Damaged Souls by Sam Crescent

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Chaos and Carnage MC, 2

Aria Taylor has always been told she wasn’t good enough. After one horrible night, Aria has had enough. She’s determined to lose the weight that people find so ugly.

Grant has proven himself time and time again, but his brother has placed his ass far away from the club. When he’s suspended as VP from the Chaos and Carnage MC, Grant is pissed. He knew Bull didn’t want him at the club anyway.

He likes the receptionist at the veterinary practice where he visits the dogs from the animal shelter. And pursuing Aria is a much more worthwhile use of his time. Everyone sees Grant as the playboy. He's considered a waste of space. Aria sees him differently though.

When their contact within the Cartel turns up dead, and the bodies start mounting, it's not just a threat to the club, but the town. Someone wants Carnage.

Grant is given a chance to take his brother’s place, to have the ultimate power, but will he take it? Will he sacrifice everything to finally have control? Is that what he wants? Will the town of Carnage burn like the club?


“What time is it?” she asked.

“A little after eight.”

She gasped and got to her feet. “Crap. Shit. Crap. I was supposed to be at work an hour ago. Where’s my cell phone?”

“You left your bag in the sitting room,” he said.

She rushed out of the kitchen and he couldn’t help but look at her ass. She wore the pair of jeans he’d seen her in yesterday. He had left them on her last night, even though it had upset him to put anything on her body. Aria shouldn’t be hidden away. Not from him. Never from him.

Picking up his coffee, he moved to the doorway and listened.

“I’m so sorry, Andy. I was … time got away from me. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

He doubted Andy would care. The other woman was nice and cared about Aria. He also knew that Aria was always at work earlier than needed most mornings, if not all of them. If Andy and Phil caused her any trouble, he’d deal with them. Simple as that.

Aria finished her phone call and returned to the kitchen. Grant had already moved back toward the stove. Picking up his toast, he walked toward the table and sat opposite her.

“What did your bosses say?”

“They’re happy that I’m fine.” Aria rubbed at her temple. “I’m so sorry for crashing here last night.”

“I invited you back, don’t you remember that?” he asked.

“There’s a lot about last night I don’t remember.”

“Like telling me you’re a virgin?”

She groaned. “Could we stop?”

“Why? It was very sweet.”

“I didn’t, like, beg you, did I?”

“To what?”

“To … you know?”

He wanted to ask her to say it, but seeing as she looked so embarrassed already, he decided to save her the trouble.

“You didn’t beg me to do anything. You told me a statement of fact.”

“How is it that I can’t remember anything from last night but you do?”

“I can handle my drinks. Last night was your first time and you had three or four shots of whiskey and I have to say it’s very powerful stuff. Very, very powerful.”

She blew out a breath. “Yep, you’re right. I’m sorry.”

“Stop saying sorry. I enjoyed the company.”

Aria nodded and took a bite of toast, and he watched as she sipped her coffee.

“You know, you’re wrong. You’re beautiful and there are plenty of men who’d love to have you, myself included,” he said.

“Grant, you don’t have to say that.”

“I know I don’t have to say anything. I’m not just saying it, either. I’m serious. I know I want you as mine. I’ve been asking you to date me for months.”

Aria nibbled her lip and he stared at her.

“Is it the patch?” he asked.

“The patch?”

“I’m part of the Chaos and Carnage MC. I know it puts a lot of people off.”

“I don’t care about that.” She sighed. “I … this is … I…”

“Go out with me tonight,” he said.

“I’ve got the gym.”

“You don’t need it,” he said.

“I want to do it. I need to do this, for me.”

He wanted to ask if it was really for herself or for her mother. He couldn’t even remember what her mother looked like but he fucking hated her.

“As it happens, I’m also working at the gym tonight. I’ll be there and then afterward we can go to the diner, or wherever you want to go,” he said.

“Er, if you’re sure. If you’re not too busy.”

Fucking hell. He was trying to date this woman and it was impossible to even convince her that was what he was trying to do.

“Aria, babe, I’m trying to go on a date with you, not make an appointment. Tonight, you and me, the diner. How about that? It’s a date. A date where at the end of the night, I’m going to take you home and then I’m going to kiss you.”

“Oh,” Aria said.

“Yeah, oh. Now, I’m going to let you finish your toast, your coffee, I’ll drive you home, and if you need it, I’ll drive you to work.”

“You don’t have to do that,” she said.

“Trust me, Aria. I want to do that.” He didn’t know how he was going to convince her of what he wanted to do. She was a stubborn woman.


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Damaged souls
Written by Tanya k on 4th Jul 2023

I really enjoyed this book so much I had a hard time putting it down this was Aria an Grant's story an she has body issues an Grant's has passed childhood problems ....

