Devil's Charm by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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Chaos Bleeds, 1

No one screws with the Chaos Bleeds crew!

Devil is on the hunt for the whore who stole his kid. She may have given birth to his child, but she’ll never be the baby’s mother. 

When her sister, Kayla, knocks on her apartment door with a baby, Lexie has no choice to take him in. She loves the boy instantly, and there is no way she’ll give him up. When she loses her job, Lexie has no choice but to work in a strip club to help support the baby she’s been given. 

Devil wants Lexie the moment he sees her dancing. He doesn’t know at first that she’s the sister of the girl he’s been looking for, but when he does, everything falls into place. He’ll have his son and Lexie both all for his own, but when Kayla comes back to town, all bets are off. 

There is nothing Lexie can do to save her sister. She’s in love with Devil, and she knows he will do everything in his power to keep his family safe, no matter what she asks of him.

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking



“Devil wanted to meet you.”

Walking into the room he realized how small she actually was. Her head only came to his chest.

“I don’t do any extras.”

“I’m not after extras. You can go, Vincent.” He didn’t wait for the man to say anything. Vincent left leaving him alone with the stunning woman with big tits. He reached out surprised when she flinched away from him. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Okay.” She looked doubtful even though she didn’t pull away.

Did she have a man who beat her?

“Is there someone waiting for you? A husband, boyfriend?”

“No, no one.” She started to bite her lip, stuttering.

“I’m not going to hurt you at all.” He pushed some hair off her shoulder, caressing her cheek. She was heavily made up with makeup. Devil didn’t like it. He wanted to know what she looked like without all the artifice.

Bending down, he brushed her lips with his as he gripped her ass, drawing her closer. She was tense against him. His cock hardened, wanting inside her tight, hot body.

“What will it take to make you mine for the night?” he asked. All of his men would be envious of him for getting this hot little piece for the night.

Her body grew tenser if that was even possible. “I’m not a whore. I’m not for sale.”

She struggled in his arms. He lifted her up with ease, putting her on top of the vanity unit Vincent supplied for the girls to get dressed. She gasped, and he tilted her head back to look at him. “Everyone has a price. What’s yours?” He claimed her lips, sliding his tongue into her mouth.

Within minutes she melted against him. The hands that had been pushing him away, gripped him tightly, wanting him. His dick wanted inside her so fucking bad.

Pressing against her hard, Devil wanted all of her clothes off and to sink into her sweetness. Cupping one of her tits he teased the nipple loving the feel of it budded against his palm. She was going to be so fucking hot to claim. He wanted his dick inside her, and he’d even forgo the condom to feel her naked cunt.

“Boss, we need you out here. Ripper is causing some fucking problems,” Curse said, grabbing his attention.

Devil pulled away from her, staring into her eyes. “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back.”

Leaving Lexie behind Devil went to deal with one of his men. His thoughts were not on the job at hand only the woman he wanted to fuck. 


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You cannot lose with this autho
Written by Cynthia G on 30th Nov 2022

Thank you NetGalley for the eARC. You cannot lose with this author. There will be action and a realllly good love story each and every time. Being single, I enjoy reading about these love lives . HA HA

4 stars
Written by Michelle Clay on 27th May 2022

This author is new to me, so having not read the previous books in this series I was worried I would struggle with it. Despite my worry it read fine as a stand alone and was a fast paced, steamy read. The characters are incredibly likable too. There are some great unexpected twists that help this book to stand out from the crowd. I will certainly be reading more in this series and from this author I voluntarily read and reviewed this book, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

5 stars
Written by Sydney Neblett on 28th Apr 2022

Can a bad boy be a good man? He can when this author is writing the tale! The characters in this book are amazing! Devil might not be the friendliest of beast, but he lets those he cares about where they stand in his world. And how you cannot fall in love with a single gal who gave up it all to raise someone else's son. Call it fate, call it kismet, but no matter what these two were meant to be. Don't worry though, this MC romance is not just all hearts and flowers, the author brought her A game with the rough MC life we love to read about and romanticize, with the danger and action we love to cringe at. This book was a fantastic read, perfect for the weekend or just anytime you have a few hours to spare. Now that I feel like I am a member of the crew, okay maybe just a hanger on, I can't wait to see what happens next!

4 stars
Written by Adrianna on 21st Apr 2022

Thank you to Evernight Publishing and NetGalley for the arc in return for my honest opinion. I love Sam Crescent books. I love MC stories! I really loved this book and the characters in it. This tale has action and sexy romance. Can't wait to read more by Sam Crescent.

