hitman with a heart
Written by Reensburger on 17th Aug 2023

Galen is a loner, alpha killer that at the last minute has his hit on good girl nanny Skye. To begin with this brooding alpha just can't wait to get rid of her, either by leaving her somewhere or ultimately fulfilling his contract. But, after being put on babysitting duty due to some wider games at play, this hit an starts to see sweet skye in a different light. God book, sweet love story with extra spice.

Great Story!!!
Written by Amy J on 17th Aug 2023

Once I started reading To Keep I couldn’t put this book down. This book was a great story and a totally binge read for me.

Good story
Written by Lisana on 17th Aug 2023

If you like your heroes morally gray, then Galen is perfect for you. He goes from being a ruthless hitman to doing anything to protect the woman he fell for. I have to admit that I liked Skye's character a little less, as she lacks character in my opinion. This book is intense, full of action, humor and tension, this story is very pleasant to read and will give you a good time.

Love this new series!
Written by Mary S on 17th Aug 2023

Love this new series from this authors. I would love to see and know more of the Circles of Monsters. Galen and Skye were the perfect match.

New series
Written by RhondaVB on 17th Aug 2023

The start of a new series that is spun off of a previous series. This book was intense and at first, I hated Galen!! He was rude and hateful but when he has to save Skye instead of k!lling her, things slowly changed. They go through a lot to stay safe but will it be enough to keep the together forever?

Galen and Skye!
Written by Kaylapolk on 17th Aug 2023

Galen was a lone wolf as an assassin for hire he needed to be. But that all changes when he takes a job to kill Skye. When he is ready to take the shot his boss calls him off. His new job is to protect her at all cost. Only problem is that after a month in hiding together their feelings become something they can no longer ignore. She takes his heart and now he makes it his life's mission to keep her safe at all cost. But what happens when the enemies keep coming and they don't know who they can trust?

Circle of Monsters begins
Written by Bookbunny on 29th Jul 2023

YEAH! We finally get to meet the crew of the Circle of Monsters. They were first introduced in the Killer of Kings. We read about them and I wondered are they as ruthless as the Kings. Well, Galen has been commissioned to do a job, kill Skye. For the right amount of money, sure. But when they company is double crossed, that is not going to happen. Now he has to save Skye and bring her in. Skye is just a Nanny. She thought the job she had was a dream, till she became a witness to a crime. Now, her boss wants her dead. Can she really trust the tattooed man that just saved her? Galen is a big POS. He is rude and harsh. Skye has no idea what is going on. I have to say I was not happy with him in the beginning. But as these two were placed together for days and weeks, he started to change. Thank goodness. The Circle of Monsters are going to be learning from the Killer of Kings that that special someone is out there. They may have to be the one saving them but hey it’s going to happen. There is such uncertainty with Viko. I don’t trust him. Then again I didn’t trust Boss either. We shall see. And Petrov is an enemy to keep an eye one.

...assassin/captor/close proximity romance...
Written by Anya Z. on 29th Jul 2023

? ARC Review ? To Keep by Sam Crescent & Stacey Espino is the first book in the Circle of Monster Series; which we heard about this no-boundaries assassin group from their Killer of King Series. The story opens with Galen preparing to assassinate Skye. (...a definite eye opener twist on a meet-cute... ?) He doesn't ask for details on the *why* of a contract - he only cares that he gets it done cleanly & he is paid. We understand he has no emotions or thoughts behind his contracts, his only focus is completion. Skye is being hunted for what she saw/heard at her former boss's house, while she was a nanny. At the very last moment, Galen receives a change in his contract orders and Skye is spared for now... Galen's boss orders him to keep Skye alive for now; as they further investigate the request behind Skye's contract. With Galen & Skye being in close proximity of each other - we start to see Skye's nature & personality is changing Galen. What will happen to them both? You will have to read To Keep to find out. ⚠️ No TWs listed in the book blurb description. There are few different scenarios of räpë being talked about/thought about. There are scenes with Galen thinking about his youth - where SA and physical abuse happened. Skye thinks a what-if-räpë had happened to her at her former employer's house.⚠️

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 29th Jul 2023

When Skye goes on the run after witnessing 2 murders at her former boss's hands, she has a contract out for her life. Galen is a hitman, it's a job and nothing stops him until Skye comes along. Too him she's collateral, but too her, he's her one chance of survival and when lines get blurred where will it leave them? And the trouble that follows. Well written steamy captive hitman, curvy women, desires action and more.