Damaged Souls
Written by Amber J on 4th Jul 2023

Aria is a sweet woman that has been bullied by those close to her for her weight. Grant is a biker that floats from job to job. They meet where Aria works, and Grant asks her out. At first, she thought he was joking until he told her that he was serious. They start seeing each other and things seem to be going well. Grant struggles with some things with his brother. When he sees a picture of Aria's family, he sees something that could have her ending things with him. Will he tell her before she finds out on her own? Can they find their way back to each other? This is a great story that once I started it I couldn't put it down. This is a well written and very entertaining story. Its a book that any book lover would enjoy.

??? Grant and Aria ???
Written by DebinOkla on 4th Jul 2023

??? Grant and Aria ??? Grant is a wild man, a player. Aria has been told her whole life she is fat and ugly! When they meet sparks fly but she can't believe he would be interested! Add in club problems and then it gets dicey! Sam Crescent does an awesome job on this stand alone HEA! Can be read alone but the first book only makes it better. Awesome book!

A good book and worth the read
Written by Pat L on 4th Jul 2023

Aria has been told by her she is not good enough along with many other hurtful words. Grant who is also feeling worthless with MC is now only allowed to work with the dogs and so these two souls meet and bond over the animals. Each has low self-esteem. Aria is maybe lower than Grant for her mother is constantly telling negative words killing slowly. Grant and Aria though slowly bond and this is what makes this story work. There are other things going on but really for me, this was the main story. A good book and worth the read.

A great read
Written by Erica A on 4th Jul 2023

Pretty good books with a few surprises and some very toasty scenes.... I just love an alpha male.... A great read...

What a great book.
Written by Sherry on 25th Apr 2023

Damaged Souls was another good book by this author. The flow of the story was nicely done and written well. The main couple had amazing chemistry between them. I would recommend this book to others.

Starting series
Written by KMH Romancessessed Reviews on 25th Apr 2023

Before reading this I went back and re read the first book, and I think it was the right idea, giving the storyline more depth. I loved the gritty rawness that you get from this book and you are sucked into it straight away, there is no slow build up you just kind of get straight into the action. I love that this has some darker elements, I like a little bit of spice and darkness in my 'romance' but not too much and I finished this book and I can say that it packed a punch in some parts that I wasn't always expecting. I really enjoyed both main characters, I loved their differences and how they really contrasted each other and you could feel the tension of their relationship light up the pages. The secondary and back up characters were well written too, giving the story more depth and made it more lifelike instead of just a flat 2d story.

Damaged Souls
Written by Stacii on 25th Apr 2023

Aria and Grant’s story has them meeting when his MC shut down the mafia dog fighting and he checks the dogs from the fight. She thinks he is just being nice when he asks her out but he is serious. With her family and such says bad things about her weight. She joins a gym and her trainer is Grant per his request. But he is fighting demons of his own, his bro thinks he needs to be away from the club but when things comes to light that his bro didn’t know will they mend their relationship and he can keep her safe when the mafia has boding falling.

Written by Irene T on 25th Apr 2023

This is the second book in the Chaos and Cara age MC series. It's a fast-paced and continuation from the previous book that will keep you engaged from start to finish. This is a story about believing enough in one's self to being able to have that better life the h and H want. Read to find out what happens.

Grant is just what Aria needs
Written by Maleficent on 25th Apr 2023

Aria has spent her whole life with her mother knocking her down about her weight. When her bestie's boyfriend says hateful things about her weight and will not let her into a Halloween party, she is determined to change. Grant is consistently screwing things up, fliting from one job to the next. He is pissed when his brother suspends him from the club for something minor. Now that he has extra time he is going to take it pursue the receptionist at the new veterinary practice. Can Grant convince her that she is beautiful the way she is and does not have to live her life for anyone? Aria has never had anyone in her corner like Grant and she is not sure if he is for real. Loved these two, both had been abused by those who should have protected them.

What an amazing read
Written by Brooke T on 25th Apr 2023

This book was amazing!! Sam Crescent has created a beautifully written world with characters that are complex and have incredible depth. This book is part of a series and is book 2. I would recommend reading the first book, Size Matters but this book can be read as a stand alone. I loved Aria in this book. She really tugged at my heart strings. She was such a strong character even though she might not have felt like she was. She was determined, and learning a few things about herself. Grant is complicated. He’s flighty, flirty and has a dirty mouth. I was excited to see his growth within himself and with Aria. They were amazing together. I loved the chemistry, the angst, and the spice. The anticipation I had with both these characters was nail bitingly captivating. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. The mystery and action had me turning the pages too. Such an amazing read. I love this author she has several exciting, and addicting series. She does not disappoint in any book I’ve read.