Best MC
Written by anoblern on 20th Nov 2014

I've read most of the mc books out this year and this is my favorite. This is a can't miss buy. Not too dark and has enough H alpha male vibe for anyone and likable h with heart of gold. MC Knight in shining armour.

Sizzling Hot Books
Written by Isis on 4th Jul 2014

Devil’s Charm by Sam Crescent is the first book in the Chaos Bleeds series. Devil’s Charm is Devil and Lexie’s story. I enjoyed reading another book by this author and she has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I enjoy her writing style and her alpha males. I really enjoyed reading Devil and Lexie’s story and look forward to reading more books in the Chaos Bleeds series. Lexie life changed the moment her sister Kayla walked through her door asking her to take care of her son. Kayla hands him over with an envelope full of money and tells her to use it for the things they will need. Lexie takes her nephew because it’s the right thing to do. She wants to keep him safe while her sister sorts things out. It doesn’t take long for her to fall in love with him and want to keep him in her life forever. She works at a strip club to make ends meet. It isn’t her ideal job but it is all she could find and she would do anything to take care of him. Then Devil and his motorcycle gang walk into the strip club and everything changes. There is an instant attraction between her and Devil but she doesn’t want anything to do with him. When he is distracted she leaves the club and goes home. She thought that was the last of it but then he shows up at her door claiming her nephew is her son. He also demands that they leave her apartment immediately. If she is unwilling to go he will take his son and she won’t be able to see him again. She has no choice but to go. The more she is around Devil the more their attraction grows. Can she love the man who threatened her family? Or will she take her nephew and run? Devil is the leader of the Chaos Bleeds crew and he one person that you don’t want to mess with because you will get what is coming to you. He is on a mission to get his son and make Kayla the woman who gave birth to him and kept them apart. On top of that she stole a huge sum of money from him. She isn’t going to live to see another day when he gets ahold of her. He heard that she dropped their son off with her sister Lexie so that is the first person he has got to find. He will stop at nothing to get his son and make the woman pay for what she did to them. When he goes to the strip club one girl catches his eye and he knows that he has to have her. When he asks about her he is told that she doesn’t do extras and she only dances to make ends meet to take care of her nephew. Devil is quite intrigued with Lexie and wonders if she is the Lexie that he is looking for. When he finds her they share an intimate moment that gets interrupted. He tells her to wait for him but she doesn’t so he finds out where she lives he decides to go after her. When he sees the neighborhood she is living in he is shocked and he will be damned if his son is going to continue to live there. He insists that she stay with him and his crew. The more time he spends with her the more he despises her sister. Can Devil win Lexie’s heart and become a family? Or will he be left high and dry again? I loved Devil’s Charm and found the characters to be endearing and charming. The only characters that I didn’t like were the ones you were not supposed to like. I hated Kayla she was a selfish person who didn’t care about anyone. She didn’t even care about her own son. I liked Lexie because she was a very dedicated to her nephew and his wellbeing. I also like that she was able to see Devil for who he really was after she got over her initial shock. I liked Devil because he was very masculine and a big bad biker. I like that he was an alpha male as well. I also like that Lexie awakened his softer side. He may have a tough exterior but he was a softie when it came to her and members of his crew. I would definitely recommend Devil’s Charm to anyone who enjoys a good biker romance. I look forward to reading more installments in the Chaos Bleeds series.

Long and Short of It Reviews
Written by undefined on 4th May 2014

Devil’s Charm was a good start to the Chaos Bleeds series. The new series is a spin off from the Skulls series. It seems very promising, as I enjoyed Devil’s Charm very much. Devil is the president of the Chaos Bleeds MC. He has been searching the country for his son. He finally gets a lead on his kid, but not before a pretty stripper catches his lusty eye. Imagine Devil’s surprise when he makes the connection and realizes that the stripper is the very woman he’s looking for. Well, he rushes right in to claim his kid and the woman he wants more than anything. Lexi bonded with her baby nephew after her no good sister dumped him with her and fled. She took care of him no matter what it took, even stripping in a club. She never dreamed that the one man who could turn her on would be the boy’s father. If you’ve been following the Skulls series, then you’re already familiar with Devil and his crew. Crescent cleverly gave us a different side of Devil in this book. Oh, don’t get me wrong. He is all Alpha Male. Sometimes I didn’t like him very much when he was busy being a jerk to Lexi. Then he would do something sweet and I would just melt. My favorite part of this book were the hot sex scenes. I’m sure readers that are familiar with Crescent’s writing will agree with me when I say that she can write some steamy love scenes. The author gives us a little bit of everything in this book, including some anal play. I loved the main characters in the book, and found myself intrigued by the other members of Devil’s crew as well. It looks like Ripper may be up next, and I can’t wait for that one. So I’ve said that I liked the book, but there were some mixed feelings about it too. Let me just say that I love the stories that Crescent creates, however, blatant grammar mistakes are something that I’ve come to expect in her books. These are things that a good editor or even a beta reader could easily solve. It bothers me when I have to read something twice to understand, and still have to correct the words in my mind. I still loved the book, and will continue reading this series. I think readers who enjoy reading books that are set in the MC world will probably like Devil’s Charm. I certainly enjoyed it.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by undefined on 21st Apr 2014