Yes finally little dark romance
Written by JudyCh on 29th Jul 2023

I just loved this book because I got my bad boys I get a girl who is innocent and a fire that was burning hot between these two. I got my strong alpha and we think big bad boss people out to kill her and a surprise ending.

Thumbs up and guns ablazing!
Written by The Dragon Den Book Blog on 29th Jul 2023

ARC Review of To Keep by Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino * * * * * An underworld romance rising in steam as feelings blossom while guns are ablazing. It's always chaotic when you fall for your target. Skye has gotten into a bit of a pickle. When working as a nanny for a man who is more trouble than he's worth, she witnesses him killing two people and runs for her life. Not exactly something she was planning on in her line of work. Now, she's being hunted. She just never expected to be held under the protection of the man hired to kill her. Galen was there to do a job: shoot the target and get paid. However, when it appears the man who has hired them has decided to go back on his word - and is hiding a little secret - Galen is now forced to be Skye's babysitter. She talks. She's babbling. She gets in his head. She was meant to be dead, now he will do anything to protect her. Another thumbs up on an uderworld steamy novella with you curvy heroine and your hunky grumpy man with killer skills. A few sweet moments and an interesting date. Like how Galen starts off as someone who doesn't automatically fall for Skye, but when being around her more slowly falls into an acceptance of liking her. It's not grand or sizzling, just a smooth transition into love...smooth being a few gun shots here and there but it comes with his job. Note to self, make sure when applying for a private working position...make sure the employer is not some evil moron with a death wish.

To Keep Book 1 of The Circle of Monsters
Written by Makeen on 29th Jul 2023

Skye is an innocent woman on the run after witnessing her boss murder two people. Galen has her in his sights: ready to pull the trigger. A twist of fate turns him from her assassin to her babysitter. Living together brings them closer as he comes to appreciate her presence and kind soul. Sam and Stacey have the most interesting characters: couples that seem diametrically opposed but given a chance the dynamic changes and their relationships become much more intimate and emotional. Galen needs Skye’s sweetness that hides a strength and she needs him to bring out her inner vixen. Great story of love redemption!

Written by Alexis H on 29th Jul 2023

Galen and Skye call it fate. Galen was about to kill Skye until a phone call changed from a contract hit to a protection mission that quickly turned into love. The romance and suspense was top notch. Best line from the book. " A home isn't just four walls. It's where you belong, where good memories are born and where people who love you are."

Interesting twists
Written by CarKar on 29th Jul 2023

I enjoyed this story between hitman, Galen, and original target, Skye. Lots of chasing and figuring out who was loyal to who. Loved that the couple had Slash and Kensington on their side. Interesting tale of assassins, twists of fate and unconditional love.

Loved it
Written by Rubensgram on 29th Jul 2023

Good Mafia romance. Hit man Galen is just about to pull the trigger when the hit is called off. Now he is supposed to keep the target safe. For now. The target is a sexy curvy young woman. Galen is about to be tested. Steamy.

Just loving these books
Written by Mozzy on 29th Jul 2023

Wow, a great story! This is certainly a page turner and a half. Its dark, hot and utterly deliciously action packed. Its a book that in my opinion you wont want to put down. Galen is an assassin and his latest hit is to take out a beautiful red headed girl by the name of Skye. Only just before he takes the hit, his boss rings him telling him to stop. And that was the beginning of Galen looking after her, protecting her, and even falling in love with her. But the question is , is he protecting him from just one person or two? This really in my opinion is a must-read book, with a strong female with a chatty mouth and a hit man who just wants silence.

Written by Mreads90 on 29th Jul 2023

Omg!! I loved it! Skye and Galen are one of my favorite couples! I hoping that this Author team comes out with more books about this world. This is a five star for me!

A steamy and suspenseful read!
Written by Nox on 29th Jul 2023

I liked the premise very much and read the entire book in one go. Looking forward to seeing where things go with the rest of the characters that were introduced, especially the boss.