Great Book
Written by Jeanne R on 25th Apr 2023

I've read a lot of books written by Sam Crescent; she is one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the second book in the Chaos and Carnage MC Series; it is a stand-alone book. The story is about Aria & Grant; both have always been treated as if they are worthless; they decide to prove that’s not true. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Amazing read...
Written by Isa Dal. on 25th Apr 2023

I loved this book and the author is an all-time favourite of mine. It was captivating and very well written! There is steaminess galore, attraction is undeniable and the characters are awesome! Damaged Souls is an enthralling, yet hot, endearing and steamy love story that will pull at your heartstrings. It is a must read book.

I love Sam!!
Written by Alishali80 on 25th Apr 2023

Damaged Souls by Sam Crescent is book Two in the Chaos and Carnage MC Series. This is the story of Grant and Aria. I enjoyed their story.

Pulse-pounding read!!
Written by Beast's Beauty on 25th Apr 2023

I love Sam Crescent books. Even though this is part of a series each book has ots own pull, its own draw to make you continue to read. Grant and Aria have some real issues brought on by childhood traumas and continued bullying. I think Grant puts on a show to cover his pain and Aria tries to win approval. As we read, we find little nuggets as to why Aria has issues with her weight (ahem, her mother) and why Grant is seen and plays up the role of player (unshared childhood traumas). If this book does nothing else for reader it does this - it teaches you are loved and lovable, that what people think of ypy is not import but what you think of yourself is and that sometimes those not of your blood are better for youand to you.

Grant & Aria
Written by Nate on 25th Apr 2023

This was Grant and Aria’s book. Aria Taylor has always been told she wasn’t good enough. After one horrible night, Aria has had enough. She’s determined to lose the weight that people find so ugly. Grant likes the receptionist at the veterinary practice where he visits the dogs from the animal shelter. And pursuing Aria is a much more worthwhile use of his time. Everyone sees Grant as the playboy. He's considered a waste of space. Aria sees him differently though. I loved these two. And am voluntarily leaving my review.

Written by amy b on 25th Apr 2023

I really liked this one. The characters really draw you into the story and make you never want to leave. Another incredible storyline.

Damaged Souls Book 2 of Chaos and Carnage MC by Sam Crescent
Written by TracyaH1976 on 25th Apr 2023

Damaged Souls Book 2 of Chaos and Carnage MC Sam Crescent The story and characters, Aria and Grant, were well written and nicely developed. I really enjoyed the journey. Two broken souls ignite on the pages. Great read.

Grant and Aria
Written by Flavia K on 25th Apr 2023

Grant and Aria. This is such a sweet love story. Both have difficulties and preconceptions in their lives. And both carry the weight of the opinion of others. It's nice to see how they build their relationship, and Grant's love is so great! Although sometimes he is so wrong...

changed by his love for her woman
Written by Redfaeryrose on 16th Apr 2023

The title is apt, our MCs had to deal with the damaged to their souls. To get it more exciting the author threw in enemies that threatens to tear them apart and threatened their lives and their town. There were a lot of uh-oh moments and I wondered how they would deal with it. Our MCs did change a lot, I guess all he need is the love of a good woman.

The Bad Boy and The Good Girl
Written by Doris on 16th Apr 2023

My heart broke for Aria growing up where all she is told is how fat she is and how nobody will want her. After that she believes it herself and can’t understand how the hot biker would have any interest in her. Aria has always been the good girl who works as a receptionist at a vet clinic where she meets Grant. Grant is the VP of the Chaos and Carnage MC with his brother, Bull, being the Prez. Everyone believes Grant is nothing but a playboy which only makes Aria question his intentions more. This is a book that will bring cartel, MC action along with secrets and suspense that had me cheering for the couple to get their HEA.

Great read
Written by Leeannwriter on 16th Apr 2023

Grant and Aria are the classic opposites who are attracted. He's a motorcycle club member and she's a virgin but the attraction is there. It's gritty, it's engaging, and involves the reader from page one. The suspense is there throughout the entire book. It was a great read.

Grant and Aria
Written by Ann L on 16th Apr 2023

Grant has fallen for the pretty vet's receptionist, Aria, she's always been made to feel insecure and she's fed up of it, now the gorgeous Grant is taking notice. Loved this.

Grant & Aria
Written by Shell R on 16th Apr 2023

What a great story of two damage souls finding an interest in each other. Grant is part of a MC gang and he is always bumping heads with the president which is also his older brother. Slowly his brother is pushing him out of the Choas & Carnage MC and Grant is trying to figure out why. Grant meets Aria at the vet office and he slowly worms his way into her heart. Check out this story to see how two people try to get over their hung ups from horrible parents' upbringing, watch Grant try to figure out what is going on with the missing dogs, dog fights, figure out his drama with his brother and how to make Aria see that their relationship is a forever thing and no matter what her weight is he will always be in her corner. Enjoy!