Lexie has a good heart so when her sister Kayla drops off her few week old baby boy on Lexie’s doorstep, Lexie does what is expected of her. She steps up and supports the baby. When she loses her job she ends up getting a job doing something she hates, stripping. Lexie has a good heart. Devil is a member of the Chaos Bleeds and he is on the hunt for the woman who took his child. He believes she is an unfit mother. While Devil is on the hunt for Kayla he stumbles upon Lexie and his child. He falls for them both. The chemistry between Devil and Lexie is scorching. The sex scenes were blistering. Devil and Lexie are a good match. Lexie mellows Devil out and Devil protects Lexie. Both Devil and Lexie love each other. Devil’s Charm is the first book in the Chaos Bleeds MC by Sam Crescent. This series is a spinoff of The Skulls series by Sam Crescent. This book can be read without having read the prior series, but some of the same characters do appear. This book was well written. I was drawn into this book and I had a hard time putting it down. Overall, this was a great book and I can’t wait to read the next in the series.

The Romance Studio
Written by undefined on 13th Apr 2014

Leader of Chaos Bleeds, Devil is looking for the woman who stole his son and his money. And when he finds her she’s dead. No one screws with Devil and lives to tell about it. The information he received leads him to the woman’s half-sister, Lexie Howard. When her sister Kayla dumps her baby on Lexie’s doorstep, she has no choice but to take him in. Right from the very first moment she held him in her arms, she knew that she would fight to keep him no matter what the price. When she loses her job, Lexie is forced to find the only work available — dancing at a strip club. Right from the very first moment that Devil sees Lexie on the stage, he wants her and he isn’t about to let her get away from him. Call it fate, justice or whatever the heck you want, but Devil is blown away when he finds out that the woman who has his son is the same one that he is hot to make his. But there is still the little matter of Kayla to take care of. In Devil’s Charm, author Sam Crescent ensnares reader’s attention with the story’s entertaining, sexy and innovative plot that sparks the imagination while pulling them into the drama, passion and danger that surrounds Lexie and Devil. The series Chaos Bleeds is a spin off from Ms. Crescent’s highly recommended series, The Skulls and while there are similarities between the two clubs and the story lines there is also quite a bit of difference to spark the interest of fans both old and new to the author’s writing style and inventiveness. Devil’s personality fits the image of the stereotypical biker with his hard-living, outlaw attitude and his hard drinking, uncompromising, stubborn and obnoxious ways that could make any woman want to either box his ears in or seriously maim him. Poor Lexie doesn’t stand a chance when Devil comes barging into her world. Even though she knows she knows he’s bad for her, she can’t quite resist him. But if Lexie is lost, it’s the same for Devil as she tempts and delights him in such a sizzling seductive way that it keeps the reader intrigued and hooked waiting to see how their desire plays out. It’s actually quite entertaining watching Lexie and Devil battle both in and out of the bedroom which is often filled with wickedness, sensuality and even a touch of tenderness. Readers will especially enjoy Devil’s personality changes. He’s still the rough, rude and threatening leader of Chaos Bleeds but with Lexie and Simon, his edges soften, he comes out of the darkness as he settles down, becoming a family man as well. The care and support the group shows for the Judi, the young prostitute Devil rescued from her abusive pimp, also portrays him and his men as good guys. The very satisfying ending will have readers wishing the story would never end while anxiously waiting what’s next for the men and women of the Chaos Bleeds MC.

Devil was not what I expected!
Written by Angie on 15th Mar 2014

I enjoyed this book it was totally different than the Skulls series. Devil and Lexie were cute together. These two really surprised me. I am looking forward to reading this new series!

Hot New Series
Written by amy bowens on 12th Mar 2014

I just loved this story! Devil is something else. I love how he comes to town and takes charge. Poor Lexie this girl has had a rough life. When Devil comes into her life he turns it upside down and takes complete control. I think he his just what she needs in her life and the two compliment each other so well. Such a great start to a fantastic series!