Another side of Grant
Written by ObsessiveReader on 16th Apr 2023

When we first meet Grant in Size Matters, he is a real jerk. He bullied Maddie in high school and continued to as an adult. Frankly, it was hard to believe that there might be something redeemable about him. This book shows another side of him and we learn more about his past. However, Bull doesn't show himself in the best light in this book. Aria is a sweet woman who has been bullied by her own family all her life about other weight. This makes her self-esteem very low and makes her harder on herself. She has difficulty believing that Grant, the town playboy is sincere in his interest in her. She is way too hard on herself.

Engaging read
Written by LBing on 16th Apr 2023

This truly is a story of damaged souls. Poor Aria has been fat-shamed her whole life by her mother and treated as less than her sister. This has messed her up pretty badly and also damaged her relationship with her sis. Grant used to be the VP of the MC but his bro, the prez, demoted him and put him on jobs that were beneath him and his skills. However, both of these characters loved animals and put their whole hearts into their care. I loved this aspect of the story! A dog fighting ring, the Cartel and poor communication causes all kinds of troubles for everyone. I did love when Grant put Aria's momma in her place and that there was hope for a better future between siblings as they sorted out their pasts. It was an engaging read, with plenty of heartaches, but also filled with love. I really enjoyed this story and can't wait for more :D

Bad boy romance
Written by ANG27 on 16th Apr 2023

I thought this was a well written bad boy romance. It may be a little darker than some but was very enjoyable.

Great MC
Written by Danee on 16th Apr 2023

Great characters and storyline and it holds your attention and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to continue reading. Was an enjoyable story.

Learning From Each Other
Written by De'Anna on 16th Apr 2023

Part of the Chaos and Carnage MC series each book can be read as a stand alone but know once you start you won’t put it down until the last page has been turned you have your bad to the bone MC and the one woman who balances everything around him. Aria such a sweet soul inside and out has been bullied all her life from school to home compared to her sister who looks the way the world thinks not so many curves and she is just tired of it deciding to finally taking her weight into her hands her way she just wants to be seen for her. Grant sexy as all get out part of the MC but his brother doesn’t want him there so he is forced to away on jobs that anyone else can do upset about it but yet continues to do the jobs given to him even though inside he is struggling, especially after his brother suspends him but, he wants to look into the issues with rescue dogs are being stollen forced into fighting – poor fur babies. The moment he meets Aria the curvy beauty drawn to her the attraction is instant, it is intense, but he has a little work to do on making her see him for him not the playboy also convincing her she is beautiful, so his goal is to prove to her he is a changed man and worthy of her. So, when she joins the gym he gets hired as a personal trainer to be with her, to help her be who she wants to be not others although, he doesn’t think she needs the gym working they grow closer but when his MC life comes back to bite him in the a** putting his girl in danger dealing with his crazy brother they really need to work out some stuff between them but will he protect his girl, can he keep her safe especially when the cartel starts stealing dogs for fighting, will the brothers finally face the past in order to have a future, and can they find happiness?

5 star awesomeness
Written by Nicole P on 16th Apr 2023

Sam Crescent you have done an absolutely brilliant job with Aria & Grant's story. You had me hooked from the very first page. Their story has darkness, vulnerability, suspense all wrapped up in this steamy MC romance. This is a story I would highly recommend. I can't wait to see what the author writes next.

Awesome book
Written by Crystal74 on 16th Apr 2023

Aria is beautiful and curvy. Her mother has told her all her life that she was fat, ugly, and didn't measure up to her sister. So she has crap self esteem. She loves her job as a receptionist at the new Veterinary clinic in town. Grant the VP of the Chaos and Carnage MC comes in a lot with the dogs from the fighting ring the mob were running and MC closed down One say in walks a gorgeous, tattooed biker. Grant is known all over town as being a playboy and he keeps asking Aria out. Aria doesn't understand that he is being serious and thinks he is joking because she hears her mother in her head saying ' nobody would want her because she's too big '. Grant story is horrible and he used to bully Maddie and the way he talked about fat people. But we start to learn more about his past. Grant wants Aria as his own. He also has a support dog of sorts. This story is dark on Grants side. We learn a lot about him and what he never told Bull. There was a lot going on with the cartel and the dogs. I loved the book and can't wait to see what else the author will write. Read the book it is definitely worth it.

MC Romance
Written by Kimmijane on 16th Apr 2023

I had all of the feels with this book. The Aria and Grant were complex as with any character with traumatic pasts. Aria and Grant were also sweet, funny and charming. This book was a bit sad at times but has a wonderful parts too. If you like MCs, dogs and romance that this would be a good book for you.

Loved it!
Written by Arevalomencarelli on 16th Apr 2023

Grant and aria are everything!! I waited so long for this second book and it truly was perfect! Grants growth and the fact that he didn’t stray away from his wrongs was such a nice change! Your heart goes out to aria but he own growth was beautiful to read. This had everything I love.. so if your into insta-love, MC drama, Curvy h’s with OTT men who want to … lock it down for the long haul ? this is just what you are looking for!

Damaged Souls
Written by Makeen on 16th Apr 2023

Aria is a sweet sweet woman who has been horribly abused by her mother. Verbal abuse, food denial, and fat shaming almost her entire life. Grant was physically and mentally abused by his drug addicted father. He was beaten, scarred, and tortured with scorn and demeaning words. Sam has crafted and executed a complex story of redemption, forgiveness, and acceptance. Learning to love yourself is difficult and requires patience and true caring. Grant learns much about himself as he pursues the love of his life. He introduces her to sex by completely worshipping her body and soul. Aria learns to say what she wants and say it out loud. I loved this longer book from Sam! The emotions she brought out throughout via dialogue were heartwarming. Their friends, family, and MC were witness to their growth as a couple. The epilogue was so satisfying: love, children, and dogs!!

Love this book and series
Written by Heather7170 on 16th Apr 2023

Can’t wait to see what is next for the guys of chaos and carnage! Love these guys and gals so much. Very happy to see Grant come into his own and own up to his mistakes. Bull was as usual a Bull. Can’t wait to see who will get a story next!

Toxic parents...
Written by RahiaLeight on 16th Apr 2023

Both leads had horrible, horrible parents. Aria's mother is a real piece of work. Grant's father wasn't any better. Both caused lasting damage that led way into adulthood. Finding each other brought together two halves of a whole, and I'm so glad they were able to make things work for them. Bull it a total asshat, even if his intentions are good. Overall, it seems a softer side of Sam wrote this tale. I loved it, and I just wanted to hug Aria (and the pups). It was a fun read.

Love the story
Written by Diana A on 16th Apr 2023

Two lovely souls met at the correct time. I enjoy the ups and downs on this book as well as the anguish and misscomunication.

Excellent Story
Written by Merry J on 16th Apr 2023

Grant and Aria both come from dysfunctional families. Aria is constantly belittled by her mother and comparing her against her sister whom she deemed to be perfect. Grant was always messing things up in his brother's eyes so when he put him on dog duty, he was livid, but it put him contact with Aria and started them along their path. When someone sent her recordings of Grant and her sister's conversation, she questions everything about him and when she leaves and is captured by their enemy, he and his MC brothers will do everything possible to get her back. This action-packed story kept me glued to the pages.

5 Star!!
Written by Amy J on 16th Apr 2023

I really enjoyed reading Damaged Souls. The story of Aria and Grant was a super fast read for me. ? Great Book ?

Sex. Bikers. Fighting. Language. And happily ever after.
Written by Barb K on 7th Apr 2023

Aria is beautiful and curvy. Her mother has told her all her life that she was fat, ugly, and didn't measure up to her sister. She is a receptionist at a veterinary clinic and loves her job. One say in walks a gorgeous, tattooed biker. Grant was VP of the Chaos and Carnage Motorcycle Club until he is suspended. Grant is known all over town as being a playboy and he keeps asking Aria out. Aria doesn't understand and thinks he is joking because she hears her mother in her head saying ' nobody would want her because she's too big '. But Grant wants her and will do anything to convince her. When she receives a video of Grant talking to her sister, she believes he was really being mean to her and doesn't really like her. Someone is out to bring the town down and they take Aria and Grant rescues her. Grant loves her more than anything and will do anything to get her to forgive him? I loved this story. Aria needed to tell her mother off years ago. She's beautiful but has no self esteem. Grant doesn't take crap from anyone and tells it like it is. Sex. Bikers. Fighting. Language. And happily ever after. * Voluntarily read and reviewed for Netgalley *

This book has it all
Written by jennifer a on 7th Apr 2023

This book has it all. Characters you love and root for, drama between families, couples in love, and the MC club issues. I loved Grant and Ari so much and their love of dogs was perfect. Having a main character who isn’t model skinny is always nice and I loved how the story played out.

I absolutely loved Damaged Souls and I 100% recommend this
Written by Sarah S on 7th Apr 2023

Grant, I didn’t want to like you. I really, really didn’t. Damaged Souls is the 2nd Book in the Chaos and Carnage MC series, the first being Size Matters. We first met Grant in Size Matters and I’ll be honest, I didn’t like him. So when I heard he was going to he the hero of the 2nd book, I was sceptical. But Sam has done it, she managed to redeem him AND make me feel sorry for the poor man. I adored Grant by the end of the book. The way he fought for Aria not only with the club drama going on but with her mother and her own self esteem issues had me swooning. And how he was with Wanda (the dog) just ugh…the man has my heart. Overall Damaged Souls is about just that. 2 damaged souls coming together and finding the happiness that they both don’t believe they deserve. It has all the drama, action and spice that you want in an MC Romance but it also has the gut punching angst and grovel that I’ve really come to love from Sam’s recent releases. It also has a great family element with Aria and her sister Isabella that was really heartwarming. I absolutely loved Damaged Souls and I 100% recommend this. Oh and I really REALLY hope we get a Lidia book. She is honestly the best side character I’ve ever read. We stan Lidia!!!

I absolutely loved this
Written by Cynthia G on 7th Apr 2023

Thank you NetGalley for the eARc. I absolutely loved this. I love anything by Sam Crescent but this particular book has made the top 5 of my favorites. I didnt read book 1 but i was able to keep up with the storyline. The ending made me extremely happy for this couple. I hated the mother and im glad she got what she deserved. Well done

Another great book by this author
Written by Regina K on 7th Apr 2023

Another great book by this author. When Aria meets Grant her only thought was I am not good enough for him, Grant sets out to show her just how perfect she is! Then when someone starts tormenting her can he stop it and is it related to the club I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley.The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

So much to love about this book
Written by Jane H on 7th Apr 2023

Aria, I liked her A LOT from the very beginning of this book. She is feeling insecure, after her mother's continued snide comments about her size. She meets the troubled Grant, who is carrying baggage from a vicious father. Their story is a long slow burn story with lots of emotion. He knows he wants her, she isn't so sure. Dogs bring them closer (Grant certainly loves his pooch) and as their relationship heats up outside activities slowly and surely help Grant recover from his childhood, Aria gets supported by him when her mum starts picking on her. So much to love about this book - emotional, family, pets, sexy times, love of family and two people who simply 'work' and support each other.

Damaged Souls
Written by Eva H on 7th Apr 2023

There is nothing worse than parents who don't accept their children for who they are. Aria and Grant's story can trigger. Physical and emotional abuse and its consequences play a major role here. Aria and Grant's relationship is constantly overshadowed by their childhood imprints. Grant is the driving force behind wanting to change this situation for the better. It's not easy, there are regressions, but when you have someone who stands by you and who believes in you; then everything is possible. I liked that this story works a lot with emotions. The MC theme does not completely dominate the plot, but is skilfully woven into it.

ARC Review of Damaged Souls by Sam Crescent
Written by The Dragon Den Book Blog on 7th Apr 2023

* * * * * A sweet and steamy read between a beautiful curvy young woman struggling with her body, and a hard-headed MC man and former bully moving on from the ghost of his past to be with the girl he wants. Aria has been harrassed and humiliated about her body forever. Not just from people at school or jerks who think they can have an opinion (including those dating her best friend), but also her own mother - a woman with a seriously strong issue towards diets. Always compared to her beautiful sister. Always ignored beyond her weight. Now, she is taking it into her own hands. Grant has been struggling in the MC and with his brother, the man now married to a former target of Grant's back in high school and incharge of his every move. As someone begins to pull the strings on taking rescue dogs from illegal fighting, Grant wants to know what is going on. However, the drama in his personal life has caused enough trouble to make him step away. Until Aria. She a beautiful curvy woman. He knows that if she ever found out the truth about his past she would hate him. Grant is going to prove he as changed, and will do everything to step up for her. It is dogs in it! Of course I am going to love it! Grant's devotion and guard towards Aria and the topic of her weight when it comes to facing other people and a mirror is lovely and mushy. Grant's relationship with his brother is also an interesting issue to read on, and how the past can still affect us no matter what time does. Thank you to Netgalley for this copy!

Damaged Souls
Written by Taylor K on 7th Apr 2023

Sam Crescent is amazing at writing a curvy and vulnerable fmc without making her annoying and naive. I love that I was able to feel the emotions Aria was experiencing throughout with her body image and her family. You should read this if you like: ▪️curvy fmc ▪️mc club ▪️small town ▪️alpha male ▪️unplanned pregnancy (I secretly love this trope) As always, check your tw. There is a lot of trauma in this one! Thank you netgalley for the copy!

Honest review by Grinning Cat
Written by Grinning Cat on 7th Apr 2023

H/h- Grant and Aria POV- 3rd person Genre- MC romance Heat level- scorching Standalone?- Y Cliffhanger?- N HEA/HFN- Y Triggers- Body shaming (not perpetrated by the Hero), violence, language, explicit erotic content Tropes- BBW, Heel to Face Turn, Dysfunctional Family FTW What I liked- the Hero was determined to lift the heroine up and boost her self esteem. And the way he loved her. What I didn’t like- the book had no internal navigation or TOC. Rather irritating. Overall- If you’re looking for smut with a BBW, you’ll like this book.

Rising above your toxic past
Written by Laura S. on 7th Apr 2023

This story is written in true Sam Crescent fashion; a gritty, unlikely hero trying to clean up his act and a too nice, vanilla heroine, beaten down by her mother and having a hard time discovering her self worth. When opposites attract, sparks fly! Can they believe enough in themselves to believe in a better life with each other? Will they be able to leave their toxic past behind? This is a great story that will grab you by your emotions to the end!

Written by JJ on 7th Apr 2023

Aria will remind you of yourself or your bestie. Having to live in the shadow of her sister and never perfect enough for her mom. The cloud of doubt is thick around her. Grant in a way had a similar situation but it was his choices that his dad was against. If these couldn't be more born for each other. But a simple love wouldn't be right for these two. They need suspense, action and revealing secrets in their lives. I love getting to know these characters including his brother and his wife Maddie. It feels like family with the drama. Also brings attention to rescue animals. I received an ARC for an honest and voluntarily review.

An action packed story
Written by Jill G on 7th Apr 2023

This is an action packed story that has quite a bit of violence and yet at the same time a beautiful love connection is developing between Aria and Grant. The story revolves around their courtship and some of the obstacles that get in their way. It is a great read that is entertaining and at times swoon worthy. I enjoyed the story and would recommend it. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and are voluntarily leaving a review.

Good read!
Written by Jamee h on 7th Apr 2023

This is a very good book! It’s a different twist to an MC Romance that I normally read. But I would definitely recommend reading it.

Past mistakes
Written by Bookbunny on 7th Apr 2023

Bull’s little brother Grant gets his story next. We already remember him bulling Maddie and then learning what a big jerk he was. But we start to learn more about his past. With him being kicked out of the club for some stupid reason, he has to find a job. Aria Taylor was always told she needed to lose weight, ugly, and would never find a man to love her. UGH! Some parents are cruel. She is determined to change all that. She is definitely a fighter and I love it. She did what Maddie did, join the gym and diet. Grant wants Aria as his own. He also has a support dog of sorts. This story is dark on Grants side. We learn a lot about him and what he never told Bull. And honestly, Bull should have talked with Maddie from the beginning. Bull may be Prez but at times I wonder if he even is thinking clearly. Learn from your past. Well at times it feels like they haven’t and fall back into the same mess. I want to scream and Bull and Grant. Maddie and Aria are the only ones that have pulled it together. There was a lot going on with the cartel and the dogs. Thank goodness everyone finally let the past go and moved on.

Loved it
Written by RhondaVB on 7th Apr 2023

Another book and the second in the Chaos and Carnage MC series. I loved Aria and felt horrible for the way her family treated her. Grant was awesome and while it took him a bit to convince Aria she was worthy, it was nice to see him take her issues seriously! Aria's family is horrible and I couldn't stand the mother. The sister is a different story because we never really "heard" from her until later on in the book and she's not what the reader is lead to believe. I loved that little twist. Great story!!!

Lots of action and steamy romance
Written by Sarah ES on 7th Apr 2023

This book was very long. This is a good thing as I was able to gather a lot of insight about the characters as well as the world they lived in. At times I could almost be a fly on the wall as everything was happening. Also, there were times in which I was waiting for the other show to drop. This book was written very well, and although it was much longer than I had originally anticipated it was necessary to view all angles of the story.

Lots of damage, lots of love
Written by Cazzypet on 7th Apr 2023

Wow - check your trigger warnings before reading this book- the title is not a lie! The story of Ava and Grant is one that will stay with you for some time. Ava is a bit of a loner who works at a vet, and Grant is a biker jack-of-all-trades who falls for her and tries to convince her to go out with him. She has no experience in the boyfriend department (thanks in large part to her mother's belittling), while he has a history of being a man-whore. I found myself almost brought to tears at certain points, the way the mother speaks to Ava is awful, and Grant's parents did a number on him too. But ultimately the love story between the two, in spite of what life throws at them, is what makes this a great read. Recommend!

Great story
Written by KreggySue on 7th Apr 2023

Grant is his brother Bull's VP at the Chaos and Carnage MC and he really likes Aria who works at the local vet. Her mother is a toxic influence and Grant's father was a horrible dad to him. They have both been damaged by a parent and are still bearing the effects. She is so brainwashed by things her mom said that she doesn't realise Grant is interested and he is constantly recalling the horrible things his dad did or said to him and doubting himself. This is in many ways less about the MC and much more about PTSD in relation to family discord, relationships, and growing up (maturing)., I loved this book and would recommend it.

Written by Sarah-Jade on 7th Apr 2023

I had been waiting for this story to come out and it did not disappoint! I loved Grant as a character and could picture him in my head as this strong male lead that wears his heart on his shoulder and will protect what is his which is Aria and his family. Cannot wait to see further characters in this series :)

Love this Reynolds brothers.
Written by Mary S on 7th Apr 2023

Wow this series is so freaky good. Love this Reynolds brothers so much. Now was Grant turn and I have to say that when I read Size Matters, Grant didn’t make a great impression on me. But oh man now reading his story you get to know him and I gotta say that I fell in love with him he got his goofy moments but he too had his serious moments he was just perfect and Aria was the perfect mate of this biker.

I was drawn into the story and I can't wait to read which brother's next
Written by memes on 7th Apr 2023

This is the second story in the Chaos and Carnage MC series. If you read this story without having read the first story I think you will not enjoy it as much. Aria and Grant have known each other for a little while, Aria is unaware of how serious Grant is about them having a relationship. This story had action and violence as well as some intrigue, but most of all it had turmoil between the main characters, such as his MC brothers. The author drew me in right away and I was drawn into what was going on with the characters, I would feel sadness, anger and frustration while reading what the characters were going through. A great continuation of the series, I can hardly wait to see which "brother" is next.

THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!! Second book in this series just a good as first!
Written by Andrea R on 7th Apr 2023

Grant & Aria are so amazing. Love how this "jerk" got his redemption and I love how the author makes her character real. That she is able to tell such great story while letting people be able to relate. She is able to show how self esteem is such a fragile thing and how even though someone seems "ok" they really might be damaged deep down. Love how Grant is able to show his love to Aria and make her believe him--such a great story.

Written by Gkp2460 on 7th Apr 2023

I love this book! I love Grant and Aria! Aria isn't your stereotypical "skinny" girl. She's not model perfect but Grant absolutely adores her just the way she is. She's leary of him and isn't certain that he's serious or means what he says thanks to her earlier life. She's always been ridiculed for being a curvy girl and that's left its mark. Grant is so great for her and she is for him. Of course there's always trouble coming and this time it comes for Grant and by association, Aria. Damaged Souls was a fantastic story. It's an excellent, edge of your seat read!

good read
Written by Sua on 7th Apr 2023

Aria has always lived a life where people have always given her a hard time because of her weight. It was heartbreaking to see her being put down and her feelings were pretty deep when those things would happen to her. Grant is a total bad boy with a charm so good that he would make me melt. I love the balance that both characters give each other. Things get complicated for them when secrets are revealed and the mc has problems, that made me want to see how their relationship would survive.

Damaged souls
Written by Susan_C on 7th Apr 2023

Aria suffered with self doubts about her weight and appearance. Working as a veterinary office. Grant is the brother of the prez of Chaos and Carnage MC and the VP, until things changed and no longer part of the club… or is he!? This book had some twist in it. And lots of self doubts caused by their families for both Aria and Grant. It was such a good read them learning to over come the negativity and being a support for each other. Also the MC and the cartel the danger to the town and Aria being involved in Grants life. So many things in this book, kept it interesting and reading to know what happens.

MC good girl/bad boy romance with suspense.
Written by Michelle E on 7th Apr 2023

The story is told in third person. Aria was bullied for her weight and worked as a receptionist at the veterinary clinic. She is naive as to how an MC club works. Grant is a member of an MC, gets criticism from his brother, and is suspended from the club. They both feel like outcasts and bond over their love of animals. Plot twists, suspense, and spicy scenes keep the reader engaged.

Whats not to love about these men
Written by Mozzy on 7th Apr 2023

Let me start of by saying that when i first picked this up, the blurb hooked me so much i went out and brought the first one. And i have to say that im loving this series. We dont really get that many MC books that have the bigger ladies in it. And Sam Crescent has done a really good job of this book (and number one). I have to feel for the ladies though because it really has been drummed into them about how they look, their parents really have done a number on them. And in this case Arias mother has always put her down, so when it came to Grant the VP of the Chaos and Carnage asking her out for a date she really thought he was just joking. Grant has been suspended from the MC and told to grow up, he has issues of his own, but he likes Aria for who she is and the size she is, so when she joins the gym, he is not so happy bout that, and decides to get a job there himself as a personal trainer. However, someone once more has come to town and is causing trouble once more for the club and its not Aria who is targeted it Grant, but because Aria is with Grant they both have to keep low. I dont want to put to many spoilers into this, but let me tell you, i will definitely be following this author for further and hopefully catching up on other books she might have. So if you love MC stories and love Big ladies then you will love this. five stars plus

Pulls at you
Written by BecM on 7th Apr 2023

Oh boy was I getting angry as I read. Did I want to slap some people? Oh yes! Did I want to hug & at the same time kick Grant? Yes! Did I want to wrap up Aria? Yes! What a crazy ride with so much going on!!! Loved how Grant was with Aria. Love hate between brothers really had an impact. Do read it!

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 7th Apr 2023

Aria always felt second best to everyone, Grant finds himself distanced from the club, which leaves him time to pursue Aria, but when trouble comes for the club his brothers position as Prez is under threat and so is his relationship with Aria when she discovers he's been hiding something from her. Can she forgive him? Well written the story and characters draw you in and hold your attention through out. Great addition to the series

Written by Mreads90 on 7th Apr 2023

I really liked this book! I loved that we got to know Grant and Him and Aria are my new favorite couple! This was a quick read but really well written!